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U.S.. China News 2012.02.05

Sun, February 5, 2012

Anger after Russia, China block UN action on Syria
with outrage on Sunday after Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have backed an Arab plan urging Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to give up power. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the veto a “travesty.
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Weibo Platform Boosts Tudou as Web Gamers Climb: China Overnight
Online game developers Shanda Games Ltd. and Perfect World Co. also climbed as their high cash levels and cheapness compared with US peers spurred analysts to upgrade their stock. The Bloomberg ChinaUS 55 Index of the most-traded Chinese shares in the
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US manufacturers step up efforts to manage Chinese supplier risks
Business Insurance
American manufacturers buying products from Chinese suppliers are taking steps to protect themselves from product liability claims and ensure the quality and safety of their goods. Now Willis works with ACE Ltd. and Chartis Inc. to issue a product
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US scrambles back into Burma in a race for influence
Sydney Morning Herald
Jostling in hotel lifts with Chinese engineers who are here to build pipelines across Burma are new faces: US senators, business leaders and academics. Hotels in the capital Rangoon that were largely empty six months ago are at capacity, as the outside
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US, Japan agree to partial Marine transfer from Okinawa-media
The Guam deployment had been held hostage by a political stalemate in Japan over the shifting of the Futenma base to another site on Okinawa, an issue given added importance in recent years by China’s growing military might in the region.
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Super Bowl ads: Pete Hoekstra’s hits a nerve
Peter Hoekstra for US Senate explained a racially charged Super Bowl advertisement they developed – complete with an Asian actress speaking in broken English – as a reflection of China’s increasingly competitive education system.
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USChina Love Affair: Is China on the Verge of Collapse?
DBKP – Death By 1000 Papercuts
By admin The US–or more accurately, US politicians and corporate media–have had a hot, 20-year love affair with Communist China. The last three US presidents have showered money, technology, favors and more money on the ChiComs, building them into a
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Trade Gap in U.S. Probably Widened as Imports Increased More Than Exports
“2011 was a record-breaking year for US exports,” which “supported thousands of jobs in the United States.” Asian Economies China, the world’s second-biggest economy, expanded 8.9 percent in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, exceeding the
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China’s services opportunity
With China closing in on the US in geometric progression—the US economy is now bigger by only 2.5 times that of China in gross domestic product (GDP) terms; it was five times bigger in 2005 and 10 times in 2000—China is potentially moving from
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Harper in China: Juggling oil sales and core principles
Toronto Star
Charles Burton Like so much in Canadian politics, the economic emphasis of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s second trip to China is ultimately linked to Canada-US relations. China is the new engine of global prosperity, and here at home concern is
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India, Russia, US, China plan anti-carbon tax talks
Hindustan Times
India, Russia, the United States, China and other countries will meet in Moscow this month to decide whether to retaliate against the EU’s decision to impose a carbon tax on air travel, a report says. dozen countries, including India, Russia, China and
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China snubs debt in European spending spree
Channel News Asia
Analysts say bargain-hunting — and not the secret hand of Beijing — is driving the recent wave of acquisitions as Chinese companies seek to expand overseas and the country’s sovereign wealth fund diversifies away from US bonds.
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Clinton: U.S. to ‘Redouble Efforts’ on Syria
The US will work to strengthen international sanctions against Syria and “expose those who are funding the regime,” Clinton told reporters in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia today. Russia and China yesterday vetoed a proposal by Western and Arab
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CT leads US high-tech, but nation losing ground
Hartford Business
18, showing that the US lost 28 percent of these jobs over the past 10 years, further eroding its lead over second-place China and the rest of the world. Even though Connecticut leads the nation in many educational and manufacturing indicators,
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Nixon’s China trip opened economic ties
Springfield News Sun
That handshake 40 years ago this month abruptly ended more than two decades of US and Western isolation of China. It ushered in a new era as China emerged from what Nixon called “its angry isolation” to transform itself into the world’s second largest
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US, Israel back army of terrorists in Syria
Press TV
Russia and China have vetoed an anti-Syria resolution on Syria endorsed by the US and its Arab allies. Press TV has conducted an interview with Wael al-Imam, professor at Damascus University, to share his opinion on this issue.
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World won’t wait for India
Zee News
Also when major powers like the US, Russia and China will be busy with their elections or changes at the leadership level, India can take initiatives unhindered to improve relations in its immediate neighbourhood. The big powers are too busy with their
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Empire strikes back
The Obama administration has pursued a tough external policy seeking to reassert US interests simultaneously on several fronts. Obama has sought to contain China’s growing economic and political power energetically. He warned that China’s military
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China: Rise of Asia signals greater balance
China Daily
MUNICH, Germany – The rise of Asia represents greater balance in the international power structure, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said here on Saturday. Zhang made the remarks during a panel discussion on “America, Europe and the Rise of
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Fisher: Aussies now a key player in US defence plans
Vancouver Sun
Although no official would dare say so on the record, the US is developing a containment strategy for China that is somewhat similar to the one it established with NATO more than half a century ago to hem in the Soviet Union, and Darwin is part of that
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Kremlin Calls Protesters Puppets of the US
Wall Street Journal
That will continue to muddle US efforts to isolate Syria in the UN, where Russia joined China in vetoing a resolution over the weekend calling for President Bashar Assad to step aside, saying the resolution was biased, illegal and would promote “regime
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China’s state TV expanding, but fetters remain
Chicago Daily Herald
Programming is distributed on cable and satellite carriers in the US as well as over the Internet. The Associated Press distributes a selection of CCTV news content to broadcast subscribers and also provides content and other services to the Chinese
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Let’s welcome China-Iowa friendship
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines (blog)
By Alan Brody About a billion people in China, and hundreds of millions of others in the United States and around the world, will be hearing our state’s name in association with the upcoming visit of China’s Vice President Xi Jinping.
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Land grab: All white by us
New Zealand Herald
But Hollywood directors and pop singers have a better chance of winning public approval than well-meaning Chinese businessmen. Susan Edmunds investigates our double standards Opononi Hotel manager Colin Tet Tai says local families are being priced out
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Bigger US role against companies’ cyberthreats?
Fox News
Those are the most contentious parts of legislation designed to boost cybersecurity against the constant attacks that target US government, corporate and personal computer networks and accounts. Authorities are increasingly worried that cybercriminals
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Zakaria: It’s a new world, Mitt
CNN (blog)
For a quarter-century after the collapse of communism and the Soviet Union, the United States dominated the world with no real political or economic competitors. Mitt, we are in a different world now. In 1990, China represented 2% of global gross
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Detroit-area school attracts Chinese students
Chicago Tribune
A Detroit-area school district has turned a former school into a dormitory for dozens of Chinese students who will spend the rest of the year getting a US education. Supporters see many advantages: The 55 students from a school in Beijing spend months
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America’s Pacific century!
Pakistan Observer
Diplomatic and economic engagement with China and others will work better when backed by a credible military posture.” Hillary Clinton calls this major shift as triumph of US diplomacy – “American Pacific Century”, as the best bet, after “disengaging
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Premier Farnell’s Green wary of recovery talk
Financial Times
The US manufacturing sector expanded at its fastest rate since June 2011 while Chinese output also grew, defying forecasts of a decline. But from her perch as chief executive of Premier Farnell, the electrical components distributor, Harriet Green
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Mideast officials slam UN, urge diplomatic break with Syria
Times of India
MUNICH, Germany: Arab leaders and officials attacked the UN on Sunday after Russia and China blocked a resolution condemning the Damascus regime, as Tunisia urged the world to cut diplomatic ties with Syria. Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali said
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United States is biggest buyer of NZ land
People from the landlocked principality of Liechtenstein had purchased 10 times more land than the Chinese – 2144ha in the same period. The top buyers were the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Israel. The United States had 194
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Egypt: can’t influence democracy groups probe
The Yemeni activist says Russia and China bear moral responsibility for killings in Syria and is urging governments to expel Syrian ambassadors. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader) By Geir Moulson Associated Press / February 5, 2012 MUNICH—Egypt’s foreign
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Qatar over-reaches: Allowing US a face-saving Afghan exit
Rupee News
Today it is a battleground between US intentions to sequester China, contain Pakistan, attack Iran, and control the energy resources of Central Asia. Imperial Hubris, and continental overeach, a bankrupt economy and a $4 Trillion bill has brought the
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Trust Obama on Iran? His Diplomatic Failures Make That Impossible
The second is the United States cannot count on the international support that would make sanctions work even if Obama had the will to enforce them. The diplomatic wild cards of Russia and China can always be counted on to spike any American initiative
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Sen. John Hoeven, RN.D., column: Pipeline is in America and ND’s interest
Grand Forks Herald
But instead of being refined in the United States by American workers and benefiting American consumers, it will be shipped by tanker across the Pacific to China. I have worked toward approval of the Keystone XL, first as governor of North Dakota and
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Climate change predicted to escalate Tropical Cyclone damage costs for US and
Bay Area Indymedia
Two countries are responsible for incurring 75% of the extra damage from climate change associated with tropical cyclones: the United States and China. But tropical island nations will incurr the highest damage per GDP – up to 37%.
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Art of the dragon in Lexington
MetroWest Daily News
In a fruitful collaboration, the Chinese Painting Guild and LACS Ceramics Guild are showing and selling paintings, pottery and other art inspired by dragons. For most of us, it’s 2012, time to elect a president. The CPG’s president, Funkhouser,
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The Beginning of the End for the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency
But the times are changing and many of these nations, with China at the forefront, are finalizing trade agreements that utilize only their own currencies. So it appears that the reign of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency will, quite likely,
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Chinese Fascism’s Global Consequences
It is increasingly clear that China is the most powerful, mature and internationally accepted fascist state in global history and its status as such should cause us all a great deal of concern. To call China a fascist state is nothing particularly
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Real love story behind Sacramento Ballet’s ‘Cinderella’
Sacramento Bee
In 1979, with the end of the Cultural Revolution in China, Chinese officials were eager to welcome an American ballet company to perform a story ballet. Representatives saw the Boston Ballet version of “Cinderella” and it was love at first sight.
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Holmes: Choosing sides on energy
MetroWest Daily News
It’s vital to creating American jobs, they say. So can we start by counting the jobs? The jobs projections thrown around by politicians are wildly exaggerated. TransCanada, the pipeline owner, began with a more modest estimate of 20000 jobs,
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