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U.S. China News 2011.11.26

Sat, November 26, 2011

China Beats the US, Again
US shipments fell 7% to 23.3 million over the same period. Increasing retail availability plus deals with carriers China Mobile (NYS: CHL) and China Unicom (NYS: CHU) have made it easier for consumers to purchase smart handsets.
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Report: USChina Cold War starts
Press TV
The formal organ of China’s ruling party has reported that a cold war era has started between China and the US as Washington has stepped up a campaign to counter Beijing’s growing clout across the globe. Reports from Pentagon indicate that the US is
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Will World War III be between the U.S. and China?
Daily Mail
Seeing their ally on the brink of defeat, the Chinese determined to take a hand. In barren mountains just a few miles south of their own border, in the winter of 1950 their troops achieved a stunning surprise. The Chinese drove the American interlopers
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US and China’s basketball brawl
A goodwill basketball game between a team from Washington’s Georgetown University and their Chinese opponents descends into violence.
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Chinese Currency Manipulation Isn’t What’s Undercutting The US Economy
Business Insider
With the controversial bill to punish China over its currency having been approved by the Senate, the Sino-US tensions have moved up by a few notches. When there is disillusionment among the masses and the protestors are on the streets it’s rather easy
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US Challenges China’s Power in Pacific Region
New America Media
China was understandably taken aback. For nearly a decade, it dominated the region more or less unimpeded. As the United States‘ influence wanes, China with its rising economic power and the second-most powerful naval fleet in the world naturally
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Commodity prices extend slump on strong US dollar
Taipei Times
Commodity prices fell further this week on a mix of fresh eurozone tensions, a stronger US dollar and weak data out of China and the US, traders said. OIL: Oil prices retreated after winning support early in the week from tensions linked to major crude
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McIlroy and McDowell strong as Ireland team leads World Cup; US tied for
Washington Post
HAINAN, China — Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell will head into the final round of the World Cup with a two-stroke lead after a convincing performance for Ireland in the fourballs on Saturday. The Irish duo hit eight birdies to finish the third round
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China labor unrest linked to global slowdown
Washington Post
BEIJING — In another sign of the impact on China’s economy of Europe’s debt crisis and the US economic slowdown, factories in southern Guangdong province, the country’s manufacturing heartland, have been the target of a recent wave of labor strikes.
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China to probe US aid for green energy
Click here China to probe US aid for green energy Originally published: November 25, 2011 9:55 PM Updated: November 25, 2011 11:24 PM By JOE McDONALD. The Associated Press BEIJING — China’s government has announced a trade probe of whether US support
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President reaffirms commitment to US arms procurement
eTaiwan News
“If I’m re-elected, I’ll continue to procure defensive arms from the US to ensure our national security,” Ma said in an interview on the BBC’s Chinese-language website on Friday. Stressing that Taiwan’s procurement policy is not aimed at an arms race
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Top-Performing US-Listed Chinese Stocks (Nov 25, 2011)
China Analyst
Phoenix New Media Ltd ADR (NYSE:FENG) is the best-performing US-listed Chinese stock on Nov. 25. It was up 8.6% on the day. FENG’s upside potential is 96.1% based on brokerage analysts’ average target price of $10.67. It is trading at 36.1% of its
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Extend: US must give Guam parole authority for visitors from China
Pacific Daily News
The United States gave the Northern Marianas parole authority for Russian and Chinese tourists because they were critical to our northern neighbors’ economy. The same argument can be made for Guam, notably in how visitors from China would make up for
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US defeated in bid on cluster bomb accord
While the United States, China and Russia want rules about the manufacture and use of cluster bombs, activists say such regulations would legitimize the munitions, backtracking from the Oslo Convention, an international treaty that seeks a worldwide
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Motives of Foreign Student Recruiters Questioned
Fox News
A recent report by Blumenthal’s institute showed a 32 percent increase in the number of international students in the US compared with a decade ago. Nearly a quarter of the students here for the 2010-11 academic year came from China.
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China not immune from West’s economic woes
CBS News
The US slowdown has hit his small factory more than 6400 miles away in Dongguan, China. Xie Jun’s factory used to turn out $1 million worth of iPad covers and cell phone accessories every year, but not anymore. Orders from Xie’s most important customer
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Probe to look into US solar projects
China Daily
By Diao Ying and Du Juan (China Daily) BEIJING – China will probe US government support and subsidies for its renewable energy sector, following a recent move by the United States to investigate solar cells from China, the Ministry of Commerce said on
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Red China Remains a Threat
The Weekly Standard (blog)
But Osama bin Laden’s attack on New York and Washington instantly shifted America’s attention to the emerging danger that administrations of both parties had largely ignored or underestimated over the previous decade. Overnight, China became America’s
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War games spotlight China-Pakistan hype
Neither can China present an alternative to the US alliance. But Kayani described China as “very important” to regional stability, perhaps best seen against a backdrop of Pakistan’s own rivalry with India. “It’s not a zero-sum game.
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Mindray Is Worth Watching
Chinese exporters have been punished by investors as demand in Europe and the US has been wilting, and Mindray Medical International is no exception. China’s largest exporter of medical devices has seen its American depositary receipts (ticker: MR)
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<B>Vibhanshu Shekhar:</B> TPP: A step towards integrating continents
Business Standard
The two countries have already been involved in a ‘currency war’, with the US labelling China a ‘currency manipulator’ and printing more money as a countermove against Chinese obstinacy. Viewed in this perspective, the TPP aims to work as an exclusive
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News that’s fit to spin: meet the Fox of China
Sydney Morning Herald
In the hectic intervening 14 hours, they commission and edit articles and editorials on topics ranging from asserting China’s claims on the South China Sea to the US’s nefarious role in the global financial crisis in a slim, 16-page tabloid with
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An Invisible Community: Korean Chinese in the US
New America Media
Today they make up one of China’s officially recognized minorities, and are increasingly visible as unskilled workers in South Korea, and more recently in Korean communities in the US NEW YORK — Yeon-hee Kim (not her real name) arrived in the United
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13 Sites I Spied in China
Based on what I discovered, I recommend other US citizen spies give these sites more scrutiny. My travels included 13 airplane flights, one riverboat, nine tour buses and one magnetic levitation train. If you take on this mission to China and are going
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China timber product exports reach US$31.5bn
Timber Trades Journal
China’s total forest product exports were valued at US$31.5bn in the first nine months of 2011, according to the International Tropical Timber Organisation’s latest market report. The total was up 17% on a year ago, with wooden furniture making up the
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US, Russia, China and Israel beaten in bid to get cluster bombs legalised
100gf | Politics and Computers
The US, Russia, China and Israel have lost a battle to get cluster bombs legalised. The weapons, which scatter ‘bomblets’ over a wide area, were banned in 2008, but the US and a number other countries have refused to sign up to the ban and have been
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Communist Party leader in Chinese city claims to have worked in New Haven City
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
The group Initiatives for China, based in Washington, DC, has asked the US State Department to bar Li from entering the United States. “With regards to Li Qun being the main person responsible for Chen Guangcheng’s case, I am of the opinion that Li Qun
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Flathead school leaders get immersed in educational system of distant culture
Daily Inter Lake
The delegation works with the Confucius Institute, an organization under China’s Ministry of Education that helps US educators network with Chinese educators, observe China’s classrooms and learn about Chinese language and culture.
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Chinese Report Blames Exiled Monk for Self-Immolations
Voice of America
chanted ‘long, live Tibet,’ before setting himself on fire Tibetan Sets Himself on Fire in Indian Capital US Congressional Report Notes Marked Drop in China Human Rights 11th Tibetan Buddhist Self-Immolates in Southwestern China.
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China builds its African empire while the ‘anti-colonialist’ Left looks the (blog)
But since these things are actually being done not by America but by the People’s Republic of China across the entire African continent, the “anti-colonialist” Left just yawns. Ordinary Africans care, of course. The subject of China will loom large in
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American Classic Finds New Life In China
Daily Markets (press release) (blog)
GM sold nearly 550000 cars in China in 2010, more than triple its sales in the United States. The car company expects its global sales to expand by as much as 10 percent in 2012, according to Bloomberg*. The company has also announced plans to
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Enough of tiger moms and wolf dads
China Daily
By Berlin Fang (China Daily) Thomas Friedman wrote in his column, “How about better parents?” (The New York Times, Nov 19), that parent involvement is key to student success. Fed up with the status quo of American education, and desperate for an
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Russia And China Stand Up To The Arrogance, Hegemony And Monopoly Of The West
South Asian Link
China has warned the USA not to meddle in the Asian affairs because it is not an Asian country. None of the Asian countries, even with the American support, has the ability to face the combined strength of Russia and China. America should understand
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Matt Miller on the Decadence of the Western Intellectual Class
Business Insider
Miller apparently doesn’t know that China pegs its currency against the dollar. In order to keep the yuan from rising against the dollar, it has purchased over $1 trillion of US assets over the last decade. The United States is in fact not “relying” on
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China Hydroelectric hits year-low 25th time in three months
China Hydroelectric (CHC.N), the 32nd largest Electrical company by market capitalisation in the Global ADR market, hit a 52-week low of US$1.30 during the day. In the last three months the ADR has hit a new 52-week low twenty-five times, pointing to a
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Timber Producers Buck the Trend for Export Freight
The Handy Shipping Guide
US – CANADA – CHINA – Whilst export shipments of waste products, principally metal and paper products, have soared in recent years as China has steadily increased her exports of finished products to the West leaving piles of second hand products and
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Golf-Kaymer bemused by McIlroy and Westwood PGA return
Reuters UK
By Bernie McGuire HAIKOU, China Nov 26 (Reuters) – Martin Kaymer has no intention of following Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood to the US PGA Tour and says he finds their decision to rejoin the circuit “strange”. World No. 2 and reigning US Open champion
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Analysis: US deliberates on how to assist Eurozone
New Europe
The United States can facilitate a stronger financial position of the IMF which the international community could leverage on as soon as the Europeans finalise a ‘fundable’ strategy.” He added: “Finally, the US should try to push China on the current
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IIE Report Reveals Indian Students Still Prefer U.S. for Higher Studies by Uniguru (press release)
According to this annual survey of US campuses’ international enrollments during 2010/2011, US institutions still attract a huge number of Indian students for higher education. In fact, after China, India is the largest country of origin, with 1,03895
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Hong Kong’s ‘A Simple Life’ sweeps ‘China Oscars’
Nearly 30 films from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong were nominated in the 48th edition of the Golden Horse Awards, styled after the US Academy Awards but decided by a jury along the lines of the Cannes film festival. Deanie Ip (right) and Andy Lau
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Economy may crimp holiday sales but some retailers could see big online
Royal Gazette
The firm predicts that China’s Internet retailing market may overtake the US as the world’s largest, with transactions forecast to be valued at more than $314 billion within the next four years. Forty-four percent of city dwellers in the world’s most
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Opinion: Postcard from Washington
Vancouver Sun
Yet all this woe and war, all this penury and grief, are echoed in the halls of Cathay’s dynastic history; proof, yet again, that whatever may befall us, the Chinese already have rendered in blood and poetry, endured, and overcome.
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Market Watch
The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America forecasts that by 2035, the US will need to spend $205 billion (in 2010 dollars) on new gas pipelines, processing facilities and gathering systems in order to meet growing demand for natural gas. China
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