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U.S. China News 2012.01.23

Mon, January 23, 2012

China hits back at US wind turbine import investigation
The Guardian
The Chinese government has hit back against a US investigation into exports of wind turbine towers, warning that the escalating trade spat runs counter to global efforts to curb carbon emissions and could damage clean-energy co-operation between the
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What China has that the US cannot match
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
To Apple executives, Foxconn City was further evidence that China could deliver workers — and diligence — that outpaced their American counterparts. That’s because nothing like Foxconn City exists in the United States. The facility has 230000
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U.S. Solar Manufacturers Applaud Analyst’s Assessment of Chinese Tactics
MarketWatch (press release)
CASM — founded by seven domestic crystalline silicon solar technology producers led by SolarWorld, the largest US producer for more than 35 years — filed anti-dumping and anti-subsidy trade petitions in October 2011 against Chinese solar
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EU adopts Iran oil embargo; China, Russia worried over US war threats
Times of India
A leading state-run Chinese daily warned on Monday that Moscow and Beijing were seriously concerned over US attempts to go to war with Iran, IANS reported from Beijing. After Iraq and Afghanistan, the US “is preparing for a potential confrontation with
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China Is 175.6% Dependent on the US
The Commerce Department has not released the December trade number yet, and some are predicting that China’s surplus against us will top $300 billion when all the figures are in. Yet let’s assume, merely to be conservative, that China’s December
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Electric vehicles entrepreneur from China stumbles in US
Christian Science Monitor
Williams, who had talked of generating 1200 jobs in California’s economically battered Inland Empire _ a deal the White House praised as an emblem of USChina cooperation _ expressed frustrations in an interview last year. “I’m dying to start hiring
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Afghanistan: Coffins for US & Nato; Huge Contracts for China
Huffington Post
Right now, the largest investments so safe-guarded are Chinese. Another paradox: it was American engineers who, in the summer of 2010, completed a survey concluding that Afghanistan sits atop one trillion dollars of untapped copper, iron and lithium
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The Keystone – China connection is overblown
TransCanada, Keystone’s builder, indicated there’s plenty of oil to be sent both to the United States and China. The company’s head of pipeline operations, Alex Pourbaix, told CNNMoney the firm has no intentions of redirecting its resources away from a
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China questions US-Philippines joint military drills
Economic Times
BEIJING: China today questioned US and the Philippines plans to hold joint military drills near the disputed waters in the South China Sea saying that American intervention could destabilise peace in the region. “One can’t help but raise questions
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Guest Contribution: Year of the Dragon Present Choices for China on Trade
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Indeed, China is now America’s fastest growing and third largest export market, accounting for over $100 billion in annual US exports in goods and services and 15% annual growth in China for US firms. But, in recent years, the momentum for reform has
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China Direct Industries to Change Corporate Name to CD International Enterprises
MarketWatch (press release)
In addition, we launched the ‘China Value Program’ in order to expand our scope of services to China-based US listed public companies. This program is tailored to assist these companies in navigating through the current market challenges for Chinese
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Recommended: China celebrates new year — with a little help from Warren Buffett
By staff and wire American billionaire Warren Buffett appeared as a special guest on a popular Chinese Lunar New Year variety show this weekend — strumming a ukulele. Buffett sang the folk song “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” in the
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China’s Dec Saudi crude imports 4th highest on record
That would mean Saudi supplied nearly 20 percent of total crude oil imports at about 5.08 million bpd to China, the world’s second-largest crude buyer after the United States. The December Saudi imports were a touch below November’s 1.17 million bpd.
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Saudi: no cash from emerging economies until given more clout
He is a former ambassador to the United States and Britain. ECHOES OF CHINESE CRITICISM His speech criticized Western governments for “leveraging up” their economies over the past six decades and letting their financial sectors spiral out of control,
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Hickey: Taiwan still needs U.S. support to deal with China
Springfield News-Leader
Ma’s victory means one less headache for America. China and Taiwan split amid civil war in 1949. The US ended its formal treaty commitment to protect Taiwan from a Chinese attack in 1979, but it continues to be committed to the island’s security
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Chinese maritime ministry visits America’s Central Port
The US and China hold a transportation forum every year, alternating between the two countries. The vice minister was accompanied by Song Dexing, director of water and transportation in China, US Rep. Jerry Costello, US Department of Transportation
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Blog: Rebuilding America With US – Not Chinese Steel (blog)
In his recent blog post,“To Make the US Stronger, You’re Going to Need Some Chinese Steel,” Dan McNichol is simply wrong in asserting that rebuilding America’s infrastructure will require Chinese steel. America’s infrastructure can and should be built
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US and China demand fears overshadow Iran oil supply risks (BNO, USO)
The tone was reinforced on Friday with the release of a host of worse-than-expected data from around the globe, beginning with the HSBC/Markit Economics China Purchasing Managers’ index signaling that manufacturing in the Far East powerhouse contracted
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Japan manufacturers brace for euro zone breakup: Reuters poll
Many manufacturers were also looking to shrink operations in China and North America in favor of expanding in other Asian countries to tap demand for their goods, the survey showed. Euro zone finance ministers will decide on Monday what terms of a
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Chinese Manufacturing vs US Innovation
Town Hall
You also have to remember that in his state of the Union address, Obama is going to rant on China. It’s an easy straw man to puncture when so many American’s are hurting. No surprise Obama’s mouthpiece, the NYT, is helping set the table.
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As US Rejects Keystone XL, Canada Should Turn to China to Fill Trade Gap
It merely has to demonstrate that it has other buyers, and force America’s hand. Having this advantage can help Canada earn better terms and conditions in its trade relations. Canada needs to play China and the US against each other for its own benefit
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America’s Emerging Military Posture
Huffington Post (blog)
The US military will see a relative decline in strength as emerging powers — most notably China and India — continue to build up their militaries. An absolute decline in the defense budget, combined with a relative decline in comparative military
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Chinese New Year 2012: Where to Celebrate Year of the Dragon in the US
International Business Times
In the Chinese zodiac system, dragon years are the most popular years for families to have children and more babies are born in dragon years than in any other year. Cities across the US will also celebrate the 2012 Chinese New Year.
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Speculators Raise Wagers on Higher Metals by Most Since July: Commodities
US jobless claims plunged to the lowest in almost four years and factory output expanded the most in a year. Greece neared an accord with creditors that will free up a second round of aid and help contain Europe’s debt crisis. China’s slowest growth in
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US loses manufacturing jobs
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
The rapid expansion of science and engineering capabilities in China and its neighbors pose an ever more formidable economic challenge to the United States, according to the group, with Asia rapidly boosting the number of engineering doctorates it
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Year of the Dragon Boosts Chinese Tourism to US
New America Media
According to Open Doors, which provides data on international students studying in the United States, 127628 Chinese enrolled in American colleges and universities in the 2009/10 school year, making China the United States‘ largest source of
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China May Soon Overtake US Science and Technology Dominance
Appliance Magazine
The United States is still the global leader in supporting science and technology (S&T) research and development – but not for long at the current pace of investments by China and other Asian counties in knowledge-intensive economies, according to the
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US and Chinese space garbage may soon fall on your head
“I have some information from last year’s UN report that says that China contributed most to the pollution of space – 40 percent. The USA comes second with 27.5 percent. Russia comes third with 25.5, whereas the share of other countries is smaller
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Why Romney may be no better for the economy than Obama
Fox News
In addition, Wall Street bankers are among Mr. Romney’s largest campaign contributors, and they don’t want China confronted. Only by making a compelling case during the campaign that oil and China are central to fixing the American economy will Mr.
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Grains Outlook
Inside Futures
(2) the +8.2% y/y increase in the 2011 China corn harvest to a record 192 MMT, which may mean less Chinese demand for US corn, and (3) reduced domestic feed demand for corn after the USDA reported the US hen flock as of Nov 1 fell to 50.2 million,
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Apple and the American economy
The Economist (blog)
So as the iPhone becomes more popular, you get huge returns to the ideas produced in Cupertino, and small returns but hundreds of thousands of jobs in China. This discrepancy manifests itself in America as rising income inequality, which makes Apple’s
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Europe Stocks Cheapest to US Since ’04 as Growth Decouples
“The US plus China and emerging markets should outweigh Europe. On that ground, to sell European companies down hard seems to be a little counterintuitive.” Average economic growth in Brazil, Russia, India and China will top 6 percent next year,
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Jubilant Industry Leaders Hail Obama’s Travel Strategy
Travel Market Report
The expansion of the Visa Waiver Program, which eases visa requirements for foreign visitors to the US, is key among the new initiatives. The fact that it specifically includes rule changes for travelers from China and Brazil, two markets with huge
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LanzaTech Closes US $55.8 Million Series C Round
MarketWatch (press release)
Backed by global investment, LanzaTech has offices in the US, China and New Zealand and has a rapidly growing patent portfolio. With agreements now in place across a variety of sectors internationally, including steel, coal, refining and chemicals,
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U.S. Stock Market Outlook 2012: Down Hard, But Not Out (Part 1)
Seeking Alpha
China’s hard landing. China’s economy is extremely reliant on exports – directly and indirectly. China’s largest export market is Europe. During the US recession of 2008-2009, China was only able to avert an outright recession through massive deficit
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Why China Could Steal the Magic of Disney
Motley Fool
There’s no doubt that China’s a critical market for Disney to be in. However, the company’s profits could be hurt if it’s unable to stay a beat ahead of imitation retailers in the region. Luckily for investors, Disney isn’t the only US-based company
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Why Apple gadgets can’t be made in the US
ZDNet (blog)
During Thursday night’s debate in South Carolina CNN host and moderator John King asked the four remaining GOP candidates their opinions about Apple Inc., which “has 500000 employees in China” and (obviously) much fewer in the United States.
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China’s housing market is set for a hard landing
Fortune (blog)
Unlike the post-crash US, China will keep growing after the bubble bursts, though at a far slower rate. What bears watching is the effect of another gigantic stimulus program to compensate for the decline in housing. If renewed inflation follows,
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Mandarin programs blossom in NJ schools
Asbury Park Press
ìItís like Christmastime for us,î said Huimin Shen, Huaxia spokeswoman and a native of Wujiang, China. ìMany of us donít have a lot of family members here, so itís nice to get together with friends. Itís a fresh start, a new year, new plans.î But the
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Suntech Bond Is a ‘Buy’ as China Rescues Solar Power, Axiom Says
Chinese solar-panel producers expanded output last year, driving prices down by 41 percent and forcing US and European competitors such as Solyndra LLC and Solon SE into bankruptcy. As Germany, the biggest market for the equipment, curtails subsidies
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A Dose of Reality Needed for China Fever
BEIJING (TheStreet) — Despite the fact that nothing has fundamentally changed in the China internet space over the past two to three weeks, US-listed China Internet stocks have skyrocketed across the board. Some of the larger benchmark names such as
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EIA Pegs Oil at $146 by 2035
Wall Street Journal
By TENNILLE TRACY WASHINGTON—The global price of oil is expected to climb in coming decades, reaching $146 a barrel in 2035, as developing economies in China, India and Middle East consume more energy, US energy officials said. In the US, meanwhile,
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The United States Beyond 2012
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
First, the United States remains by far the world’s largest economy, three times bigger than China and is – among the G20 – the most competitive, flexible, and productive. Despite its size and complexity, the US economy systematically ranks in the top
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US Stocks Drop After 3-Week Rally as Euro, Commodities Advance
Markets including China, South Korea and Taiwan were shut today for the Lunar New Year holiday. –With assistance from Lynn Thomasson in Hong Kong and Claudia Carpenter, Andrew Rummer, Daniel Tilles and Sarah Jones in London. Editors: Stephen Kirkland
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New Gilded Age Raises Global Tensions: Analysts
China, India, and parts of Latin America and Africa are industrializing and urbanizing, just as the West did in the 19th century, and with the added oomph of the technology revolution and a globalized economy. The countries of the former Soviet Union
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