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U.S. China News 2012.01.18

Wed, January 18, 2012

ChinaUS military relations move ahead with difficulties
17:46 GMT, January 18, 2012 The ChinaUS military relations, which sank to an all-time low in the year 2010, began to take a gradual turn for the better at the beginning of 2011. In January, Robert Gates, former United States Secretary of Defense
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China: US Lacks Evidence to Put Taobao on “notorious Markets” List
By Michael Kan, IDG News US authorities acted irresponsibly when they last month labeled Alibaba Group’s e-commerce sites as “notorious markets” for selling pirated and counterfeit goods, said China’s Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday.
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Oil rises above $101 on positive China, US data
North County Times
In the US, government data showed manufacturing in New York expanded at the fastest pace in nine months. “The positive economic news out of China and the US have increased optimism about global economic conditions and helped ease concern of a slowdown
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American Express, China payment firm in venture
American Express said Wednesday that Lianlian, which operates a network of more than 300000 agents in China where consumers can convert cash into mobile-phone minutes, will use its technology to expand services for customers.
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US Loses High-Tech Jobs as R&D Shifts Toward Asia
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By JAMES R. HAGERTY The US is rapidly losing high-technology jobs as American companies expand their research-and-development labs in China and elsewhere in Asia, the National Science Board said Tuesday. Global, US-based companies such as 3M Co.,
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Vice premier meets Kissinger on ChinaUS ties
China Daily
Kissinger and his delegation came to Beijing for the third meeting of the ChinaUS Track Two High-Level Dialogue, a gathering for dozens of retired prominent diplomats and officials from both countries. Former Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan and
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China Is Net Seller Of US Treasurys In November
WASHINGTON — China sold US Treasurys in November, reducing its net holdings but remaining the largest foreign holder amid the growing sovereign debt crisis in Europe, the Treasury Department said Wednesday. Overall, foreigners were net buyers of
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Analysis: China’s housing slowdown to cut a big hole in GDP
Unlike the United States, China does not have an oversupply of housing. In fact, the government has pledged to build 7 million units of public housing in 2012 after an estimated 10 million in 2011. But in order for property investment to add to GDP
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First China Pharma Appoints EFP Rotenberg as US Based Auditors
MarketWatch (press release)
Mr. Zwick, the Chairman of First China Pharmaceutical Group’s Audit Committee, states, “We are very pleased to have such a well-respected US based firm undertaking this most important regulatory requirement on our behalf. Our strategic aim is to ensure
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US expert sees cautious cross-strait policy
Taipei Times
By William Lowther / Staff Reporter in Washington President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) is “unlikely” to accelerate the process of reconciliation with China during his second term, former American Institute in Taiwan chairman Richard Bush told a forum in
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US senators back PH sea defense
On June 21, 2011, Del Rosario met with McCain in Washington, where the senator called on the US to expand military and political support to Southeast Asian nations that stand up against China in the West Philippine Sea. McCain said the United States
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US ‘Moving Deficit’ Surprisingly Favors Italy, Japan, Brazil; More Americans
MarketWatch (press release)
Asian countries appear higher and more frequently on the top destination lists, and there were more moves from the US to China than moves from China to the US In 2011, the UK was the No.1 country over Germany in terms of households moving to the US
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China village rights in focus as new land grab sparks protest
In another pocket of unrest in southern China, thousands of workers in Guangxi province went on strike at Foster Electric Company’s Nanning factory, according to China Labor Watch, a US-based worker advocacy group. Workers reportedly walked off the job
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US to hold talks with EU to limit space debris
Sacramento Bee
The United States views that document as a starting point but would like to see changes. The United States also wants other countries involved, including Russia and China. US and EU concerns were spurred by China’s move to pulverize a disabled weather
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US Stock Stock Futures Tick Higher After Wholesale-Price Data
Wall Street Journal
Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average rose 1%, but China’s Shanghai Composite shed 1.4% one day after running up more than 4%. Gold futures were flat at about $1655 an ounce, while crude oil futures tacked on more than 1% to above $102 a barrel. The US dollar
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China’s vice-president stresses caution in ties with US
Casey Weekly Cranbourne
“Ultimate caution should be given to major and sensitive issues that concern each country’s core interests to avoid any distraction and setbacks in ChinaUS relations.” Mr Xi’s visit to the US, reported to be next month, will be closely watched for any
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China’s Four High Tech Competitive Disadvantages
The Washington Post reports that some in Washington are wringing their hands with worry over China’s seemingly insurmountable assault on US high tech manufacturing jobs. But this report ignores four essential areas where the US has enormous advantages
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China’s Real Estate Bubble Shrinks, Looks Like U.S. in 2007
24/7 Wall St.
China’s real estate situation has begun to resemble the one in the US in 2007. There are no ready statistics about how much equity the Chinese can take out of their homes directly, as Americans could do with home equity loans.
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China 2011 FDI From US Fell 26% to $3 Billion, Mofcom Says
18 (Bloomberg) — China’s foreign direct investment from the US fell 26 percent to $3 billion last year, the Ministry of Commerce said today. The US’s accumulated investment in China is $67.6 billion, Shen Danyang, a spokesman for the ministry,
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China’s ZTE Quietly Becoming a Force in Global, U.S. Smartphone Markets
All Things Digital
In part, that’s because ZTE is best known for the phones it sells in China — it’s home market. In recent years, though, ZTE has begun to make inroads in the United States. However, its progress has been largely invisible to consumers.
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Shale oil and gas ‘will make US self-sufficient’
The Guardian
The US would also become a net exporter of natural gas. Overall, global energy demand would surge in the next 20 years, fuelled by economic and population growth in China and India, but at a slowing annual rate, due to advances in energy efficiency and
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US should take rational view on China’s military development
People’s Daily Online
5, which stressed that the strategic investment in the Asian-Pacific region should be strengthened, and the United States claims that this action is taken in response to the challenges brought by the development of Chinese military strength.
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Asian stock market mixed after uneven US bank earnings
Economic Times
Benchmarks in Indonesia and Malaysia rose while mainland China and Singapore fell. Financial shares came under pressure on weak quarterly earnings from some US banks, including Citigroup Inc., which said its fourth-quarter income fell 11 percent due in
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Top US regulator says toys are safer but focus must shift to better design
Plastics News
Those design problems would make a toy unsafe whether it was manufactured in China or the US, she said. A Hong Kong toy industry association leader told the conference that the declining number of recalls showed that Chinese toy factories met the new
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Hongpaiyihao Chinese pocket-buster tablet has us flabbergasted
This device is, for those of you wondering, actually 9999 RMB in China, that converting over to be one and a half G’s of pocket-pounding pain, or twice the cost of your average iPad! It does come with a leather case though, with gold embossing of the
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EARNINGS PREVIEW: Margins, China Key To US Restaurant Results
Wall Street Journal (India)
Key Issues: More so than any other, Yum entrusts its performance to China, as its US business has only worsened. However, its operating profit was up just 7% in China before foreign exchange last quarter despite a 19% increase in same-store sales there
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Clearwire and China Mobile link up for 4G time-div trials
By Bill Ray • Get more from this author As part of the Global TD-LTE Initiative US-based Clearwire and China Mobile are joining forces to test time-divisioned networks in both countries, though we’ll likely see the technology in the UK too.
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China Steel to invest US$178 million in India
Focus Taiwan News Channel
18 (CNA) A subsidiary of the Taiwanese company China Steel Corp. announced Wednesday that it will spend US$178 million to set up a plant in Gujarat, western India. The deal was signed Wednesday by Lin Chen-tung, chairman of China Steel Corporation
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Not quite a foe, US looms large in Russian world view
Washington Post
Just about the only questions he addressed over the course of two hours that didn’t concern the United States one way or another had to do with a language referendum in Latvia, the Costa Concordia disaster, and his hope that Chinese journalists would
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AsiaInfo Jumps as Easing Prospects Boost Index: China Overnight
18 (Bloomberg) — Chinese stocks in the US rose for the first time in four trading days amid speculation policy makers may ease lending curbs after the world’s second-largest economy expanded at the slowest pace in 10 quarters. The Bloomberg ChinaUS
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Auto Plants at Capacity, Buoying US Economy
“After China, the US was the market where executives expect the most growth, which is staggering considering where we were.” Businesses from auto suppliers to trucking companies are hustling to add capacity and find new workers to adapt to the
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Positive data from China, Germany & the US support crude prices
Brent crude is retaining recent gains above the $111.00 key support level, held up by better-than-expected fourth quarter 2011 GDP growth figures from China showing that its economy expanded by 8.9% during the period compared to market consensus
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ISU professor weighs in on potential changes on soybean exports to China
Iowa State Daily
Other analysts predict that lower and unstable soybean future prices from the Chicago Board of Trade since mid-October won’t influence the ChinaUS trade pattern. “Soybeans will not be a commodity in surplus because of the Chinese demand,” said Dan
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10 Reasons the US Is No Longer the Land of the Free
Huffington Post
(China recently codified a more limited detention law for its citizens, while countries such as Cambodia have been singled out by the United States for “prolonged detention.”) The president now decides whether a person will receive a trial in the
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SunPower Breaks Ground on US Navy Solar Power Plant
Solar Novus Today
The plant is expected to create 140 jobs during construction, and generate the equivalent of more than 30% of NAWS China Lake’s annual energy load, helping to reduce costs by an estimated US $13 million over the next 20 years.
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Being international isn’t sexy anymore for Citi
Fox News
But in Asia, the economies of China and India are slowing. And Europe, the source of one in three dollars that Citi brings in, may be on the brink of financial disaster. Citi’s rivals JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America have Europe problems, too,
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Dilemma for China’s one-child generation: Where to spend New Year
Washington Post
It’s a decision fraught with emotion, especially for China’s growing elderly population, often couples living alone and far from their children, who have historically been caregivers in a country with little social safety net. “Both of us want to go
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CleanTech Innovations, Inc. Sues the NASDAQ Stock Market for Racism and
MarketWatch (press release)
This matter involves more than a private dispute against two litigants and impacts on US diplomatic relations with China.” As captured on the record of testimony made by Michael Emen, NASDAQ’s Senior Vice President and Head of NASDAQ Listing
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China Boasts 513 Million Web Users
The number of Chinese that use a mobile phone to access the internet is also growing with the total number at 355 million. That number alone is more than the US population. That number puts 69.3% of the internet users in China accessing from a mobile
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GRAINS-US complex steady in early Asian trade after weather-driven gains
Reuters Africa
The US dollar index was down about 0.5 percent by the CBOT close, a bullish signal for dollar-backed grains and oilseeds. US crude oil futures were higher. * China’s economy grew slightly more than expected but at the weakest pace in 2-1/2 years,
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China Continuing to Buy U.S. Treasuries
By Dave Forest | Mon, 10 January 2011 23:59 | 0 On the Q1 conference call for US power major Duke Energy, management discussed the possibility of partnering with Chinese companies to develop electricity assets in North and South America.
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