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U.S. China News 2011.11.01

Tue, November 1, 2011

U.S. readings challenge China’s smog claims
By Josh Levs, CNN (CNN) — Beijing residents blanketed by smog are pointing to US readings on pollution levels — and slamming official reports from the Chinese government. On Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, more and more people are uploading
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China cracks fake drug ring, seizing 114, as US FDA official urges vigilance
Washington Post
SHANGHAI — Police in central China’s Henan province arrested 114 people in a crackdown on a counterfeit drugs ring, seizing $30 million worth of fake medications and more than 65 million medicine bottles. The reports Tuesday came as a top US Food and
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Chinese Officials Deny Hacking US Environment-Monitoring Satellites
Popular Science
Here’s what happened: The USChina Economic and Security Review Commission, which typically reports on Sino-American trade relations, reported the satellite interference in a draft message to Congress, but added the events have not been traced to China
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Cyberattacks on U.S. military firms traced to China
It called him Covert Grove based on a translation of his Chinese name. The US and Chinese governments have accused each other of being involved in industrial espionage. Security consultants say the high skill level of earlier attacks traced to China
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US Factory Growth Slows
Wall Street Journal
In particular, the October PMI reported by China’s government fell sharply to its lowest level since February 2009. The US ISM said, “Comments from respondents are mixed, indicating positive relief from raw materials pricing and continuing strength in
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US stocks tumble on Greece, China worries
NEW YORK — US stocks slid Tuesday after Greece unexpectedly called a referendum on its EU bailout program and Chinese manufacturing data signaled a global economic slowdown. The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 194.16 points (1.62 percent)
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U.S. Firms Slow to Embrace Yuan
Fox Business
By Chana R. Schoenberger NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- China has made it easier for overseas companies to buy from local suppliers and pay their Chinese employees in yuan. But they’ve found few takers among US firms. American companies have poured into China
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Russia, China don’t see US in SCO
The Voice of Russia
Russia and China want to give the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) a stronger status but not through the entry of the US in this organization. They want to see India and Pakistan in the status of full members, Afghanistan as an observer and
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China clamps rare earth production as US, Australia enlarge mining
AHN | All Headline News
Mining companies in Australia and the United States, meanwhile, are fast tracking production of rare earth minerals to diversify the supply from China, which has been monopolizing the sector, spurring costs to soar by as much as 1500 percent last year.
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China To Retaliate If US Currency Bill Becomes Law
SHANGHAI — China will retaliate in kind against the US if a measure targeting the yuan becomes law, the China Daily reported Tuesday, citing an official from the Ministry of Commerce. The proposed currency legislation would hurt both China and US
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China’s Groupon clone files for $100 million US IPO
Reuters Canada
China’s group buying sector is intensely competitive and saturated with more than a thousand group buying websites and Lashou faces an uphill battle to win a lion’s share, analysts say. “E-commerce in China is hyper competitive, much more than the US,
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US wants India, China to play constructive role in Afghanistan
Indian Express
Ahead of the crucial Istanbul conference on Afghanistan, the US has said it wants India and China to play a “constructive role” in bringing long-term peace to the war-torn country. “We’ve talked with both capitals about very constructive roles that
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China PMI in surprise fall, lowest since 2009
China’s official purchasing managers’ index (PMI) fell to 50.4 in October from 51.2 in September, countering expectations for a rise. The National Bureau of Statistics blamed the drop on weak European and US economies. A private-sector PMI though set a
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Chinese, US women chemists gather to talk science
EurekAlert (press release)
(Oct. 31, 2011) — Women chemists from the United States and China have concluded a historic three-day workshop in Beijing — a session believed to be the first in China to bring just women together from the two countries to share and discuss their
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David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center Welcomes China to Promote the Cultural
PR Newswire (press release)
The China Jinling Dance Company was founded in 1955 and first performed The Peony Pavilion as a dance drama in 2008, winning several awards the following year including best director, composition, and stage design. “Both Chinese and US government
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Toys”R”Us, Inc. Acquires Majority Stake in Existing Retail Business Operations
MarketWatch (press release)
The terms of the joint venture also allow Toys”R”Us, Inc. to acquire the remaining share of the business in the future. Effective immediately, the joint venture will include 90 existing Toys”R”Us stores in Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore,
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China hits back at solar dumping accusation
Renewable Energy Focus
SolarWorld Industries America Inc, along with six other solar manufacturers, have filed cases with the US Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission accusing Chinese solar cell and module manufacturers of illegal dumping in the US market
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USChina Relations Will Become Strained Over Rare Earth Metals
While I am sympathetic to the concerns of the authors of the bill, it distracts from a more pressing issue in ChineseAmerican economic relations: rare earth metals. The US continues to be frustrated at the pace of re-evaluation of the yuan.
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Hey, T-Mobile USA: Here’s A Tip From China Mobile On How To Sell The iPhone
The operator seems resigned to this fact, but things could be different if it looks east to China, and takes guidance from that country’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile. Like T-Mobile, China Mobile has not been able to offer the iPhone on its
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“Made In China” Is Good For US Economy
Decker starts his story by narrating his visit to a car dealership, on the look-out for an American muscle car, but becomes distraught when he sees that “the domestic content was only 55%,” and that the transmission was manufactured in China.
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US and China crude oil exports to double by 2020-Petrobas
Commodity Online
NEW YORK (Commodity Online): Crude Oil exports to the United States and China will double to 400000-450000 bpd by 2020 says Jose Sergio Gabrielli, CEO of Petrobas. Gabrielli also believes that Brazil’s crude oil exports will triple to 1.5-1.6 million
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China Minmetals looks to U.S. for growth
“The US is our most important strategic market in the world,” Minmetals President Zhongshu Zhou told Dow Jones Newswires. “If any businesses are doing well in China, we would like to extend them into the USChina Minmetals runs a diversified portfolio
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Huawei eyes cloud buys, but politics keep it away from U.S. startups
1, 2011, 8:16am PT No Comments Huawei is planning to boost its cloud computing offerings on the software side through acquisitions, but thanks to the uncertain politics related to the Chinese government, US startups may not be in the running.
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China Ming Yang secures US$5bn funding for wind
Renewable Energy Focus
China Ming Yang has been granted potential financing of up to US$5 billion from the China Development Bank Corp for further developments of wind power in China and around the world. By Kari Williamson The financing will be used for activities in
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USChina Distrust Fuels Nuclear Fears
China Digital Times
In more than 10 years of bilateral talks on their respective nuclear-weapons programs, the United States and China are frequently “like chickens talking with ducks,” according to Gregory Kulacki, a senior analyst in the Union of Concerned Scientists’
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Obama to shift spotlight to Asia at Hawaii summit
US critics of Obama accused him of being too deferential to China during his 2009 visit to Beijing. This year’s USChina summit in Washington — where Obama pressed Hu on currency issues and human rights — went more smoothly.
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US stocks tumble on Greece, China worries
US stocks have dived after Greece unexpectedly called a referendum on its EU bailout program and Chinese manufacturing data signalled a global economic slowdown. The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 253.61 points, or 2.12 per cent,
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Just Passing Through – How China’s Emissions Actually Come Right Back At Us
China in fact overtook the US in the emissions stakes way back in 2007. A recent report even suggests that the gases pumped out per person in China will race past those of the average American by 2017. No wonder fingers are being aggressively wagged by
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Are foreign ‘cyber-attacks’ really a threat to UK national security?
Daily Mail
One senior American IT boss once told me that there is a real fear in the US that China has the ability to use the Net not only to steal commercial data but to disrupt, say, electronic trade to its own advantage. China really has made a Great Leap
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China to hold sway at G20 Cannes summit
Concretely, G20 leaders in Cannes will set out a list of economic pledges, with dates, aimed at tackling the imbalances that set the stage for the 2007-09 crisis, such as the gaping US trade gap and the corresponding surplus in China.
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World Economy: China Must Slow Growth
Only Argentina’s much smaller economy matched China’s 9.5 percent annual growth rate. By contrast, the US economy grew at a 1.3 percent rate in the April-June quarter, before expanding 2.5 percent in the July-September period.
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Oil declines more than 2% on China, Europe jitters
By Claudia Assis, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Crude-oil futures declined Tuesday as investors reacted to data showing US and China’s manufacturing growth slowed last month and worried, along with the rest of the financial markets,
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China’s attacks on US, and End of times?
Coastal Courier (blog)
by icyman61 You know with today’s cyber-attack on US nuclear, chemical, defense industries and the buildup of an attack force arsenal, do any other Americans see the threat building as I do? China has what more than 3 billion people,
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Should US Worry About China’s Latin American Inroads?
Energy Tribune
After all, PDVSA was recently sanctioned by the US. China has committed some $40 billion this decade to developing Venezuela’s oil bounty through four different projects that involve oil production of about 800000 bpd, offshore extraction of 1.2
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Many of China’s Rich Look for an Exit
Wall Street Journal
The US is the most popular emigration destination, according to the survey of 980 Chinese people with assets of more than 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) published on Saturday by Bank of China and wealth researcher Hurun Report. While growth has slowed,
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China Has Hurdles to Big Europe Aid, Former Official Says
“I don’t think we can play a very important role” in bailing out Europe, in part because China can’t sell its US government-bond holdings to buy European securities, Cheng said today in response to a question after a speech in Washington.
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China Builds World-Class Supercomputer Sans Intel, AMD
Wired News
Nor did the unnamed Chinese representative who emailed the Sunway’s benchmark numbers to Dongarra last week. Dr. David K. Kahaner, the president and founding director of the Asian Technology Information Program, tells us that the Chinese briefed him on
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How China Drives the Global Economy
Take oil consumption, for example, where China’s consumption of 2.5 barrels per capita in 2010 is still very low compared with the 22.1 barrels per capita that the US consumed. Bernstein estimates that Chinese consumption will increase to 3.6 barrels
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Canadian official: We could sell oil to China if Keystone fails (blog)
Well, the Canadians would probably find someone else to buy its million or so barrels of oil each day — probably China — and the US search for independence from foreign oil would go on, says Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver.
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The Dollar’s Not Almighty Anymore
Thank you, from Alex, Jeffrey, Becky, Alya, Deva, Kimberly, Nat and Marc! by DAVE LINDORFF I was talking yesterday with the chief financial officer of a US-based drug firm that operates here in China, producing for the Chinese market,
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