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U.S. China News 2011.09.04

Sun, September 4, 2011

WikiLeaks: China wanted to invest in US banks during ’08 crisis
By RICK ROTHACKER CHARLOTTE, NC — During the throes of the 2008 financial crisis, a top Chinese banker told US officials that his company and others in China were interested in taking significant stakes in US banks but expected a backlash from
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Secret Cables Sketch Oddities of USChina Relations
New York Times
By MICHAEL WINES BEIJING — This capital city’s skies were clogged with pollution, as is often the case, and China’s government was concerned. So it summoned officials of the American embassy here to a meeting. But the session had nothing to do with
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‘Buy American‘ gets new emphasis
USA Today
“It’s important to understand that workers in China don’t pay taxes to America,” Simmermaker said “Only American workers do. And American companies typically pay twice as much in taxes to the US Treasury compared with foreign-owned companies.
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Worried about China machismo, PM told US
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told US secretary of state in a meeting in 2009 that India was bothered by the “recent assertiveness of China“, says a WikiLeaks cable. Singh also expressed concern about the USChina joint statement during
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In U.S. visa program, money talks
Los Angeles Times
If the investment creates 10 jobs during that time, he or she can apply to live in the US permanently. Applications from mainland China have soared in recent years, fueled by well-off parents eager to get their children into US schools.
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Cables: China wanted stakes in U.S. banks
Charlotte Observer
In closing the discussion, part of the USChina Strategic Economic Dialogue, the treasury secretary encouraged China to move forward quickly with economic reforms. “If regulation had preceded innovation in the United States, it would have had a
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Outsource Labor Day to China
Saipan Tribune
Failure to innovate left Detroit’s gas-guzzling automobile industry biting the dust behind Japan, Korea and now, China, but American ingenuity in energy conservation and other green industries is patently at the cutting edge, and if we have the
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China’s double-edged trade with Latin America
“I don’t think that with China, India, and the rest of Asia in the game, the region stands any chance of becoming a major exporter of manufacturing goods,” said Mauricio Mesquita, senior economist at the Inter American Development Bank (IADB) “I think
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Betting against China can be fairly lucrative, U.S. hedge fund has become
Bend Bulletin
China Marine, a maker of snacks and an algae drink, reported revenue to China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce that was 85 percent lower than what it reported in US filings, Adrangi said. The company reaffirmed its US reporting,
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Silly errors cost us full points, says Nobbs
Times of India
PTI | Sep 4, 2011, 05.15PM IST ORDOS (China): India coach Michael Nobbs said “silly errors” in the second half of the match cost his side full three points against Japan at the inaugural Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament on Sunday.
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Iran lawmaker postpones N. Korea, China visit
The Associated Press
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s parliament speaker has postponed a visit to North Korea and China because of an unspecified illness, state media reported Sunday. The US has accused North Korea of providing Iran with advanced missiles capable of targeting
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[SP Seth] China’s hegemony to face broad resistance
The Korea Herald
Manila felt so threatened that it invoked its security treaty with the US China’s attempts to turn the whole of Southeast Asia into its regional enclave are forging closer strategic ties between the United States and Vietnam. The spectacle of China’s
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Why are Germany, Japan, China and Brazil economic dynamos while the U.S. is
BY ROY NERSESIAN I would like to ask our readers a question: why is it that Germany, Japan, China, Brazil and other nations are economic dynamos and we’re sinking out of sight? Germany has significantly higher labor costs and Japan’s is roughly
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China knows about gold price suppression, and US knows China knows
Gold Seek
China knows that the US government and its allies in Western Europe strive to suppress the price of gold, and the US government knows that China knows, according to a 2009 cable from the US Embassy in Beijing to the State Department in Washington.
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WikiLeaks: China, Paulson at odds over threat from subprime mortgage crisis
Paulson “underscored US efforts to address the subprime crisis and assured his counterparts that the US economy would continue to serve as an engine for growth,” according to the cable. In closing the discussion, part of the USChina Strategic Economic
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Kenney cable: ZTE deal was ‘bruising lesson’ for China
But the aborted project was all but forgotten amid the diplomatic niceties of President Noynoy Aquino’s state visit to China last week. A 2008 US diplomatic cable recently released by WikiLeaks reveals the scandal was followed closely by the US Embassy
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A worthy challenge for all of us
The researchers found 50 countries, including China, have decreased newborn death rates by more than 50 percent in the past 20 years. “It’s not that things are worse in the United States than before, it’s that the US isn’t making progress like other
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Pennetta beats Peng in straight sets at US Open
San Jose Mercury News
AP Flavia Pennetta of Italy returns to Peng Shuai of China during the US Open tennis tournament in New York, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011. NEW YORK—Flavia Pennetta staved off four set points to close her match against Peng Shuai and reach the US Open
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China looks to diversify
ABC Online
There is increasing speculation that China is about to unleash a new wave of buying physical resources, having become deeply disenchanted with its huge investments in US debt. NEAL WOOLRICH, PRESENTER: Takeover activity in the resources sector is
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Rights Group Urges China to Account for Forcibly Returned Uighurs
Voice of America
September 04, 2011 Rights Group Urges China to Account for Forcibly Returned Uighurs VOA News US based Human Rights Watch is asking China to account for at least 17 ethnic Uighurs forcibly returned from Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan in August.
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Dollar Debt Drops Most Since 2008 on Loan Jitters: China Credit
The notes fell 1.5 percent in August, the most since global credit markets seized up in October 2008 following the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., according to HSBC Holdings Plc’s Asian US Dollar Bond Index. Only India’s debt performed worse
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Reporter reflects on defining decade for Southeast Asia
Alaska Dispatch
It’s the kind of public diplomacy that the US has used for decades to burnish its image, so it’s hardly surprising that China is doing the same. It may be in this area, as well as the “hard power” of military might and economic influence, that USChina
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Hollywood lusts for China film sales, with caution
Peter Shiao, who chairs the USChina Film Summit annual industry gathering, said: “This is a transformative moment because the economics are right to make movies that appeal to both markets.” But added: “Despite the 60-plus-percent growth, making films
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Study shows state’s middle-class jobs not expected to grow
The Seattle Times
The fact is that most lower skill jobs moved to (still) communist China with help of US… (September 4, 2011, by Zero1) Read more You guys just don’t seem to get it. The world has evolved. You can wish that we can.
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Arunachal project “a mistake”, ADB told China despite board’s support
The Hindu
ADB China’s country director Robert Wihtol told US officials in September 2009 that the project in Arunachal which China had objected to, had “caused problems for the ADB in China.” And, even as Indian diplomats in Beijing told US officials the same
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The luxury of being the US
It will be interesting to see how the global political leadership led by the US juggles these changes even as it adapts to a new world order where aggressive countries such as China are no longer also-rans. Anil Padmanabhan is a deputy managing editor
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US put India’s N-status more on par with Pak than China
Times of India
US diplomats argued “doubts about India’s thermonuclear deterrent thus diminish India’s strategic stature – putting it more on par with Pakistan than China – thereby stoking popular perceptions not only of insecurity, but also of inferiority”.
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Darwinocracy: The evolution question in American politics
Washington Times
When Chinese paleontologist Jun-Yuan Chen’s criticism of Darwinian predictions about the fossil record was met with dead silence from a group of scientists in the US, he quipped that, “In China we can criticize Darwin, but not the government;
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Mongolia: Will Peabody Get More, Less, Or The Same Of Tavan Tolgoi?
Seeking Alpha
The committee only sent notices to the firms leading the consortiums — China’s Shenhua, US firm Peabody Energy and Russian Railway. That sparked an outcry from the South Korean and Japanese governments. While confirming the Japanese and Koreans were
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Taiwanese banks urged to branch out into China
Taipei Times
Fewer than one in five Taiwanese banks has opened a branch in China after investment restrictions were relaxed amid warming ties. China, with a population more than 50 times bigger than Taiwan’s and US$15 trillion in banking assets, is Taiwan’s largest
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Why ‘made in America’ still makes sense
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
At the same time, the US also has found an unlikely advantage in its much-maligned transportation infrastructure system. According to the World Bank, the US has one of the top 10 infrastructures in the world. No other economic “tigers” (China, India,
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Canberra ‘threatened’ by Chinese conduct in Pacific
Gloucester Advocate
Secret US embassy cables leaked to WikiLeaks and provided to The Age show Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd privately views China’s growing economic and diplomatic activity as a direct challenge to Australia’s south Pacific interests.
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How American Colleges Can Better Serve Chinese Applicants
China Digital Times
It is common knowledge in China that agents register e-mail accounts on clients’ behalf and control all communications. Agents have earned a bad reputation among some people in American higher education—but what of the reputation of American
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Solar firms face tough competition as prices fall
San Francisco Chronicle
But the company, created in 2005, found itself undercut by low-priced panels churned out by new factories in China, built with substantial backing by the Chinese government. Other US solar-panel companies face the same pressure.
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Aerotropolis: Economic boon or boondoggle?
Houston Chronicle
An organization called the Midwest China Hub Commission was formed in January 2009. Chinese leaders have expressed a desire to increase trade. During a trip to the US in January, Chinese President Hu Jintao signed several export deals with American
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Q&A: Rare Earths and America’s Green Future
New America Media
Aside from China, who are the major players in the mining of rare earths? The rare earths are dispersed in many locations around the world, including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, and the United States.
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A force for change: Maquiladora owner works to transform Juárez in campaign
El Paso Times
The company has business interests in Mexico, the US, China and Taiwan. At 60, Levine is widely applauded for her business skills, for serving as a passionate advocate for the arts and for her dedication to tearing down barriers and making life better
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Words fly on a whirlwind world tour
Sydney Morning Herald
Mo Yan (Red Sorghum) took us to the China of the ever-vigilant Chairman Mao when his schooldays were disrupted after he got into trouble for questioning the daily chant, ”Long live Chairman Mao”. ”Can someone live for 10000 years,” he asked his
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Travel restrictions for Cubans and Americans should end
Detroit Free Press
More ominous, there is China, Cuba’s new best friend, stepping in to ply its products and influence the nation because the US has turned its back. And I came away with a conviction that the people-to-people idea is good.
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China Scores Fatal Own Goals in Competition for post-Gathafi Libya
Middle East Online
If the United States and Europe have a strategic advantage in Libya, Russia unlike China is working hard and furious to narrow the gap. The battlefield is likely to shift in the not too distant future to Syria. Both Russia and China oppose US and
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Hoffa: Companies should hire U.S. workers
Hoffa pointed to Apple, saying, “Instead of investing here, everything they do is in China or is in Asia somewhere.” High US costs of labor, healthcare and environmental regulations do not preclude companies’ success when they hire in the country,
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(#pharyngula on
ScienceBlogs (blog)
It’s largely about how the costs are distributed: the iPhone is assembled in China, and contributes to our trade imbalance, but it’s not because China has a technological edge — all the components are made in Japan, Korea, Germany, and the US,
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The worst mistake America made after 9/11: How focusing too much on the war on
Slate Magazine
In our single-minded focus on Islamic fanaticism, we missed, for example, the transformation of China from a commercial power into an ambitious political power. We failed to appreciate the significance of economic growth in China’s neighborhood, too.
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