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U.S. China News 2011.08.14

Sun, August 14, 2011

New US Ambassador to China Urges Broad Cooperation
Voice of America (blog)
The new US ambassador to China, Gary Locke, is pledging to strengthen bilateral ties, saying ChinaUS cooperation in business, science and academia could lead to solutions to “many of the problems facing the entire world.” Locke spoke Sunday in Beijing
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Sticker shock: ‘Made in China‘ ranks as only 2.7 percent of US spending
Boston Herald
By Alana Semuels / Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES – Convinced that everything you buy these days has a Made-in-China label? Then you aren’t paying attention. Things made in the USA still dominate the American marketplace, according to a new study by
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Why China needs US
CNN (blog)
Here in the US you hear many people worry that the Chinese government might stop buying American T-Bills. I think these fears are vastly overblown. The economic situation between China and the US is the financial version of mutually assured destruction
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How Socio-Economics Makes China A Bigger Credit Risk Than The US
Business Insider
The selloff intensified after the US got stripped of the top notch AAA rating by S&P first time ever in history. The double AA status has put the US in the same category as China, based on S&P’s rating. But one consolation for the United States is that
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US men defeat Hungary; Miller scores 9
Lexington Herald Leader
University of Kentucky senior Darius Miller scored nine points, including a three-pointer, in the US men’s 102-53 win over Hungary Sunday in the World University Games in Shenzhen, China. Thanks in part to a US record six made 3-pointers from John
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Economic woes loom over Biden’s China visit
Bend Bulletin
“No one wants to see the US economy keep going downhill and a new financial crisis. China and the US are very important in keeping the global economy stable.” As they get to know each other, Biden and Xi will no doubt discuss some of the security
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Pakistan gave China access to US helicopter
Financial Times
Senior US officials confronted General Ashfaq Kayani, head of the Pakistan military, about this but he flatly denied it, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting. A senior Pakistani official also denied it to the FT. China declined to
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McCallum’s stock rises with Team USA selection
The team is currently in China, where the Games will continue through Aug. 22. Before leaving for China, McCallum told the USA Basketball website the chance to play for the US squad “is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve only played in overseas
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Chinese space lab set to soar
USA Today
By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY China looks ready to launch a small space lab into orbit, space policy experts report, perhaps as soon as this month. Kin Cheung, AP In this 2010 photo, visitors sit besides a model of Chinese made Tiangong 1 space station at
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Israel’s New Focus: Exports to India, China over US, EU
Arutz Sheva
Israel’s new economic policy puts more emphasis on exports to China, India and South America over the US and EU. by Maayana Miskin Israel is working to safeguard its economy by focusing less on the United States and Europe and more on countries to the
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China’s woes may lead to more pricey Xmas here
CBS News
[Time, 6/19/05; EPI Issue Brief #235, 6/27/07] Wal-Mart’s imports from China cost American jobs. Wal-Mart’s trade deficit with China alone eliminated nearly 200000 US jobs between 2001 and 2006. On average, 77 US jobs were eliminated for each one of
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Chinese military chief makes first visit to Israel
Israel and China established ties almost two decades ago, but the relationship has been clouded by US disapproval of Israeli arms sales to the Asian superpower. The Israelis have also been troubled by Beijing’s past reluctance to back international
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US women defeat Brazil 112-53 at World University Games
Lexington Herald Leader
Former Lexington Catholic star Natalie Novosel scored two points and had two assists in the US team’s 112-53 win over Brazil at the World University Games Sunday in Shenzhen, China. Racing out to a 25-6 first-quarter lead, the 2011 USA Basketball
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Minister urges action on EU and US debts
People’s Daily Online
China is worried about challenges that the European Union (EU) faces in the next two months and urged the bloc as well as the US to hold down government debts, China’s commerce minister Chen Deming said at a meeting of Southeast Asian trade ministers
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China says will shut plant as thousands protest
give us back our home, never give up” as they demonstrate against a petrochemical plant at the People’s Square in Dalian, Liaoning province August 14, 2011. By Sui-Lee Wee BEIJING (Reuters) – Authorities in northeastern China on Sunday ordered a
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Wayne Swan keeps the faith in China success story
The Australian
WAYNE Swan believes China can continue to grow even if the US and European economies are flat — a development that would underpin Australia’s continued economic strength. The Treasurer, who will visit Hong Kong and China next month to discuss
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US keeps an eagle eye on Asia
The Australian
Last year there was a string of maritime incidents in which Chinese naval and commercial vessels challenged or harassed US, Japanese, Vietnamese and other southeast Asian vessels in international waters, especially in the South China Sea and the Sea of
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Asia vulnerable to US recession: Singapore PM
SINGAPORE — Asia, including China and India, will be vulnerable if the United States and Europe slip into another recession, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sunday. In his annual policy speech, Lee warned it was possible the world
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Haven Talk Reaches Emerging Asian Currencies
Wall Street Journal
Triple-A-rated Singapore’s dollar has risen 1% against the US dollar since the start of the month. Buoying optimism in Asian currencies has been China’s surprise action to strengthen its closely managed currency last week by the fastest pace in years.
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Searching for the real America
Lompoc Record
Perhaps the best starting point would be China’s stern lecture that the United States should “live within its means.” That was the official Chinese government response to one of three credit rating services downgrading the US from AAA to AA-plus.
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The Pentagon’s new China war plan
Now that they are preparing for a war with the country that lends the US $ billions every year, we can certainly count on one of their operatives in the intelligence agencies or Congress delivering one. Never mind that China does not have to risk the
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Google Gmail Phishing Attacks Continue, China Suspected
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin Spear phishing attempts to penetrate the personal Gmail accounts of US officials, journalists, and activists, reported by Google in June, have not ceased according to a security researcher who first discovered the attempts in February.
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US President Barack Obama tries to recover ground amid efforts to ‘get fiscal
Gary Locke, the new US ambassador to China, was also on the defensive on his arrival in Beijing, telling his audience that the Obama administration was committed to “getting our fiscal house in order.” China, the biggest US investor with $1.16 trillion
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2011 World University Games Results – Day 2
Stanford Athletics Official Site
SHENZHEN, China – Stanford athletes continued their efforts at the World University Games Sunday in Shenzhen, China, as they helped lead the US women’s basketball and women’s water polo teams to victory. The Ogwumike sisters, Chiney and Nnemkadi,
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United States‘ debt snowballing overseas
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The United States and China don’t have as direct a connection, despite all the Chinese-made goods American consumers buy and debt the Chinese buy from the United States, said Derek Scissors, a China expert at the Heritage Foundation.
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SKorea, China may start FTA talks
Taipei Times
China is South Korea’s largest trading partner with total volume between the two nations reaching US$180 billion last year, Kim said in an interview. South Korea’s trade surplus against China amounted to US$52.84 billion last year, a 39.5 percent
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Economy sound but should be better, says Ralph Norris
The Australian
Ralph Norris is confident about the strength of the national economy, but said a downturn in the US could harm Australia’s prospects with its prime trading partner China. “The underlying Australian economy is in pretty sound shape,” Mr Norris said
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Is heavyweight US dollar down for the count?
Jamaica Gleaner
For example, over the past decade, the position of the US dollar as the only real reserve currency has come under increasing challenge from China and several oil-producing countries that saw the value of their US-dollar reserves decline.
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Softwood Exports To China Surpass US…Again
Opinion250 News (blog)
By 250 News Prince George, BC – For the second consecutive month, BC’s softwood lumber exports to China have surpassed the value of softwood being shipped to the United States. Statistics just released for June peg the value of softwood exports to
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US Unholy Alliance Meddling in Pakistan
Kashmir Watch
In this connection, the intelligence agencies of US alliance have also cultivated their agents under the garb of NGOs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China. These agents became active in gathering intelligence,
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Perry welcomed Chinese firm despite security concern
Washington Post
After a months-long courtship that included a trip to China, where he dined with the company’s chief executive, Perry announced that telecom firm Huawei Technologies would base its US operations in Plano. In a video of that October 2010 event — now
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Boyz endure tough passage to China
Jamaica Observer
After exhausting the airplane’s movie and music offerings, and dropping in and out of sleep more times than I care to count, China’s most populated city Shanghai welcomed us. Uncertain of what awaited us on the outside where few spoke our language and
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KU’s Dixon and Finley Arrive in China for World University Games
Kansas track and field’s Diamond Dixon and Mason Finley arrived in southwest China on Saturday night with the rest of Team USA for the 2011 World University Games. The two Jayhawks will compete for the US later this week in the meet that draws hundreds
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27 Fake Apple Stores Discovered In China
Escapist Magazine
However, as Reuters points out, “In May, China was listed for the seventh year by the US Trade Representative’s office as a country with one of the worst records for preventing copyright theft.”
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We all need to buy American
Danville Commercial News
No wonder US manufacturing — once the envy of the world — is hurting. A Pew Global Attitudes study shows that 15 of 22 nations think that China will replace us as the world’s leading superpower. It hit me the other day as I shopped for an extension
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Yuan’s Increase Against the Dollar Is Largest in Almost 20 Years
Seeking Alpha
The People’s Bank of ChinaChina’s central bank—maintains a peg with the US dollar. As the dollar has weakened, the PBC has created more yuan to keep the value of its currency stable with the dollar. Many economic commentators have speculated that if
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Bob Newell | Tribune-Review
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
China leads the United States in the lighting revolution. China began pouring money into LED projects in 2003, to “facilitate a shift from CFL manufacturing to LED lighting,” the Swedish Energy Agency and National Lighting Test Center in Beijing said
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Businesses lose confidence in Obama
ABC Online
And not that we should use it; it’s just that China has taken it away from us by arbitrarily pegging its currency. And this is causing a great disturbance in the United States and the Obama administration has done a good job because it can’t get China
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At least the war on the middle class is going well
The dismantling of the middle class will lead to the decline of our country over the next 20 years, and the baton will be passed to China as the new world leader if we don’t address the real issues facing this country. The US, in terms of income and
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Bible shortage difficult when printing is illegal (blog)
Paul Hattaway: Many Chinese church leaders are telling us the need is greater now than at any time since the 1980s. There is a growing emergency in China because of the lack of God’s Word among the rural house churches. If this need is not rebalanced
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RTKL wins contest to design iconic building in China
Baltimore Sun
How does this project compare to others under way in China? It’s a good-sized project in China, at 2.5 million square feet. Hardly any [projects under way] in the US are that large, but in China there are many. How would you characterize the commercial
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It’s not all Made in China
Kennebec Journal
This warped view comes, of course, from my early Catholic childhood when the good sisters showed us the starving children of China and passed the cigar box for our pennies. I wondered if on the long march to the mountains, Mao cheered them on by
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Area officials working to build relationships in China
Bowling Green Daily News
“With the prosperity going on in China, it is a fertile market, with investors and businesses looking to come to the United States,” Bunch said. “This unique opportunity to collaborate with WKU gives us a distinct competitive advantage in getting them
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Dead end of capitalism?
Even the once solid US treasury bonds turned cold and almost became junk bonds, to the point that China, the greatest buyers of these US bonds publicly made a terse statement to the Americans to shape-up. The price of gold soared – an indication
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Infrastructure is economic future
Arizona Republic
Today, the US is fifteenth. This is not a surprise considering that the US spends only 1.7 percent of its GDP on transportation infrastructure while Canada spends 4.0 percent and China spends 9.0 percent. Even as the global recession has forced
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The Flavor Du Jour of US Politics
New York Times
On China, she mixes free-trade rhetoric with a vow to be “a lot tougher” than either Mr. Obama or former President George W. Bush when it comes to currency manipulation. She opposes any overhaul of the immigration laws. More than her positions,
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US debt remains investor safe haven despite S&P downgrade
Analysts said, meanwhile, that China, the world’s largest foreign holder of US debt, has no choice but to maintain its Treasury holdings, with Beijing’s hands tied for several reasons in the short run. China has the world’s largest foreign exchange
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