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U.S. China New 2012.10.07

Sun, October 7, 2012

WHY IT MATTERS: US missile defense could spike tensions with Russia and
Washington Post
The United States maintains that missile defenses are aimed at countering attacks from rogue regimes and would be impotent against the arsenals of major nuclear powers such as Russia and China. But Moscow says even a limited capability against its
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Djokovic beats Tsonga for third China Open title
Chicago Tribune
(Reuters) – Top-seeded Serbian Novak Djokovic beat Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6 6-2 on Sunday to win his third China Open tennis title in Beijing then celebrated by dancing with the ball boys and girls on court. World number two Djokovic dug deep
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In role reversal, Chinese PC firm to manufacture in US
So, why in the world would China’s largest PC maker decide to manufacture devices here when America’s two premier digital gadget suppliers, Apple and Hewlett-Packard, make virtually nothing in the U.S. and almost everything in China and/or Asia?
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Chinese firm positioned to acquire U.S.-funded battery maker A123 Systems
Detroit Free Press
The future of A123 Systems, which received a $249.1-million grant in 2009 from the Obama administration and more than $125 million in State of Michigan tax credits and aid, is now up to a Chinese auto supplier. Wanxiang Group agreed in August to invest
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Beijing completes air quality monitoring network after public pressure and US
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Appearing frustrated with the dueling standards, the Chinese government told the embassy to stop publishing the data in June. It said it wasn’t fair to judge Chinese air by American standards because China is a developing country and noted that U.S.
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Can Huawei crack the US data center market?
By product line, Huawei looks like any other data center equipment provider. Storage, networking and security software rolls out at a steady clip and market wins—mostly in China and emerging markets—follow. Except for the U.S., where Huawei is a
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China’s posturing keeps the world guessing
Hindu Business Line
All the posturing by China ties in quite nicely with the arguments of Paul Kennedy, a US historian, who argued that a country’s super power status depends on a synergistic mix of economic and military power; they feed off each other and it is not
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South Korea extends missile range under new deal with US
Washington Post
SEOUL — South Korea said Sunday that it would nearly triple the range of its ballistic missiles, allowing it to strike all parts of North Korea and a sliver of China, under a new deal with the United States. The bilateral agreement, coming after
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China Team scores best-ever 5th place in 34th America’s Cup World’s Se
Sail World
China Team, the official challenger of the 34th America’s Cup World Series, has achieved its best result yet in history in today’s first fleet race. China Team has defeated six strong teams from U.S., France, Italy, Sweden and etc., and become the
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ALP seeks tighter China ties
The Australian
LABOR is pursuing a dramatic upgrading of Australia’s relationship with China that would put diplomatic ties between Canberra and Beijing on a similar footing to relations with the US, Japan and Indonesia. Foreign Minister Bob Carr revealed yesterday
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Chinese Equities Gain on Lower US Unemployment
Morning Whistle
The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent this past September, the lowest it has been since President Obama took office in 2009. The confidence that this news inspired among investors is evident in a bolstered Chinese equity market and will
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India hesitant over China, but not hostile despite US influence
Global Times
Two of China’s three large neighbors, Japan and Russia, have determined their policies toward China for the near future. Japan, emboldened by the US pivot to the Pacific, is adopting a hostile attitude. Russia, antagonized by US attempts to weaken it
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World Reserve Currency: Why The US Dollar Is Under Attack
ETF Daily News (blog)
Most U.S. economists dismiss this threat by pointing out that China has stockpiled so many U.S. dollars and so much U.S. debt that if anything happens to the U.S. financial system China would be significantly damaged as well. That may be true to a
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US economy would prevail over Chinese model’
Even as the world looks at China for phenomenal success in manufacturing, an Indian American, who had a two-year stint in the Obama Administration, believes it is the US‘ free market economy, which promotes entrepreneurial culture, will finally trump
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Wall Street Week Ahead: Big-name profit warnings may mean a pullback
Another 11 percent blamed the weak global economy, 8 percent cited strength in the U.S. dollar, and 6 percent cited the slowdown in China, the survey showed. Weakness in the U.S. economy hasn’t helped. The final read on U.S. second-quarter gross
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60 Minutes Tonight 10/7/2012: Dangers Of Chinese Competing In US Telecom
60 Minutes explores the potential risks of allowing the Chinese Telecom giant Huawei to do business in the US market and the possible fallout. Huawei is a global company that focuses on telecommunications and providing infrastructure for wireless and
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Aaarenka bests Sharapova at China Open
Victoria Azarenka, shown during a U.S. Open semifinal win over Maria Sharapova, defeated Sharapova again Sunday, this time for the China Open title. UPI Photo/Monika Graff. License photo. Published: Oct. 7, 2012 at 9:43 AM. BEIJING, Oct. 7 (UPI
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Houston conference promotes USChina educational, economic, cultural
Philippine Star
HOUSTON (Xinhua) – Business leaders from China and the United States gathered in this fourth-largest US city on Saturday for a conference aimed at exploring potentials for bilateral cooperation and partnership. The Third USChina Educational, Economic
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Global guests from China, US and Papua New Guinea visit north shore schools
North Shore Times
INTERNATIONAL visitors from four countries recently visited north shore schools. Papua New Guinean Ken Kenamu visited Lindfield Public School to talk about how $3840 in student donations created his village school’s first-ever year 3 class. HAVE YOUR
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US trade gap grows on oil costs: report
Taipei Times
A stagnant Europe and slower growth in China and other emerging markets may be starting to curtail demand for US products, a source of strength for the expansion in the second quarter. At the same time, the pickup in the cost of energy may push up the
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US lawmakers calls Huawei security threat
WASHINGTON – United States companies should avoid business with Huawei Technologies, China’s largest phone-equipment maker, to guard against intellectual-property theft and spying, the US House Intelligence Committee chairman said. US companies
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Why the US needs to invest in Ireland to help recovery
Irish Independent
Despite the daily diet of prophesying from pundits that the future of the world economy lies with the developing nations (notably China), the Irish-US commercial partnership has only grown stronger not weaker, larger rather than smaller, more connected
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Big Apple tempts Chinese buyers
Chinadaily USA
Brown and partner Nikki Field decided to focus on China when the US real estate market softened in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008. They visit the Chinese mainland a few times each year to host events and meet potential buyers referred to them
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From NSA to US, China, praise for Mishra as an old, respected friend
Indian Express
At a prayer meeting for Brajesh Mishra, who died Friday, condolence messages for the man who helped shape India’s national security apparatus were filled with such descriptions as “mentor”, “illustrious and wise politician and diplomat”, “irreplaceable
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Bolton: Beware Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Obama
Putin is contesting U.S. interests in the Middle East, such as by propping up Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, Bolton said. He jested that “at the Kremlin, they pop open another bottle of vodka” hoping for another Obama term. Wealthier-by-the-minute China
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Rick Haglund: While politicians running for office diss China, Gov. Snyder
His Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, has said he would take the tough step of naming China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has introduced legislation addressing counterfeit auto parts coming out of China.
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Home News National Drone attacks violation of human rights, creating hatred
Associated Press of Pakistan
Drone attacks violation of human rights, creating hatred against US: Imran BEIJING, Oct 7 (APP):A total of 332 Muslims from northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region flew to Jaddah, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday evening for performing Hajj.This is
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How to Protect Your IP from China
China Law Blog (blog)
We have asked this at least twenty times and not once has the Chinese company ever come up with a real cite. Sometimes they come back with an English language version of what they say is the law, but isn’t. Sometimes they say there’s no point in giving
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Sany not involved in US lawsuit
Global Times
Sany Group, China’s leading machinery manufacturer, denied involvement in a lawsuit against US President Barack Obama and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS), according to a company announcement made during the national
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SolarWorld could win permanent tariffs on Chinese products, irking critics
They say final decisions in their favor by U.S. officials in coming weeks would give the company a chance to survive global carnage in the solar sector. If the U.S. International Trade Commission and Commerce Department make tariffs permanent on
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Sri Lanka scholar explodes China arms trade myths
Lanka Business Online
Criticism of China’s rise as a global power is driven by fear among Western elites that it could erode their own dominance, he said in a lecture titled ‘Enter the Dragon’ comparing Chinese and US arms transfers to dictators and violators of human rights.
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China will be the biggest market worldwide for Bentley and Porsche this year
China has increasingly replaced the United States as the biggest market for luxury vehicles related to Germany’s Volkswagen Group, a senior analyst said. Sales of vehicles in China from Bentley Motors Ltd and Porsche SE in China are expected to surpass
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New self-immolation ‘by Tibetan in China
Himalayan Times
Saturday’s self-immolation by Sangay Gyatso meant that 44 ethnic Tibetans have now burned themselves to death since the protests began in February 2009, the US network reported. Another 10 people are said to have set themselves on fire but survived.
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China inspires collection of photographs
The Tennessean
Dr. McPhee has just released “China: Through the Eyes of An American University President” ($29.95, Ingram Book Co.) both in the States and in China. It mostly contains large color pictures with some extended captions and anecdotes from McPhee’s travels.
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Arab allies limit Syrian rebel aid over US fears
China Post
Arab allies limit Syrian rebel aid over US fears. WASHINGTON–Discouraged by lack of U.S. support, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have stopped short of arming Syrian rebels with the heavier weapons that could turn the tide of the war, The New York Times said
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Fiji, China and Japan qualify for Rugby World Cup Sevens
That will be filled by the winner of the South American Championship, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro in February, a place Brazil will be favourites to claim on home soil given their dominance of Women’s Rugby in the region. Fiji were crowned
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US to allow SKorea to have longer-range missiles
Yahoo! News (blog)
No, it’s not China. Koreans and Chinese basically do not like each other and China has limited influence with North Korea. Koreans have been under Chinese domination on many occasions and didn’t like it. China has a large area of NE China with a
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Surf’s up in China
Global Times
“Just like 10 years ago in Taiwan or 25 years ago in Japan, when a bunch of Californian boys went there and showed people what they could do, and got others interested, I believe the Chinese mainland is the next because of us,” Weaver said. E-mail
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How investment in urban innovation is changing the face of China’s cities
Times of India
US vice-president Joe Biden said if he did a blind test of cities in China and America, most people would think that the best cities were American, but they would be wrong. The best cities are in China, he said. The comment provided fodder to critics
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Stennis sailors rescue man from South China Sea
Kitsap Sun
The ship hosted a reception in its hangar bay with more than 300 guests, including the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia, the Kota Kinabalu mayor, and other local government, military and business leaders. Sailors participated in community relations projects
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Chinese lanterns light up Texas State Fair
A dazzling collection of Chinese lanterns is on display now at the ongoing 126th annual State Fair of Texas here, drawing thousands of visitors from across the U.S. state. It is the first time for the Chinese Lantern Festival to be in partnership with
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