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U.S. China News 2011.08.31

Wed, August 31, 2011

China: American Financial Colony Or Mercantilist Predator?
Business Insider
Neither the United States nor China has come to grips with the perverse effects of the world dollar standard. The social and economic pathology of 19th century colonialism is well studied, but the monetary pathology of its successor, the neo-colonial
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China and the US Have a Great Future Together
Image via Wikipedia China and the United States are competing for jobs and markets all over the world. But that doesn’t mean their relationship has to become a zero-sum rivalry or devolve into a 21st-century version of the Cold War.
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China Wary of Japan’s New, Pro-US Prime Minister
The Atlantic
He also has made reference to China’s rising nationalism and naval activities as posing a risk to regional stability. To top it all off, the new prime minister has been a strong supporter of the US-Japan defense alliance. Given the new prime minister’s
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Two Monks Receive Long Jail Terms in China Amid US Concern
Voice of America
August 31, 2011 Two Monks Receive Long Jail Terms in China Amid US Concern VOA News A Chinese court has sentenced two Tibetan monks to long prison terms Tuesday in an unusual case that has prompted widespread international attention.
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US Thumps China in Solar Panel Shipment
China has a huge trade surplus with the United States in many segments of the economy but not, surprisingly, in the sale of solar panels, according to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association. A recent report from the two organizations
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US downplays China carrier capability
Philippine Star
ON BOARD THE USS JOHN C. STENNIS – As China begins sea trials of its first aircraft carrier, it may take Beijing at least 20 years to master aircraft carrier flight operations given its complexity. This was the assessment of US Rear Admiral Craig
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Vail Valley Voices: Taiwan riles USChina relations
Vail Daily News
The US and China almost clashed over Taiwan in the 1950s and 1990s. During the first instance, China attacked and occupied two of Taiwan’s islands. The US deployed naval forces to the area to counter China’s moves. Beijing backed down.
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US urged to halt criticisms of China’s military buildup
People’s Daily Online
The improvement of military transparency depends on the mutual trust between the two sides, and the Untied States should show its sincerity and actual practices in strengthening the ChinaUS mutual trust. As is known to all, the United States used to
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China’s solar rise seen in Solyndra’s fall
EE Times
There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with CIGs or thin-film technologies that have won support from private and public investors especially in the US But China has made huge investments in mass producing the existing crystalline technology that
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PIMCO’s Bill Gross: Stay Out Of Euro-USChina Menage A Trois
Forbes (blog)
Co-CIO at PIMCO, Gross sees Europe as tearing itself apart internally due to cross border struggles and the US suffering from a “thinly disguised battle between labor and capital,” with China and the Asian economies progressively getting more and more
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China, US Keep Renewable Investment Top Spots
Environmental Leader
China and the United States have maintained the top two places in Ernst & Young’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. The Chinese government has announced in the last quarter that it will hold tenders for 2GW of projects to reach its target
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China Analyst: US Can’t Win in Space, So Why Bother Racing?
Wired News
By David Axe With access to more than 400 satellites plus at least two tiny, maneuverable robotic shuttles, the US military is the clear leader in military spacecraft. But with 70 orbiters of its own, China is catching up fast.
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French Open champion Li Na again loses in first round of US Open | Tennis
The Seattle Times
French Open champion Li Na of China lost in the first round of the US Open for the second consecutive year. By The Associated Press No comments have been posted to this article. NEW YORK — French Open champion Li Na of China left no doubt of how she
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BofA sells China Bank stake for $3.3 bn gain
Economic Times
NEW YORK: Bankof America agreed to sell about half its stake in China Construction Bank for a $3.3 billion gain as the biggest US lender bolsters capital ahead of new international standards. A group of investors will buy 13.1 billion shares this
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A changing Vietnam yearns for closer US embrace
Vietnam wants a US presence for economic reasons and as a balance to China, the regional superpower. Minh is the new foreign minister; his father was part of Ho Chi Minh’s Communist regime during the bitter conflict of the 1960s and 1970s; later,
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METALS-Copper rises on US data, supply concerns
Since the price differential between Shanghai and London copper became unfavourable for imports last week, purchases from top consumer China have tailed off. Premiums for bonded copper in Shanghai have fallen more than 10 percent from last week due to
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Hong Kong Stocks Swing Between Gains, Losses on U.S. Confidence
San Francisco Chronicle
The index is on course for about a 10 percent decline this month amid concern the US economy is slowing and Europe’s debt crisis will worsen, making it the biggest monthly loss since October 2008. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index of Chinese
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US Kids Should Learn Chinese
BusinessWeek (blog)
This has not prevented us from doing business with China. In fact, our liberal trade with China has spiraled out of control to the detriment of our own economy. The US government owes Chinese investors more than $1 trillion, a result of their heavy
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As Global Markets Rattle, Is China Shifting Economic Policy?
The Atlantic
Not China, a point that Beijing has hammered home ad nauseum. But has August made China reassess its own economic policies and heavy dependence on the US economy? Here I direct you to an interesting but slightly dated Reuters piece that would suggest
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Rodeo event on hold
China Daily
Rodeo China is one of several cultural events that were planned in early April, part of the second annual ChinaUS Consultation on People-to-People Exchange introduced by two US companies, ZZYX Entertainment and Less is Forever More Inc. The so-called
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Compensation group set up as spill deadline dawns
China Daily
China’s maritime authorities have set up a working group to assist with compensation claims for the oil leaking in North China’s Bohai bay as the time set for the US company ConocoPhillips to clean up the spill hits deadline day, the Beijing Times
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Economics for the Silly Season
If you live in a world in which rising wages in China can directly ignite raging US inflation in gasoline, housing, medical, and college costs; huge trade deficits in services are fueling most of America’s national debt buildup; exchange rates have no
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More Nations Join US in Fight against EU-ETS
Aviation International News
With the US, Australia, Canada and China having expressed objections to the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS), now China and Russia are said to be soliciting other nations to help oppose the European plan. According to China Daily,
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Ex-ambassador felt US was losing PR battle to Cuba, China on assistance
Stabroek News
By Stabroek staff | 0 Comments | Local | Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Former US Ambassador Roland Bullen had complained about the amount of publicity that gifts from Cuba and China, which he labeled “ill-placed, shoddy and unsustainable,” attracted,
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Gov’t warned: Be cautious when signing China deals
With or without China, we have to work with ourselves.” Briones says the government should negotiate with China from a position of strength. “We have to look at where China may also need the Philippines. China also needs us vis-a-vis the US,
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China to internationalise currency
The Zimbabwe Guardian
THE gradual internationalisation of China’s renminbi will see at least 40 percent, or about US$100 billion, of China’s trade with Africa being made using the currency unit by 2015, a research study has shown. Currency internationalisation is defined as
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Officials secretly complained to China about ‘lack of ambition’ in emissions
Sydney Morning Herald
The government’s climate change adviser, Professor Ross Garnaut, judged it to be more than China’s ”fair share” of global emission reductions. Dr Parkinson, now Treasury secretary, told US officials Australia’s emissions trading legislation would be
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China: The next big grid storage market
A123’s vice president of energy storage, Rob Johnson, told us that China could be the largest grid storage market in the world, and A123 wants the demonstration project to turn into a larger deal. Duke Energy, a power producer and utility based in
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Kronos Global Absence Survey Shows Employees around the World Playing Hooky
MarketWatch (press release)
When asked why they have ever called in sick when they were not actually sick, the overwhelming response in every region was that employees felt stressed/needed a day off: 71 percent in Canada, 62 percent in the US, 60 percent in China, 57 percent in
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Sinoma says in talks on overseas acquisitions
By Alison Leung HONG KONG (Reuters) – China National Materials Co Ltd (Sinoma) (1893.HK) said on Wednesday it is in talks in Europe and the United States for acquisitions at 1-10 billion yuan ($154 million-$1.5 billion) each after it posted a 71
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USC USChina Institute 2012-2013 Postdoctoral Fellowships (deadline: February
US-China Institute
The University of Southern California’s USChina Institute aims to enhance understanding of the 21st century’s definitive and multidimensional relationship through cutting edge research, innovative graduate and undergraduate training,
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CONNIE SELGRATH: At least China can’t beat US in manufacturing laws, regulations
Bakersfield Californian
Recently, I received a chain email urging all Americans to buy only American-made products. The email suggested that we read the label or know the origin of every item we intend to purchase — from automobiles to food items. If it was “made in China,”
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Three Markets U.S. Internet Companies Can’t Ignore: Social, Mobile and … China
All Things Digital (blog)
The market potential in China is easy to see when you visit the bustling streets of Shanghai or Beijing. As investors in both China and the US, we have our own take on why we think China is rapidly becoming a core strategy for every high-growth
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News: Apple’s Battle Against Chinese Knockoffs Detailed in Wikileaks Cable
The Mac Observer
This particular cable, however, is about the US’s interests in protecting one of its larger corporations’s in a country with whom the US has a very complex relationship. China is the world’s largest market (the company’s largest cell phone carrier has
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World’s economies throwing BRICS at US businesses
Shreveport Times
US companies need to win the alternative energy race. The world is gobbling up energy. Whoever controls alternative energy will control the 21st century. China’s current reliance on its own coal meant I was gasping for clean air and desperate for blue
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China’s VIPStore Expands Luxury Brand Portfolio
MarketWatch (press release)
According to the 2011 World Luxury Association Blue Book survey, as of the end of March 2011, China’s total consumption of luxury goods (excluding private jets, yachts and luxury vehicles) had reached US$10.7 billion, accounting for a quarter of global
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China Moves Toward Permanent Space Presence
Voice of America
State media report that China’s space program aims to enhance the country’s “progress, power and prestige”. Under military authority, it has advanced rapidly despite European Union and US embargoes on trading in defense-related technologies with China.
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Aren’t you proud of the veep?
They seek to impose a national health-care system, much like China’s, that would include abortion on demand. So it really shouldn’t surprise us when, in a moment of candor, Biden makes a statement excusing and rationalizing and condoning – at least
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Millennials Pessimistic about Future of U.S. with Little Interest in Becoming
PR Newswire (press release)
Just 38 percent of US millennials say their career ambition is to run their own business, versus 69 percent of millennials in China and an average of 68 percent worldwide. Young Americans’ pessimism — or apathy — toward the business world extends to
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Law School weclomes new students
William and Mary News
In addition to the Class of 2014 JD candidates, 28 students have enrolled for one year of study in the American Legal System Program as LL.M. degree candidates. These new students are from China, Ethiopia, France, India, Malaysia, Ukraine,
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S. Korea’s Lee Names New Unification Minister
The six-party negotiations, which last convened in December 2008, include the US, China, Japan and Russia. The North shelled a South Korean island in November, killing four people, and was blamed for sinking the Cheonan warship in March 2010,
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Shanda Reports Second Quarter 2011 Unaudited Results
MarketWatch (press release)
“We believe our strategic initiatives and investments in new products and services will help us better capture the tremendous opportunities in the fast-evolving internet industry and rebuild the cultural landscape in China. As a content aggregator and
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