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U.S. China News 2011.10.30

Sun, October 30, 2011

Activists slam US studio for filming in China city
The Associated Press
BEIJING (AP) — Rights activists have criticized a Hollywood studio for filming a buddy comedy in an eastern Chinese city where a blind, self-taught activist lawyer is being held under house arrest and reportedly beaten. Relativity Media is shooting
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Europe seeks US, China quid pro quo at G20
At the G20 meeting in Cannes on Thursday and Friday EU leaders will meet up with the United States, China and others who have been pressing them to put their house in order for the benefit of all. The initial reaction to the eurozone accord has been
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US Embassy air quality data undercut China’s own assessments
Los Angeles Times
One day this month, the reading was so high compared with US standards it was listed as ‘beyond index.’ But China’s own assessment that day was that Beijing’s air was merely ‘slightly polluted.’ Poor air condition prevails as midafternoon traffic this
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A trade war with China over solar panels will burn US
The National
The US is in the midst of a deep economic crisis. Devoid of any real solutions to put forward, US politicians are instead looking for an scapegoat. And the flavour of the day is China. US politicians are largely getting behind this petition and
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Hackers infiltrate ‘two US satellites, achieving all steps required to command
Daily Mail
NASA’s admittance of the satellite breach comes one month before a report by the USChina Economic and Security Review Commission is released, detailing the attacks which are consistent with Chinese military writings. According to the draft report,
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Europe’s leaders look to US and China to support crisis deal
The Independent
Economically, they would be supporting a vital trade partner that, in the euro, has a currency that China wants to be powerful enough to act as a counterbalance to the US dollar. Financially, €70bn – $100bn – means nothing to a country whose banks in
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US Official Delegation Ends Visit to China
Voice of America (blog)
Chinese and US officials also discussed ways in which they can work together to secure stability and growth in Asia. They also discussed regional and international political issues, including Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, and recent events in the
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Best Month Since July 2009 Driven by Baidu: China Overnight
The Bloomberg ChinaUS 55 Index is up 9.8 percent this month after climbing to a two-month high on Oct. 27. The measure of the most-traded Chinese companies in the US retreated 2.2 percent on Oct. 28 as global stocks slipped on concern the gains driven
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China Middle East envoy urges Syria to speed reforms
The United States blames China and Russia for failing to throw their weight behind its efforts to isolate Assad’s government diplomatically and toughen economic sanctions. Speaking in Cairo after a visit to Syria, Chinese envoy Wu Sike told reporters
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Insight: Dreaded “Brazil cost” may dim Foxconn’s iPad dreams
Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics company, with around a third of the global market, would gain a vital foothold in Latin America’s largest economy and reduce the risks of having so much Apple production in China.
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McIlroy $2m richer after China victory
CNN International
US Open champion McIlroy had led the 30-strong field from the opening day, but a wayward final round saw him having to dig deep to card a level par 72 to finish on a 72-hole total of 288 (-18). That score tied with Kim’s four-round effort,
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China the focus of Obama’s trade push
The Australian
The US’s sights, as so often, are set on China. The strategy is to create a valuable regional economic institution China will want to join. But China will be able to participate only by opening its economy in ways long wanted by the US and long
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US Senate jeopardizing world economy
Korea Times
If no good can be expected from Europe, if Japan is still working its way out of recession and if Latin America is confronting new storms, the US and China, holding together two-thirds of the world’s GDP, could be once again entrusted as skippers.
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Top 10 Rebounding U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks: CSNH, CIIC, HRBN, AUTC, CMM
China Analyst
Below are the top 10 rebounding US-listed Chinese stocks, ranked based on % change from 52-week lows. China Shandong Industries Inc (NASDAQ:CSNH) is the 1st best rebounding stock in this segment of the market. It has risen 475% from its 52-week low.
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CoAS Gurung off to China just days after returning from US trip
Chen Bingde of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on 23 March this year for an assistance worth 1.42 billion rupees (US$19.8 million) The Council of Ministers had earlier today approved the China visit of Chief of Army Staff Chhattraman Singh Gurung
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China Harbour hits back
Jamaica Gleaner
The international firm China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), the main contractor in the US$65-million Palisadoes Shoreline project, has broken its silence on several allegations made against the company by some local subcontractors involved in the
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H. Brandt Ayers: Ghost of America’s future
Anniston Star
“It makes no sense for China to have better rail systems than us, and Singapore having better airports than us. And we just learned that China now has the fastest supercomputer on Earth — that used to be us.” The title of the book by triple-Pulitzer
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Narendra Modi to showcase Gujarat in China
New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi may not be welcome in the US, but China is ready to roll out the red carpet for him as he gears up to visit the world’s fastest growing economy and Asian powerhouse next month.
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Brevard businesses hope to gain understanding of China
Florida Today
And he said there are other high-tech goods produced by Brevard companies that could sell in China. “Our two economies are intertwined,” he said. “The future of the world economy is going to depend on the relationship between the US and China.
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Brazilian paves way for China’s carmakers
Financial Times
The inroads made by JAC and other Chinese carmakers into Latin America’s largest economy are revolutionising the country’s fast-growing car market, which last year overtook Germany as the world’s fourth-largest and is set to exceed Japan as the
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US lacks pull at debt meeting
Detroit Free Press
In fact, Europeans are looking to Asia and the developing world, not the United States, to help them recover. The head of the European Financial Stability Facility, Europe’s huge bailout fund, was in China on Friday on a beggar’s mission to plead for
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Warren Watch: LA welcomes Chinese firm, electric bus
Omaha World-Herald
By Steve Jordon Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger took the podium last week to help welcome BYD Co. to North America, marking the US arrival of a company he touts as a future success for Omaha-based Berkshire. At about the same time,
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In wake of US legislation, Congolese mines cleaning up act
Public Radio International PRI
With the passage of the Dodd-Frank legislation last year, US electronics companies had to ensure their supply chains didn’t include minerals produced in conflict mines. It’s provided an opening for China, but it’s also caused the Congolese government
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Chinese carmakers target developed markets
Financial Times
As exports climb, some have begun to wonder if China could even pose a threat to global automakers such as General Motors, Volkswagen, and Toyota in developed markets such as the US and Europe, or if it will remain stuck selling cheap cars to emerging
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Colombia With a US Trade Treaty It May No Longer Need
Yet Colombia’s revival is benefiting US economic and political rivals as much as or more than the US itself. The long delay in signing the treaty allowed Latin America’s fourth-largest economy to strengthen ties with China.
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The Kremlin’s China Problem
The Moscow Times
In the Kremlin, China is seen as a natural ally against the United States. Moscow eagerly chimes in with Beijing in criticizing the US-dominated “unipolar” world, its huge debt and weakening dollar. Russia would like to join forces with China to find
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Inouye turns attention to ChinaU.S. military moves
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
By Richard Borreca US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is telling America’s allies in Asia that we are watching China with an increasingly critical eye. Last week in an op-ed published in Japan’s largest daily newspaper, Panetta said China is rapidly
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Can Apple make more stuff in the USA?
CNET (blog)
“Instead of investing here, everything they (Apple) do is in China…I think the president should challenge the patriotism of these American corporations.” “More people were working for Apple in China than in America,” Morgan said when talking about
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China Poised To Become WPP’s Second Largest Market
News Box
According to the world’s largest advertising company, WPP Llc, China is poised to become its second largest market in the following 2 to 4 years. WPP’s largest market is the United States, worth $5 billion. Britain currently holds the second position
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China Online Sales Seen Tripling Driving Warehouse Surge: Retail
The company may publicly sell shares in the US next year, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter. in August received a $100 million investment from US private-equity funds Warburg Pincus and KPCB China as it expects to
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Why China is ready to bail out Eurozone
Herald Scotland
which would give China a huge amount of leverage in Europe. In turn, that would increase the country’s global reach and influence – from claiming more authority in bodies such as the IMF and resisting US demands for raising the value of the yen.
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The Importance Of Taiwan
Voice of America
Related Articles A Strong and Moderate Taiwan The United States remains committed to assisting Taiwan in ensuring its security. Gates In China On USChina Relations Campbell On China Policy Post Your Comment * Required Your Name (Optional) Your Country
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Trading Up
China, not the US, has become India’s largest trading partner, with the exchange between the two countries surging 28-fold over the past decade to almost $62 billion in 2010. When Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited New Delhi last December,
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What explains China’s hypnotic spell?
Hindu Business Line
It cannot surely be China’s GDP ranking or the prospect of its heading soon for the top position overtaking the US and Japan in purchasing power parity terms. Nor can it be its huge foreign exchange holdings, nor the fact of the US being in its debt to
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Nation off track with debt, energy
Asheville Citizen-Times
That perilous strategy has enabled America to overborrow and China to overconsume. The authors tell us that America must reduce our use of fossil fuels significantly and rapidly. They also tell us that rather than debating how to do this,
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Presidential campaigns heat up (1)
China Post
The majority of us have no clue, do we?” “Who called the Republic of China a government in exile last year? Who later, when she entered the presidential campaign, changed her mind and said the ROC and Taiwan are one and the same?
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Homegrown China Supercomputer Hits One Petaflop with Lower Power
PC Magazine
And the system itself was built on chips from both Intel and Nvidia, a far contrast from China’s current CPU load-out in the Sunway BlueLight MPP. The fastest US supercomputer at the moment – Jaguar – eats up about seven megawatts to output roughly 1.7
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China to launch 25 satellites in 2011
China launched 15 rockets to send 20 satellites in to space in 2010, comparable numbers to the US and Russia, historically the world’s two most prolific launchers of spacecraft, Yuan said. “It is an arduous process and a great challenge for us to cope
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American carried out Somalia suicide bombing, Islamists claim
CNN International
The speaker urges his “brothers and sisters” to “do jihad” in America, Canada, England, “anywhere in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in China, in Australia, anywhere you find kuffar,” a derogatory term for non-Muslims. The African Union force trying to
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The GOP on defense: Advance or pull back?
The State
Reducing US reliance on foreign sources of oil is a good thing, but many question whether that reduction would come at too high an environmental price here at home. Highlights: Huntsman, former governor of Utah and former US ambassador to China,
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Texas has high demand but not enough pecans
Fort Worth Star Telegram
“Just had a call from a person who wanted 1000 pounds to export to China,” said Knox, a horse trainer-turned-farm-and-ranch manager. She expects to harvest about 2000 pounds this year, compared with 6000 in a good, pest-free year. Unlike many US
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After Scandal, Solar Industry Looks On Bright Side
Last week a group of seven US solar panel manufacturers filed petitions with the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission alleging that China is illegally subsidizing its solar industry and flooding the worldwide market with
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