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U.S. China News 2011.08.28

Sun, August 28, 2011

Changing Vietnam Yearns for Closer U.S. Embrace: Albert R. Hunt
The record is better than China’s. The realpolitik, however, is that with about 90 million people, the world’s 14th-largest population, and a gross domestic product of $102 billion, Vietnam is treated differently than the colossus China. Yet US policy
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Destinee named MVP as USA wins volleyball title
San Antonio Express
She led the United States to the gold medal with a 3-0 victory over Brazil at Macau, China. “It is always a challenge to play the Brazil team,” US coach Hugh McCutcheon said. “They are the best team in the world. For us, we had to play with a lot of
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China, Taiwan buy influence with secret payments to Nauru politicians
Sydney Morning Herald
to US officials that one Taiwanese ambassador had been replaced because he had “failed to spread sufficient largesse”. The leaked cables report that Australia “pushed” Nauru to break ties with Taiwan and open diplomatic relations with China.
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Lawmakers criticize defense cuts after report on China’s military buildup
The Hill
By John T. Bennett – 08/28/11 01:00 PM ET Conservative lawmakers and analysts are seizing on the Pentagon’s finding that China is “closing the gap” with other militaries to criticize the Obama administration’s plans to pare US defense spending.
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Interview of HE Ambassador Liu Xiaoming with The ChinaUnited States Exchange
MFA China (press release)
Since 2006 the public security authorities of China have handled more than 500 requests of assistance for cyber-crime investigation from over 40 countries and regions. Three sessions of the China-UK Internet Roundtable and four sessions of the ChinaUS
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Thomas Freidman Spews Nonsense with Hurricane Force
Business Insider
Now let’s get to the China and US problem that Freidman discusses. Friedman tells us that: “China’s growth model is under pressure and America’s credit-driven capitalist model has suffered a warning heart attack and needs a total rethink.
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E. Thomas McClanahan | Defense cuts and the ‘Achilles heel’ of U.S. power
Kansas City Star
While the public’s attention has been focused on the threat of Islamic jihadism and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the challenge from Iran and China has grown. Many point out that US defense spending far outstrips that of any other country.
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On The “Chineseness” Of Gary Locke. Not My Language.
China Law Blog (blog)
I mention all of this after reading “Does Gary Locke Speak Chinese” on the Language Log Blog and Adam Minter’s Bloomberg story, “New US Ambassador Sparks Emotional Debate in China.” Both articles talk of how Locke is perceived in China and in the
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U.S., China Cooperate Join Forces To Take Down Network of Child Porn Sites
Social Barrel
According to the Chinese agency, the network of child porn sites taken down in the joint USChina operation included 48 sites. Furthermore, the agency revealed that 18 of all the sites in the downed network contained graphic pornography images of
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Retailers Target Dubai on Bet Mideast Shopping Oasis Won’t Fade
Confidence was 95.6, compared with 73.6 six months ago, exceeding markets such as China and India. The score is calculated with zero as the most pessimistic and 100 as most optimistic. Dubai is the second-most attractive emerging market for retailers
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China the quiet winner in war on terror
The Australian
This was especially true not just of non-Muslim states with rebellious Muslim minorities (such as Russia, China and India) but of all those Muslim regimes that Islamist revolutionary groups had declared to be apostates of the US.
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The Asian power squeeze
Times of Oman
No one believes that the USChina relationship will end in tears any time soon, not least because of the mutually dependent credit and consumption embrace in which the two countries are currently locked. But the outlook a decade or two from now is
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India, China to be next growth regions for crude market: Platts
Business Standard
Platts – a division of McGraw-Hill Companies and one of the leading global provider of energy information sees high potential for crude oil consumption in emerging economies like India and China over US, UK and other European countries.
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Going Global: China
San Jose Mercury News
Are you planning to expand your US and China business? Get the latest information from experts on legal considerations, finance, the regulatory environment, intellectual property issues, common mistakes, and expansion and cultural tips.
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Caterpillar chief confident on recovery
Financial Times
Two-thirds of Caterpillar’s revenues come from outside the US with China its most important market. There, Mr Oberhelman thinks concerns about slowing growth are overblown. “There has been a slowdown in China, which is healthy,” he says.
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Europe’s turbine makers feel China’s growing power
Financial Times
China is putting up new turbines at the rate of one an hour, says a report co-authored by the Global Wind Energy Council, which estimates the country’s wind power could be 13 times the capacity of the Three Gorges dam by 2020. China overtook the US for
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Most global of games stretches to every corner
USA Today
Stars now hail from small, tennis-poor or formerly non-existent countries such as Belarus (Victoria Azarenka), China (Li Na) and Serbia (Novak Djokovic). Many top pros competing at the US Open over the next two weeks such as Maria Sharapova and
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vox pop
Hindustan Times
This refers to the report Mistrust straining Indo-China ties: US (August 26). It’s unfortunate that the US had to alert the defence ministry to the the growing Chinese presence along Indian borders. In the name of constructing highways or repairing
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China’s Debt Problems Rival the West
The Market Oracle
Though the focus has been on the US and Europe, China too has debt problems to contend with. “If you look at the accounting, I don’t see how anyone could put a penny there.” So says Rajiv Jain, a top money manager with Vontobel Asset Management,
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Witnessing China’s Development with their own eyes
Chinese and American students participate in a flag bearing ceremony in Beijing to kick of the inaugural year of the ChinaUS Youth RME Partnership on Aug. 27, 2011. [Corey Cooper/] The American delegates, mostly undergraduates from Ivy
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China surpasses U.S. as world’s largest consumer of PCs
The Spokesman Review (subscription)
AP China has passed an important technological milestone: It became the world’s biggest consumer of PCs in the second quarter, according to new market research by IDC. The US is still expected to be the world’s largest market for the full year,
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China’s Local Government Debt Mounts
The Epoch Times
By Jin Jing China’s local governments will have to repay 4.6 trillion yuan (approximately US$720 billion) in debt in the next two years, according to recent reports. But the exact amount of debt is sometimes mixed up. China Securities Journal on Aug.
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US dependence on Russian rockets, foreign medicines is risky
Baltimore Sun
I heard with concern on a news program on WYPR that we don’t make crucial medications in this country anymore, and thus depend on China, India and others to do it for us. The same program also mentioned that there are crucial shortages of these
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These Threats Will Not Collapse America’s Economy
Gold Seek
Today, we spend about 4 dollars on imports from China for every 1 dollar that China spends on imports from us. China now even makes more beer than we do. Even the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall was made in China. So what?
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Volleyball Serbia, Russia sneak into semi-finals
Macau Daily Times
“It was a difficult game for us, maybe some of my players expected an easy win,” said Serbia coach Zoran Terzic. “Congratulations to the Thailand team, they played very well and it was a surprise for me that they won against China last night.
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China FDI. It’s Happening. Sort Of.
China Law Blog (blog)
In hindsight, I concluded that these companies had plenty of money and desire, but were severely lacking in international knowledge. What are you seeing out there. China FDI into the United States, today, tomorrow, five years from now or not ever?
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Manmohan Singh Bhandari: The Indian who turned yoga into million dollar
Economic Times
Many of us in China are immensely benefited by it because he was the first exponent yoga in China we know,” Zheng Xiaowen, who married Indian restaurant owner, Meharnosh Pastakia in Beijing said. Besides being yoga enthusiast, Wen is also in practices
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What Biden really ate in Beijing
China Daily
By Pauline D Loh and Yu Yilei (China Daily) The US Vice-President sampled some down-home Beijing nosh, which arrived with some practical Beijing hospitality. Pauline D Loh and Yu Yilei find out how he liked eating like a native.
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County’s school bus fleet targets travel worries
China Post
BEIJING — Some 5000 primary school children in Deqing county of China’s Zheijiang province will get to go to school in a United States-style air-conditioned bus. Xu Junqian reports. Like millions of other primary school students in the country,
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Imperialism’s panzers roll again by Aviary
Countries like China and Russia invest their earnings in US treasury bonds; these dollars are used by the Americans to maintain their global military supremacy, build increasingly modern weapons, and reward their allies with cash, weapons, and security
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Biden in China
Toledo Blade
Vice President Joe Biden’s just-completed eight-day trip to Asia was especially valuable for the reassurance he offered China, the largest US creditor, and the relations he built with the country’s probable next leader. Mr. Biden’s China visit was the
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The return of Neil Bush
The consul general and the Bushes also “exchanged views on ChinaUS relations … and other issues of their common interest.” These sorts of ties have surely contributed to Neil’s list of Chinese clients, mainly companies seeking natural resource deals
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Trade diversification away from the US a long-term solution
Troy Media Corporation
So where does this leave the Canadian economy, which is so heavily dependant on exports to the US? There have been plenty of suggestions for Canada to diversify its global trade. Increasing exports to China, India and the other emerging economies seems
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Tintin – make that Dingding – always a China fave
China Daily
Expect more people to read about Tintin and China with the expected December release of the long-awaited, big-budget Tintin movie from veteran US blockbuster movie director Steven Spielberg (Jaws, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark,
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US firm lands China theme park contract
which sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River in China. The company, which serves as the primary civil engineering firm for Legoland Florida, said it expected development of East Bay to take more than five years at a cost of at least US$1bn.
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Drivers in Cuba turn genius to ensure classic Detroit cars still run
Detroit Free Press
China did $1.8 billion in trade with Cuba last year overall. While US automakers sit on the sidelines, Chinese automakers are making inroads into the nation of 11 million. “China knows what it’s doing. But do we?” said Rick Shnitzler, co-founder of
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China’s oil groups ready for more deals
Financial Times
China is the world’s biggest energy user and second-largest consumer of oil, after the US. China’s state-owned oil companies have emerged as a major force in global mergers and acquisitions in the past five years, as they carry out their mandate to
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Forbes on the issues
Suffolk News-Herald
There is no question that China is rapidly closing the technology gap and striving to challenge the United States‘ military prowess — there is a question, though, of whether the United States will simply cede its global and military leadership role to
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GE Stabs the US in the Back
Family Security Matters
Peter Cohen that “General Electric plans to sell its aircraft electronics to Chinese companies” noting that China just flight-tested a prototype stealth fighter” as it continues to build up its military. GE is selling technology “it developed for US
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Some Predictions for the Rest of the Decade
Wall Street Pit
Also like Britain in 1930-31, once it does so the US economy will begin growing more rapidly – thus putting the burden of adjustment on China, Germany (which will already be suffering from the European adjustment) and Japan.
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Adjust, but keep EMBA
Springfield News-Leader
MSU owes it to all of us — but especially the Chinese students — to ensure its programs are of high quality and a fair value. It also owes us assurances that tax and tuition dollars are being spent wisely in these programs and operations in China are
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Disney Inks Deal with Greenbox, Chinese eCommerce Is Taking Off
Note I didn’t describe Greenbox as the fill-in-the-blank of China. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to come up with an ecommerce model she’s ripping off from the US. Kids clothes hasn’t been a natural vertical for etailers here, save being an offshoot of a
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Global climate worry up slightly since 2009 – poll
In China, the world’s top greenhouse gas emitter, climate change concern has dropped to 64 percent from 77 percent in the last two years. In the United States, the second biggest emitter and the only industrialized nation not signed up to the UN’s
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Serena Williams Overcomes Foot-Fault Tantrum in U.S. Open Return
The winners of the last two Grand Slam tournaments, China’s Li Na at the French Open and the Czech Republic’s Petra Kvitova at Wimbledon, were first-time major winners. None of the top five seeds for this year’s US Open — Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark
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