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White Papers

White Papers Presented by PRC Government 1991-2010

China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation
Progress in China’s Human Rights in 2009
China’s Human Resources
The Internet in China

China’s Ethnic Policy and Common Prosperity and Development of All Ethnic Groups
Development and Progress in Xinjiang
China’s Actions for Disaster Prevention and Reduction
Report on the Economic and Social Development of Tibet
Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet
China’s National Defense in 2008

China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change
Protection and Development of Tibetan Culture
Status Quo of Drug Supervision in China
China’s Efforts and Achievements in Promoting the Rule of Law

China’s Energy Conditions and Policies
China’s Political Party System

China’s National Defense in 2006
The Development of China’s Undertakings for the Aged
China’s Space Activities in 2006
Environmental Protection in China (1996-2005)

China’s Peaceful Development Road
Building of Political Democracy in China
China’s Endeavors for Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Gender Equality and Women’s Development in China
New Progress in China’s Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Regional Autonomy for Ethnic Minorities in China
China’s Progress in Human Rights in 2004

China’s National Defense in 2004
China’s Social Security and Its Policy
Regional Ethnic Autonomy in Tibet
China’s Employment Situation and Policies
Progress in China’s Human Rights Cause in 2003

China’s Policy on Mineral Resources
China’s Non-Proliferation Policy and Measures
History and Development of Xinjiang
Ecological Improvement and Environmental Protection in Tibet

China’s National Defense in 2002
Labor and Social Security in China

The Development-oriented Poverty Reduction Program for Rural China
Tibet’s March Toward Modernization
Progress in China’s Human Rights Cause in 2000

Fifty Years of Progress in China’s Human Rights
Narcotics Control in China
China’s Space Activities
China’s Population and Development in the 21st Century
The One-China Principle and the Taiwan Issue
The Development of Tibetan Culture
China’s National Defense in 2000

National Minorities Policy and Its Practice in China

China’s National Defense
The Development of China’s Marine Programs
New Progress in Human Rights in the Tibet Autonomous Region

Freedom of Religious Belief in China (October 1997)
On Sino-US Trade Balance
Progress in China’s Human Rights Cause in 1996

The Grain Issue in China
Environmental Protection in China
The Situation of Children in China

The Progress of Human Rights in China
China: Arms Control and Disarmament (November 1995)
Family Planning in China

Intellectual Property Protection in China
The Situation Of Chinese Women

The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China

Tibet — Its Ownership And Human Rights Situation
Criminal Reform in China

Human Rights in China

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