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U.S. China News 2011.11.27

Sun, November 27, 2011

China Pushes Back Against Growing US Influence in East Asia
The Atlantic
in Washington’s political mess, the Chinese are busy recalibrating their message to the region. After watching the United States once again be voted most popular, the message from China seems to be twofold: First, the United States is not one of us.
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USA ends drought in golf’s World Cup
USA Today
HAINAN, China (AP) – Matt Kuchar and Gary Woodland ended the United States‘ 11-year drought in golf’s World Cup by shooting a 5-under 67 on Sunday to win by two strokes. By Kin Cheung, AP American pair Gary Woodland, left and Matt Kuchar with the
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China ‘Dumping’ Solar Panels; Glyptis: Practice Costs US Jobs
Wheeling News Register
Today, it’s the solar industry that’s claiming China is illegally dumping solar panels in the US, putting thousands of jobs at risk. In the steel industry’s case, thousands of local jobs have been lost over the past decade and Mark Glyptis,
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Energy and Internet Stocks Lead Weekly Loss: China Overnight
The Bloomberg ChinaUS 55 Index fell 5 percent, the most in nine weeks led by the biggest losses in two months for Cnooc Ltd., the nation’s largest offshore oil explorer, and Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Inc. and Sina Corp. paced a drop in
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US seeks answers on Chinese access to WA satellite station
The Australian
US defence and diplomatic officials have queried the Australian government about revelations that China’s military-run space program was using a satellite station in Western Australia. The US State Department and the US Defence Department asked the
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No exit, or explanation, for U.S. citizen in China
Sacramento Bee
Xue Feng, a Chinese American geologist who is serving eight years in prison on similar charges, said he was tortured during his interrogation. His supporters, including US diplomats, insist that the oil and gas industry data he sold were publicly
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Oklahoma City man says Mandarin Chinese skills are a must for future of business
China’s population is 1.5 billion, or 4.5 times that of America. More than 1 billion of the world’s 6.8 billion people speak Mandarin, the most widely used Chinese dialect. US debt is roughly $15 trillion and China, which has more than $3 trillion in
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US won’t sell out Taiwan to China: Ma
China Post
In an interview with Time magazine, President Ma Ying-jeou dismissed the recent New York Times op-ed proposal for the US “ditch Taiwan” in exchange for debt-relieving favors from China, stressing that it was “not mainstream opinion.
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US wins the golf World Cup, Korea finish tied 9th
The Korea Herald
HAIKOU, ChinaAmerican pair Gary Woodland and Matt Kuchar shot a strong 67 to win the 56th World Cup of Golf on the Hainan Island, China on Sunday. The duo finished the tournament on 24-under-par 264, two shorts clear of Germany and England,
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US Falls behind China in smartphone shipments
Technology Bloom News
According to new data released by analytics firm Strategy Analytics, China has for the first time ever overtaken the US as the leading smartphones market. In the third quarter of 2011, as many as 23.9 million smartphones were shipped in China compared
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US, Australian rulers deepen military ties, target China
The Militant
An editorial in the People’s Daily, official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, warned “if Australia uses its military bases to help the US harm Chinese interests, then Australia itself will be caught in the crossfire.
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Top 10 Best-Rated US-Listed Chinese Stocks: SPRD, WX, KH, XRS, BONA, CCIH
China Analyst
Below are the top 10 best-rated US-listed Chinese stocks, based on the percentage of positive ratings by brokerage analysts. Spreadtrum Communications, Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:SPRD) is the first best-rated stock in this segment of the market.
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China’s ban on poultry, logs from Va. costs ports millions
The Virginian-Pilot
“I am very concerned by the drastic action recently undertaken by China that bans all log exports from Virginia and South Carolina,” wrote Todd Haymore, Virginia’s secretary of agriculture and forestry, in an April 6 letter to Ron Kirk, US trade
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Media Chinese Announces Second Quarter and Interim Financial Results
MarketWatch (press release)
Media Chinese’s product portfolio in Southeast Asia, Greater China and North America comprises 5 daily newspapers in 13 editions with a total daily circulation of about 1 million copies, 3 free newspapers and about 30 magazines.
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Niall Ferguson’s ‘Civilization’: They’re gaining on us
The Seattle Times
In “Civilization: the West and the Rest,” Harvard professor, author and historian Niall Ferguson warns that the US and European powers are in danger of being eclipsed by ascendant countries such as China, India and Brazil, unless the West returns to
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Chinese manufacturing feels brunt of global slowdown
Sydney Morning Herald
Photo: AFP BEIJING: In another sign of the impact of Europe’s debt crisis and the US economic slowdown on China’s economy, factories in southern Guangdong province, the country’s manufacturing heartland, have been the target of a recent wave of labour
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Heading back to Asia
Arab News
By SALAHULDEAN KHASHOGGI In a clear sign of America’s desire to strengthen ties across the Pacific, the US president met with the president of China and the Japanese prime minister in Hawaii last week. Across the Atlantic, the European economy looks
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Blueprint of the China edge
Hindu Business Line
The answer of Aaron L. Friedberg is in the affirmative because the crisis forced Americans to alter their spending habits and has produced at least a temporary jump in personal savings, as he reasons in ‘A Contest for Supremacy: China, America,
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‘Abandoning Taiwan’ not mainstream US opinion: President Ma
eTaiwan News
10 by Paul Kane, a former international security fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, urging the Obama”>Obama administration to negotiate with China to write off the US$1.14 trillion American debt currently held by China in exchange for ending American
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Taiwan agricultural exports to China up: COA
eTaiwan News
These programs helped Taiwan reduce its agricultural trade deficit with China from US$280 million in 2007 to US$130 million in 2010, said Chang Su-san, director of the COA’s Department of International Cooperation. As of October this year,
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DPP’s Tsai looking to maintain ‘normal relationship’ with China
eTaiwan News
When asked about the United States‘ apparent preference for the status quo in terms of USChina relations, which would favor Ma’s re-election, Tsai said she was repeatedly told by various US agencies that it was not the country’s official stance.
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It’s Not Just Education—China Is Also Beating Us By Breaking A Ton Of Bizarre
Business Insider
Give it time but the day they surpass us in sarcasm we will truly know China is on a decline. They are also beating us in financial criminal prosecutions. They have prosecuted and likely killed at least one. We on the other hand give them gov’t jobs A
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The Arab Spring versus China?
Today’s Zaman
But an isolationist agenda may force China to take a new ideological turn in foreign policy. Worse, the international environment is highly suited to steering China towards a resurrection of ideology. After 9/11, US foreign policy in the Bush era and
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America’s politicians get something done
The Economist (blog)
(Our correspondents have been more sceptical—as has China.) Here’s Mr Mead’s summary of the administration’s main accomplishments: The US is moving forces to Australia, Australia is selling uranium to India, Japan is stepping up military actions and
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Is Lihua International Being Shorted Back To China?
Seeking Alpha
LIWA’s gross margins are perfectly in line with Chinese and US competitors when you consider that LIWA uses cheaper scrap copper verses WIRE’s virgin copper as well as the fact that LIWA also sells Copper Clad Aluminum wire with much higher margins
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Can India beat China at its own game?
Daily News & Analysis
In making the comparison between the two strategy games in his recent work, On China, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger traces the origins of China’s “distinctive military theory” to a period of upheaval, when ruthless struggles between
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Asean should be careful what it wishes for
The Nation
Kudos to Asean and the chair for its success in bringing the US and China for discussions on its own turf. Deep down, the grouping hopes they will balance each other out at the Asean-led forum. Will they? A frequently asked question is whether Asean
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Blaska’s Blog talks turkey with China, Saudi Arabia
Isthmus Daily Page
Stately Blaska Manor USA hosted an international Thanksgiving this year. To a table groaning with bounty from the Blaska Experimental Work Farm, the Squire and his family made welcome a young student from China and a student couple from Saudi Arabia.
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French fear being indebted to China
Los Angeles Times
“Of course it bothers us,” he said of the group, which was created “because we felt that there was a problem with the image of the Chinese community, from those who were unfamiliar with it.” “This is not some kind of aggressive buyout,” he said.
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Slow evolution
China Daily
By Pauline D. Loh (China Daily) Alice Waters and her Chez Panisse team fired the opening shots for the USChina Forum on Arts and Culture. Pauline D. Loh continues the story. It’s hard to eat organic in Beijing. You pay a lot more than ordinary and you
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Appearances aside, not yet all at sea
Malaysia Star
The US is heading into a presidential election, with China itself readying for leadership changes next year. Beijing wants to avoid being sidetracked or becoming a US election issue. The atmosphere of mutual USChina suspicion has developed so keenly
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Can you say ‘booger’?
China Daily
The simple show has attracted more than 120000 Weibo followers, mostly teenagers and Chinese college students studying in both the US and China. Chinese viewers know her by the name Bai Jie, a moniker given to Beinecke by her Chinese roommate while she
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Program may create Bay Area jobs and help investors earn US citizenship
San Francisco Examiner
More such visas were requested last year than in any year since the program began in 1990, according to Marie Sebrechts, spokeswoman for US Citizenship and Immigration Services. A staggering 40.9 percent of those came from China.
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For United Continental, Latin America represents a growing market
The Star-Ledger –
The prospects for business in Brazil are so bright, Parsons dubs South America the “new China.” Like parts of China, South America isn’t only a business hotspot, it also has an expanding, money-spending middle class. While Znotins won’t identify
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Chinese Regime Defends its Tax Burden
The Epoch Times
“The overall profits of all companies in China are about 10 trillion yuan (approximately US$1.6 trillion). The government took more than 7 trillion yuan (approximately US$1.1 trillion),” Lang claimed. “In tax revenue, the tax from private entrepreneurs
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E. Thomas McClanahan | Bright spots aside, uncertainty still reigns over U.S.
Kansas City Star
America’s oil-import bill has plummeted from 60 percent of domestic consumption to just over 46 percent. The second bright spot is manufacturing. The big news is that China is losing its cost advantage and some jobs are moving back to the US Chinese
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US attempt to water down ban on cluster bombs fails
The US attempted to water down the ban by suggested that manufacture of the bombs should be regulated and not banned. The US was supported by Russia, China, and Israel all of whom have cluster bombs and have failed to sign on to the ban.
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Latin America ready to weather slowdown
Charlotte Observer
“What happens in China is more important to Brazil than what happens in Europe,” Rocha said. Latin America is better prepared to handle an economic storm than it was in 2008. Not only has the region learned lessons from that crisis, but many countries
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Meyerson: Capitalism and democracy at odds
Recall that virtually every US chief executive and every US president (two Bushes and one Clinton, in particular) told us that bringing capitalism to China would democratize China. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Over the past year, in fact,
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Parker smells potential in China’s wines
China Daily
In his observation, China’s interest in fine wines has happened much more quickly than that of the United States. The sort of wine appreciation that has occurred in the past decade in China took over 20 years to develop in the US.
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Today’s currency war may be tomorrow’s global crisis: book
Reuters UK
The “secret weapon” was the Federal Reserve’s policy of zero interest rates and printing trillions of dollars to stimulate US growth. Much of the money flooded into China, dialling up pressure on Beijing to let the yuan rise against the dollar.
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Supercar makers chase China’s superrich motorheads
The Korea Herald
Lamborghini, owned by Volkswagen AG, expects to sell about 350 cars in China this year, 70 percent more than last year, Lee said. China overtook the US this year to become Lamborghini’s biggest market and Lee predicted similar sales growth for “another
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Our economy: from doom to zoom
Daily News Transcript
Think about what would happen here if every US state spoke a different language and had such disparate cultural norms. The uncertain dynamics in both China and Europe is why Gronbach believes the United States will have a significant advantage over
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GRENELL & WALSH: Obama’s nuclear-reduction fantasy
Washington Times
Mr. Miller also admitted that despite the administration’s decision to unilaterally declare the number of nuclear weapons in the American stockpile, neither China nor Russia has met the calls to increase transparency in their programs.
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US AMD dilemma: Big dollar or world peace?
“It’s what drives US foreign and military policy. The missile defense system is the shield to be used to pick off retaliatory strikes. “After a US first strike sword has been thrust at either Russia or China, I don’t think it’s paranoia on the part of
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