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U.S. China News 2012.11.17

Sat, November 17, 2012

‘Obama’s visit to Myanmar could offer opportunity for China, US to work
Newstrack India
Washington, Nov. 17 (ANI): US President Barack Obama’s trip to Myanmar could offer an opportunity for China and the US to work together, even as Beijing eyes the visit with a wary eye, analysts have said. Beijing is nervous that Obama’s “pivot to Asia
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Xi’s American friend ‘excited’ about ChinaUS ties
Zee News
Xi`s American friend `excited` about ChinaUS ties Beijing: A 74-year-old American woman, whose has been friends with China’s new leader Xi Jinping for nearly three decades, feels “very excited” about China’s new leadership, which she believes will
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The Kingdom must balance China, US ties: academic
The Nation
Prapat said Thailand needed to find a “soft balance” between the two superpowers amid clear signs both are courting the Kingdom, with US President Barack Obama’s visit today and tomorrow to be quickly followed by a visit from China’s outgoing Prime
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US Building Military Presence Along China’s Soft Underbelly
Center for Research on Globalization
This weekend and the beginning of the next week will witness an unprecedented rise in US diplomatic activity in a region which until lately was a “black hole” in Washington’s foreign policy but has acquired new importance after the administration
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US urges China to improve human rights in Tibet
Hindustan Times
United States has urged China to address the issue of human rights violations in Tibet, where there is no letup in self-immolation bid by Tibetan monks. “We want to see the human rights situation there and throughout China improve,” the State
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Obama set to expand US footprint in SE Asia
WASHINGTON—US President Barack Obama is darting off to Southeast Asia to showcase a foreign policy achievement and reinforce the US role as a counterweight to China. Obama leaves on Saturday for a four-day trip to Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and
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Chinese students focus on US college entrance exam
China Daily
Chinese student Zou Minzhe answers a question in a statistics class at Orono High School in Orono, Maine, United States, on March 8, 2011. Zou has credited his year at the school with helping him get accepted to five US colleges. Robert F Bukaty / for
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Inflation China’s key long-term risk: central bank chief
The PBOC is not independent, unlike the U.S. Federal Reserve or the European Central Bank, as it needs the cabinet’s green-light on key decisions on interest rates and currency, but analysts say it has been gaining more influence on policies. Zhou, who
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Students from China add $5b to US economy
China Daily
“The rise of China as a contributor to the economies of many US institutions mirrors the increasing influence of China in the global economy,” wrote Rahul Choudaha, director of research and advisory services at World Education Services in an e-mail to
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To Get Rich Is Not So Glorious
In the course of a U.S. presidential campaign, the American public is bombarded with surveys asking voters to rank the relative importance of various issues, and whether they think the country is overall on the right track. Not so in China, where
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Clinton: China welcome in TPP
Bangkok Post
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has welcomed China and other Asian countries to join US-led trade talks in mapping out a foreign policy focused more on economic strength than military might. Speaking in Singapore on the eve of President Barack
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Chinese Investments in US Set Record in 2012, Report Says
Caixin Media
(Beiing) – Chinese direct investment in the United States will set a new record this year, as the total value of deals has already exceeded the record set in 2010, a report says. “There have been 46 Chinese direct investments in the United States worth
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US hopes for ‘constructive’ ties with new China leader
The News International
Hours after China unveiled a new leadership team headed by Xi Jinping, US national security adviser Tom Donilon said that President Barack Obama would keep the relationship with China as a priority as he enters his second term. “I think we have put in
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US Auto Sales to China Surge In October reports CarInsurance90
San Francisco, CA- In October, American carmakers reported record-high monthly sales to China, benefiting from Chinese hard feelings towards Japan sparked by the flare-up of a long-running territorial dispute. Since the late 19th century, China and
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US foreign policy challenges loom large
The Daily Star
The economic relationship with China is just as important. U.S.China trade totaled $531 billion in 2011, but it’s growing. China has seen economic output shrink to 7 percent after years of 10 percent annual growth. For China, the slowdown comes just
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China to obey ruling on US steel imports: WTO
South China Morning Post
The Chinese statement follows a meeting on October 18 of the WTO’s appellate body which found that Chinese duties on specialist high-value magnetic US rolled steel were illegal, as the US had complained. The WTO had ruled on June 15 that China
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Prove China spy allegations or ‘shut up,’ ambassador says
The Chinese ambassador’s comments come on the heels of a scathing report released by a U.S. intelligence committee last month, warning of the security risks associated with doing business with two of China’s leading telecommunications firms, Huawei and
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Obama Begins South Asian Trip To Reinforce US ‘Pivot’ Toward Region
Washington is keen to strengthen military and trade ties with countries that want the United States to counter China’s rising power, especially in the South China Sea, where competing territorial claims threaten global trade routes. Joshua Kulantzick
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2 years after IPO, GM is piling up cash
U.S. News & World Report
Most of that came from the U.S., where GM cars and trucks are selling for almost 6 percent more than they did in January of 2011. The average selling price is $32,662, says the auto pricing site. GM also is making good money in China and
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Economy Has Green Shoots From China to US
Next Big Future
Among the green shoots indicating faster expansion: stronger housing demand and hiring in the U.S. and accelerating factory output and retail sales in China. Responsible for a third of the world economy, the two countries are now providing ballast
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Solar Powers China’s March Toward Sustainability
There’s a trade war brewing with China over solar panels and California is right in the middle. Just this month, federal trade officials authorized sanctions against China for “dumping” solar components onto the U-S market below cost. China is the
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Implications of President Obama’s Asian visit to Buddhist Burma
The US wishlist is also clear – it wants Burma to be “friends” with India implying to distance from China, US wants Burma to close ties with North Korea, it wants greater autonomy for the Rohingyas at the behest of Saudi Arabia which given the
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Evening markets: China fears send soybeans to five-month low
Nor that actual US soybean exports in the latest week topped 1.8m tonnes, mainly to China, which took 1.28m tonnes. The data fuelled fears that negative crush margins in China will prompt a slowdown in imports. ‘Panic get me out’. As an extra weight to
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Chinese Military Planes Begin Arriving in Venezuela
Fox News
The U.S. government in 2006 banned arms sales to Venezuela, citing the country’s ties with Iran and Cuba and accusing it of not fully cooperating in counterterrorism efforts. Chávez has instead turned to Russia and China, spending billions of dollars
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US soy sets five-month low as China scraps orders
Manitoba Co-operator
U.S. soybean futures fell to a five-month low on Friday on word that China, the world’s top importer of the oilseed, canceled orders, while wheat sank to a four-month low. Grain markets pared losses and corn turned higher as equities firmed after
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Lebua Taking its Luxury to China
Fox Business
Luxury hotel chain now planning to open several new locations next — including in China. — glory is the — as CEO joins us now. I’m so glad you’re here because I’m intrigued especially with what’s going on in China white China. China is emerging
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What China’s Leadership Changes Mean for US Investors
Share Flag as inappropriate. Interactive Transcript. Loading… Alert icon. Sign in or sign up now! Alert icon. Loading… There is no Interactive Transcript. Published on Nov 16, 2012 by TheStreetTV. What China’s Leadership Changes Mean for US
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Panetta touts US military ties at Asean talks
The News International
The US tilt to Asia reflects a concerted effort by President Barack Obama’s administration to assert American influence in the face of China’s growing economic and military might. “The message I have conveyed on this visit is that the United States
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Americans, Chinese Swoon For ‘Made In USA‘ Label
MediaPost Communications
Made-in-the-USA-A On the heels of a rancorous election that frequently touched on Americans’ hostility toward Chinese imports, it’s probably no surprise to hear that 80% of American consumers prefer to buy goods made in the U.S.A. What is surprising,
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China Could Use Europe’s Financial Crisis to Get Foothold in Atlantic
U.S. News & World Report
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s “technical” stop at Terceria — an island in the Azores — this summer indicates the increasingly global country is considering stepping into a U.S. airbase there, according to the National Review. A Chinese installation
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The great China handover
And this time round, unlike the US, the media in China spoke with one clear voice: the official line was scripted, press conferences were tightly controlled, the internet slowed to a crawl, and Google was among the sites sporadically blocked by what
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China Inflexible on Sea Disputes Ahead of ASEAN Summit
The Chosun Ilbo
China’s territorial disputes with its neighbors are expected to top the agenda when regional leaders, including heads of state from U.S., China, Japan, Australia and others meet in Cambodia in the coming days. Of the 10 ASEAN countries set to meet on
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Territorial disputes, human rights top Asia summit
U.S. News & World Report
His Southeast Asian trip — which is to include the first visit to Myanmar by a U.S. president — will highlight America’s pivot to the economically vibrant region as a counterweight to China’s rapid rise, but is also likely to see him tread on a
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STRATEGIC WEAPONS: China Eats Its Mistakes
Strategy Page
While it is 13,000 kilometers from the South China Sea to Washington, DC, and the longest range of SLBMs (submarine launched ballistic missiles) is 11,000 kilometers (for the American Trident missile), a longer range SLBM could be built. That would be
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American friend of Mao assesses China’s new leaders
Sidney Rittenberg doesn’t know China’s new leader, Xi Jinping. But if he’s anything like his father, says Rittenberg, China’s in good hands. Rittenberg and Xi Zhongxun were close friends in the 1940s when the Chinese communist party was in its infancy.
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China to focus on ASEAN economic ties
The Australian
CHINESE Premier Wen Jiabao is to focus on economic co-operation at the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) meetings this week that will include US President Barack Obama. Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying said on Saturday that China was
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High-tech restriction ‘impairs’ both sides
China Daily
Washington and Brussels should lift restrictions on high-tech exports to China, a limit that has impaired their competitiveness in the world’s fastest-growing major market, a trade official said. Exports of high-tech products from the United States to
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Obama to showcase US clout
Obama, who has cast himself as the first “Pacific president” with his roots in Hawaii and boyhood years in Indonesia, will head on Saturday to longtime US ally Thailand and meet Asia’s top leaders at a summit in Cambodia. Outgoing Chinese Premier Wen
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Obama’s travel plans show China isn’t only game in town
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
The obvious motivation for the route is to drum up new markets for corporate America with U.S.-led regional trade talks. Less obvious is telling Southeast Asia that for the United States, China isn’t the only game in town. It is a show of support not
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U.S. is still Latin America’s biggest trading partner
Many talk about the United States‘ declining influence in Latin America, pointing to the rising role of China or European companies, investors, and governments. Yet a closer look at the economic ties between the United States and Latin America
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