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U.S. China News 2012.01.28

Sat, January 28, 2012

Thwarted on US oil pipeline, Canada looks to China
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich quickly picked up the theme, saying that Harper, “who, by the way, is conservative and pro-American … has said he’s going cut a deal with the Chinese … We’ll get none of the jobs, none of the energy,
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Impeachment, China, Spratlys, US, Philippines (Last of Two Parts)
Manila Bulletin
But of greater importance to us in the Asia-Pacific region: US forces will be protecting more effectively key chokepoints – the Strait of Malacca which is the shortest route between Persian Gulf oil suppliers and the Asian markets of China, Indonesia,
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US Officials to Visit China, Asia for N. Korea Talks
Voice of America
January 28, 2012 US Officials to Visit China, Asia for N. Korea Talks VOA News A top US official on North Korea will visit Russia next week to discuss ways to deal with the new North Korean leadership. The State Department announced Friday that Special
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Solar Outlook Boosts NY Index to 4-Month High: China Overnight
28 (Bloomberg) — Solar stocks drove Chinese companies traded in the US to a four-month high, after panel manufacturers said the country may double installations this year as the government pushes to consolidate the industry. The Bloomberg ChinaUS 55
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Rethinking China’s might
Hindustan Times
As China gains on the world’s most advanced economies, the country excites fascination as well as fear, particularly in the United States, where many worry that China will supplant America as the 21st century’s superpower. Many ask how China has grown
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Christopher Sabatini: China’s Geostrategic Designs on Latin America
Fox News
(AP Photo/Vincent Yu)AP2012 Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet In the last 5 years China’s military activities in Latin America and the Caribbean have grown at an unprecedented rate. Beijing now regularly hosts officers from Colombia, Chile,
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China should not be alarmed by Philippines-US military cooperation
By Norman Bordadora MANILA, Philippines—China need not be alarmed or even take offense over the talks between Philippine and American officials on increased US military presence in the archipelago, a Malacañang official said. Secretary Ricky Carandang
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Philippines flags greater US military presence
Pakistan Daily Times
MANILA: The Philippines announced plans on Friday to allow a greater US military presence on its territory, in a move analysts said was directly aimed at trying to contain a rising China. Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said the Philippines was
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Protest against greater US role in PH
China and the Philippines have territorial disputes over the South China Sea and Manila has accused Beijing of using intimidation to press its claims. The Philippines previously hosted huge US military bases until the Philippine Senate,
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The hypocrisy of America’s Cuba policy
CNN International
Rick Santorum said that if Cuba were China in terms of its geographical proximity to the United States, he would be just as against the country. “This is an important doctrine of the United States to make sure that our hemisphere and those who are
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US concerned about fate of Uighurs in China
WASHINGTON — The US State Department said Friday it is trying to confirm with Beijing reports it has sentenced to death some of the 20 Uighurs who were deported from Cambodia in 2009. “We are concerned that China has reportedly sentenced two of them
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GUEST EDITORIAL — Steve Jobs and U.S. jobs
China had them ready to work, but it would have taken nine months to hire that many American engineers. Reviving American manufacturing is a worthy goal, and there are some hopeful signs, including in the auto industry. But it will take more than tax
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Apple, America and a squeezed middle class
San Jose Mercury News
Then a bid for the work arrived from a Chinese factory. When an Apple team visited, the Chinese plant’s owners were already constructing a new wing. “This is in case you give us the contract,” the manager said, according to a former Apple executive.
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Natural gas fuels race to China
National Post
Just down the coast in Oregon, the US department of Energy has just granted an export permit to a proposed LNG terminal in Coos Bay. China is sitting on its own mother lode of shale gas. So far, the Western Canadian option is proceeding at top speed,
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US Embassy announces measures to streamline visa process for Indian travellers
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: As a follow-up to the executive order issued by US President Barack Obama announcing a major initiative to woo tourists from India, China and Brazil; the US Embassy in New Delhi has announced measures to streamline the visa process for
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San Francisco: Protest Against Chinese Consul’s Interference in US Affairs
The Epoch Times
By Alice Lovett Anna Wang (R) speaks while protesters line up outside the Chinese consulate challenging a letter sent by San Francisco consul general Gao Zhansheng to a US government official they say challenges US sovereignty. (Jan Jekielek/The Epoch
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RMB exchange rate near equilibrium level: PBOC adviser
“During the last few months of 2011, many Chinese private investors started to spend the Chinese currency buying US dollars, which is an indication that the currency is near an equilibrium level,” Li Daokui, a member of the monetary policy committee of
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Apple Products Are Made in China!
TopNews United States
Foxconn, an electronic giant which is headquartered in Taiwan, employs hundreds of thousands of employees in China for Apple, and has also helped it to climb the ladder of success in US. However, its supply factory conditions in China is not good as
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Threats, Lies and Chinese Stocks
Hundreds of Chinese businesses that became US-listed stocks through a maneuver called a “reverse merger” now languish at penny-stock levels, down from tens of billions of dollars in aggregate market value a few years ago. Who’s to blame?
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Chinese growth may transform global markets
Columbia Daily Tribune
By Pat Westhoff Competition from Chinese imports is a major challenge for many US industries. For agricultural products, however, US exports to China far exceed US imports from China. Future developments in Chinese markets will have big implications
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The US and China’s Renewable Tug of War
Canada Free Press
In 2011, the United States spent more on renewable energy than China, beating China’s “clean energy” investment for the first time since 2008. In 2011, the United States spent a total of $55.9 billion of government and private funds on “clean energy”
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China, India – and not the U.S. – the future of oil demand, says BP report
After decades of decline, US oil output is growing rapidly again, thanks to the use of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) technology to open up previously untapped tight oil or shale oil deposits. (So much for Peak Oil theory.) Some analysts say North
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Reporters’ Roundtable: Apple’s China problem
On workers in China. And on jobs here in the United states. Second, a “This American Life” episode, “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory,” has reignited interest in monologuist Mike Daisey’s report of his trip to visit the birthplace of his iPhone,
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Top-Performing U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks (Jan 27, 2012)
China Analyst
Renren Inc (NYSE:RENN) is the best-performing US-listed Chinese stock on Jan. 27. It was up 26.2% on the day. RENN’s upside potential is 33.7% based on brokerage analysts’ average target price of $7.02. It is trading at 21.9% of its 52-week high of
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Torture reigns in the land of the free
Sydney Morning Herald
While China’s record is shocking, the US holds the most prisoners in long-term solitary. FEBRUARY 22, 1968. As they walked me down the grey prison corridor towards my cell, I was startled to see the same mediaeval torture scene I had endured 19 years
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US court postpones Chinese wind turbine tower maker lawsuit hearing
A US federal court has postponed hearing a lawsuit filed by CleanTech Innovations Inc against Nasdaq OMX Group Inc for delisting the Chinese wind turbine tower maker last year for alleged racial discrimination. The trial, originally scheduled to start
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How Do You Say Yum in Chinese?
“Not everybody in China can come to the United States; it’s a very expensive thing to do,” Novak says. “But you can experience what is a part of the US The power of the brand is immense.” Pizza Hut has also been a big hit in the Middle Kingdom.
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US does balancing act on aid to Korea
The Keene Sentinel
More than a month later, the US remains cautious about the potential changes in Pyongyang’s relationship with the international community, experts say. North Korea, meanwhile, is ready to receive much-needed aid from elsewhere. Both China and South
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Copper futures ease as buyers remain wary of US growth data
The Australian
Copper prices had gained 14 per cent this month through Thursday, as economic data in the US and China pointed to steady demand for raw materials. The industrial metal was one of the hardest-hit commodities in late-2011 as the global economic outlook
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The Chinese Faces Behind Your Apple Gadgets
The Atlantic
I have little substance to add beyond what I wrote immediately after Steve Jobs’ passing, when ubiquitous praise obscured the thornier issues of Chinese factory workers and what most of us have come to accept as today’s global supply chain.
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U.S. Mounts Campaign to Curb China’s Growing Military Influence
The common trend regarding these developments is that the US and these nations feel the need to try to counterbalance the rise of China. This need has not arisen out of nowhere. China’s GDP continues to rise and may become the largest economy in the
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Faster US tourist visa processing a boon to Nevada tourism
“We expect that this will benefit tens of thousands of applicants in Brazil and China; saving them time and money, and encouraging them to choose to visit the United States again,” a statement from the department said. The government estimates that a
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Shifting Strategy to Meet Shifting Demand
That should be a boon for Cliffs Natural Resources, North America’s largest producer of iron-ore pellets, which has been boosting its presence abroad. Europe’s credit crisis and fear of slowing growth in China have hurt companies whose health hinges on
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Rethinking The Oreo For Chinese Consumers
NPR (blog)
In China, that meant totally reconsidering what gives an Oreo its Oreoness. At first, though, Kraft Foods thought that the Chinese would love the Oreo. Who doesn’t? The company launched the product there in 1996 as a clone of the American version.
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Listen Up, America! What the world thinks of the GOP candidates
CNN (blog)
Editor’s Note: Every week, the Global Public Square brings you some must-read editorials from around the world addressed to America and Americans. The series is called Listen up, America! Americans are not the only ones following the race for the
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China fuels AO Smith earnings increase
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Milwaukee company said growth in China contributed significantly to profitability and predicted another increase in profits in 2012, but it also said, “The US economy is showing no signs of recovery.” AO Smith’s shares gained 71 cents, or 1.7%,
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North America boosts Ford in 4Q
The Associated Press
16. Chrysler Group, which has little international exposure, will be buoyed by its US sales when it releases earnings Feb. 1. In Asia, Ford’s sales fell 7 percent in the fourth quarter, largely because sales in China have slowed.
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Emerging Stocks Post Longest Run of Weekly Gains in 15 Months
27 (Bloomberg) — Emerging-market stocks rose for a fourth week, extending their longest gaining streak since October 2010, as borrowing costs for indebted European nations fell and on signs the Chinese and US economies will avoid a hard landing.
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State of the Union: A presidential rerun
Baltimore Sun
Canada, meanwhile, is threatening to sell the oil that could have been ours to China. The president will create jobs in China, not America. This president has squandered a great opportunity. As the country’s first African-American president,
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Jeeps Could Be Built in China
Meanwhile in the US, the automaker is moving forward with plans to introduce diesel power to the aforementioned model, as well as launching new ones. But where does that leave them in China, which is the world’s largest market by volume right now?
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The US has lost nearly 30 percent of its technology jobs in recent years, according to a new report by the National Science Board, an advisory panel for the National Science Foundation. China has become the world’s technology job leader,
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A New Direction for China’s Massive Shale Gas Reserves
Center for Research on Globalization
by Keith Schaefer And while the country hasn’t yet begun commercial production, a new Chinese law has just given the green light to start allowing North American companies to develop shale gas inside its borders — where natural gas prices are
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