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U.S. China News 2012.09.25

Tue, September 25, 2012

Obama vs. Romney on China
CNN (blog)
A formal White House challenge last week against Chinese subsidies that threaten U.S. auto industry jobs is being interpreted as the latest salvo in a contest about whether the president or challenger Mitt Romney is tougher on China. Heightened
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METALS-Copper gains on US data, China demand uncertain
Trade thin ahead of Chinese National Day holidays * Copper, aluminium physical demand still poor * U.S. consumer confidence at seven-month high By Silvia Antonioli and Harpreet Bhal LONDON, Sept 25 (Reuters) – Copper rose on Tuesday as the dollar
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China says first aircraft carrier entering service
U.S. News & World Report
By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, Associated Press. BEIJING (AP) — China formally entered its first aircraft carrier into service on Tuesday, underscoring its ambitions to be a leading Asian naval power, although the ship is not expected to carry a full
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US economic data help world markets recover
Seattle Post Intelligencer
While Europe is sliding toward recession, the U.S. and Chinese economies — the world’s two largest — are struggling. Credit ratings agency Standard & Poor’s on Tuesday lowered its growth forecasts for the eurozone. It expects a 0.8 percent
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China Bankrolling Chavez’s Re-Election Bid With Oil Loans
The loans give the Chinese influence over Chavez, who regularly speaks of recovering Venezuela’s sovereignty after decades of subjugation to the U.S. “empire.” In addition to securing large deliveries of oil, much of the money lent to Venezuela returns
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Keon “cautiously optimistic” despite China, US
Expectations for this earnings season are “not great.” In fact, says Ed Keon, portfolio manager at Quantitative Management Associates, the season is looking “overall weak.” He talks to Larry Kofsky about the huge headwinds facing investors and what
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Obama should call China a currency manipulator: Romney aide
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s administration should formally declare China a currency manipulator in a semi-annual report due to be released by the U.S. Treasury on October 15, a spokesman for Republican presidential nominee Mitt
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How to make a huge mistake by comparing China with the US
Business Insider
First of all, while almost all China bulls seem to “know” China to become like the US, no one actually knows for sure if China will eventually become as rich as the US. In other words, the final destination of China’s economic development is uncertain
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Americans In China Feel Pinch Of Shifting Economies
China has welcomed U.S. business expertise for many years as its economy has advanced rapidly. Jim Rogers, a prominent U.S. investor, is shown here in China at the 2nd Hunan Finance Expo in 2011. However, the Chinese are becoming more confident in
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China’s economy, inflation trend stable: central bank
BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s central bank said on Tuesday that it will “fine tune” policy to cushion the economy against global risks while closely watching the possible impact from recent policy loosening in the United States and Europe. “We will
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seat could cost clout with China
The Australian (blog)
CHINA is in territorial disputes with its neighbours over archipelagos outside its own sea borders. Unlike the other parties, which seek to avoid confrontation and non-inflammatory behaviour, China endeavours to erect outposts and intimidate its way
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The strategic triangle in the East: China, Russia and the US
Russia Beyond The Headlines
China has surpassed the United States in terms of both industrial production and export volume, and it is projected to catch up with the U.S. in GDP by 2016-2018 and in military spending by 2025. The United States has been trying to adapt to a
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Analysis: As worst euro fears fade, US fiscal cliff looms
Between 2000 and 2011, U.S. shipments to China rose 542 percent, while exports to the rest of the world rose 81 percent, according to Andy Rothman, an economist at CLSA in Shanghai. Like Romney, Obama has been tough on China during the campaign,
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Investor Wilbur Ross eyes JV in China shale tender
SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross plans to take part in China’s first shale gas tender open to foreign investors by teaming up Exco Resources (XCO.N), a U.S. natural gas firm he holds a stake in, with a Chinese partner. China
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China’s Financial Institutions Expand Overseas
Ever since I’ve been in China, the stability of Chinese banks has been called into question by outside observers. By way of contrast, American and European banks were held up as shining examples of financial strength, stability and transparency. The
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Getting tough on China trade could boost US manufacturing, panelists say
Plain Dealer
CLEVELAND, Ohio — Changes to the federal tax system and pushing for tough trade sanctions on China could boost manufacturing in the United States, experts said Monday during a manufacturing summit in Cleveland. “We need public policies that support
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Apple supplier’s factory back up after China brawl
U.S. News & World Report
By JOE McDONALD, Associated Press. BEIJING (AP) — A factory in China owned by the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhones resumed production Tuesday after a brawl by workers highlighted tensions that labor groups say were worsened by the pressure of a
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LIGNET: US Policy Must Be to Topple North Korea
Official U.S. policy, she says, should be “the downfall of the Kim family regime” and the unification of the Koreas. Also, she says, the United States should publicly denounce China for its policy of arresting North Korean refugees and sending them
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US firm bars lead at China plant after poison claims
US battery giant Johnson Controls will stop lead processing at a plant in China’s commercial hub Shanghai, the firm said, after the city found high levels of the metal in children living nearby. The Fortune 500 company has denied the plant’s operations
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China buys US sequencing firm
Researchers valued its ability to produce readouts of entire human genomes with minimal errors, but they feared for the future of the company, based in Mountain View, California, which lost US$72.3 million in 2011 alone. Now BGI, whose sequencing
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Movie review: ‘Death By China‘ opens eyes to trade imbalance, US need for
Eric LacyThe movie “Death By China” debuted last week at the Birmingham 8 and will be screened there at at least until Friday. Mlive Detroit reporter Eric Lacy highly recommends it because it presents some startling facts and footage about the impact
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Romney ad hits Obama’s China policies, says they cost US jobs
Los Angeles Times
A new TV commercial from Mitt Romney’s campaign accuses President Obama of contributing to American job losses by showing weakness toward China, a line of attack that has proved popular for Romney on the stump. The ad, set for release Tuesday,
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US ties will hurt Aust relationship with China: Fraser
Business Spectator
Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser has said that US military bases on Australian soil pose a danger for Australia’s relationship with China and called on the Labor government to carve out space for Australia to have an independent voice in the
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Euro Slips, Commodity Prices Sting, China Reserves Fall (blog)
China’s FX reserves shrank for the first time since 1998, possibly signaling a loss of confidence in the outlook for the yuan. []. After an unexpected Talk back: Tell us what you want to hear about at . © 2012 Topics:US
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US, China conduct first counter-piracy naval drill
Las Vegas Sun
The U.S. Navy says it has carried out its first joint counter-piracy naval exercises with China off the Horn of Africa. The Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said Tuesday that teams from the guided missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill and Chinese
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China Stocks Drop for 1st Day in Three on Growth Concern
China’s stocks dropped for the first time in three days as concerns about slowing economic growth overshadowed speculation the government is accelerating measures to support the nation’s equities market. Jiangxi Copper Co. (600362) led a gauge of
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US mourns death of week-old panda
China Daily
Aaron Schauer and his wife planned to see the newborn giant panda at the National Zoo in Washington DC on Sunday, but as they walked to the panda habitat around noon, they heard that the week-old cub had passed away only about two hours earlier.
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US Company’s Reliance on Chinese Manufacturing
0 views. Show video statistics. I like this Like I dislike this. Add to. Share Flag as inappropriate. Loading… Alert icon. Sign in or sign up now! Alert icon. Loading… Published on Sep 25, 2012 by TheStreetTV. U.S. Company’s Reliance on Chinese
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China PBOC Says Econ Stabilizing; Will Watch US Stimulus
MNI News
BEIJING (MNI) – The People’s Bank of China said Tuesday it will monitor the impact of fresh stimulus and bailout measures launched by the U.S. and Europe respectively, even as it acknowledged that the global economy remains in poor health. The third
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US: Michigan cherries a top pick for China
With two days remaining on a 10-day trade mission to China, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director Jamie Clover Adams said Monday the Chinese are interested in some of Michigan’s biggest crops. On a phone call to The
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Carter expresses hope for increased USChina cooperation
China Daily
“The relationship between the United States and China has witnessed many moments that tested the Sino-US relationship during the past year. Despite these events and the antagonizing rhetoric of a few politicians, the leaders of our nations understand
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US, China climate standoff returns
Sydney Morning Herald
The United States has complained that its main economic rival, China, as well as other major emerging economies, have escaped binding targets of any kind under the UN negotiations, after a Climate Convention in 1992 divided the responsibilities of
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US enters South China Sea island dispute amid complex web of interests
Alaska Dispatch
The United States is urging Asian leaders to cool increasingly heated territory disputes in the Asia Pacific – with good reason, say analysts. The US has intense interest in Asian leaders working things out peacefully. Competing claims to islets or
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The Nine U.S. Cities Selling the Most to China
24/7 Wall St.
The country is now the third-largest importer of U.S. goods, behind Canada and Mexico. The total value of products being shipped to China is growing faster than any other country in the world. For many U.S. cities, China is the largest and fastest
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PHL envoy to US backs DFA chief on handling of dispute with China
GMA News
Philippine Ambassador to Washington Jose Cuisia on Tuesday said he fully supports Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario who is reporedly considering to resign after being criticized for his handling of the West Philippine Sea territorial issue.
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China will have more skyscrapers than US
Daily News & Analysis
China will surpass the US with most number of skyscrapers, or buildings more than 152 metres in height, in the next five years, according to a report. China will have 802 such buildings by 2017, compared to 539 in the US. And in 10 years, the number of
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Could Rising US Exports and Reshoring Help Create Up to 5 Million Jobs by
predicted that the U.S. would gain 2 to 3 million jobs from higher exports and production work shifting from China to the U.S.. Although the reshoring trend – also referred to as “insourcing” and “onshoring” – is still in its early stages, several
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China morning round-up: Wang Lijun verdict
BBC News
Hong Daode, a law professor at Beijing’s China University of Political Science and Law, said the “lenient sentence” for Wang proved he did not reveal any state secrets to the US after entering the US consulate in Chengdu. It is “very likely” that Wang
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Implications of the rise of China
ABC Online
EMMA ALBERICI: Now there are hundreds of US troops, you would know, in the top end of Australia right now at a relatively new American military base. Now both countries, Australia and the US, insist that this has nothing to do with China, but rather is
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Egypt gains balance and leverage in China
Asia Times Online
Morsi repeatedly has expressed his intent to reassess the mechanics of Egypt-US relations to better reflect Egyptian national interests and the demands of the Egyptian public. This includes cultivating closer strategic-level interactions with China and
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Food factory reborn with support of US firm
China Daily
Shenyang’s Changjiang Food Factory was once one of the two major food producers in this industrial city in Northeast China. It was founded in the 1930’s and saw its peak in the 1960’s when its moon cakes were presented to Kim Il Sung, the founder of
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US relationship with China is very complex, won’t hesitate to take strong
Economic Times
WASHINGTON: With China’s alleged unfair trade practices popping up as a major election issue in the US, the White House today said Washington’s relationship with Beijing is a “complex” one wherein the two countries have vast areas of co-operation and
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