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U.S. China News 2011.11.29

Tue, November 29, 2011

Chinese solar companies reject US trade complaint
Solar and other renewable energy technology has emerged as an irritant in USChinese trade. The two governments have pledged to cooperate in development but accuse each other of violating free-trade pledges by subsidizing their own manufacturers.
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China Halts U.S. College Freedom at Class Door
Pedestrians walk along Xuanwu Lake near downtown Nanjing, China. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg A pedestrian walks past the front gate of the Johns Hopkins University – Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies in Nanjing, China.
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China paper says US fans terror by Pakistan attack
BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s top state newspaper on Tuesday accused the United States of flouting international law and fanning terrorism after a NATO attack killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, and it warned that the Islamabad’s grip on security could be
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US-Pakistan Shipwreck: China Profits, Again
Huffington Post (blog)
The killing of 24 Pakistan troops by NATO forces is just the latest disastrous chapter in US-Pakistan relations. As affairs go from bad to catastrophic, it’s not just the Taliban who will benefit, but also China. For several years now, the Pakistanis
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U.S.China trade disputes get wider, hotter
Yet these cases represent only a fraction of the actual trade conflicts flaring in recent years between China and United States. A “currency manipulation” bill approved in October by US lawmakers was among the latest attacks.
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Burma wooed by China, US
The Australian
BEIJING: China is shoring up ties with Burma by hosting its military chief one day before US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s historic visit to the resource-rich Southeast Asian nation. Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping welcomed General Min Aung
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Apple Has A Plum With China Passing US As Largest Smartphone Market
China has leapfrogged US to be the world’s largest smartphone market by volume, according to latest Q3 figures released by Strategy Analytics. Around 24 million smartphones were shipped to operators and retailers in China last quarter as opposed to 23
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US and China strive for fruitful but competitive developments in clean technology
Environment & Energy Publishing
How to cut greenhouse gases from China’s exploding transportation system is one of three problem areas in which researchers from the United States and China are collaborating. Photo by Joel Kirkland. The close relationship between Chu and Wan has
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First Steps in USChina Cyber Cooperation?
Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
But this article does end with two suggestions about how China and the United States might build trust in cyberspace. The first—that the two sides should cooperate and exchange information about “profit-driven” cyber crime—is also not much to get
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US Cracks Down on China-Based Web Sites Selling Counterfeit Goods
International Business Times AU
By Erik Pineda | November 29, 2011 7:12 PM EST The US government announced Monday a crackdown on online operators that market illegally replicated products, resulting to the seizure and immediate closure of 150 Web sites, most operating from China.
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China prepares for big entry into vaccine market
USA Today
In the past, new vaccine developments had usually been won by the US and Europe. Then, this past March the World Health Organization announced that China’s drug safety authority meets international standards for vaccine regulation.
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Chinese solar companies reject US trade complaint
Click here Chinese solar companies reject US trade complaint Published: November 29, 2011 6:03 AM By The Associated Press JOE McDONALD (AP Business Writer) (AP) — Leaders of China’s solar power industry rejected a US trade complaint that they receive
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China growing, lacks America’s creativity
Pacific Daily News
In his 2011 speech, Lee told the same Deng story to an American audience in Washington, DC, as he spoke about the ChinaUS relations. With a current average economic growth rate of more than 10 percent per year, China is on the rise as a “heavyweight,”
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Hardened features of a soft war
Asia Times Online
That could be why Obama announced that the US would cut military expenditures everywhere but in Asia. It is a paradigm shift in bilateral ties between the US and China. For decades, there was a general idea in Washington that economic reforms in China
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Cnooc Surges as NY Index Rises to One-Week High: China Overnight
29 (Bloomberg) — Chinese stocks traded in the US gained for the first day in three, bolstered by an overseas acquisition by Cnooc Ltd. and prospects for faster growth in the country’s solar industry. The Bloomberg ChinaUS 55 Index rallied 3.3 percent
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The US 2012 Once-in-a-Century Election: USChina Cooperation or Global Trade Wars?
EconoMonitor (blog)
In the next election, the choice is between leadership over the future – and fear over the past. Abbreviated and modified from Dan Steinbock, “Once-In-A-Century Election: The US 2012 Election and China”, China & US Focus, Nov 2011.
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What’s this? China going bankrupt faster than US?
China’s debt is about $36 trillion yuan (or $5.68 trillion USD). This number is astronomical considering that it is just a little more than one-third of the US total debt, but the difference between the US and China is that the US national income per
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China should now take ‘pushy’ India seriously: Chinese daily
Times of India
BEIJING: China must start taking an of late “pushy” India seriously as it has strategically placed itself in the USChina face-off to gain maximum benefits, a leading official newspaper here said on today. Days after the postponement of the 15th round
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China to Embrace Fracking In an Effort to Ramp up Energy Production
The “USChina Clean Energy Announcements” posted by the White House Office of the Press Secretary posted the same day stated, “The two Presidents announced the launch of a new USChina Shale Gas Resource Initiative. Under the Initiative, the US and
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The Coalition Against Chinese Hegemony
Wall Street Journal
Vietnam’s nationalistic instincts are sure enough but Vietnam is still a relatively small and weak nation quite dependent on trade with China and likely to become more so. Good ties with India, Japan and Russia and emerging ones with the US are an
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Obama is provoking China into a trade war: Expert
The state-owned China Daily ran a similar line underscoring China`s unease with American intentions. Tao Wenzhao, a professor of ChinaUS relations at Beijing`s Tsinghua University, wrote of Obama`s recent moves, “Such a move by Washington is to
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Factbox: China’s decade in the WTO
WHAT CHINA PROMISED: China agreed to cap its future spending on farm subsidies at 8.5 percent of the value of domestic farm production. Duties on agricultural products were to fall from 22 percent to 17 percent and on US priority products from an
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Governor Calvo Seeks FSM President Mori’s Support for Guam’s Quest for China
Pacific News Center
Understand How It Can Spend Less Money in Micronesia; Allowing Chinese tourists to Guam can reduce need for federal spending commitments in Micronesia, and reduce the US trade deficit with China (Hagatna, Guam) The Guam Governor’s effort to create jobs
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So what’s T-Mobile’s backup plan?
CNET (blog)
Although given the US government’s past attitude towards ChineseAmerican deals, it’s unclear whether such an acquisition would go through unscathed. Regulators have squashed smaller attempts by Chinese companies to acquire US businesses,
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Peruvian & Chinese Banks Sign US$150 Million Loan Agreement
LIMA, Nov 29 (BERNAMA-NNN-ANDINA) – Peru’s Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) and China Development Bank (CDB) have signed a loan agreement of US$150 million payable over five years representing the largest funding agreement between China and a Peruvian
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I Was Wrong About China
As I mentioned, 2007 and 2008 were generally good years for Chinese-based stocks listed in the US, and I figured that as long as China’s GDP was growing rapidly, there could be little doubt that any company with the name “China” in its title was
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COMMENTARY: Is a Nuclear War with China Possible?
The current deterioration of US relations with China might end up providing us with yet another example of this phenomenon. The gathering tension between the United States and China is clear enough. Disturbed by China’s growing economic and military
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China Hydroelectric Corporation States That Its Policy is Not To Comment on
Sacramento Bee
29, 2011 — /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ — In view of the unusual market activity in the American Depositary Shares of China Hydroelectric Corporation (NYSE: CHC, CHCWS) (the “Company”) (each representing three shares of the Company’s ordinary shares),
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FluoroPharma Expands Patent Position in the U.S. for Detecting Alzheimer’s
MarketWatch (press release)
“Strong composition of matter patents in both the US and high growth markets like China are very important to the commercial potential for BFPET and AZPET,” commented Thijs Spoor, FluoroPharma’s President and Chief Executive Officer.
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Dump Your US Stocks (But Not This One)
Uncommon Wisdom Daily
Here’s why you should be adding some Eastern exposure to your portfolio right now – and today I’ll even give you a name to start with that you can trade on the US markets! The World Bank expects the Chinese economy to grow by 8.4% in 2012 and at
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Giant Panda Genes to German Bacteria Show China’s Science Drive
The government has included biotechnology as one of seven strategic industries that it wants to account for 15 percent of gross domestic product by 2020, from around 3 percent now, Patrick A. Mulloy, a member of the USChina Economic and Security
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American Jianye Greentech Enters College and Hospital System with Fuel for
Sacramento Bee
About American Jianye Greentech Holdings: American Jianye Greentech Holdings, headquartered in Harbin, China, is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of alcohol-based fuel. The company’s alcohol-based fuels burn with higher efficiency and
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China’s Fake-Christmas-Tree Hegemony
Not long ago, the Obama administration briefly got caught up in what looked to be a hilariously tone-deaf bit of Fox News bait: the US Agriculture Department was planning to impose a 15 cent-per-tree fee on Christmas trees, which was — immediately and
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China’s dominance questionable. Green Bay audience told
Green Bay Press Gazette
“If you come into China with a quality brand, you have a big opportunity,” he said. “The Chinese know quality. They like quality.” Mergers and acquisitions between US and Chinese companies can be challenging, in part because the Chinese are interested
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Here’s Some Good Economic News: US Manufacturing Is Rising Once Again
In Forbes’s August issue, Jon Bruner shared a number of interesting long-term graphs on manufacturing, adding, “You might not know it from public commentary, but the United States manufactures more than any other country (including China), and US
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Commentary: Beware of toxic Chinese toys
The Detroit News
Toxic toys created in China are on US store shelves and pose a danger to the health and safety of American children. On Oct. 27, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a settlement with Toronto-based Spin Master because a line of its
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China exports massive container-ship cranes to the US (blog)
The cranes, made in Shanghai, China, will allow the Port of Seattle to expand the reach of unloading container ships to the maximum of 24 container widths. The cranes were transported aboard a ship specially outfitted for the transport of large and
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China plans to kill off unproductive majors
The News Journal
China has a problem familiar to many of us — recent college graduates without a job. Unlike us, China doesn’t think the problem will work its way to a solution. So, as of last week, colleges in China are on notice to kill off any majors that don’t
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Hogan Lovells adds another partner to USChina IP team
The Lawyer
Hogan Lovells co-CEO David Harris said: “[Fisher] is a stand-out in the China IP context with that very rare blend of local and US experience which is increasingly demanded by the market.” Fisher said: “It’s great to be back with the firm and I look
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The New America
Investor’s Business Daily
By MARILYN ALVA, INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 11/28/2011 03:16 PM ET They’re in new LNG plants in Australia, at LNG fueling stations for heavy-duty trucks that have started to emerge in the US and China and around US exports of natural gas to
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US Soybean Market Share Eroded by South American Competition
“The bulk of Brazilian soybean exports was destined for China in recent weeks, causing a loss of market share for US exporters,” Oil World said. Soybean planting in Brazil was about 78 percent complete on Nov. 18, up from 76 percent at the same time a
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ChinaCast: Chinese Filings Reveal Serious Red Flags
Seeking Alpha
ChinaCast has long occupied a special place within the US-listed Chinese smallcap universe. As fraud after fraud has been exposed within this sector, CAST has been upheld as the baby thrown out with the bathwater, the one shining beacon within a sea of
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Investors should be wary of buying US treasuries
Similarly, China’s shaky banks and dodgy accounting standards, along with Beijing’s exhortations that yuan appreciation has run to course, are causing money to flee China for America. That money is dumping into treasuries, solid corporate and state
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