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U.S. China News 2011.12.02

Fri, December 2, 2011

US panel okays China solar panel unfair trade probe
WASHINGTON Dec 2 (Reuters) – A US trade panel on Friday approved an investigation into charges of unfair Chinese trade practices in the solar energy sector, setting the stage for possible steep US duties. The US International Trade Commission voted 6-0
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Minister: China Wants to Invest in US Roads, Rails
ABC News
It has sent trade and investment delegations to the United States, Europe and elsewhere to look for opportunities. Chen said Beijing wants to see Chinese and US companies cooperate more closely on clean energy, environmental and energy-saving
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US envoy criticizes China’s controls on economy
By JOE McDONALD A US trade envoy has accused China’s government of increasing its role in the economy in violation of its free-trade pledges and he appealed to Beijing to reconsider its embrace of “state capitalism.” The comments reflect a harder US
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USChina rivalry over Burma’s hand intrigues media
BBC News
A relationship with the US has also become crucial for Myanmar. It is hopeful that while Myanmar is continuing its traditional ties with neighbouring China and India, the US will promote the engagement between the two countries to the level of friendly
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US experts skeptical over report on China nuclear force
WASHINGTON — Arms control experts are dismissing a report by US university students that suggests China’s nuclear arsenal may be much larger than previously estimated, saying the research is shoddy and unreliable. The unconventional study by students
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China Profits From US-Pakistan Shipwreck
And the pragmatic Chinese, as always, seem willing to work with whoever holds power. Every crisis in American-Pakistani relations is a golden opportunity for China. Take, for instance, the outrage in both the US and Pakistan after American troops
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China And U.S. Can Withstand Recession In Europe
Seeking Alpha
Economic growth in China and the US can withstand a recession in Europe. And the media’s incessant focus on the EU obfuscates improving trends elsewhere. Unless a spike in Italian sovereign-bond yields sparks a 2008-style global credit freeze – still
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Australia government denies backing India, US security pact
The idea of an Australian, Indian and US security dialogue — in part to counter China’s rising naval power — has been strongly pushed by a trio of influential think-tanks in all three countries, but has yet to be adopted by any government.
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US Manufacturers Close Competitiveness Gap With China
The US economy may still be struggling to recover from a recession that began three years ago, but there is a silver lining. According to business consulting firm AlixPartners, a weak dollar and rising wages in China have helped US manufacturers close
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Cambodia Turns Increasingly to China: Analysts
Voice of America
Cambodia has increasingly turned to China for economic and political support, US analysts say. Richard Solomon, a former US ambassador and assistant secretary of state, told an audience when he was one of the panelists at Berkley University in
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SolarWorld confident of vote in China trade case
The ITC will vote on Friday on whether there is enough evidence that US producers have been harmed or are threatened with injury from imports to allow the case to proceed. Imports of the solar products from China rose to $1.5 billion in 2010,
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US businessmen helping China devise strong investment model
China Daily
On a recent information-gathering trip to Sweden, James Wang, deputy secretary-general of the China Industries Corporation Association (CICA), was observing Chinese factories that Wang hopes will serve as a business model for US investors in 2012.
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US students outperform Chinese in SATs
China Daily
By Yang Jie ( Chinese students are surpassed by their US counterparts at the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) needed to enter a US university, according to a report published by DK Education, an overseas study agency based in Beijing.
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GRAINS-US wheat, corn slip on China bumper crop
Reuters Africa
Corn remained under pressure from poor demand for US supplies and expectations of a bumper output in South America. China, the world’s second-largest corn consumer, produced a record 191.75 million tonnes of corn in 2011, up 8.2 percent.
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USChina: arms race in the Pacific
The Voice of Russia
Experts say there is one but very solid reason to avoid this: as the world`s leading economies, China and the US are so dependant on each other that any military conflict between them will result in a global economic catastrophe.
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US to Deploy Radiation Detectors at Major Port in China
Global Security Newswire
A collaborative nonproliferation effort by the United States and China will see radiation sensor technology deployed next week at what is said to be the world’s top container processing port in Shanghai, the Wall Street Journal reported (see GSN,
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China, US lay groundwork for fair competition
People’s Daily Online
Both sides agreed that ChinaUS economic and trade relations are an important foundation of ChinaUS relations as a whole. There was a consensus that developing a mutually beneficial ChinaUS economic and trade relationship is in alignment with the
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Pakistan and the US, copying China and more [AM Briefing]
Washington Post (blog)
(New York Times) “If you want to copy China because its authoritarian capitalism is better than our democratic capitalism, it seems pretty obvious that what you envy is the authoritarianism. HG Wells had a phrase for that,” writes AEI’s Jonah Goldberg.
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US, China Should Manage Differences In Constructive Manner – Envoy
SINGAPORE, Dec 2 (Bernama) — The United States and China should manage their differences in a constructive manner, says Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prof Tommy Koh. He said: “We, in Asean, do not wish to see a new Cold War
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China could be leveraging electronic exports to spy on the US
By Shawn Knight The United States is forcing telecommunications companies like AT&T and Verizon to hand over sensitive data regarding their network infrastructure to sniff out potential Chinese spies. Officials are concerned that China may be
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China’s Future Role in Burma
The Irrawaddy News Magazine
In contrast to China, the US and other Western governments criticized and isolated the Burmese junta, both politically and economically, and supported the efforts of the Burmese people over the last two decades in their struggle for human rights and
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Why We Should Thank the Chinese Currency Manipulators
The American
The ‘manipulation’ of China’s currency is actually to the distinct advantage of millions of American consumers and US businesses buying products made in China. In the best of all possible worlds for the United States, China would use its labor and
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US vows to speed up visa process
China Daily
“You see a lot of people who, because of the current economic conditions in the US, see increasing the number of foreign tourists to the US, Chinese and others, as something that could be very beneficial to the US economy,” Bennett said.
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Great Wall
National Journal
Obama is trying to prove himself one of the toughest China hawks that the White House has seen in decades. This robust approach is part of a broad reorientation of US power worldwide, senior administration officials say—one that is expected to quicken
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Memoir recounts 47 years of progress
China Daily
“Old Americans know more about China than the younger generations,” Wang said. Given the importance of China’s current relations with the US, Wang said that the Chinese government should set up a foundation to push for more studies of China in US
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The US and China at odds over ‘world currency’
The Nation
South Korea, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam appear to have joined an emerging security arrangement to contain China. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid a two-day visit to Burma this week in order
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Most Stocks Decline After Manufacturing Slows: China Overnight
2 (Bloomberg) — Most US-listed Chinese equities fell after the nation’s manufacturing contracted for the first time since February 2009, prompting speculation that the government needs to take further measures to boost growth. The Bloomberg ChinaUS
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US Factories, Retailers Solid As Europe, China Cool
Investor’s Business Daily
By JASON MA, INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 04:31 PM ET Americans produced more and spent more in November, helping gird the US economy for a global slowdown highlighted by negative production reports from Europe and China. A US manufacturing gauge
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November U.S. Manufacturing PMI Up, Europe And China PMI Down
Seeking Alpha
China’s Manufacturing PMI – two versions (HSBC-47.7 and Official-49.0) and US Manufacturing PMI-52.7. Eurozone’s Manufacturing PMI-46.4 was released a few days ago. Below is a graph of the ISM Manufacturing PMI, ECRI’s WLI Growth, US GDP,
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China oil use could approach U.S. levels
1 (UPI) — Despite aggressive management policies, China’s oil use could easily reach levels comparable to today’s US levels by 2040, a US think tank says. Researchers at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University said
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Study confirms many of us go online for no reason
USA Today
NEW YORK (AP) – For anyone who needed official word, a new study confirms that many of us — and the majority of young adults — go online for no good reason at all. People surf the internet in in Shanghai, China. People surf the internet in in
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India snubs Australia, US move to check China
Times of India
“The only exceptions are those which come under the UN Flag or are broad-based arrangements like ARF ( Asean Regional Forum) and ADMM-Plus (Asean defence ministers plus eight countries like India, China, the US, Russia, Australia, Japan,
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China’s Oil Import Dilemma
Wall Street Journal (blog)
It helps that Canada and the US are unlocking vast reserves of oil sands, shale gas and other unconventional resources. Not only do these represent many long years of output that can be shipped to China to fuel its growing economy.
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China’s high-speed railways and the American way of life (Original Video)
Washington Times
In fact, few of the Middle Kingdom’s other modern feats have caused such envy among US politicians and policy-makers. China’s space program is reaching new heights and aims to put a man on the moon in the coming years, but – yawn – we have been there
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Hundreds strike at Singapore-owned plant in China
“Now they just don’t want to compensate us. They do not want to even give us a single cent.” Workers planned to press their stoppage through the weekend. Hi-P International’s shares had fallen 2.5 percent on Friday in late afternoon trade but recovered
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China’s Yao Ming Says His Wine `Represents a Lifestyle’
Washington Post
Yao’s wines, made in California’s Napa Valley, sell for about $280 a bottle and will be available in the US next year. The national icon in China retired from the National Basketball Association in July after foot and ankle fractures limited him to
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3 Foreign Oil Workers, 2 From US, Freed In Nigeria
US energy officials say China spent more than $30 billion last year to subsidize its solar industry. Report: Conn. Utility Not Prepared For Oct. Storm By Dave Collins, Associated Press HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — An independent consultant says Connecticut
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Analog Devices Ready to Log Gains
A combination of leaner industrial channel inventories and order stabilization into the first quarter in USChina and a restoration-recovery in communication orders, post the Thai floods, positions Analog Devices for a rebound.
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Census Bureau Profile America: Facts for Features: Holiday Season (December)
MarketWatch (press release)
China was the leading country of origin for such items. Similarly, China was the leading foreign source of artificial Christmas trees shipped to the United States ($79.7 million worth) during the same period. Source: US Census Bureau, Foreign Trade
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UBS’s Harris as No. 1 Forecaster Says Housing Will Drive US 2012 Growth
Standard Chartered’s economics team ranked 17th of the 78 teams that evaluated US economic indicators. It was No. 2 for India, No. 3 for China and No. 5 in predicting the UK’s performance. The top economists for the euro zone were Andreas Scheuerle and
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China’s Bind: How to Avoid a Crash Landing
Wall Street Journal
Just as a European crisis and a weak US recovery are hurting Chinese exporters, the confidence that had sustained China’s property boom is evaporating, causing a double whammy for growth: fading demand overseas and at home at the same time.
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US stock futures gain ahead of key jobs report
A top Chinese foreign ministry official said Europe cannot expect China to use a big portion of its $3.2 trillion foreign exchange reserves to rescue indebted nations, Beijing’s strongest rebuttal yet to suggestions it should bail out the euro zone.
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Unemployment Drops as Many Adults Quit Labor Force
Fox Business
The economic crisis in Europe and mounting problems in China’s housing sector and banks worries US businesses about a second major recession and discourages new hiring. The US economy continues to expand but is quite vulnerable to shock waves from
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