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U.S. China News 2012.01.21

Sat, January 21, 2012

China says US wind tower probe to hurt cooperation
China hopes the US side can respect relevant laws and facts, and abide by commitments made at the G20 summit in Cannes to avoid introducing new trade protectionist measures.” The White House has sought to promote clean energy as a growth area for
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Chinese ambassador promises continued effort to promote Sino-US ties
Speaking at a reception held for representatives of local ChineseAmerican communities and Chinese students studying in the United States to celebrate the Chinese lunar new year, Zhang said the ChinaUS relations were generally stable in the past year.
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Japan wants US to get India, China to tighten noose around Iran
New York: Tokyo pledged on Friday to keep cutting purchases of Iranian crude, but Japan’s foreign minister Koichiro Gemba urged the US earlier this week to get the two other big Asian economies, China and India, to join a ban of oil imports from Iran.
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US to streamline travel visas for Chinese
China Daily
By Wang Chenyan, Zheng Yangpeng and Tan Yingzi (China Daily) WASHINGTON / BEIJING – The United States is expected to simplify and quicken the process of visa applications for Chinese travelers, US President Barack Obama announced on Thursday as part of
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Chinese firm acquires two 10mW US wind projects
China Daily
BEIJING – Goldwind, a leading Chinese wind turbine maker, has acquired two 10 megawatt (mW) wind farms from Volkswind USA, Goldwind said Friday in Beijing. The wind farms, known as the Musselshell Project, are based in Shawmut, Montana.
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Blaming China won’t solve US problems
China Daily
ChinaUS economic and trade cooperation are mutually beneficial and bring win-win results, which is a fact that is undeniable by anyone without prejudice,” Xie said. A Morgan Stanley report showed that 4 to 8 million jobs in the US are closely tied to
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Beijing begins measuring tiny air pollutants
Chinese experts had earlier criticized as “unscientific” a single monitoring point on the roof of the US Embassy, which releases hourly air quality data via a widely followed Twitter feed. China previously disclosed readings only of pollutant particles
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How Santorum gets Apple to move from China to Charleston
500000 of them are in China. As a President of the United States, what do you do about that?” Santorum didn’t quibble — and we won’t either — about whether Apple’s US headcount is 46000 or 60400, or whether the kids on Foxconn’s payroll are really
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US academic sees little progress in ties
Taipei Times
A new analysis of the US Congress’ and President Barack Obama’s China policy might not be good news for Taiwan. Robert Sutter, professor of international affairs at George Washington University, concluded in an analysis published on Friday that Capitol
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US Homeland Security Attacked by Chinese Cyber Crooks
SPAMfighter News
Cybercriminals from China have assigned a novel virtual weapon which targets the department of homeland security (DHS), the defense department, and various US agencies and business, security researchers said by security firm alien vault.
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Santorum Touts US Jobs While Investing in Outsourcing Firms
The payroll at one of Santorum’s investments, Fabrinet Inc., last year included 5300 manufacturing workers in Thailand, 1200 in China and 30 in the US, according to its latest annual report. Fabrinet, which makes products under outsourcing contracts
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China Hedges Mideast Oil Bets Amid Iran Tensions
That’s a hint, perhaps, that China does not intend to curtail its oil trade with Iran, as the United States wishes. A new law signed by President Obama in December could result in US penalties against nations that buy Iran’s oil or cooperate with
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US vows ‘mutually respectful’ Pakistan ties; says civilian aid flows unaffected
Associated Press of Pakistan
He said the top priority is that Iran should resume talks as soon as possible with the group of six international mediators, which includes the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, and strengthen cooperation with International
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US election campaign just got wilder
China Daily
Advocates of stronger Sino-US trade and cooperation in Washington are looking more closely at the anti-Beijing rhetoric, fearing that it could lead their country into a trade war with China. The USChina Business Council has even produced fact sheets
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US to continue anti-dumping duties on furfuryl alcohol from China
China Daily
WASHINGTON – The US government said on Friday that it will continue to maintain the existing anti-dumping duties on furfuryl alcohol from China, despite Beijing’s repeated calls for Washington to drop protectionism. The US International Trade
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China December import volumes set records
The December shipment of 569763 tons was the largest monthly volume in at least two years, mostly the result of already-reported bookings earlier in the year for US corn from state stockpiler China Grain Reserves Corp., also called Sinograin,
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US switching focus to Asia under Obama
Irish Times
‘IF YOU are a strategic thinker in China, you do not have to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist to think that the US is trying to bandwagon Asia against China.” So says Simon Tay, chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs,
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Renowned Chinese Painter Fu Baoshi Takes on US
Jakarta Globe
Revered Chinese modern painter Fu Baoshi’s life was an epic journey — literally and figuratively — but only now, with retrospectives in the United States, has his powerfully emotional body of work traveled as far as the West.
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China warns Vietnam not to cozy up to US on S. China Sea issue: sources
Mainichi Daily News
HANOI (Kyodo) — Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping warned Vietnam during his official visit here last month to keep its distance from the United States on the sensitive issue of territorial disputes in the South China Sea, according to Vietnamese
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Obama announces changes in visa restrictions for Brazilian and Chinese tourists
Then they would not need to apply for a travel visa every time they came to the USChina and Brazil are the two countries having the highest backlogs,” Obama said. Tourists traveling from China and India are expected to double over the next four years
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Strong start for stocks, but what’s changed?
The US economy is looking stronger than thought, with notable movement in the long-dormant housing market, where sales of previously owned homes just rose to an 11-month high. In China, the engine of global growth whose manufacturing sector has been
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China Braces for New Year Travel Rush
China Digital Times
It’s as if the entire population of the United States took to the road several times over. During China’s “chunyun” or Spring Festival travel season, the 40-day period that began earlier this month, more than 3.2 billion passenger-trips will tax the
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Trade surplus or false alarm
China Daily
Sino-US trade has flourished since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the US in early 1979. Statistics from the US show that the bilateral trade volume increased from a meager $2.37 billion in 1979 to $456.8 billion in 2010,
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In China, 8 babies and a rash of protest
By AP BEIJING — In America, a family with eight children is the premise for a reality television show. In China, where most couples are allowed to have only one child, it’s a national scandal. The revelation last month that a Chinese couple were the
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Taiwan president’s re-election portends calmer seas between Taiwan and China
The Seattle Times
What does it mean for the United States? To state it plainly, Ma’s victory means one less headache for any US administration, Democratic or Republican. China and Taiwan split amid civil war in 1949. The United States ended its formal treaty commitment
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Muhammad Babur: China’s economic growth seen firsthand on trip
China was confirmed as the world’s second-biggest economy last year by surpassing Japan. By 2016, for the first time in my lifetime, the US will not be the leading economic power, overtaken by China. America had ranked as the top world economy since
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Don’t look now, but TVs may again be made in US
Chicago Sun-Times
(AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Patricia Beck) DETROIT — A small Minnesota electronics company aims to bring TV manufacturing back to the US, hiring 100 workers at a plant in Canton, Mich. Element Electronics, which sells TVs made in China to big-box
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Viewpoint: China’s Iran dilemma
BBC News
When the US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner visited Beijing in early January to press Chinese leaders on Iran, his Chinese hosts politely said no. But given the importance of ties with the West, particularly the US, China cannot completely ignore
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US grains soar
Business Recorder (blog)
The US Agriculture Department said exporters sold US corn to Mexico and South Korea. China booked 120000 tonnes of US soyabeans and there was talk of more purchases coming soon due to a slow harvest of early-planted soyabeans in Brazil, the world’s No
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Obama chooses American decline
Washington Times
China will be happy to step in and gain long-term commitments to acquire the oil supply. Once those commitments are made and a West Coast pipeline is started, it may take years before new or expanded oil sands facilities again make oil available for US
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The Rising East: Walsh Looks To Mackinder For Naval Strategy
Honolulu Civil Beat
Walsh suggests that the US shift its focus and forces from Northeast Asia, the center of American attention in Asia since World War II, to Southeast Asia, specifically the South China Sea. Through that vital sea-lane passes more than half of the
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US investors busy making other plans
No, no – not Brazil-Russia-India-China, as intended by the bloke who coined the acronym, Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs, Wall Street’s biggest bank by assets. In fact, according to the ever-amusing, it means “Bloody Ridiculous Investment
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Investors should look to the vast treasure trove of China
Yorkshire Post
They say the Chinese increasingly realise the importance of both brand and R&D. China’s leading manufacturer of healthcare equipment, Mindray Medical, is just such a case where it used to compete just on cost but now out-sells GE in the US following
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“You Can Smell China’s GDP in the Air”
Reason Online (blog)
It is not an accident that China is committed to overtaking us in electric cars, solar power, energy efficiency, batteries, nuclear power and wind power. Unfortunately for these watermelons, China uses incredibly tiny amounts of renewable energy.
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China Lifts Travel Warning; Dotcom Kim Downsize Drama; Phuket Bus Breakthrough
on the US campaign trail culminated with Newt Gingrich lashing out angrily at the news media for probing his failed second marriage, ahead of the pivotal Republican presidential primary in South Carolina. For the first time, China’s urban
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Most US Stocks Rise Amid Technology, Bank Rally; Euro Slumps
Copper trimmed a second weekly advance amid concern manufacturing may contract for a third month in China, the world’s biggest user of the metal. A Chinese purchasing managers’ index released by HSBC Holdings Plc and Markit Economics today showed a
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Sound off on the Florida Primary GOP candidates
Orlando Sentinel
China is like a huge economic mosquito. Its proboscis extends across the Pacific Ocean into America where it draws out raw materials such as trees and iron ore. China consumes our raw material at a blinding pace, leaving behind clear-cut forests and
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Enter the Dragon
Resource Investor
RRSP season is (almost) upon us…after all. Before that, however, something else is upon us. Enter The Year of the Dragon. Please join us in raising a cup of rice wine and in wishing our large and growing Chinese audience a Happy, Healthy,
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