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U.S. China News 2011.10.31

Mon, October 31, 2011

US Suspects Chinese Involvement in Satellite Hacks; China Denies Accusations
The US suspected Chinese involvement in the hacking of environment-monitoring satellites back in 2007 and 2008, but today, Beijing has denied these accusations. The US has been in a cyber war with China for about a decade now.
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G20 to keep focus on China currency flexibility: US
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Greater currency flexibility from China and other emerging economies will be reviewed by G20 leaders this week as they focus on the need for balanced global economic growth, a top US Treasury official said on Monday.
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US presses China on WTO financial services promises
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States criticized China on Monday for failing to implement commitments to open its financial services markets that it made a decade ago in order to join the World Trade Organization. “While we welcome China’s progress
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5 Most Likely Ways the US and China Could Spark Accidental Nuclear War
The Atlantic
By Max Fisher After 10 years of close but unproductive talks, the US and China still fail to understand one another’s nuclear weapons policies, according to a disturbing report by Global Security Newswire and the Nuclear Threat Initiative.
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US studio defends filming in Chinese city where blind activist held, says
Washington Post
BEIJING — A Hollywood studio on Monday defended its decision to film part of a buddy comedy in a Chinese city where a blind activist is being held under house arrest, saying it advocates human rights and that engaging China in business could bring
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Chinese Studios Huayi Brothers, Bona Take Stakes in U.S.-Based China Lion
Hollywood Reporter
Publicly-listed Chinese studios Huayi Brothers Media Corp. and Bona Film Group Ltd. are both acquiring 20 percent stakes in US-based China Lion Film Distribution, the companies announced Monday. China Lion last year began offering day and date releases
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U.S. Stock Futures Drop as Europe Woos China for Bailout Fund
San Francisco Chronicle
Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) — US stock futures fell, indicating the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index may pare its biggest monthly rally since 1974, as investors awaited China’s response to the European request for money to boost the bailout fund.
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Chinese snap up U.S. fruit online
Western Farm Press
We believe that by using these innovative sales and marketing techniques, US produce exports to China will only continue to grow. Beyond China, US agricultural exports are thriving around the world. USDA recently forecast fiscal year 2011 and 2012
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Harbin Electric Buyout Approved: Implications For U.S. Listed Chinese Stocks
Seeking Alpha
It is apparent that there are numerous US listed Chinese companies that are either outright frauds or maintain suspect accounting policies and there have been plenty of opportunities to make money on them, but not all are fraudulent and at some point
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China and the US: The roadmaps
It’s as if Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention Libya and the fight for African resources, were mere pawns in the master chess game of the 21st century featuring the US and China. The Arab Spring, in its early Tunisian and Egyptian chapters,
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Analysis: Three ways to invest in China without fear
Baltimore Sun
A Chinese slowdown would likely lead to a Sydney property bust — which is why he’s already put his home on the market. But back here in the States, what’s an investor to do? After all, the US is China’s largest trading partner, with $385 billion in
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Top 10 U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks with Highest Dividend Yield: NPD, HNP, SSW
China Analyst
Below are the top 10 US-listed Chinese stocks with highest dividend yields for the last 12 months. China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd.(ADR) (NYSE:NPD) has the 1st highest dividend yield in this segment of the market. Its current dividend yield is 11.91%
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China mutual funds raise bets on stocks on hope of easing: poll
Another fund manager said: “Future risks and opportunities depend on whether leading economic indicators of China and the US can continue to improve. Renewed signs of an economic slowdown would be a blow to the stock market.” China’s inflation has been
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Chinese Companies Need More Transparency – China Ex-Lawmaker
Wall Street Journal
The comments, made at the USChina Innovation and Cooperation Conference in New York, addressed an audience member’s question about shaken US investor confidence in Chinese companies, after the plunge and subsequent delisting of more than a dozen
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New York Review: CHINGLISH
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Much of the play is in Mandarin, and Hwang has provided us with a translator in the form of supertitles; if this sounds off-putting, it’s not, although I imagine actors performing in Chinese must be frustrated knowing that most of the audience isn’t
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BlueFire Renewables Signs Financing MOU for Its Fulton, Mississippi
MarketWatch (press release)
The MOU also contemplates the formation of a Development Joint Venture to develop similar projects in China. “This agreement provides the foundation to finance the Fulton facility and a significant number of additional plants in the US and in China and
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MPAA Hosts Screenings Of USChina Co-Productions
Music Indistry News Network
Eight USChina co-produced films will be showcased next month in a proogram jointly sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) and China Film Co-production Corp. with support from the Film Bureau of China’s State Administration
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China plans 2012 manned space flight after docking test
Russia, the United States and other countries jointly operate the International Space Station, to which China does not belong. But the United States will not test a new rocket to take people into space until 2017, and Russia has said manned missions
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HTC takes top smartphone spot in U.S. according to Q3 data from Canalys
While maintaining very high growth potential, just over 200000 fewer smart phones shipped in China than in the United States, leaving it a hair’s breadth away from being the world’s largest smart phone market. ‘The Chinese smart phone market is seeing
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OECD cuts GDP forecasts for Eurozone, US and China
Meanwhile, the OECD lowered its 2011 GDP growth estimates for the Eurozone from 2% to 1.6% and the 2012 estimate from 2% to 0.3%. For the United States, GDP is expected to expand by just 1.7% this year, from a previous forecast of 2.6% growth,
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US green with envy says China
Business Day
AN ANTIDUMPING complaint filed by US solar companies against their Chinese counterparts was driven by envy of China’s rapid growth in the field and went against global efforts to fight climate change, a major state-run newspaper has said.
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Searching For Growth In China – BIDU (press release)
For example on 09/30/2011 US listed Chinese companies were clobbered after a securities regulator told Reuters that the Justice Department was investigating accounting irregularities at Chinese companies listed on US exchanges. Among the casualties was
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US Senate Body to Examine China’s Role
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
The hearing “will consider how China’s rapidly increasing role in Africa is affecting US foreign and economic policy,” Chris Coons (Democract-Delaware), who chairs the Subcommittee, said on his Senate blog. The session, entitled, “China’s Role in
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Air China, Boeing and Industry Partners Conduct First Chinese Sustainable
Beijing ( Air China, Boeing (NYSE: BA), and Chinese and US aviation energy partners recently conducted China’s first sustainable biofuel flight. The two-hour mainland flight from Beijing Capital International Airport was witnessed by
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India, China tackle growth rates differently
USA Today
By Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY BEIJING – In India, the world’s second-most populous country, a village girl born Monday will become “Baby 7 Billion,” promises Mohammed Asif, India program director at Plan International, a British-based child rights
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Beijing air pollution ‘hazardous’: US embassy
BEIJING — Air pollution in Beijing reached “hazardous” levels on Monday, the US embassy said, as thick smog blanketed the city for the third day running, forcing the closure of highways and cancellation of flights. The Chinese capital is one of the
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Prying open China furniture market
“We want furniture exports to China to double in the next three years. China should never be viewed as a competitor but rather as an important trading partner,” Novero said. Currently, the US and Japan account for 60 percent of the Philippines’ total
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Solar Panel Makers Cry Foul
Chemical & Engineering News
The US solar business is “one of few growth markets in this down economy,” he adds, saying the Chinese are trying to “exploit it at any and all costs.” Along with dumping, the petition says China has illegally subsidized its solar industry through cash
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West vs. East: China builds petaflop homegrown supercomputer
The low power usage is unlikely to vex Western computer scientists for long — it’s likely just a combination of the RISC architecture and the very low clock frequency — but China’s continued insistence on standing apart from the US will be more
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China invokes Waco siege in denouncing Dalai Lama
To help make its point, the commentary borrowed from recent American history, when US federal agents raided the headquarters of David Koresh’s Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas, amid allegations of child abuse, statutory rape and underage
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Don’t count on us to help you out of your single-currency hole, China tells Europe
Daily Mail
By Hugo Duncan Hopes that China will ride to the rescue of the single currency were dealt a blow last night after Beijing warned that it will not be Europe’s ‘saviour’. State-run news agency Xinhua said the country cannot ‘provide a cure for the
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Patch Poll: There Are 7 Billion of Us On the Planet This Morning; Are We At
Are we outpacing the planet’s ability to sustain us? By JD O’Connor Mankind is persistent — and prolific. Our seven billionth member joined us this morning, probably somewhere in China, according to the statisticians, although families in countries
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CAAS Wins 2011 Excellent Supplier Award From Chrysler’s China Office
MarketWatch (press release)
Its customer base is comprised of leading Chinese auto manufacturers, such as China FAW Group, Corp., Dongfeng Auto Group Co., Ltd., BYD Auto Company Limited, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and Chrysler North America outside of
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Sectors Most Likely To Gain Jobs By 2015
The Market Oracle
According to BCG, year 2015 is the time frame when China’s shrinking cost advantage should prompt companies to rethink and shift production back from China or choose to locate new investments in the US The US is also expected to become a more
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Chinese Groupon Clone Lashou Files For $100M IPO
So here’s what Groupon would look like if it was based in China instead of Chicago. China-based group buying site has filed with the SEC for a $100 million IPO in the US; the document will be eerily familiar to anyone who has been keeping
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Colonel Sanders Devouring Little Sheep Means 69% Gain: Real M&A
The acquisition would strengthen Yum’s presence in China, where it generates more sales than in the US, by enabling the fast-food chain operator to offer a local specialty in the world’s most populous nation. Little Sheep has posted annual sales growth
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European, U.S. Stock Futures Decline; Vestas May Drop, Barclays May Move
The euro area has already sought financial help from China and cooperation from the International Monetary Fund. While the G-20 summit will be a “key milestone,” any commitments “are unlikely to be crystallized” until the European Financial Stability
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Steel stocks fall on signs of softer demand
NEW YORK — Steel stocks fell Monday amid lowered expectations for European economies and reports of weak auto sales in China. In midday trading, shares of US Steel Corp. were down 7 percent, and other steel stocks were also falling.
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In China: Man bags and make-up for men (blog)
Fiat – whose Maserati brand now counts China as its second biggest market after the US – says 30 percent of its Maserati customers in the mainland are women – far greater than the percentage of women buyers in Europe or the US, which ranges from 2 to 5
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Changyou Reports Third Quarter 2011 Results
MarketWatch (press release)
The increases were mainly due to a full quarter of revenue contribution from 7Road, revenue contribution from the newly launched DMD, and the ongoing popularity of TLBB in China during the third quarter of 2011. Other revenues were US$3.2 million,
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Clear and Present Danger
Business Insider
China’s and Japan’s combined holdings represent around 14% of total issuance or around 22% of SIFMA’s estimated traded government bond market. As of June 2011, Japan held $911 billion or around 20% of US foreign US Treasury holdings, and China held
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White House says growth to be pushed at G-20
But the US views the G-20 meeting as a place to discuss ways foster growth in the “near-term” with fiscal consolidation in the medium term, Rhodes said. White House officials said they would use the forum to push China to allow its currency to
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With focus on Euro, China, no bilateral with PM for Obama
Economic Times
WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama travels to Cannes in France later this week to attend the crucial G-20 meeting where his focus on situation in the Eurozone would devoid him from any bilateral with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
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