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U.S. China News 2011.09.03

Sat, September 3, 2011

India, China, and the US: The Debate in India
Foreign Policy Journal
It serves as a useful entry point into discussing the India-China strategic equation, with India’s relationship with the US serving as backdrop. India’s presence in the South China Sea dates to 2000 and is part of its strategy of engaging with East
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Improvement of Japan ties with US, China urgent task for Noda administration
Mainichi Daily News
The newly inaugurated Cabinet of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda faces the urgent task of improving Japan’s relations with the United States, China and other neighbors in the diplomatic and security fields. “Japan-US and Japan-China relations need to be
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China curbs Iran energy work under shadow of US sanctions
Economic Times
BEIJING: China has put the brakes on oil and gas investments in Iran, drawing ire from Tehran over a pullback that officials and executives said reflected Beijing’s efforts to appease Washington and avoid US sanctions on its big energy firms.
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Leaks show US watching Kenya’s foreign ties
East African
In 2006, for example, the US embassy in Nairobi reported to the State Department on then Foreign Minister Raphael Tuju’s remarks about China. The leaked cable quotes Tuju as telling then US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger that Kenya is pursuing closer
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Dalai Lama is “personification of evil” – China told the US ambassador (Wikileaks)
Real Time News, India
“Despite China’s “solemn representations,” including, according to FM Yang, opposition expressed by President Hu during a meeting with President Bush at the APEC summit in Sydney in September, the United States still “insisted” on going forward with
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Global economy in “danger zone”: Zoellick
“My country, the United States, must address the issues of debt, spending, tax reform to boost private sector growth, and a stalled trade policy.” Turning to China, where he is leading a World Bank study on how the nation can improve its economic
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Bank Of China Hong Kong Unit May Sell Up To US$15 Billion In Bonds Next 12 Months
Fox Business
HK), the local unit of mainland Chinese lender Bank of China Ltd. (3988.HK), said Friday it may issue up to US$15 billion worth of bonds to professional and institutional investors over the next 12 months as part of a note issuing program.
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Ford aims for more vehicle market segments in China
Baltimore Sun
Its Transit van model is also manufactured at Jiangling Motors in which the US auto maker owns 30 percent. Ford, Mazda and Changan have applied to Chinese regulators to split their three-way tie into two 50-50 ventures and are awaiting approval,
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AP IMPACT: 35000 worldwide convicted for terror
The Associated Press
“They wanted to use him as an example, to threaten and show their power to the Uighur people,” said Perhat’s brother Dilmurat, a graduate student in the US “Inside China, any peaceful protest by the Uighurs is labeled as an act of terrorism by the
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China Bids on America’s Favorite Pastime
Fox News
China is the single biggest holder of US government debt. And soon they may own part of an American baseball institution. Frank McCourt, owner of the bankrupt Los Angeles Dodgers, has been offered a $1.2 billion all- cash payment, a record for a major
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US becomes a $1.8B exporter of solar technology (blog)
The study also found that the US had $5.6 billion in exports and imported $3.8 billion in equipment in 2010. Much of those equipment, supplies and panels were destined for China and Germany. Germany is one of the dominant players in the solar industry,
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China exploits monopoly to lure companies with know-how, experts say
Tribune Review
plan moves into China. American companies have a history of moving manufacturing to China for a number of reasons. Rare earths appear key to some of those. Although it would not discuss reasons for moving much of its lighting division to China,
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CHINA: If The Government Doesn’t Like It, It Must Be Good
Strategy Page
The Apple investigation resulted in considerable detail about counterfeiting operations in China, and the extent of official and unofficial government involvement. The US government used these details to put more pressure on China to shut down the
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Chinese billionaire to purchase big chunk of Iceland
The project would be part of a chain of high-end nature retreats in China, the US and Scandinavia, he said. It would also help preserve the local environment and Icelandic culture, Huang argued, and would use only private investment funds.
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METALS-Copper reels from poor US jobs data
O’Neill said the only saving grace for copper would be demand for the red metal from leading consumer China. “We still see a fairly decent pattern of demand out of Asia,” he said. US employment growth ground to a halt in August as sagging consumer
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Jon Huntsman: China’s Birth Policy May Increase Sex Trafficking
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | September 2, 2011 5:26 PM EDT During his tenure as the US ambassador to China, GOP 2012 contender Jon Huntsman voiced his concern about China’s gender imbalance that results from its one child policy, according to a
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Asian Stocks Pare Monthly Slump on US Data Before Jobs Report
The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index estimate was lowered to 13000 from 15000. Asian stocks climbed this week after reports showed US consumer spending and car sales increased, while business activity and factory orders expanded at a faster pace than
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Fears over China’s growing influence
Launceston Times
Secret US embassy cables leaked to WikiLeaks show the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd, has privately viewed China’s growing economic and diplomatic activity as a direct challenge to Australia’s south Pacific interests.
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China: When Falling Home Prices Are A Good Thing
Not all falling home prices are equal, as the US and China can attest to. A look at equity markets can be deceiving, with the SPDR S&P 500 ETF down about 6% year-to-date and the FTSE China ETF more than doubling it in losses, down more than 13.5%.
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Person-to-Person exchange at Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
By Corey Cooper This week, I have been following the Inner Mongolia team of the ChinaUS Youth RME Partnership, a new person-to-person exchange program sponsored by the All-China Youth Federation which sends Chinese and American students from top
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Wiki amok is still worth a read
Hindustan Times
The cable notes that Qatar is “the most flexible supplier of LNG in the world” and thus easily diverts gas from less profitable markets in the West to the more profitable ones in India and China. Gay activists in China explained to US Political
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Sensex up 6% during the week
It was a stellar week for the global stock markets with all countries except for US and China closing the week in the green. US stock markets were trading firm during the week. However, losses in the last trading session due to dismal job market data
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Iceland Welcomes China Ties After Abandonment by West, FT Says
By Kevin Crowley – Sat Sep 03 11:55:49 GMT 2011 China and India helped Iceland following its financial crisis while the US and Europe abandoned the country, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Iceland’s president, said in an interview with the Financial Times.
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More US Companies Look Global as Domestic Demand Drops
Voice of America
With the price of fuel going up and the cost of overseas labor increasing, it is more expensive to produce items and ship them to the United States. Baugham says countries such as China are looking at manufacturing products within the US to keep costs
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China’s potential surf spots provide intrigue
The Chinese then flew us up to this other place in northeast China called Pingtan, where they really hoped we would find good waves for their development plans. Pingtan was very, very windy, cold, dry, and windy, windy, windy.
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Fraud allegations false, Vancouver mining firm says
Vancouver Sun
However, she said, the company is concerned about being caught up in what she referred as “the overhang of the China element” – accusations of fraud against other companies with operations in China that trade on North American exchanges.
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Prestowitz: Obama’s Immelt problem
Foreign Policy (blog)
In fact, it seems that rather than US production and jobs moving to higher ground, the higher ground is being moved to China. The obvious question Obama must ask Immelt is why? Hopefully Immelt will not make the usual knee jerk argument about labor and
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Ron Kaye: Welcome to the China Century
Valley Sun
We are consumers, not generators, of wealth these days. The American Century is over. Like it or not, this is China’s Century and we have to deal with it. It’s time to give up our addiction to materialistic toys and get back to basics,
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Can ‘Nanjing’ open West to China?
“He really has no need to come to China, to do a Chinese film with us. But he loved the story, and he also gave us a lot of suggestions on the script, which inspired us.” The level of cooperation between Bale and Zhang Yimou was amazing, he says,
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US grain firms tighten GMO policy, eye Syngenta corn
Manitoba Co-operator
Another major grain handler, Bunge North America, has also barred Agrisure Viptera from its facilities, awaiting additional export market approval, particularly from China — a top US grains and oilseed customer. “Cargill strongly values its right to
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The question is, what earthly difference can we make?
Sydney Morning Herald
Whether Australia’s actions can actually have an impact on big emitters such as China, the US and India is also the subject of fierce debate. China’s emissions grew by 13 per cent last year, but it is trying to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels by
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Soccer Capsules: Wallace scores as Costa Rica beats US
Brownsville Herald
There were also wins for China and Uzbekistan as the group-stage third round began, involving the region’s major teams for the first time. Australia fell behind to Thailand and the Socceroos required an 86th-minute goal by substitute Alex Brosque to
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The Cook Era Begins; Apple Faces Pollution Claims in China
The story was picked up around the world, from MacMagazine Brazil who, roughly translated, states the story “Helps us remember Steve Jobs is a human being like everyone else,” to the Guardian UK, who localizes the title themselves as “My neighbour,
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Solarworld in Renewable Energy ‘War’ With China, Closing Factory
Many companies that manufacture solar products in the US and Europe are finding it difficult to compete on price with China. “Everyone could see the writing on the wall.” Some Chinese companies are also lagging, Chew said.
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‘Torchwood’ recap: In which everybody digs a hole to China
Los Angeles Times
The problem, then, is that all of this is built on a rather elaborate foundation that hasn’t been nearly as sturdy as the writers would like us to think it is. There are good ideas here; they’re just based on stuff that’s hard to care about,
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For presidents, the legacy of Sept 11 has no end
The Associated Press
The United States has had to deal with rebuilding its standing abroad and cope with rising competitors such as China. Of course, had the White House not responded aggressively to the attacks or kept after bin Laden, that would have caused outrage, too.
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