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U.S. China News 2012.10.23

Tue, October 23, 2012

From Threat to Trust: China’s Role in UN Peacekeeping
Huffington Post (blog)
The rise of China does not have to be a divisive factor of the international community — on the contrary, it can be a catalyst for a more cohesive global village. In the official document published by the Information Office of the State Council in
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Coach Up On Rising China, US Sales In Down Market
Investor’s Business Daily
Coach (COH), known for its handbags and other leather goods, posted higher than expected fiscal first-quarter sales and profits as consumers in the U.S and overseas bought more of its trendy accessories. The results drove its shares up sharply early
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WTO to Probe China, US Auto Dispute
The World Trade Organization on Tuesday established a panel of experts to investigate a complaint by the United States over Chinese duties on auto imports. In the dispute, one of many involving the world’s two biggest economies, the U.S. described
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CHINA: ‘Willing Or Not, The Next US President Shall Have To Tone Down His
Business Insider
“US politicians no matter from what party should view China’s development in an objective and rational light and should do more for ChinaUS mutual trust and cooperation,” foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said following the debate. “The sound and
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Chinese, US, Russian firms to set up ratings agency
Business Recorder (blog)
BEIJING: Chinese ratings agency Dagong said on Tuesday it was tying up with US and Russian partners to form a new “independent” group to rival US-based agencies it claims have “proven inadequate”. The Chinese firm will set up the joint venture with
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Chinese, US and Russian rating firms set up a JV to rival the Big Three
China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating agency is to set up the joint venture with US-based Egan-Jones Ratings Co (EJR) and Russia’s RusRating JSC to challenge the three major US ratings agencies. “The current international credit rating system has proven
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China Cyber Threat: Huawei and American Policy Toward Chinese Companies
On October 8, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released a report, U.S. National Security Issues Posed by Chinese Telecommunications Companies Huawei and ZTE. The report concluded that using telecommunications hardware and
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Chinese find some unexpected moments in US presidential debate
Christian Science Monitor
Exercises in democracy such as Monday night’s US presidential debate are not the sort of event the Chinese authorities choose to broadcast on television, so few Chinese citizens witnessed it. But the debate will not have thrown many surprises to the
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Chinese glued to US debate, with envy and concern
Washington Post
BEIJING — Chinese Internet users who watched live streams of Monday’s U.S. presidential debate heard President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney criticizing China with strong language – and many assumed the candidates will dial it down
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US candidates pass over tough China questions in final debate
Human rights, China’s support for states that are foes of the United States and intensifying maritime territorial disputes that pit China against U.S. allies Japan and the Philippines went unmentioned in the 90-minute debate in Boca Raton, Florida.
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China fires back at US presidential candidates
BEIJING — Beijing urged the US presidential candidates on Tuesday to refrain from inflaming tensions with China after President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney vowed to get tough with the Asian giant. Both men vowed to be firm on China at
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Is China a Currency Manipulator? What does it Mean for the US Dollar?
The problem is the data just doesn’t support either candidate’s view that China’s weaker currency has been a negative factor in US manufacturing jobs. They need to find another scapegoat for the 30+ year deterioration of manufacturing jobs in America.
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Obama Debate Language Hints at Nature of China Relationship
Voice of America
But the reassurances by U.S. officials have failed to convince many in the Asian nation. While China’s official reaction to the pivot has been restrained, the country’s state-controlled media regularly publish editorials insisting Washington is not
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China leader’s persona forged by harsh early life
CBS News
At the same time, Beijing feels hemmed in by the U.S., which is shoring up ties with countries on China’s edge. As son of one-time Vice Premier Xi Zhongxun, the younger Xi spent the 1950s in a world of comfortable homes, chauffeur-driven cars and the
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Calm reaction in China to US debate
Detroit Free Press
Given the track record of U.S. presidential candidates, talking tough on China, then acting more moderately once in the White House, the government in Beijing appears to have grown more accustomed to getting bashed in the U.S. election season.
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We Need To Stop The China Bashing And Start Discussing The Trade Deficit
Business Insider
If China and the U.S. start at the same size, after 20 years China’s annual trade surplus will be equal to 8.3 percent of U.S. GDP. To have sustained this surplus it will have bought an amount of assets that exceeds 100 percent of U.S. GDP in 2032. If
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China’s GDP Will Exceed America’s In The 21st Century
Business Insider
This is an election season, so all hope of intelligent policy discourse has been abandoned in favor of the partisan soundbite. One side, uniquely brilliant, will magically solve our nation’s problems (all caused, of course, by the incompetent opposing
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Obama, Romney say China needs to play by the rules
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON — The presidential candidates sparred over China during a debate on foreign policy Monday but as usual the focus was less on the Asian giant’s rise as a world power than its impact on the American economy. President Barack Obama and
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AstraZeneca, Ironwood partner on IBS drug in China
San Francisco Chronicle
British drug giant AstraZeneca PLC and a small U.S. drug developer, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc., said Tuesday that they are teaming up to develop and then market Ironwood’s new drug for irritable bowel syndrome in China. The drug, called linaclotide,
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U.S. Presidential “Foreign Policy” Debate: China Fatigue?
Business Insider
Well, I’d love to write a nice, in-depth and thoughtful post on the third U.S. presidential debate, but honestly, I have nothing of substance to talk about. The debate, which was supposed to include a whole section on “the Rise of China,” did indeed
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Chinese Auto Market Is a Key to Climate Change
In 2012, EVs represent 0.02 percent of the total auto market in China. As in the United States, the issue is cost. Even after subsidies, electric cars are priced about 50 percent higher than comparable gas models. For example, BYD’s F3DM plug-in hybrid
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On Foreign Policy, Who Will Hate China More?
Business surveys from lobby groups like the U.S. China Business Council have their members consistently saying that more than 90 percent of them invest in China to serve China, not to outsource production and export it back to the U.S. China is a $250
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Chinese fiberglass supplier Jushi plans US manufacturing plant
Plastics News
TONGXIANG, CHINA (Oct. 23, 12:25 p.m. ET) — Tongxiang-based fiberglass manufacturer Jushi Group Co. Ltd plans to open a new manufacturing plant in the United States within the next six months as it looks to build a stronger presence in its largest
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Fact check: Obama, Romney debate China’s undervalued currency
Los Angeles Times
U.S. officials have complained for years that China was keeping its currency, the renminbi, too low relative to the dollar in order to make Chinese goods less expensive for U.S. consumers. Some in Congress have pushed the Treasury Department to
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The Daily Twit – 10/23/12: Transitioning From U.S. Election to China
Business Insider
OK, so we’ve all had quite enough of the U.S. never-ending election, yes? The good news is that it actually does end, albeit briefly, and that end date is coming up in two weeks. The toning down of the China bashing started today with the last
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The bill from China has arrived, how much do you owe?
Catholic Online
The Communist government of China is now entitled to anywhere between one to two years of your full household income – and they aim to collect. According to statistics released by the US Treasury Department and the Census Bureau, the US now owes
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Apego charged with dodging import duties
U.S. customs have imposed 76.7 percent duty charge on paper from China since 2006, when the Commerce Department declared China was “dumping” paper in the United States at unfairly low prices. Authorities now say Apego first hired workers in Taiwan
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Fact Check: Obama accuses Romney of criticizing his handling of China tire case
Mitt Romney had criticized his administration for being too tough against China, and bringing a protectionist case at the World Trade Organization. The statement: Obama cited a case in which the Chinese “were flooding us” with cheap tires. “And we put
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Michael Lumbers: Applying the lessons of China to Iran
Dallas Morning News
Regarding the widespread fear that a Chinese bomb would trigger a regional arms race — another claim similar to those made by Iran hawks today — these same officials argued that this could be headed off by reassuring Asian allies of the U.S
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China media quiet on Communist Party Congress, but gaga for US election
The Detroit News
Beijing — If you picked up a Chinese newspaper in the past week, here’s a smattering of the details you could have learned about the U.S. presidential campaign: Mitt Romney might be tanning himself in a bid to appeal to minorities; at 7-Eleven
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Chinese Stocks Looking Like a Bargain
Business Insider
With negative sentiment toward China reaching an extreme in recent months, patient investors have been rewarded with recent news of improving data from the Asian giant. CLSA Sinology’s Andy Rothman reported that in September, retail sales growth rose
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US political ad uses wrong ‘Taiwan’ flag
Taipei Times
Reporting the matter on Monday, WPTZ News Channel 5 contacted Doheny to ask for an explanation and whether the mistake might inflame anti-China sentiment among US voters. An unapologetic Doheny repeatedly evaded questions about the flag, though
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Calloway to speak at US, China friendship confab
Monroe News Star
Chennault Aviation and Military Museum director Nell Calloway will travel to California this week to take part in a conference with United States and Chinese dignitaries as they discuss improving relations between both countries. The U.S.China Peoples
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