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U.S. China News 2012.07.15

Mon, July 16, 2012

US plane makers teaming with Chinese firms
San Francisco Chronicle
Today, the airplane maker that traces its roots to that iconic Kansas company is fighting for its very survival in bankruptcy court. The announcement last week that Hawker Beechcraft had reached an agreement to sell its business jet and general
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USA, USA, USA* (*made in China)
Enid News & Eagle
It should be quite a spectacle come opening night at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London when athletes from more than 200 nations parade into Olympic.
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Chinese premier says economic woes to continue
U.S. News & World Report
BEIJING (AP) — China’s economic woes that have brought growth to a three-year low will continue for some time, but the slower expansion remains within expectations, Premier Wen Jiabao says.
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Made-in-China US Olympic uniforms spark political row
NEW YORK – Ralph Lauren’s stylish uniforms for the U.S. Olympic team, complete with a jaunty beret, have sparked a political row because the red, white and blue outfits were made in China.
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U.S. lawmakers are furious about Olympic uniforms made in China
U.S. Olympic Committee defends the choice of designer Ralph Lauren for the clothing at the London Games.
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Keeping the Olympic world safe for the American haberdasher: Bud Shaw’s
Plain Dealer
View full sizeAP filePoliticians can’t wait to jump on China-made outfits for the U.S. Olympic team. But what about the berets, the ripoff of the Iwo Jima image or — for real oldsters — the plagiarism of the old Superman (George Reeves version) opening?
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US team’s made-in-China uniforms trigger debate
As a controversy about the “Made in China” uniforms for members of the US Olympic team continued to erupt, one US track and field Olympian expressed his thanks to China. In a tweet, Nick Symmonds, who will compete in the 800-meter run at the London
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Our View: Outsourced Olympics
Peoria Journal Star
A bunch of folks are in a lather over the revelation that the uniforms to be worn by U.S. athletes in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics were manufactured in China.
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China frigate heads home, averts South China Sea standoff
MANILA/BEIJING (Reuters) – A Chinese frigate grounded in disputed waters close to the Philippines was refloated on Sunday and headed back home, averting a possible standoff with the Philippines navy amid.
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China’s State News Agency Accuses US of ‘Meddling’
The US has been ramping up the pressure on China with an increasingly antagonistic foreign policy. The so-called ‘Asia pivot’ is an aggressive policy that involves surging American military presence throughout the region – in the Philippines, Japan
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Is the U.S. uniform flap overblown?
It was bad enough last week when the first images of the uniforms to be worn by the U.S Olympic athletes included berets, giving the team a foreign, Euro-French flavor. That’s right, Frenchy-looking outfits made in Communist China. It took the
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The South China Sea: From Bad to Worse
TIME (blog)
Whether the U.S. can avoid being dragged into a shooting match will depend on how far Beijing and its unruly mix of military, maritime and natural resources agencies choose to push their claims. And whether China’s increasingly frustrated neighbors
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Letter: American flags should be made in US, not China
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
On July 3, I went to the Diamond Jo Casino to get a U.S. flag they were giving away. Wow, I thought, that was fantastic. What could ever be a more perfect way to celebrate our great nation’s birthday?
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Democrats under fire as MADE IN CHINA US Olympic uniform designer Ralph
Daily Mail
President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have come under fire after U.S. Olympic uniform designer, Ralph Lauren, who got the athletes’ berets, blazers and pants manufactured in China, was revealed as a significant party donor.
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US criminal inquiry puts much at risk for ZTE
Chicago Tribune
The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into the Chinese company’s sale of banned equipment, according to an FBI affidavit. Reuters reported in March that ZTE had a $120 million contract in 2010 with Iran’s largest telecom firm, including supplying
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Ralph Lauren responds to Olympic uniforms made in China criticism
After the explosive negative controversy regarding the United States‘ Olympic uniforms being made in China instead of in the United States, the designer of the.
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For 2014 Olympics, Team USA Uniforms to be Made in the United States
The news came after it was revealed that American athletes at this year’s games are going to be wearing clothing manufactured in China — a fact that sparked outrage from some lawmakers and human rights activists. Ralph Lauren and the USOC were
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Fast track to the American dream
Chicago Tribune
EB-5 program offers fast track to U.S. residency for foreign investors who put $500000 behind a project and create at least 10 jobs in process.
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‘Made in China‘: why it’s gold for US Olympic team
Alaska Dispatch
If there is one good thing to come out of this controversy over where the US Olympic uniforms are made, it is this: That, just for an afternoon, we all got to imagine Senate minority leader Harry Reid in a wrestling singlet. Yes, that glorious image
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American athletes should wear American-made clothes
Opelika Auburn News
They’ll be decked out in matching red, white and blue (at least they got the colors right) blazers, pants and, ahem, berets – made in China. Ralph Lauren, an American company, is the designer. But the threads were not stitched on this side of the Pacific.
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China adoption diary: Siblings in sync, even in snores
Christian Science Monitor
Part 12 – China adoption diary: As US citizenship moves closer, the siblings are showing signs of being in sync like “hand and foot” – even in their snores.
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Ralph Lauren addresses China controversy
Arizona Republic
Ralph Lauren addresses China controversy, Friday, the Ralph Lauren Corporation released this statement, promising to keep production of the 2014 Olympic uniforms in the U.S.:
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Poll: Should U.S. Olympic Team Uniforms Be Made in USA?
Both Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress argued the U.S. Olympic Committee’s decision to dress the team in Chinese-manufactured items was wrong when so many U.S. workers need jobs. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)
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China: Slowing Growth, Speeding Consumer
Wall Street Journal
An increase in lending of more than 5.5 trillion yuan ($861 billion) in 2009 was equivalent to around 16% of gross domestic product, dwarfing the U.S and European stimulus. Anyone betting on China’s equity markets, which rose 88% from end-2008 to
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Faster, higher, stronger; not smarter
Scranton Times-Tribune
by members of Congress. They are concerned that, amid the ongoing struggles of the American textile and apparel-manufacturing industries, the Olympic dress uniforms were manufactured in China. Competition uniforms come from a variety of sources.
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US Intervention Not Conducive To Asia-Pacific Stability
Center for Research on Globalization
Clinton also extended her hand to the East China Sea, clearly recognizing during the visit to Japan that the Diaoyu Islands fell within the scope of the 1960 Japan-U.S. security treaty, though Washington does not take a position on the ultimate
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Why China Matters To U.S. Dividend Income Investors
Seeking Alpha
So why are conditions in China important to US dividend investors? First there is the obvious impact on revenue and earnings of global companies with sales in China. However, more important may be the impact of China on US Treasury rates. China and
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Team USA Olympic Uniforms Made in China
Oil & Gas Financial Journal
team USA olympic uniforms made in China Just a couple weeks ahead of the start of the Summer Olympics of 2012, controversy surrounds the USA Olympic Team. Team USA’s parade uniforms, produced by Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL), were made in China.
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US charges Iranian, Chinese on Iran enrichment
Iran Focus
“Today’s indictment sheds light on the reach of Iran’s illegal procurement networks and the importance of keeping US nuclear-related materials from being exploited by Iran,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security Lisa Monaco said in a statement.
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Obama’s China card? (blog)
The Chinese themselves do not want the Americans to leave the Western Pacific, as that would make smaller countries on China’s periphery even more nervous about Chinese power. China is mature enough to understand this; nonetheless, a major US
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Global stocks drop after China trade growth slows
Las Vegas Sun
Stock markets brushed off a soft U.S. consumer confidence report and financial problems at JPMorgan Chase to trade higher Friday amid hopes of a further monetary stimulus in China and a relatively well-received bond auction in Italy. Markets have been
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US Olympic uniforms made in China
The Korea Herald
“At a time when too many Americans are looking for work and our manufacturers are closing factories, we need to do everything we can to keep jobs in America and not give the work of producing our iconic American uniforms for our Olympians to China,”
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China builds most ecologically friendly cities
A wave of low-carbon, energy-saving communities are being built or planned across China.
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Industrials could outshine broader market in second-quarter
N) stunned investors on Tuesday by slashing its full-year revenue forecast. It blamed weakening U.S. demand for trucks and slower-than-expected growth in China, India and Brazil – markets that makers of heavy equipment have until recently described as
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Red, white and they blew it
Youngstown Vindicator
It’s going to be uncomfortable for a lot of people to watch the American athletes on parade during the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics knowing that the patriotic-looking red, white and blue uniforms they’ll be wearing were made in China.
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US Olympians won’t wear ‘Made in USA‘ uniforms until 2014
The City Wire
The U.S. Olympic Committee came under fire from members of Congress for commissioning uniforms that were manufactured in China. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the outfits should be put in a pile and burned. Scott Blackmun, CEO of the U.S.
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Lawmakers need to look around before complaining
Macon Telegraph (blog)
Maybe our legislators should check our trade balance with China. According to The Wall Street Journal, the annual China U.S. trade deficit increased 18 percent since 2008 to $202 billion. China’s textile exports to us were up almost 50 percent from 2008.
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Dressmaker Ralph Lauren Promises 2014 US Olympic Opening Ceremony
Empowered News
After a fiery controversy and contempt erupted when it was discovered that Ralph Lauren’s U.S. Opening Ceremony outfits were manufactured in China, the clothing company announced the outfits for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi would be American-made.
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Knucklehead of the Week: Ralph Lauren
The Star-Ledger –
JPG Wire SelectsOpening ceremony outfits for the U.S. Olympic teams designed by Ralph Lauren display the designer’s logo larger than the American flag. The uniforms are made in China. At first glance, the thing you’ll notice about the U.S. Olympic team
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China: In More Places Than You Think
Multinational corporations aren’t just going to China to make goods to sell to the U.S. anymore. A two way street is opening, albeit with many detours and bottlenecks. Nevertheless, China companies are coming to the U.S. to sell and service people
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In US Economy, Only Pockets of Strength
Wall Street Journal
the benefits of growing demand for oil and food commodities in expanding economies like China. Turnarounds by the U.S. auto sector and other manufacturers, meanwhile, have reinvigorated America’s industrial strongholds of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
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China : Clifford Chance advises Yitai Coal on US$861 million IPO [TendersInfo
Leading international law firm Clifford Chance has advised Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Company, Limited, (Yitai Coal) on its issuance of 161465100 H shares at US$5.54 (HK$43.00) each raising approximately US$861.2 million (HK$6.679 billion). China
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