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U.S. China News 2012.11.04

Sun, November 4, 2012

Cooperation key to future ChinaUS ties
China Daily
BEIJING – Despite the upcoming US presidential polls and the national congress of China’s Communist Party, analysts say bilateral relations will continue to go ahead amid cooperation, competition and coordination. China, the world’s largest developing
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Vision ‘clouded on China and US‘, says Richard Woolcott
The Australian
THE Asian Century white paper is a missed opportunity to unambiguously welcome the peaceful rise of China and explore “in depth” Australia’s changing relationship with Beijing and Washington, one of the nation’s most respected diplomats and regional
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Golf: China Champions event elevated to full WGC status – Finchem
Chicago Tribune
SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) – The HSBC-WGC Champions tournament in China will be elevated to full World Golf Championships status from 2013, the U.S. PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has said, while prize money will increase to $8.5 million.
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Chinese 14-year-old earns ticket to US Masters
The Star Online
Winner Guan Tianlang of China (L) holds a certificate of invitation to the 2013 U.S. Masters Tournament as runner-up Pan Chung-Tseng of Taiwan poses with a certificate of entry to International Final Qualifying for the Open Championship. (Reuters
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Hong Kong Volatility at Year Low Versus VIX: China Overnight
The cost of protecting against losses in Chinese stocks relative to U.S. equities fell to a one-year low on prospects the slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy will ease. The AlphaShares Chinese Volatility Index, derived from options on
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Economic outlook: Uncertainty over US and China leadership
Financial Times
Tomorrow’s election in the US casts a long shadow of uncertainty but there is also a leadership transition taking place in China and two big central bank meetings this week. Analysts are taking the general view that a victory for Mitt Romney would be
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Leadership-related events in US and China
Unlike in the US, where no one can predict for sure whether Obama will continue for another four years in the White House or step down on January 2013, in China it is expected that Xi Jinping, 57, currently the vice president will succeed President Hu
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US gearing to power ahead of China by 2020
The Canberra Times
Both United States presidential contenders agree on one thing: the US must achieve energy independence by no later than 2020 to sustain primacy as a global power and outflank rivals, especially China. The US and China are the world’s two top users of
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Sen. Arroyo on US, China elections: ‘Let’s not hope for anything’
MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos could chew their knuckles to the bone as they await the outcomes of the elections in the US and China but whoever wins in either contest would have no great bearing on the countries’ foreign policy vis-à-vis the Philippines.
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Chinese wonder-kid, 14, wins US Masters berth
BANGKOK — Fourteen-year-old Chinese prodigy Guan Tianlang is set to become the youngest-ever player at the US Masters after he held on for a one-stroke win at the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship on Sunday. Guan, the youngest player in the field
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China’s Communists endorse Bo Xilai’s expulsion
U.S. News & World Report
The closed-door meeting of the Central Committee that ended Sunday was the last before Communist Party leader Hu Jintao and others in his government begin to cede power to Vice President Xi Jinping and others at the congress, which opens Thursday.
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UPDATE 1-US fiscal cliff, Europe’s debt woes worry G20
US budget uncertainty looms large over Mexico meeting * Ministers to discuss global debt, financial regulation * Talks precede US election, China Communist Party congress By Alonso Soto and Jan Strupczewski MEXICO CITY, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Finance
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New Tibetan self-immolation in China: rights groups
Dorjee Lhundrup died soon after setting himself ablaze in Qinghai province, said the US-based International Campaign for Tibet, citing photographs of the body and Tibetans outside China in touch with those inside. Security forces deployed on the
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China should look for allies, says daily
The article said that the US has been pursuing the “policy of expanding eastward and westward, pushing the border of NATO to the `doorway’ of Russia, and enlarging the influence of US-Japan Security Treaty to contain China”. “Under the circumstances
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Changing of the guard in China
Lethbridge Herald
By the end of Tuesday, we will know who will be the president of the United States for the next four years. We already know who will be the leader of China for the next 10 years, although Xi Jinping will not be officially installed in power until a few
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The rise and fall of empire
Sydney Morning Herald
Lande remembers Muscatine’s mayor, China’s ambassador to the United States and assorted Chinese ministers. There were also 14 men and women to whom Lande refers as the “group of friends” who Xi had met when he went to the region in 1985 as part
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Fixing US economy key to helping Canada, ambassador says
Jacobson said Canada’s trading relationship with China is not seen as a threat to the the U.S., even though Obama’s decision to veto the controversial Keystone XL pipeline until after the U.S. election may have precipitated Prime Minister Stephen
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Purdue supercomputer team to compete against Chinese, U.S. groups
Journal and Courier
What’s that sound? It’s the whirling of processors as they crunch massive sets of data. In the past few years Purdue University has garnered quite a reputation for building the fastest campus-based supercomputers in the country. A year ago Carter was
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China also “Swept” by Hurricane Sandy
China Digital Times
This week, as Hurricane Sandy swept the U.S. east coast, China’s state media have carried out intensive reports on the disaster, stirring up debate over the reasons and necessity of such massive coverage in China. Chinese media expert He Hui sees the
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New day dawning for US, China
Minneapolis Star Tribune
FILE — President Barack Obama, right, shakes hands with Xi Jinping in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, Feb. 14, 2012. Xi, who is set to be elevated to the top post of the Chinese Communist Party on Nov. 8, will take the helm of a more
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UPDATE 1-US airlines brace to lobby new president on EU row
U.S., China, India, say EU has breached sovereignty. * U.N. body to debate issue Nov. 9. * EU to start sending out bills to airlines in April. By Barbara Lewis and Valerie Volcovici. BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON, Nov 4 (Reuters) – U.S. airlines, through
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Australian shares edge up on China, US data
Pakistan Daily Times
Australian shares edge up on China, US data. SYDNEY: Australian shares inched up 0.1 percent on Friday, led by miners rallying on strong metal prices and positive data from top consumer China, but gains were capped by lingering worries over corporate
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Will China finally open up to Hollywood?
After drawing considerable encouragement in February from the announcement of the U.S. China Film Agreement that opened China’s market to more U.S. films than ever before, many in Hollywood were dismayed to discover that their films were barred from
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Visa Waiver Program triples visitors to US: travel agent
China Post
TAIPEI–Lion Travel Service Co., one of Taiwan’s leading travel agencies, has said Taiwan’s inclusion in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) has boosted its sales in November and December by two to three times compared with a year earlier.
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Can China’s Legal System Change?
North Country Public Radio
Nov 4, 2012 — The U.S. military has long conducted anti-insurgent information campaigns in Afghanistan. But as the U.S. prepares to withdraw combat troops, it’s now mentoring the Afghan Army in how to get out its message, particularly through local radio.
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US policy towards the Caribbean will be unchanged whoever wins the presidency
Stabroek News
“We’re all focused on China. Latin America is a huge opportunity for us,” Mr Romney said. President Obama, however, chose to move the focus of the debate on to other issues. Even then, most US commentators saw this as an attempt to improve Governor
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No plans for PGA event in China, says US chief
DONGGUAN, China — PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem on Sunday indicated he was open to organising a tournament in China but said no immediate plans were in place. The American circuit co-sanctions the WGC-HSBC Champions along with the
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Report warns Clinton: There is military danger in China-Japan islands dispute
Business Mirror
THE festering dispute between China and Japan over five uninhabited islands could spin out of control unless the countries improve their communication with each other, according to a confidential report submitted to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
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Who Picks Better Leaders: China Or The US?
China’s Communist Party elite stand at the 16th Party Congress in Beijing in November 2002, the last time the country underwent a sweeping generational change of leadership. A transition is slated to occur again this month. (AFP/Getty Images)
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US presidential election
Global Times
With China mentioned 22 times in the final presidential debate, how do Chinese view the presidential election in the US? Do they care about what happens in the other side of the world? Which candidate do they prefer? How do Chinese feel about being
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Lanka a global swing state
The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
It is all the more important that these changes are taking place at a time when there is a marked shift in emphasis by Sri Lanka from the West to East; while the US is lecturing Sri Lanka on human rights and pumping in little money, China asks no
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US China Trade Why a Trade War Would Devastate the Chinese Economy
Foreign policy analysts doubt that Mitt Romney, if elected on Tuesday, would actually be able to carry through on his promise to help American workers by labelling China a “currency manipulator” on the first day of his administration. They say that the
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Understanding US election
Bangkok Post
Mr Romney, on the other hand, has focused more on developments in the Middle East and infamously depicted Russia as the most serious challenge facing the US. His comments on Asia during the campaign have largely focused on China as an economic
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Rich Chinese are emigrating
BEIJING • At 49, Wang Zeqiang has achieved the Chinese equivalent of the American dream. Raised in the cornfields of eastern China’s Shandong province, he founded an auto parts business that today has several dozen employees. He has two houses,
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China’s growing military strength means more chances for peace
Global Times
China can compete with neither the US nor Russia in terms of comprehensive military strength, a situation which will continue for a long time. Chinese people will never have the mentality of engaging in a worldwide confrontation with the US. Amid
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Getting to know you
China Daily
Like many Chinese-Americans who grew up in the United States, Holly Chang spent most of her youth focused on the American half of her identity. Born in Malaysia, she lived in Houston from age 4 until she was 13, speaking her parents’ second language at
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US Moves to Beat China in EAC
The US has crafted a four-pronged approach to recharge its business relationship with the East African region in the face of stiff competition from China and other emerging Asian giants. On a recent visit to Kenya, deputy US Trade Representative
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Experts say it makes sense for brand to expand production
Toledo Blade
Its parent company, then American Motors Corp., purchased a stake in a Chinese automaker, forming a joint-venture to produce Jeeps in China. It was the first such arrangement in China. Cherokee production started there in 1985. When Chrysler bought out
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China’s Canton Fair sees declining participants, turnover
China’s foreign trade in the first three quarters of 2012 rose a mere 6.2 percent to 2.84 trillion U.S. dollars, sharply contrasting to the 20.3-percent growth registered during the same period in 2011, according to the General Administration of Customs.
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Asia And US See Gains Friday
Forex Pros
The Asian region is responding to the positive data prints we saw in China and the US Thursday with gains for most of the major markets. Risk assets have had a strong start to the Asian session after China manufacturing data showed signs of a recovery,
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China’s Futures Market Turnover Rises 19 pct
The turnover of China’s futures market hit 134.74 trillion yuan (21.39 trillion U.S. dollars) during the first 10 months of 2012, a year-on-year increase of 18.84 percent, latest data has indicated. More than 1.15 billion transactions took place on the
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Markets likely off to tepid start to trading week with focus on US election
New York markets were slightly lower despite strong U.S. economic data, including consumer confidence at the best level in almost five years, and data showing expansion in the U.S. and Chinese manufacturing sectors. The week was capped by a stronger
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US Air Force struggles with aging fleet
Unlike America’s more recent adversaries, China has a credible air force that could conceivably strike U.S. bases in the region, requiring a deterrent force that is based farther away, out of range. America’s bases in Japan — and possibly Guam — also
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10 reasons Asean prefers Obama as president
The Nation
The seventh EAS will be one of the most important meetings between the leaders of Asean and the world’s most powerful countries including the US, Russia, China and India as each country is undergoing substantive changes dictated by their own domestic
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China’s economic destiny in doubt after leadership shock
His eerie return comes at a time when China and Japan are “one error away” from outright war over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands, to cite the findings of four American diplomats in a report to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Stewart Patrick from the
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Military Encirclement and Global Domination: Russia Counters US Missile
Center for Research on Globalization
The Pentagon is working to encircle Eurasia and to surround the Eurasian Triple Entente composed of China, Russia, and Iran. For every reaction, however, there is a counter-reaction. Neither one of these three Eurasian powers will sit ideally as
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