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U.S. China News 2012.02.04

Sat, February 4, 2012

Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syria
UN Security Council members vote on a draft resolution backing an Arab League call for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, which was later vetoed by Russia and China. The other 13 members of the council, including the United States,
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US Senator: China Cannot Avoid ‘Arab Spring’
Voice of America (blog)
A leading US senator and one-time presidential candidate is warning China, “the Arab Spring is coming.” Republican Senator John McCain made the comment to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun Saturday during a high level security conference in
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China pushes, Europe pulls as US mulls force structure
Monsters and
But the shift is not going down well in either region, with Europe worried that it will be sidelined and China cool to any US moves into its backyard. Europe remains a key partner to US efforts to achieve global security, the US secretaries of state
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USChina Forum on the Arts and Culture (highlights)
Asia Society
This past November, a delegation of outstanding American cultural figures traveled to Beijing to take part in four days of unprecedented cultural exchange. The USChina Forum on the Arts and Culture organized performances, master classes and
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India, Russia, US, China plan anti-carbon tax talks
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: India, Russia, the United States, China and other countries will meet in Moscow this month to decide whether to retaliate against the EU’s decision to impose a carbon tax on air travel, a report says. The European Union (EU) imposed the tax
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Ties with India, China not zero-sum game: US
Hindustan Times
PTI Seeking strong ties with both India and China, the US has said that its relations with the two Asian giants are not a zero-sum game. “We have a strong bilateral relationship with India. The United States is in the midst of our Asia pivot,
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Canadian Dollar Gains on Risk Appetite in Longest Win Streak Since October
The currency reached the strongest level in more than three months yesterday as the US jobless rate fell to its lowest since 2009 and stocks climbed. Stronger manufacturing data from China to Europe to America also stoked demand for higher- yielding
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China and the United States: a discussion, not a lecture
The Seattle Times
By Norm Page There’s only one party in China. The Chinese Communist Party controls… (February 4, 2012, by Soarer) MORE not only are the young Chinese studying us they also have a mostly positive attitude… (February 4, 2012, by nurse.comic) MORE
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Apple the target of playwright’s ire over Chinese worker abuse
The Guardian
Daisey’s latest work, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, has triggered off a spasm of soul-searching about the sometimes appalling labour conditions in China under which many of America’s most cherished products are made. Specifically, the shiny
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Online Game Stocks Boost Index as Tudou Surges: China Overnight
4 (Bloomberg) — Shanda Games Ltd. and Perfect World Co. drove an index of Chinese US-traded stocks to a seventh weekly gain, as the online game developers’ high cash levels and cheapness compared with US peers spurred analysts to upgrade their stock.
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Canadian PM to Visit China Next Week
ABC News
Canada’s prime minister heads to China next week where he’ll discuss Canada’s vast oil reserves in a visit that’s being viewed as an “open warning” to the United States, which rejected a pipeline from Canada to Texas. Prime Minister Stephen Harper will
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US Trade Representative Ron Kirk Announces US Victory in Challenge to China’s
eNews Park Forest
US Trade Representative Ron Kirk today announced that the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body found China’s export restraints on several industrial raw materials used as key components in the steel, aluminum, and chemicals industries to be
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China unlikely to join embargo against Iranian oil
Tehran Times
China, which imports about 20 percent of the Iranian oil and is 50 percent dependent on Middle Eastern oil, has been is the natural “replacement” for the loss of EU purchases. Beijing is walking a fine line. Both the EU and US sanctions have been
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Unemployment falls sharply in US, rises in Europe
Fox News
America’s job market is starting to heal just as other major economies contend with rising unemployment and the threat of recession. The unemployment rate fell faster in the United States in 2011 than it did in all but three of the 31 countries
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China dominates at Freestyle World Cup
Universal Sports (blog)
China’s Xu Mengtau won her fourth gold in four events. Cheng Shuang took silver and Kong Fanyu bronze. “They actually started recruiting three years before the Americans and it’s showing now,” US freestyle program director Todd Schirman said of the
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US and Philippines to Ramp Up Military Alliance
(LinkAsia: February 3, 2012) Defense ties between the United States and the Philippines are deepening, many say in order to counteract China’s dominance in the South China Sea. The Asia Foundation’s Steven Rood joins Yul Kwon to discuss the US military
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What happens in China does not stay in China
Midland Daily News
22 marks the 40th anniversary of US President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China. The world has never been the same. A great fourth grade teacher sparked my life-long interest in China. In 1989 I stood with the students in Tiananmen Square in
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US Trade Rep. Kirk to skip Portland as China’s Xi visits DC and SolarWorld
One of those spats involves clean-tech products, as SolarWorld Industries America Inc., which employs 1000 in Hillsboro, asks US officials to slap tariffs on Chinese solar panels. China has threatened to retaliate, if so. The US Commerce Department had
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ANALYSIS: US focus turns to Asia, Europe questions its defence future
Monsters and
‘This continent has largely been missing in this debate,’ said Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd during a panel on the rise of China and its effect on Europe and the United States. ‘This continent of Europe has so much to offer in terms of
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Will America Embrace Protectionism?
The Weekly Standard (blog)
Sit on the sofa of an unemployed worker whose lost job is being filled by a $1-a-day Chinese worker, and protectionism is just what the nation needs—unless you just paid $69 for a made-in-China tire that cost $39 before the US imposed high tariffs on
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Harper’s China trip a chance to strengthen growing ties: observers
Vancouver Sun
China is not in the same league yet as the United States (in economic importance), but it is approaching that level of importance.” Harper is slated to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his official visit,
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Merkel unhappy China blocked lawyer from meeting
German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a German-Chinese economic forum during her visit to Guangzhou, China, Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. (AP Photo/Bobby Yip, Pool) BEIJING—German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed regret Saturday that Chinese police
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China’s Economy May Face ‘Rough’ Landing, Singapore’s Lee Says
China’s economy expanded 10.4 percent annually in the past 10 years, five times the pace of the US, as the government boosted spending on roads and bridges and manufacturers exported everything from toys to socks. China’s economy grew at a 9.2 percent
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Text of Proposed UN Resolution on Syria
ABC News
Text of the proposed UN Security Council resolution on Syria that was vetoed Saturday by Russia and China: List of Co-Sponsors: Morocco, France, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Portugal, Colombia, Togo, Libya, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar,
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Does China Have a Soul?
The Diplomat
We are often blind to these questions because we are so focused on economic data, which we faithfully believe to reveal the reality of China to us. But GDP growth, consumer spending, and stock market ups and downs don’t tell us the level of individual
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China’s rich
ABC Online
Europe and North America may be panicking about the floundering expectations of their economies but in China that’s certainly not the case. In fact, China’s mega wealthy they’re growing like topsy. ELIZABETH JACKSON: Europe and North America might be
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That Giant Sucking Sound of Manufacturing Jobs Going to China
It’s one of those things we’re continually told, isn’t it, that all the good, well paid, manufacturing jobs have been packed up and shipped off to China. That’s what ails the American economy, that we just don’t manufacture anything any more.
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Oil prices rise after drop in US hiring expands
CBS News
(AP) NEW YORK — A surge in US hiring lifted oil prices for the first time in a week. As more Americans commute to work and the economy picks up, demand for energy is expected to rise. US benchmark crude increased by $1.48 on Friday to end the week at
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America’s Clinton throws weight behind euro as Greek debt deal edges closer
In an apparent attack on China, she added: “Too often, American and European companies face unfair practices that tilt the playing field against us – favoritism for state-owned enterprises, barriers to trade emerging behind borders, restrictions on
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Asia Stocks Equal Longest Gain Streak Since ’05 as Factory Data Improves
Asian stocks rose for a seventh week, with the regional benchmark matching its longest winning streak since 2005, as improved manufacturing reports in the US, China, India and Europe overshadowed a stalemate over Greek debt negotiations.
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US Open champ So Yeon Ryu leads Australian Ladies Masters
GOLD COAST, Australia (AP) – US Open champion So Yeon Ryu shot a 3-under-par 69 on Saturday to take a three-stroke lead into the final round of the Australian Ladies Masters. By Mark J. Terrill, AP So Yeon Ryu, shown here at the 2011 US Open,
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U.S. stocks cheer surprisingly good jobs data
Copper’s wild ride since August has given way to a big rally year to date as optimism over demand growth for the industrial metals, especially from China, gathers steam, but some analysts have serious doubts that it will last. See full story.
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Sex Tech Weekly: Megaupload, Match Singles Data, Obscenity Copyright, China
ZDNet (blog)
By Violet Blue | February 3, 2012, 5:33pm PST Summary:’s data on US singles, Megaupload reviled by Perfect 10, China’s sex toy spam industry and more. This week at the intersections of sex and technology we find singles, Chinese sex toy
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Romney’s radical rhetoric won’t be matched by reality
Deutsche Welle
He has vowed to take a tougher line vis-à-vis Russia, China and Iran and promises to beef up America’s military prowess. The official blueprint for Mitt Romney’s foreign policy is “An American Century: A Strategy to Secure America’s Enduring Interests
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BP’s Optimistic Outlook Says The US Will Achieve Energy Independence
Business Insider
This year the introductory speech by Bob Dudley focused on energy demand in China and India, Middle East exports, and transport fuel demand. BP sees overall energy demand growing some 40% over the next two decades, with virtually all growth coming from
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Worker Abuse in Chinese Factories Means It’s Time for Apple to Bring Factories
According to a survey done by in November 2011, about one in five US companies have brought back their manufacturing from a “low cost” country – like China – which is an improvement from one in ten in the previous survey.
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Bush’s ‘evil’ trio holds sway over US decade later
While China is North Korea’s major economic and political backer, relations with the US are a high priority among officials in Pyongyang. North Korea’s willingness to make a deal with Washington is seen as a crucial pointer to how the country will
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Starbucks Hopes India Will Be Another China
Motley Fool
Skeptics believed Starbucks would struggle in the traditionally tea-drinking country, but the coffee chain has been overwhelmingly successful, playing into the growing Chinese middle class’s love of American brands and conspicuous consumption.
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Weekly Fundamentals – Germany Calls China for Investing in Eurozone
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel started her 3-day trip in China, meeting leaders of the world’s second largest economy for discussions on resolution of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, Iranian and Syrian issues, and rare earth restriction.
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US Stocks Rise a Fifth Week on Employment, Manufacturing Data
This week’s advance was propelled by the American unemployment rate dropping to a three-year low and manufacturing gauges in the US, China and Europe increasing. Stocks gained yesterday after Labor Department figures showed payrolls increased by 243000
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Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Files Securities Class Action Suit Against China Medical
MarketWatch (press release)
12-CIV-0882), filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, asserts claims under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”) on behalf of all persons who purchased or otherwise acquired CMED’s American
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Patriot Nation ready across US & abroad (blog)
We put the call out for Patriots fans a couple of weeks ago living outside New England to tell us about where they gather each week to watch Tom Brady’s latest exploits. We heard back from South Korea, Hawaii and across the Continental United States.
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