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U.S. China News 2012.01.22

Sun, January 22, 2012


Warren Buffett croons for Chinese New Year
US billionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffett sang and played the ukulele as he appeared in a video broadcast on China’s state-run television Sunday to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year. US billionaire Warren Buffett wished the people of China a happy
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U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Says He Is Working With Chinese Counterpart on
Ottawa Citizen (blog)
Walsh has met with his Chinese counterpart and said he believes there is a momentum to closing the gaps that separate the US and Chinese militaries. The South China Sea and the Spratly Islands are a potential flashpoint with China, Vietnam, Malaysia,
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Obama woos Indian, Chinese tourists
Hindustan Times
Now its US President Barack Obama himself who is wooing high-spending Indian and Chinese tourists and has issued an executive order to make it easier for travellers from emerging economies to get visas. in America six weeks, the US was their first
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This Article Explains Why Apple Makes iPhones In China And Why The US Is Screwed
Business Insider
The reason Apple makes iPhones and iPads in China, the article shows, is not just about money. Manufacturing an iPhone in the United States would cost about $65 more than manufacturing it in China, where it costs an estimated $8.
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Beijing releases pollution data; US figures higher
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Beijing interprets air quality using less stringent standards than the US Embassy, so often when the government says pollution is “light,” the embassy terms it “hazardous.” “There has been tremendous amounts of attention in the Chinese media
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China’s US debt holdings at 16-month low
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
(MENAFN – Saudi Press Agency) China’s holdings of US Treasuries fell to a 16-month low of $1.1326 trillion in November, down from $1.5 trillion in October, UPI cited China Daily as reporting. It was the second straight month the holdings had declined.
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Christian Bale: An American In China
American John Miller (Bale) must choose between saving himself and helping a group of Chinese women escape atrocities committed by the Japanese during World War II. The Flowers of War was the first movie for many of the actors on the set.
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Local View: China wants to call shots on Canadian oil
Lincoln Journal Star
The possibility of China using its investment policies to seize the lead in automobile manufacturing also has Washington reacting vigorously. Yet, incredibly, the possibility of China gaining control of North America’s largest oil reserve doesn’t
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Five books on China
The Boston Globe
Plus, China is the center of global manufacturing, having doubled its per capita income in an incredible 10 years (it took us 47 years). Indeed, China has pulled off, says Jacques, “the greatest poverty-reduction programme ever seen.
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Riding the Dragon: 2012 predictions from Chinese masters
Deccan Chronicle
Who will win the US election? Will the eurozone implode? China’s feng shui masters tackle the big issues with their predictions for the Year of the Dragon. As Chinese communities around the world prepare to ring in the new year on Monday,
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Area surfer helps US grab bronze in China
Florida Today
Team USA is awarded their bronze medals in China. Among them is Indialantic 16-year-old Nikki Viesens, second from right. / For FLORIDA TODAY Indialantic surfer Nikki Viesens brought home a bronze medal as Team USA took third place at the inaugural
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Bus falls off highway in northern China
Seven people have died after a sleeper bus collided with a car and veered off a highway in northern China. Report by Sophie Foster. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at
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Company plans made-in-the-US TVs
Indianapolis Star
A small Minnesota electronics company aims to bring TV manufacturing back to the US, hiring 100 workers at a plant in Canton, Mich. Element Electronics, which sells TVs made in China to big-box stores such as Walmart and Target, has teamed up with a
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US Urges Burma to Ensure Free By-Elections
Voice of America
Vietnam has been seeking to expand military ties with the United States as it faces ongoing regional tensions, especially with China, over competing maritime claims in the South China Sea. Some information for this report was provided by AFP.
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China investors set their sights on Hollywood
Financial Times
A consortium led by Chinese media entrepreneur Bruno Wu is scouring Hollywood for film companies to acquire, in a sign of China’s growing interest in the US entertainment industry. Mr Wu, Harvest Global Investment, and Pacific Alliance Group,
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China’s drive for ‘green’ cars hits roadblocks
Khaleej Times
Foreign auto makers are also promoting the new technology in China. US giant General Motors imported its first Chevrolet Volts into China in December and will begin selling the hybrids in early 2012 at 13 dealerships in eight cities.
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Wizards, NBA kick off Chinese New Year celebration
Washington Post (blog)
“The goal is to give back to our fans in a fun and meaningful way through exciting live games, customized programming, special player greetings and a variety of fan events in China and the US,” Heidi Ueberroth, the NBA’s president of international
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Growth in top user China sparks drive to new cotton high
China had booked 5.696 million running bales of US cotton as of Jan. 5, up from 4.795 million a year earlier. This was 55 percent of the US commitments to all destinations and 53 percent of USDA’s latest export forecast, which is down 23.5 percent from
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China-T&T relations will prosper in 2012
Trinidad & Tobago Express
According to Chinese statistics, from January to September of 2011, the bilateral trade amounted to US$304 million with an increase of 14.6 per cent. China’s exports is US$231 million, and imports is US$73 million. Overall bilateral trade volume of the
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Soybean exports jump; China buys more corn (blog)
China switched 225000 metric tons from other suppliers to US sources, totaling 367500 metric tons for the week. US soybean exports have lagged 27 percent behind the pace of the previous year for the marketing year that began Sept.
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China forex reserves dip for the 2nd month in Dec
China is the world’s second-largest importer and is expected to become the top importer in 2-3 years and contribute to global economic recovery, a senior research fellow from the Center for USChina Relations, Tsinghua University, Zhou Shijian,
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Real World Economics: The distance between China and the Iron Range just got
Pioneer Press
In case of a world war involving use of submarines, for example, the fact that nearly half of US imports come from Canada, Mexico and Venezuela would be an advantage. China, much more dependent than the United States on tanker-borne imports through
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Kuwait China Investment Company says Chinese growth beats expectations
Kuwait News Agency
By Miyoko Ishigami BEIJING, Jan 22 (KUNA) — Concerns over Europe, the US and a slowing Chinese economy have had a negative effect on financial markets, but investors are now looking for signs of a looser monetary policy from the People’s Bank of China
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Buying American products creates American jobs | Don Brunell
PNW Local News
For example, Lewendal admits that American-made nails are more expensive, but they are higher quality, and jammed the nail guns far less than cheaper nails from China. Those American nails were manufactured by Maze Nails in Peru, Ill., one of the last
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‘Deeply concerned’ over US probe: China
Saudi Gazette
It called on the US to honor the pledge made by G-20 nations not to roll out any new protectionist measures and to “avoid taking actions that harm USChina trade relations and the US’s own interests.” “The act will not only hamper bilateral cooperation
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Apco chief, who earlier served in the US administration, also says that
About the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Richardson said: “The UAE has turned out to be a centre for renewable and clean energy, along with the USA and China as well as other developed countries”. “This summit is very important for all
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Phl-China Bilateral Trade in 2011 Surpasses US$30BN
The Philippine Embassy in Beijing reported to the Department of Foreign Affairs that Philippines-China bilateral trade in 2011 has surpassed the 2007 high of US$30 bn, and now stands at US$32.254 bn, according to statistics of China General
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‘Cultural Revolution Cookbook’: A Taste Of Humanity
The Cultural Revolution Cookbook was written by Sasha Gong and her friend Scott Seligman, a Washington, DC, writer who lived for several years in China. Gong has lived in the US since 1987, and she earned a Ph.D. from Harvard.
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Sony considering moving battery production from Japan to abroad
The Verge
Some people believe that China doesn’t need us, and that we need them more than they need us. They are absolutely wrong. Not only is China tied to us through debt and the government financial market, China’s economy would collapse the instant we stop
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China urges Iran to return for dialogues
South Asian News Agency
The US measures could potentially impact China, the largest buyer of crude from Iran, although the law allows an exemption for institutions in countries that have “significantly” reduced their dealings with Iran. China has halved its imports from Iran
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Commercial Banks in China: IBISWorld Industry Research Report Now Updated
PR Web (press release)
Due to the low international involvement levels of Chinese banks and limited investments in US sub-prime mortgage-backed loans, the ongoing global financial crisis has had limited direct effects on the financial performance of Chinese banks.
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Book Review: Superb China Mystery Also Reminds To Be Wary Of Gov’t
Shanghai was China’s center for commercial sex, drug trafficking and hedonism before World War II. French takes us back to another world where they also collided with foreign officialdom — Beijing, then called Peking. Today, the city that has since
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BC-AS–China-Bird Flu,0112
Send us your pictures and video of news events, see them on our website, and maybe even see them on the news! Ken and Mike from Newsradio 560 WGAN join the Daybreak team every morning to discuss the hot issues of the day. YOU CAN HELP catch Maine’s
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687000 US High-Tech Jobs Lost in a Decade
Tom’s Hardware Guide
Between 1999 and 2009, the US share dropped from 38 percent to 31 percent, while Asia gained from 24 to 35 percent during the same time. Especially China is growing fast, the NSB said, and is now the largest science and technology investor behind the
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Locally produced honey may be the purest choice
A report released by Food Safety News in November alleged that three-quarters of the honey found on US grocery store shelves may be illegally sourced from China and could contain traces of antibiotics and heavy metals. Since 2001, the US has imposed
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Wired Pulls a Charlie Sheen on Clean Energy: Experts Easily Debunk Absurd Hit
And the US surged back into the lead in clean investment ahead of China by about $8 billion. So what, other than bad journalism, explains this nonsensical headline and image from the top tech magazine Wired? Actually, it is just bad journalism,
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Iran To Survive US Oil Embargo – OpEd
Eurasia Review
By Konstantin Garibov The ongoing US pressure on the European Union, Turkey, Japan, China and India to halt imports of Iranian oil and suspend any related financial transactions is facing resistance by oil importing companies and nations.
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Germany has the economic strengths America once boasted
Los Angeles Times
to a two-decade low of 6.8%, considerably lower than in much of Europe and the US And though its industrial production is starting to soften, Germany so far has maintained an impressive trade surplus with the rest of the world, including China.
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Stabenow optimistic about clean energy, job growth
Midland Daily News
Stabenow said creating tax incentives and making low-cost capital available is critical if American companies are going to compete internationally. “We’re in a global economy where we are competing with countries like Germany, China (and) Korea,
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U.S. Rep. Hansen Clarke seeks federal help to keep Detroit Science Center out
Detroit Free Press
China and India are graduating many times the number of engineers that we are,” Clarke said. “So it’s important for competitive reasons but also because it showcases the contributions of our region.”
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Ben Bova:
Naples Daily News
In Asia, however, China’s weak and corrupt regime of Chiang Kai-shek fell to the Chinese communists, despite American military aid. Conservative politicians blamed Marshall for “losing” China, and pilloried him during the 1952 presidential campaign.
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PROFILES: Who’s left in the US Republican presidential race
Monsters and
Texas Governor Rick Perry and former US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race in the days leading up to the vote. NEWT GINGRICH: Gingrich, 68, surged in popularity in the final two days of the South Carolina campaign after a feisty
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Sam Nunn tackling ‘global problem’ of nuclear weapons
Macon Telegraph (blog)
Even 15 years after he left the US Senate, those days are rare. This week he returned from a trip to China, traded his tie for a sweater vest and settled down to talk for an hour with The Telegraph. Samuel Augustus Nunn Jr. was born in Macon on Sept.
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