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U.S. China News 2012.07.21

Sat, July 21, 2012

China appeals to WTO over US steel products
BEIJING (AP) — China has appealed to the World Trade Organization to set aside a WTO panel report favoring the United States in an anti-dumping case involving U.S. steel product. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce in a statement posted on its official
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US wins dispute with China over payment services
Las Vegas Sun
The United States has won a trade dispute with China over that country’s treatment of foreign companies that process credit card payments and other electronic transactions. U.S. officials said Monday that the ruling by the Geneva-based World Trade
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Olympics should be about the games not the uniforms
Mostly China. Only one item — a Land’s End denim shirt I swiped from my husband — was manufactured in the good old U.S.A.. My closet is probably much like yours: Western fashion stitched together in foreign factories. Industry experts estimate that as
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Alibaba’s Tmall Woos U.S. Retailers as Chinese Buy Brands
The Chinese company met business owners at seminars in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Seattle this month as part of the unit’s first U.S. tour to discuss opportunities to sell goods to consumers in China via the Internet, said Janet Wang, head of international
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ChinaU.S. solar trade dispute escalates (blog)
China’s trade ministry said today it will investigate whether U.S. and South Korean suppliers sold solar-grade polysilicon below cost, an action that will escalate an ongoing solar trade dispute and potentially affect several U.S. suppliers. China’s Ministry of
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Jack Tame: Illogicality rules in US patriotic display
New Zealand Herald
The greatest athletes from the most successful Olympic nation in history will be dressed head to toe in uniforms made in China. For the committee, it was awful PR work. Unemployment in the US is at 8.2 per cent and though awarding the contract to jobless
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Olympic uniforms should be made in the USA
Biddeford Journal Tribune
We applaud this letter and agree with Michaud’s concern after the country learned late last week that Ralph Lauren, the company that designed the uniforms for the 2012 U.S. Olympic team, had them made in China. That never should have happened.
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Will the US export fracking to the rest of the world?
Washington Post (blog)
That’s a major turn of events. But, for now, the fracking boom has largely been confined to the United States. Other nations, from China to Australia to France, also have vast shale formations that contain “unconventional” natural gas and oil. But they’ve barely
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Where is it made?
The Tennessean (blog)
are still fun when I am cheering on American athletes. So I was a tiny bit miffed when I heard that Ralph Lauren’s 2014 Olympic uniforms will be manufactured in China. Then I felt a bit sheepish since much of my own wardrobe was not made in the U.S., either.
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The U.S. Should Import Gun Control from China
Business Insider
I woke today to a sky that looks like cottage cheese that was left for hours on a hot sidewalk, the air being so disgusting and clingy that I had to immediately jump in the shower and do my best reinactment of Gattaca to rid myself of the scum crust. In other words
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China/US: Dialogue Needs to Produce Results
(New York) – The United States should use the upcoming human rights dialogue with the Chinese government to demand public and verifiable changes in policies and practices. The changes should include a commitment to hold elections to choose China’s
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China appeals to WTO over US steel
China has appealed to the World Trade Organisation to set aside a WTO panel report favouring the United States in an anti-dumping case involving US steel products. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce in a statement posted on its official website late on
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China Foreign Deals Must Obey Market Principles, Regulator Says
Chinese companies have a good chance to venture abroad as many European and American companies are struggling,” market valuations have “fallen significantly” and “overseas regulators are becoming more friendly to Chinese capital,” Yi said.
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Managing the rise of China
CNN (blog)
The IMF has China’s GDP exceeding that of the United States within four years, and the way growth rates are right now, something amazing would have to happen here in the U.S., and something very terrible would have to happen in China, for that not to take
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Clinton visit: US, China vie for trade in SE Asia
The Militant
Expanding U.S. trade ties in Southeast Asia was at the center of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent trip there, highlighting a key aspect of Washington’s intensifying competition with China, its most formidable economic and military rival. Clinton attended
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Asian Stocks Post Weekly Climb Amid China Stimulus Speculation
Asian stocks rose, with the regional benchmark gauge posting its largest weekly gain this month, amid speculation China and the U.S. will do more to boost growth in the world’s two largest economies. China Railway Construction Corp. (1186) surged 6.2
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Made-in-China Olympic resentment
Controversy in the U.S. over the “made in China” official opening ceremony uniforms to be worn by the country’s Olympic athletes are growing, even though the uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren. Some U.S. politicians have even suggested burning the
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Labor-backed petition asks Ralph Lauren to replace Olympic uniforms with US
The U.S. uniforms were Made in China. It’s been a week since Ralph Lauren Corp., responding to criticism from members of Congress, said it would manufacture U.S. Olympic team clothing for 2014 in the United States. The New York-based corporation had
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What to wear all a matter of money at Olympics
Whether it’s Chinese-made uniforms for American athletes, a tattoo inked on a runner’s body or a miniature American flag that can’t go on Phelps’ swim cap, Olympians should have figured out one thing by now: What they can or cannot wear at the London
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US warns of rising risk of ‘accidental war’ in S China Sea
Zee News
US warns of rising risk of ‘accidental war’ in S China Sea Washington: The Obama administration has warned that a recent two-month maritime standoff between China and the Philippines has raised the risk of accidental war in the South China Sea, and
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Chinese Girl Describes Terror And Relief Of Being In The Other Century Aurora
Business Insider
A 19-year-old Chinese American girl witnessed the Batman premiere shooting. She wrote down her thoughts on There is the translation: Today, I went with my older sister, my cousin and my good friend to see the opening show of the new
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U.S. Fiscal Cliff, European Debt Crisis & China Slowdown: What Investors Need
Seeking Alpha
U.S. Fiscal Cliff: Effective year-end 2012: 1) Bush and payroll tax cuts expire and 2) automatic spending cuts that were previously approved during debt ceiling deal will go in effect. Potential Impact: A recession as a result of slashing $607 billion in the federal
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US solar imports probed
China Daily
Trade frictions between two major economies may increase: Analysts. China is launching an investigation into imported US polysilicon used in solar panels, the Ministry of Commerce announced on Friday. The probe relates to anti-subsidy and anti-dumping
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National security adviser to visit China, Japan
Sacramento Bee
The White House says Donilon will travel to the Chinese capital on Sunday and meet with including State Councilor Dai Bingguo. He will also discuss U.S.China relations, nonproliferation and global economic growth. Donilon’s visit comes as Syria plunges
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Southern hospitality: Chinese professors study English and American culture
Montgomery Advertiser
Professors Charles Ye, left, and Jessie Chen, professors from the Xiangfan Vocational and Technical College in the Hubie Province of China, pronounce variations of the English language as they read some Hank Williams songs. / Lloyd Gallman/Advertiser
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China Boosts Liberia’s Customs Sector, Gives 2 Container Scanners Value US$6M
Liberian Daily Observer
The scanners will be used by the Bureau of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance to generate government revenues. With the modern scanners now available, losses incurred by importers while opening and closing their containers by customs
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China appeals WTO rule on steel dispute with US
China Daily
GENEVA – China on Friday appealed part of the WTO preliminary ruling favoring the United States in its claims against Chinese anti-dumping duties on electrical steel products from the US. “China appeals certain issues of law and legal interpretation covered
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China in talks to build five new reactors in UK: paper
LONDON (Reuters) – Chinese nuclear firms are considering investing 35 billion pounds in building up to five new nuclear reactors in Britain, a newspaper reported on Saturday. A team from the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute
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American Drought Already Hitting Chinese Consumers Hard
However, China’s grain reserve corporation, Sinograin, had continued to accumulate US corn over the period April-June. The purchases specifically went up in mid-May when priced dipped slightly. Capital Economics has assuaged fears about the drought by
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U.S. prepares to flex its medal count muscle in less glamorous sports (blog)
But to triumph over China in the overall medal count, and maybe even reclaim the honor of most gold medals the Chinese snatched away in Beijing, it’s going to take a lot of U.S. success in a lot of sports that usually won’t draw a lot of televised attention.
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US Olympic Men’s Gymnastics Team 2012: 5 Keys to Winning Team Gold in
Bleacher Report
It’s different than four years ago for Team USA, when the men were not even expected to make it to the finals and ended with a miraculous bronze medal. In 2008, China claimed seven of the eight gold medals, including Men’s Team Final, while Team USA
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US sees risk of war over South China Sea
Stock and Land
China has said the US is meddling in the region’s affairs by encouraging a code of conduct. The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, responded: ”The US is a resident Pacific power”. Mr Russell said though the US and Australia would not be signatories to
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Luxury Retailers Still Living the Good Life in China
[RCO-F Loading… () ], owner of the Rémy Martin cognac brand, said overall organic sales rose 24.4 per cent in the same period because of “rapid” growth in Asia and the US. Demand from wealthy Chinese customers has become critical to the success of the sector, which means investors have been looking closely for evidence of the slowing Chinese economy damping enthusiasm for highly priced retail goods. Matching some of the caution in the industry, Hermès said it “was difficult to make projections for the full
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Study finds U.S. remains top emitter of greenhouse gases
The Capitol Column
While China has pursued price control mechanisms and tightly regulated markets as part of its emissions trading schemes, the policies seem to have had little impact on its carbon emissions. The report noted that the U.S. remains one of the top emitters of
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US can stitch together new manufacturing pride
Elgin Courier News
Rather than wearing uniforms sewn on American soil, they will be wearing the proud red, white, and blue put together by Chinese manufacturers. With so many jobs leaving our country and going overseas as companies search for lower costs, this is actually
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US seeking to boost co-op with China in Africa
China Daily
WASHINGTON – The United States has been seeking to boost cooperation with China in addressing long-term development challenges facing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the State Department said on Friday. Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell was
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Real choice for corporations is outsource or die
San Antonio Express
This trend, known as “reshoring,” has created some 10000 positions in the United States in the past two years. It’s driven partly — believe it or not — by the rising cost of Chinese labor. And it’s only going to expand. Outsourcing is a fact of life in the modern age
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FOB Gulf Grain-Soybean premiums steady-firm, eye on US drought
U.S. soybean prices were competitive in the world market, although recent price spikes have kept many global buyers on the sidelines. Benchmark U.S. soybean futures hit an all-time high of $17.77-3/4 a bushel on Friday. * China, the world’s top importer,
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Chinese Yuan dropped to the low end of the trading band
Business Insider
Earlier today, the Chinese Yuan was traded at 6.3743, 1% weaker than the PBOC daily fixing of 6.3112, i.e. the upper limit of USDCNY trading band. This was the first time that USDCNY reached the trading limit since the PBOC announced widening the
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