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U.S. China News 2011.11.15

Tue, November 15, 2011

Risks may blunt tough US talk on China
The sun sets as US President Barack Obama speaks at his news conference at the conclusion of the APEC Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii November 13, 2011. By Andrew Quinn WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s sharp words on China may burnish a tough
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US-listed China firms welcome to come home
“The current situation is the result of some institutions seeking to politicize the matter, and it’s difficult to predict where things are heading,” Zhou told a conference, referring to a spat between US and Chinese regulators over cross-border
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Lawmakers probe US aid to China, fueling anti-Beijing feelings in Congress
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Lawmakers on Tuesday will scrutinize a portion of the US budget that’s tiny but touches a raw nerve: development aid to China, America’s biggest foreign creditor. The House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia is examining $4 million in
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Population of Chinese Students in US Continues to Grow; More Undergraduates
Voice of America (blog)
Here’s what we found interesting: 1) The number of international students in the United States increased by 5% in 2010/2011. 2) Once again, that growth comes largely from China, which had a 23% increase in international students.
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BofA sale highlights end of era for foreign, China banks
By Kevin Yao and Denny Thomas BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) – Bank of America’s sale of most of its shares in China Construction Bank earned the US lender a tidy profit, but also underlined that BofA, like other foreign financial groups,
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Infocast’s USChina Wind 2011
MarketWatch (press release)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nov 15, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Infocast will hold their second annual USChina Wind Summit at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco, CA, December 13 – 15, 2011. This summit is perfectly timed as it coincides
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China, US Dominate in New Social Media ETF
Business Insider
Breakdown: we know the emphasis on China, which comprises 37 percent of Global X Social Media’s initial weighting. The US is good for 26 percent. There are three stocks from Japan (weighted to 19 percent). Also on the list are Russia, Germany, India,
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China Resists Sea Discussion at Summit
Wall Street Journal
The two statements highlight the regional tensions that form the backdrop for talks Friday and Saturday between leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or Asean, and eight other countries: the US, China, India, Japan, South Korea,
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Chinese Investment Props Up US Real Estate Market
Triple Pundit
There are also travel agents taking this opportunity to organize large expensive trips, charging lots of money for Chinese people to come to the US to see houses. It is not new that some ultra-rich Chinese invest in US in exchange for EB-5 visa status,
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Gillard claims Australia can maintain links with America and China
Herald Sun
JULIA Gillard has rejected claims Australia will struggle to keep close ties with both the US and China. As China’s economic and military muscle challenges America’s long-established primacy in the Pacific, some analysts believe Australia may be forced
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GRAINS-US soy at 1-week high on weather, China demand, wheat up
Reuters Africa
15 (Reuters) – Chicago soy traded near a one-week high on Tuesday, extending gains into a third day with the market supported by rains delaying the last leg of the US harvest and expectations of strong demand led by China, the world’s top buyer.
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SAP to Invest US$2 Billion in China Expansion
By Michael Kan, IDG News SAP announced on Tuesday it will spend more than US$2 billion over the next four years to expand its business in China, with plans to almost double the number of employees it has in the nation. The US$2 billion represents an
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An ‘Out of the Box’ Proposal for China, Taiwan and the US
Asia Society
NEW YORK, November 11, 2011 — At the launch of Asia Society’s latest Task Force report, Simon Tay responds to a question about a novel proposal for America to abandon its defense agreement with Taiwan if China agrees to forgive $1.14 trillion in US
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Export Now Hopes to Unlock Chinese Ecommerce Market for U.S. Sellers
US sellers interested in entering the Chinese market can sign up with Export Now and ship their merchandise to the firm’s depot in Long Beach, Calif. There, Export Now consolidates the goods it collects into containers that it ships by sea to its
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Loosen restrictions on exports: China to US
China has responded to the warning issued by President Obama on Beijing’s trade practices saying that US should make it easier for Chinese companies to invest in the US.
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Made-in-China solar products benefit US consumers, say analysts
China Daily
By Cheng Guangjin and Liu Yiyu (China Daily) WASHINGTON / NEW YORK – China has driven down the price of alternative energy products in the US market, which has benefited consumers, said US business executives and analysts. China and the United States
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ASEAN looks to keep regional role as US, China propose trade pacts
Jakarta Post
ASEAN will likely face another round of the USChina rivalry when the leaders of the world’s two largest economies meet at the East Asia Summit (EAS) in Bali this week after the APEC meeting this weekend. Although the immediate battle between China and
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Will China become a market for U.S. rice?
Western Farm Press
China has had a history of purchasing rice for reasons of logistics and to acquire aromatic varieties. The US rice industry would like to supply China, but certainly faces cost and logistical disadvantages compared with rice from Southeast Asia.
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Obama to China: Behave like a “grown up”
He said China, which often presents itself as a developing country, is now “grown up” and should act that way in global economic affairs. The sharp words between the US and China contrasted with the unified front that Asia-Pacific leaders sought to
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USChina solar row a ‘distraction’ from big picture, says Conergy
Recent calls in the US for anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made modules are a “distraction” that will do nothing to slow the fall of module prices as more Asian companies enter the industry, claims Conergy. The US Department of Commerce (DOC) recently
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Assignment: China – Opening Up
US-China Institute
This episode is one of several that will make up an ambitious multimedia project exploring the work of US China correspondents and the role they have played in shaping both American perceptions of the country and US policy toward China.
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DECKER & TRIPLETT: China: We hate Americans
Washington Times
With a flood of inexpensive products coming from China, American homemakers can spend less on most household goods, which leaves more income to save, invest, spend on luxury goods, or dedicate to children’s education. On the downside, artificially low
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Economy: Chinese to invest over US$700 million in mining
Afrique en Ligue
Extracting and processing minerals in Zimbabwe – The Zimbabwe Government has secured deals worth over US$700 million with various Chinese investors interested in extracting and processing minerals locally, an official said on Saturday.
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China tells US rules must be agreed
People’s Daily Online
HONOLULU, United States, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) — China will definitely abide by the rules agreed on by the international community, but will “have to know whose rules we are talking about,” a Chinese diplomat said on Sunday.
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US Treasury’s Makeover On TIPS Ushers In Boom Era; China Buys
Wall Street Journal (India)
China, with the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves of $3.2 trillion, has been among the most active this year while Brazil dabbled into the market, these people said. “There is a growing need to buy protection against future inflation,” said
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Cuban oil project fuels US anxieties
BBC News
A whole range of international oil companies from Spain, Norway, Russia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, Angola, Venezuela, and China – but not the US – are lining up to hire the rig and search for what are believed to be substantial oil deposits.
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Chinese military ‘using WA station’
The Australian
A SATELLITE ground station in the West Australian desert is being used by the Chinese military to help locate Australian and US navy warships in the region. The explosive claim has been made by the nation’s foremost expert on space-based espionage,
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: Partnerships, opportunities stressed at USChina Business Leaders Summit
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
More than 200 business leaders from the US and China attended the event, organized by The China Entrepreneur Club and presented by Prudential Financial and Fosun International. China International Capital Corporation Limited, ChinaUnited States
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China Finds Clenbuterol in Pork Imports From U.S., Xinhua Says
By Bloomberg News – Tue Nov 15 14:34:26 GMT 2011 China found banned additive clenbuterol, known as “lean meat powder” in imported pork products from countries including the US, Canada and Denmark, the official Xinhua News Agency reported today.
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Obama to vow bigger Asia footprint on Pacific tour
Baltimore Sun
The agreement will not include any permanent US basing, but an Obama administration official said it was a stepping stone to a more stable presence in Australia, which offers closer access to the South China Sea than America’s bases inJapan and South
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China Still Key for Investors Despite Slumping Stock Markets
Money Morning
Chinese exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a popular way for US investors to dip their toes into the Chinese stock markets, are off an average of more than 21% for 2011. That’s a big shift from 2010, when the average China fund gained 13%, or 2009,
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Chinese newspaper makes a push in Boston
The Boston Globe
The US edition of its newspaper, called China Daily, debuted in 2009 and is now produced in eight other markets, including New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC In an August press release announcing a weekly tabloid produced by China Daily’s US
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Obama: US budget talks could disrupt holiday plans
He also took a tough approach on trade with China, telling Chinese President Hu Jintao in a private meeting that American impatience was growing with the state of the economic relationship. At the fundraiser, Obama defended his signature healthcare
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IMF Sees ‘Buildup’ of China Bank Risk Needing More Oversight
The MSCI China/Financials Index of shares has tumbled 23 percent this year, underperforming the broader Shanghai Composite Index of equities, which is down 10 percent. The IMF assessment came a day after Bank of America Corp. said it will sell a second
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China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc. Subsidiary Focused on Building Long-Term Brand
MarketWatch (press release)
15, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — China Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc. (otcqb:CNUV) — The Senior Management Team has returned from the 26th Annual North American Surgical Spine (NASS) Convention in Chicago and reports on its findings.
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Bernanke Bludgeons China With Inflation in Currency War: Books
“It was the perfect currency-war weapon and the Fed knew it,” he says, describing how the Fed’s expanding money supply forced China to print more yuan to maintain its peg to the dollar. “China was now importing inflation from the United States through
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Top 10 US-Listed Chinese Stocks with Highest Upside: CHC, CIS, MY, XNY, CCIH
China Analyst
Below are the top 10 US-listed Chinese stocks with highest upside potential, based on the difference between current price and Wall Street analysts’ average target price. China Hydroelectric Corporation (USD) (NYSE:CHC) has the 1st highest upside
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U.S. coal fundamentals strong: Oxford CEO
However, competition in Midwest utility markets Oxford supplies is reduced as coal from other regions is exported to China and other foreign consumers, he said. “US coal producers will export more than 100 million tons of coal this year,” Ungurean said
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Why the United States is Not Greece or Italy – And Shouldn’t Act like It
Huffington Post (blog)
Note that one of the big disputes between the US and China today is that the Chinese don’t allow their own currency to float relative to the dollar, resulting in relatively lower prices for Chinese goods in the US and higher prices for US goods in
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Manufacturing America’s New Middle Class: Henry R. Nothhaft
For more than 30 years now, economists and policy makers have instead worshipped the false God of “comparative advantage,” believing that the US could prosper by specializing in innovation while letting China and other nations do the manufacturing.
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US Treasuries Advance as Italian, Spanish Bond Yields Climb
“More and more people will realize that the US economy is growing. Yields will go up.” Gao Xiqing, president of China Investment Corp., the country’s sovereign-wealth fund, said global financial integration makes it harder to reduce holdings in certain
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Westminster College to host forum on ChinaU.S. relations
Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake City’s Westminster College will join 50 other sites across the nation Wednesday evening to host a town hall meeting on USChina relations. The free forum — which begins at 5 pm in the Vieve Gore Concert Hall in the Emma Eccles Jones
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