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U.S. China News 2011.11.06

Sun, November 6, 2011

Brazil, China and other emerging markets trail US
Developing countries from Brazil to China are expanding much faster than aging economies in the US and Europe, where borrowing during the boom years has been a drag on growth. So the smart money bought stocks in emerging markets, expecting that rapid
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US Asks China to Address Tibetan Issues
Voice of America
November 05, 2011 US Asks China to Address Tibetan Issues VOA News The United States has urged the Chinese government to address its “counter-productive policies” in Tibetan areas, saying it was concerned about a recent spate of self-immolations.
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US Ambassador presses China on forced-abortion opponent
In 2007 Chinese human rights activists Chen Guangcheng (in portrait, while jailed) was the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay award for outstanding public service. (Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images) TAISHAN, ChinaUS Ambassador Gary Locke is quietly
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China and US in standoff over auditors
Financial Times
By Adam Jones in London Chinese audit firms could be barred from vetting the accounts of US-listed companies because of a regulatory stand-off that has the potential to cause a significant trade dispute. The US’s chief audit regulator has admitted that
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US says China and Russia are cyber threats
SC Magazine Australia
It highlighted several instances of intellectual property theft by Chinese nationals and said: “China (and Russia) view themselves as strategic competitors of the United States and are the most aggressive collectors of US economic information and
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The China conundrum; Wave of Chinese students in the US universities
Economic Times
That opinion is widely shared in China, which is part of the reason the number of Chinese undergraduates in the United States has tripled in just three years, to 40000, making them the largest group of foreign students at US colleges.
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US may quit Gulf: India’s loss, China’s gain
Economic Times
Till now, the US navy has ensured secure oil movement from and beyond the Gulf. India has been a free rider, getting oil security at no cost. China’s presence in the region has till now been minimal. But a US withdrawal, even if partial, will usher in
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Cyber-spying poses economic threat to US, firms
San Francisco Chronicle
We know in general about hacking and cyber-espionage that comes out of China and, to a lesser extent, Russia. But rarely have US intelligence agencies so bluntly and publicly pointed the finger directly at those countries’ governments.
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Cannes showed how power has shifted to Beijing
The Guardian (blog)
To an extent, the backwash from Europe – and from the still-tepid recovery in the US – will be beneficial, since it will encourage China to rely more heavily on domestic demand as a source of growth. That will mean allowing its currency, the yuan,
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Convene 22nd Session of U SChina Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade in (press release)
WASHINGTON, – US Secretary of Commerce John Bryson and US Trade Representative Ron Kirk will co-chair the 22nd session of the USChina Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan on November 20-21, in Chengdu,
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Nation & world: Detroit Skating Club’s Jeremy Abbott wins gold in China
Detroit Free Press
Jeremy Abbott of the Detroit Skating Club rallied from a fall on his opening jump to edge Nobunari Oda of Japan for the title at the Cup of China on Saturday in Shanghai. Two-time US champion Abbott finished with an overall total of 228.49 points,
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Vivienne Tam puts ‘Made in China‘ on catwalks
HONG KONG — Like the rags she turned into clothes for her siblings in Hong Kong, ChineseAmerican designer Vivienne Tam has lifted the Made-in-China label out of the discount bins and onto the world’s catwalks. Many artists claim to blend Eastern and
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US claims China and Russia are stealing data on the economy and technology
by Susan Wilson The United States has finally accused China and Russia of stealing data that threatens the economic security of the US. Up until now the US has been ignoring the problem that has been happening for years. Just as with most things that
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Testing time for immune systems
Sydney Morning Herald
European and US fears do affect business here, and China is not a worry-free zone. AUSTRALIA is a bit like the only healthy school kid in a room surrounded by sneezing, wheezing classmates. And the question is – with so many companions looking
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Mirabela Deal Seen With Minmetals Chasing South American Nickel: Real M&A
Cnooc Ltd. (883), China’s largest offshore energy producer, abandoned its $19.4 billion offer for El Segundo, California-based Unocal Corp. in 2005 because of opposition from US lawmakers. That left Chevron Corp. of San Ramon, California,
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SunPower, First Solar Reorganize as Prices, Demand Decline
4 (Bloomberg) — SunPower Corp. and First Solar Inc., the two largest US solar manufacturers, will reorganize as increased competition from China drives down prices and pushes weaker companies into bankruptcy. SunPower is seeking to cut operating
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Focus on manufacturing: Bringing work back to Memphis
Memphis Commercial Appeal
By Ted Evanoff Memphis and the Mid-South could gain a wave of reshoring jobs as China’s rising costs push US manufacturers back to America, business analysts say. Chinese factory wages have climbed steadily, nearing US levels. And oil prices have risen
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Life in China’s lunch lane proves tasty
The Province
We’ll always remember China’s largest city for the kindness shown to us by a woman who lives in one of the city’s smallest rooms. My friend and I were staying in the French Concession and set out from our hotel for a walk one morning to explore the
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Pinoy rules world Math competition
Manila Bulletin
Wu bested competitors from different countries, including the US and China, to win the gold medal in the primary division individual contest held at the Jiuhua Resort and Convention Center, here. “I dedicate this award to the glory of God and to the
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Kostner wins Cup of China, qualifies for Grand Prix Final
Golden Skate
Carolina Kostner of Italy continued her successful start into the season by winning Cup of China on Saturday in Shanghai. She is also the first skater to book her ticket for the Grand Prix Final of Figure Skating. Kostner’s win over former US Champion
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Huntsman lets Cain off on China gaffe
Politico (blog)
“As far as the eye can see into the 21st century, the United States and China are on the world stage,” the former US ambassador to China added. “We’ve got to figure out how to make that relationship work and it’d be nice to have a president in office
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Last year’s greenhouse gas emissions topple worst-case scenario
By themselves, China and the US accounted for half of the global rise in carbon emissions. Other nations that saw emission rises included Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan. Overall Europe saw moderate growth in emissions.
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China Credit Squeeze Prompts Suicides Amid Offer to Sever Finger
Money from Wenzhou is invested in everything from real estate in Dubai to coal mines in Shanxi province, in China’s northwest. After a research trip to Wenzhou, Bank of America’s Lu said in an Oct. 25 report that the chances of a nationwide liquidity
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Of perks and privileges
Daily Star Online
Gary Locke is the new US ambassador to China. Someone took a photo of Ambassador Locke buying coffee at Starbucks on the way to his new assignment. Some more pictures showed the ambassador and his family arriving at a Chinese airport carrying their own
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Cyber-Espionage, Duqu Trojan Lead Week’s Security News
The Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive wrote in a report to Congress that China was the “world’s most active and persistent” perpetrator of economic espionage against the US China, Russia and other countries were using data stolen
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U.S. Trade Gap Was Probably Little Changed as Exports and Imports Cooled
Exports may taper off as Europe heads toward what its new central bank chief calls a “mild recession,” while China and other emerging economies cool. By the same token, what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said was a “frustratingly slow” US
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US: Strings attached to Chinese institute offers
University World News
Stanford refused, citing academic freedom, and Chinese officials backed down, Saller said. The university plans to use the money for a professorship in classical Chinese poetry, far removed from the Tibet dispute. China is expanding its presence on US
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Slawinski Auction Company California Estates Auction on November 13th
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Beihong painted near the beginning of the ruling of Mao Zedong, and his art reflects the political climate of the introduction of a new modern China. Other great finds will include jade and ivory carvings, American and Asian porcelain vases,
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IAEA report on Iran set to raise Middle East tension
It “will be followed by a US-European Union push for harsher sanctions against Iran at the UN Security Council, where Western powers will meet stiff resistance from Russia and China,” said Trita Parsi, an expert on US-Iran relations.
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Baseball bat is a hit as a defensive weapon in China
Sacramento Bee
That gave sellers the idea to turn to baseball bats, whose availability had grown after the industry shifted from the US to China about a decade ago. China is now the world’s largest manufacturer of metal bats, filling orders for companies such as
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Renewable energy: victim of trade war – or winner?
Christian Science Monitor
A trade battle has erupted between US and Chinese solar manufacturers over government subsidies and pricing practices, but the real winner will be renewable energy, a US official says. A row between China and the United States over imports of cheaper
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America’s clout: That shrinking feeling
Daily Star Online
The recent deadlock in Congress over raising the US debt ceiling has only exacerbated fears of a decline, not from without, but from within. Closer to Asia, America’s military prowess is increasingly challenged by China. The best example here is Taiwan
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Chesapeake Announces 2 Land-Leasing Deals: A New Stage In U.S. Shale Gas
Seeking Alpha
In some cases, the foreign company’s most important considerations are access to US technology, expertise, field practices, and analysis. That’s certainly true with Chinese majors. China is now regarded as having the largest shale gas reserves in the
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Key Considerations for Patent Strategies in China
There are three types of patents in China: invention patent, utility model patent and design patent. A Chinese invention patent is similar to a US utility patent with 20 year term from its filing date. A utility model patent provides protection for a
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East Asia expert Scalapino dies at 92
Korea Times
As a leading expert on East Asia, including Korea and Japan, Sacalpino advised three US presidents on foreign policy relating to Asia. Scalapino published some 553 articles and 39 books or monographs on Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan as well as on
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China’s Space Docking Success: Strategic Implications – Analysis
Eurasia Review
The Space Competitiveness Index prepared by the technology management firm Futron Corporation reveals that China matched America’s number of launches during 2010 for the first time. The conclusion of Futron Corp’s analysis is that the US is fast losing
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With poverty rising, don’t use wrong solutions
Portales News-Tribune
America remains the most prosperous and upwardly mobile nation in history. We should closely examine places alluded to as models for us to emulate, such as China, which has surged economically in recent years. Consider Michael Levy, who, after serving
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Stopping economic espionage becomes top FBI priority
Chicago Sun-Times
A US intelligence report released Thursday blamed China and Russia, saying the nations are trying to escalate themselves technologically, militarily and economically by stealing our greatest advantages, including our advances in technology.
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General Motors mulls blocking Saab sale
US automaker General Motors said Saturday that it may block the sale of Saab to two Chinese companies, citing concerns of its supplier relationship to the insolvent Swedish carmaker. “We have many unanswered questions about the transaction,” GM
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Japan’s Momoko Ueda beats China’s Shanshan Feng in playoff to win Mizuno Classic
Winnipeg Free Press
The 25-year-old Ueda earned US$180000 in the $1.2-million event. The victory was her first since the 2009 AXA Ladies Open and her second on the LPGA Tour and ninth on the Japan LPGA. “I was starting to think I’d never win again,” said Ueda,
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US Supreme Court to decide where Jewish boy was born
The official US policy held there is but one China and Taiwan is not a separate country. The Department’s position was that allowing Taiwan on passports would adversely affect its interactions with China’s communist leadership. In 1994, Congress passed
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Ex-US general urges frank talk on cyber weapons
Reuters India
Underscoring the threat, this week an arm of the US intelligence community released a report identifying China and Russia as the most active and persistent nations that are using cyber espionage to steal US trade and technology secrets.
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Leaders share isle values while respecting delegates’ customs
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
“In Bangkok the super three (US, China and Russia) were all virtually in the same intersection.” Carey said hosting the delegations from Australia and New Zealand is a natural fit since they are familiar with the Outrigger brand.
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