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U.S. China News 2011.08.27

Sat, August 27, 2011

Karen Kane CEO Returning Production From China to U.S.
Washington Post
26 (Bloomberg) — Karen Kane Chief Executive Officer Lonnie Kane talks about the company’s decision to reduce the amount of clothing it produces in China and increase US manufacturing. Karen Kane now manufactures the majority of its clothing in the US
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China Issues Protest Over US Report on Military
The United States‘ annual assessment of China’s military capabilities and doctrine “seriously twists the facts and doesn’t have a leg to stand on,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement read on national television. The Pentagon report issued
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It’s Time for China to Pay Its Debts to the United States
Fox News
Many people assume China has the US over a barrel. The country buys so much of our debt—around $800 billion—that we cannot “rock the boat” when it comes to US and China relations. That has meant not pressing the PRC “too hard” when it comes to North
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US watches as China raises Mideast clout
Hurriyet Daily News
On Friday, China dismissed a US report on its military expansion as “completely groundless.” The US defense department’s annual report to Congress, which the Hürriyet Daily News extensively covered, said China was increasingly focused on naval power
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China Orders Banks to Lock Up More Cash, Bank of America Says
China’s five biggest banks posted first-half profits that surpassed the total of their 14 largest US and European rivals, with Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. reporting last week that net income rose 29 percent to a record $17 billion.
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China’s PC market surpasses US for the first time
For the first time ever, China has just become the biggest consumer of PCs, surpassing the United States who has dropped to second. According to new market research by IDC, computer makers shipped about 18.5 million PCs in China in the second quarter
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China’s Industrial Profits Increase 28.3%, Supporting Economic Expansion
Demand for China’s exports is under threat as the US recovery weakens and European officials grapple with a sovereign-debt crisis. Higher profits may help to sustain investment, preventing a deeper slowdown in an economy that grew 9.5 percent in the
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Darius Miller Opens Up About Trip To China
LEX18 Lexington KY News
Darius Miller got a lot out of his trip to China playing for USA basketball. He thought he played well, and thinks we should have won the gold medal. He’s also glad to be back in Lexington. The UK senior didn’t think he and the veterans last season did
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WikiLeaks: US questions China’s nuclear safety
Hindustan Times
China has “vastly increased” the risk of a nuclear accident by opting for cheap technology that will be 100 years old by the time dozens of its reactors reach the end of their lifespans, according to diplomatic cables from the US embassy in Beijing.
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Mutual security
Manila Bulletin
According to official reports, trade volume between China and the Philippines was at US$277 billion in 2010 or 25% higher than 2009. China is the Philippines’ third largest trading partner, and we are sixth among 10 ASEAN partners in China trading.
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The Future of USChina Relations
(LinkAsia News: 8/26/11) Joe Biden ended a visit to China with reassuring words from Chinese leaders about their faith in the US economy. Biden told his hosts not to bet against the US economy. Biden was in China at the invitation of Vice-President Xi
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Three cheers for the end of American empire
•The US, which once led the world in infrastructure development, now spends just 2.0% of GDP in such investments, as opposed to 5% in the EU and 9% in China. Of the 30 largest infrastructure projects globally, half are in developing economies and just
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USA women following golden path
Palo Alto Online
Team USA had a 10-3 advantage in blocks and Serbia committed 22 errors to the Americans’ 12. Serbia recorded five aces. Japan downed Thailand in straight sets to claim fifth place and Italy went five sets with China before winning and finishing seventh
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Surf’s up in China, but forget about the Cheetos
In this one area they wanted us to look in northeast China, our guide was the local police chief, and our boards were strapped on top of his SUV right next to the red and blue emergency lights on top. He would drive 50 MPH down these skinny one lane
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Pigs ‘fly’ from Britain to China in unlikely export deal
Montreal Gazette
His latest order, which came two weeks ago, and which has got us on an extra shift to fill it, was 1000 tons in 40 containers. That’s worth 300000 pounds to us and our turnover has gone up from 3 million to 4 million pounds because of China,” he said.
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Welcome to Hollywood, China
Intellectual Conservative
American made goods lasted longer and even if they cost more, they were generally worth it. But over time Japanese industry has equaled that of the US in a number of key areas especially electronics and automobiles. Now with China having moved in many
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Rodrik Says Don’t Count on Emerging Markets
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Rodrik’s paper was an attempt to counter a growing belief that the malaise affecting the US and Europe is opening the door to dominance by what were once emerging nations. The fears are particularly stark due to the rapid growth of China,
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With China on the rise, it’s time to retool
The Nation
Now the world’s second-largest economy, most international forecasters believe that when it comes to China’s ability to surpass the US, it’s not a question of if, but when. China’s burgeoning economy, massive foreign currency holdings, US Treasury bond
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<B>Shanthie Mariet D’Souza:</B> Anatomy of a deal still in the making
Business Standard
Fears of a permanent American presence have been articulated by neighbouring countries like Iran, Russia and China. While Iran and Pakistan are seen to be moving closer, China is watching developments with some concern. While for the US, the proposed
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Cheap Pearl Set Jewelry Available Online
Sacramento Bee
27, 2011 — SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls, and the institute is going to hold Career Fair and Open House on Oct 21, 2011.
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The US Is Not Japan, But There Are Some Similarities (press release)
This is why I think the Japanese experience tells us almost nothing about what Europe and the US will go through. On the other hand, it might tell us a lot about what China will go through. In fact we can make a more general point.
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Alberta native stands at crux of dialogue between China and the West
Globe and Mail
The last time, when Bill Clinton did it in 1998, interpreting issues (caused by Mr. Clinton’s habit of veering from his prepared remarks), it provoked a news anchor to suggest that “if USChina relations are going to improve, it will have to start with
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Mayor Foxx joining China recruiting trip
Charlotte Observer
business leaders to discuss the city’s “EcoPartnership” between the two cities, along with Duke Energy. The partnership program is administered by the US State Department to bring the US and China closer together to work on clean energy technologies.
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US Ship for Philippines a Good Start, But Much More to Be Done (blog)
It has to start its modernization somewhere, and developing an ability—however nascent—to more regularly patrol Philippine-claimed waters in the South China Sea is the best place to start. US officials can learn two important lessons from the
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Ma claims Chen Shui-ban backs ‘1992 Consesus’
China Post
The first time was in 2000 when Chen told a group of US guests that he would support the Consensus reached between Taipei and Beijing negotiators on both sides having their own definitions of “one China,” Ma said. But Chen complained that China would
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But things look to change with a broadcast which came from the Chinese state TV which indicates that the cyber attacks are and were rolling out of China against US The evidence shows Chinese state-sponsored “cyberattacks”. The footage was screened in
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Japan’s development dilemma
China Daily
Such negative attitudes hinder the process of China’s policy of “shelving disputes and seeking common development”. Third, Japan has made China the target of the Japan-US alliance and attempts to use the “China card” to sustain it.
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China’s new currency policy
Malaysia Star
China’s existing portfolio of some US$3 trillion worth of dollar bonds and other foreign securities exposes it to two distinct risks: inflation in the United States and Europe, and a rapid devaluation of the dollar relative to the euro and other
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Big white US plane parked in Duluth
Duluth News Tribune
Was it Vice President Joe Biden on his way back from China? Or were they stashing jets out of Washington ahead of Hurricane Irene? If you think you know, drop us a line at or call (218) 723-5300. A shiny white airplane with the
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History shows that high taxes on rich don’t work
Baltimore Sun (blog)
They are the ones who pushed for trade agreements that hurt American production. They are the ones who shipped American jobs to Red China. They sold us out. Economic conditions today are very diffferent than any the periods cited by the author.
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Coca-Cola to Invest $4B More in China
Food Product Design
SHANGHAI—The Coca-Cola Company and its Chinese bottling partners announced a new investment of US$4 billion over the next three years, beginning in 2012. This new investment brings Coco-Cola’s total investment in China to $7 billion between 2009 and
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Bank of America to Sell China Stake: Report
CNBC cautioned the deal could still fall apart, and that the final list of buyers was still being negotiated, but was likely to include sovereign wealth funds in Asia and the Middle East as well as US and Asian institutions. A Bank of America spokesman
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CEA September Event: Challenges for Christians When Doing Business in China
San Jose Mercury News
Before that, he was the CEO for Youxin Company, and the COO for MPI, an outdoor media company in China. In addition, he served on the Board of the Shanghai American Chmber of Commerce. Presently, he is a board member of the Chinese Entrepreneur
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Current Issue: U.S. Auto Industry Driven by Global Emerging Market
Automation World
He emphasizes the auto market’s resilience, as well as global emerging markets driving the industry. That GM states China, not the United States, is now its largest national market points to the industry’s new global path.
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N Korea ready for nuclear talks – Kim
The six-party forum involves the two Koreas, China, the United States, Russia and Japan. Earlier this month, Beijing said an early resumption of six-party denuclearisation talks was “in the common interests” of all the countries involved.
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2011 US Open: Calling Out for a WTA Star—Anybody Out There?
Bleacher Report
French Open champion Li Na attends a celebration event by Women Tennis Association (WTA) on July 5, 2011 in Beijing, China. Will the real ladies champion please stand up, please stand up? Who is the current star of women’s tennis?
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Mercury News interview: Morris Chang, founder, chairman, CEO of Taiwan
San Jose Mercury News
But I also think that maybe Silicon Valley or the United States has given up too much manufacturing. The situation is that Asia — Taiwan, China and now other countries — has basically taken over the manufacturing end. We are not the most prominent
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Pakistan Denies Handing US Technology to Chinese Regime
“I find it preposterous and really amazing that the newspaper reports continue to come despite the fact that the state of Pakistan has said categorically that wasn’t the case and China has said categorically that wasn’t the case.
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IT security rundown for week ending Aug. 26
Network World
The cyberwarfare documentary was broadcast by China Central Television Channel 7 last month but the US public got some idea about it last week when Erickson, an associate professor at the US Naval War College’s Maritime Studies Institute,
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NPC Standing Committee upholds sovereign immunity
China Daily
The US firm chose Hong Kong as the venue for legal action as China Railway Group, which entered into infrastructure projects with DR Congo in 2008, is a Hong Kong-listed company. Since DR Congo asserted Hong Kong should follow China’s absolute
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Perry Surging in Republican US Presidential Race
Voice of America
Related Articles Republican Presidential Contenders Speak Out on Israel, Iran, China Jobs, economy are key themes in 2012 presidential election, but international relations are garnering lots of attention from aspirants Obama to Propose Deficit Cuts of
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US OPEN ’11: Capsules on women to watch at US Open
Washington Post
player from China — man or woman — to win a Grand Slam singles title. … After that tournament ended, though, she won only three of her next seven matches. … Her powerful, flat groundstrokes should be effective on the hard courts at the US
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