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U.S. China News 2011.09.06

Tue, September 6, 2011

After China, The United States
Manila Bulletin
By FRED M. LOBO MANILA, Philippines — President Benigno S. Aquino III announces his official visit to the United States following his successful five-day state visit to China last week. Nothing wrong in befriending two super powers. Think win-win.
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Brent up on N.Sea, Libya; US oil down with equities
Evans and other brokers and analysts noted the Brent’s price resilience even as the end of Libya’s conflict seems near and evidence of economic slowing in Europe, China and the United States increases. European equities dropped and bank shares hit a
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How Congress Let China Take US Jobs
Huffington Post (blog)
Congress sat idle in Washington as China lured US manufacturers to their mainland, stole our discoveries and inventions, and trained their students in America’s elite universities. According to the US International Trade Administration (ITA),
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China ‘regrets’ WTO ruling on US tyre dispute
China regrets it (the decision) very much,” the commerce ministry said in a statement. “China urges the United States to terminate the safeguard measures as soon as possible and ensure a fair competition environment for Chinese companies,” it added.
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Africa: China, US in Stiff Competition Over Untamed Africa
This is what has brought competition between China and America as they try to outwit each other and win the hearts of African governments, especially those with vast untapped resources. The United States of America and China in particular are in
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China, US both high on strategic agenda: Genba
The Japan Times
By ALEX MARTIN While Japan’s alliance with the United States benefits the stability of the Asia-Pacific region, close ties with China will also be needed if Japan wants to reap the benefits of its neighbor’s booming economy, new Foreign Minister
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American Corporate Investors, With Some Help from US Treasury, Poised to
Fox News
One reason for those profitable prospects is a financial commitment from the US Treasury to a project that is being administered by the United Nations to ensure that China’s fast-growing lighting industry is a bigger and bigger success.
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While the US Exports Inflation, China is Attacking It!
Uncommon Wisdom Daily
The comparison that surprises and worries me the most: The one between our Federal Reserve Bank and the People’s Bank of China. When it comes to economic growth, you would think that the United States, the bastion of freedom and capitalism,
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The Obama Doctrine — Can Anyone Really Lead From Behind?
Fox News
He criticized China over human rights but expects them to continue lending us money and buying our debt. The one unifying theme of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, is we’re not George W Bush. But the sell by date on that one is past due.
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Should the US Cede Space to China?
China Digital Times
How does this play into Americans’ perception of China’s military rise, and China’s own perception of its place in world security? In other words, are the US and China “talking past each other” in a military sense? Erickson: Yes.
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Global Insights: China Ponders US Withdrawal from Afghanistan
World Politics Review
PRC commentators also express concern about long-term US ambitions in the region. A common fear is that the United States is trying to sustain a military presence in Afghanistan, to China’s west, as an element in its region-wide containment strategy
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US cable reveals Google’s motives for China censorship
By David Meyer, ZDNet UK, 6 September, 2011 12:19 Google’s decision to allow state censorship of its search results in China was partly influenced by the country’s internet structure, a leaked cable published by Wikileaks has shown. A US diplomatic
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China’s import to reach US$8 trillion
China’s accumulated import volume is expected to reach 8 trillion USdollars in the coming five years, which will create more business opportunities to other countries, says a white paper titled “China’s Peaceful Development” issued on Tuesday.
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Opening Doors to USChina Cooperation on Energy and Environment
World Resources Institute
Vice President Joe Biden had it right in his recent visit to China. Global stability, he declared in an August 18 speech in Beijing “rests in no small part on the cooperation between the United States and China.” The US vice president was referring to
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Is China Buying Gold to Challenge the U.S. Dollar?
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
By Eric McWhinnie “International supervision over the issue of US dollars (NYSE:UUP) should be introduced and a new, stable and secured global reserve currency may also be an option to avert a catastrophe caused by any single country.” –China’s
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Shadow Government: Avoiding Armageddon with China
Foreign Policy (blog)
We hope that more writers of Traub’s caliber will be similarly startled by China’s growing menace. The truth is that like every rising power in history (including the United States) China wants to change rules, territorial delineations,
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China loans Tazara $US 40m
International Railway Journal
THE Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority (Tazara) is to revamp operations on the 1860km line between Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, after it secured a $US 40m loan from China. Mr Omar Nundu, Tanzania’s minister for transport,
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Dell and Baidu team on smartphones, tablets in China
Los Angeles Times
US computer maker Dell and China’s leading search engine Baidu are reportedly teaming up to create a line of smartphones and tablet computers to challenge China’s current market leaders such as Lenovo and Apple. The collaboration will result in Dell
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China Vows to Toughen Control After Report of Libya Arm Sales
“We don’t want China, because China is not going with us,” a Misrata hotel executive, Mahmoud Al Malbrook, said in an interview. “China, it deals all the time with Qaddafi.” The image of China as harmful to the Libyan rebel cause is widespread in areas
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Wikileaks Cables Reveal China Upset By US Embassy’s Twitter Account
Penn Olson
by C. Custer on September 6, 2011 in Asia, Social Media Back in June of 2009, Twitter was still unblocked in China. So when the US Embassy decided to release its own reports on the quality of Beijing’s air, Twitter seemed like a natural option.
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Chinese Investors and US Hotels: A Rising Tide of Opportunity | By Li Chen
Hospitality Net
Sales of US hotels to Chinese investors based in either the US or China have soared since 2009. Some of the most high-profile transactions have included the W Hotel San Francisco, purchased by Keck Seng Investments (Hong Kong) in July of 2009;
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ANALYSIS – India China navies square off in nearby seas and beyond
“The movement of commercial shipping in the area is just as important to us as it is to others, including China,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “If you have to, you can get to the South China Sea fairly quickly,
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Rein What foreigners seeking work in China need to know
Working in China can be a great career experience. Younger executives get far more responsibility than they would in America. Charlotte, one of my firm`s analysts, leveraged her China experience with us to pursue an MBA at the University of
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Within A Generation, China Middle Class Four Times Larger Than America’s
China Digital Times
By 2030, China should have approximately 1.4 billion middle class consumers compared to 365 million in the US and 414 million in Western Europe. India is next, with its citizens moving up the income ladder and reaching a sizeable 1.07 billion in a
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California Goes Soup Nazi: No Shark Fin Soup for You!
He is currently facilitating talks between China and US interests on such matters as clean energy economics, nanotechnology, commercial aerospace and business aviation. Previously, he was a strategic planning and marketing advisor to a number of
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US reviewing its South Asia policy: Defence analyst
Asian News International (ANI)
New Delhi, September 06 (ANI): Reckoning China’s rise in the recent past and India’s potential over the next decade, the US is reviewing its South Asia policy. Noted defence strategy analyst Commodore C Uday Bhaskar, a former officer of Indian Navy
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Hong Kong’s Office, Home Prices May Decline in Next Two Years, MGPA Says
Photographer: Jerome Favre/Bloomberg Hong Kong’s currency peg is creating a “massive” inflation as it forces the city to follow low interest rates in the US even as it benefits from the economic growth in China, MGPA Asia chief executive officer John
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FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in the United States
But the chance of China dumping US bonds over such disputes is widely seen as unlikely as it would be counterproductive for Beijing. — Whether China and its currency policies become a major issue in the US presidential campaign.
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Signs of maturity in China’s banking sector
Globe and Mail
That is why CCB’s clipped announcement of its revised working agreement with BofA, published on Monday, had none of the stirring stuff about “partnership” found in the US bank’s 2005 release. In some respects, China’s listed banking sector is not
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EU looks to stockpile rare earths, Molycorp Silmet says
Molycorp Silmet’s production is stable at 3000 tonnes and Molycorp’s US operations are also 3000 tonnes to give the units 10 percent of the world market after China’s introduction of export quotas. O’Brock said prices of rare earths have stabilized
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SunSi Increases Production Capacity by 50% at Its Wendeng Trichlorosilane Facility
MarketWatch (press release)
US-based SunSi controls approximately 55000 metric tons of TCS production in China. TCS is a chemical primarily used in the production of polysilicon, which is an essential raw material in the production of solar cells for PV panels that convert
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China Seeks International Debt Rating Agency
The enterprise will be set up with organizations in Europe, the US, as well as the fastest growing emerging nations that make up the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the paper said, citing no sources. “Dagong proposed us to
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Apple to add stores in booming China market
HONG KONG — Apple plans to open its first store in Hong Kong and another in Shanghai by year’s end, a spokeswoman said Tuesday, as the maker of the iconic iPhone sets its sights on the booming China market. The US firm, which already has four stores
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UPI NewsTrack Business
6 (UPI) — Beijing expressed regrets over a World Trade Organization ruling supporting steps taken by the United States relating to imports of tires from China. China had complained to the WTO that the US measures were “protectionist” in nature.
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Chinese Dating Website Grooms New Pay Model
Wall Street Journal
The move toward user fees comes as the online ad market is growing in China and getting crowded with sites seeking advertisers. The market still is small compared with that of the US Total revenue from online ads in China reached $4 billion last year,
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It should now be called cheap, slave Labor Day
Big American retailers such as Wal-Mart import nearly all of their merchandise from China. Wal-Mart offers prices to their customers on products which if made in the US, would be less than the production costs. Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer
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Where’s Our Oil Price Collapse?
China overtook the United States in auto sales in 2009. They now sell approximately 15 million new vehicles per year. India sells approximately 2 million new vehicles per year. The US sells just over 12 million new vehicles per year. In China and India
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Perfect World Puts $100 Million into Investment Fund
Digital Media Wire
Ltd., a leading online game company based in China, announced its investment of $100 million (about RMB 643.5 million) in a venture capital fund focused on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. The unnamed fund will be formed by one of
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What to buy and what to avoid for the rest of 2011
In June, many local governments in China had to be bailed out by the central government in amounts that were five times the funds paid out in the US TARP program (on a GDP-adjusted basis). This was due mainly to unsuccessful economic projects.
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Six steps that can be taken to create US jobs
Pacific Daily News
But the bulk of those investments and jobs are going to China and Germany because they created a market by committing to energy security. We must, too. Non-partisan proposals like these would help “crack the code” of job creation without adding to the
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Results of the US Open fourth round
In the fourth round of the US Open in New York, twenty-sixth seed Italian Flavia Pennetta defeated Peng Shuai of China, 6:4, 7:6. Pennetta’s next rival will be German Angelique Kerber, who defeated Monica Niculescu of Romania, 6:4, 6:3.
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Stock-Index Futures Drop in Europe, U.S. on Debt Crisis; Asian Shares Fall
6 (Bloomberg) — Ronald Wan, a Hong Kong-based managing director at China Merchants Securities (Hong Kong) Co., talks about China’s economy, banking industry, and his investment strategy. Wan speaks with Susan Li, Angie Lau and John Dawson on Bloomberg
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The Innocents Abroad: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Characterized
American Enterprise Institute
Surely this is some measure of how far America has sunk, when former KGB agents and China’s Communist-party mouthpiece purport to instruct us on our economic policy. Obama’s personal and philosophical weakness is revealed most palpably in his view of
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