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U.S. China News 2011.07.31

Sun, July 31, 2011

The Truth About Chinese Threats To Dump US Debt
Business Insider
It has to invest those reserves somewhere until it decides to use them to buy US goods or make more direct investments with them abroad. Since the US is China’s largest customer, and since many smaller customers also settle their international trade in
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‘India is very critical for us
Hindustan Times
Excerpts India is very critical for us to achieve our stated target of selling 8 million cars every year by 2015. We expect the Indian market to grow and become the third largest car market in the world behind China and US and hence bigger than Europe,
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Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps increase medal haul at worlds
USA Today
Not only have some of the USA’s top performers, such as backstroker Aaron Peirsol and butterflier Ian Crocker, retired since the 2008 Olympics, cutting into the US team’s depth on the men’s side, the rest of the world, especially China,
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US dominates world championships with 16 golds
Beaver County Times
(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E) US Ryan Lochte waves as he leaves the pool after winning the gold medal in the men’s 400m Individual Medley final at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Shanghai, China, Sunday, July 31, 2011. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E) US Ryan
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Beijing Blasts Washington on Debt Crisis
Forbes (blog)
And China’s debt situation is at least as serious as America’s. Chinese leaders tell us their country’s debt-to-GDP ratio was 17% at the end of last year, but the figure is more like 89% according to Beijing-based Dragonomics. If the respected research
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US Sanctions and China’s Iran Policy
Monthly Review
by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett The Financial Times reports that Iran and China are “in talks about using a barter system to exchange Iranian oil for Chinese goods and services, as US financial sanctions have blocked China from paying at
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Swimming-World championship medallists
Tyler Clary (US) 3. Yuya Horihata (Japan) 4×100 metres freestyle relay 1. Australia 2. France 3. United States 4×200 metres freestyle relay 1. United States 2. France 3. China * 4×100 metres medley relay 1. United States 2. Australia 3.
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Roaming Fees as Low as China’s Won’t Be Matched Soon
New York Times
In part, that is because European and US operators do not compete directly with their counterparts in China for mobile customers, so they have little financial incentive to match the lower prices. David Dyson, the chief executive of Three UK,
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China and the Afghan Endgame
Project Syndicate
For Chinese strategic realists, any support for America’s efforts to help end the Afghan insurgency should be part of a broader ChinaUS bargain. China might agree not to undermine America as it withdraws only if the US agrees to rethink its arms sales
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Buy American, don’t buy from GE
Berkshire Eagle
Jeffrey Immelt and his General Electric cohorts are sending the X-ray machine division to China. Top echelon workers will go to China but not the rest of the division’s US work force. I have finally hit my breaking point.
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FINA World Championships, Swimming: United States Smokes Women’s 400 Medley
Natalie Coughlin (59.12), Rebecca Soni (1:04.71), Dana Vollmer (55.74) and Missy Franklin (52.79) moved the US into second all time with a 3:52.36. Only China has been faster with a world record of 3:52.19 from the techsuit era when China won the event
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US Economic Slow-down: Good news and bad news for the Chinese economy
Forbes (blog)
A mild US slow-down could help China cool its economy off, bringing inflation down. The problem, however, is that China’s inflation is mostly food and energy inflation, and China doesn’t export either of the two commodities to the US.
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‘Gold could lose $30/oz if US debt crisis is solved’
Hindu Business Line
We have seen an aggressive approach towards interest rate hike in India and China resulting in rising borrowing cost. This may hurt growth resulting in drop in demand of industrial commodities. There is growing evidence that in the euro zone,
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ModuTile USA Manufacturer Introduces Affordable Interlocking Basement Flooring (press release)
Since ModuTile no longer manufactures in China, its US manufacturing team was assembled in November 2010. The new US team has successfully entered the basement flooring market after researching the issues associated with the existing basement floor
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Australia is positioned better than any other nation but China
The Australian
“We are positioned better than any other nation but China. For us it’s a much better performance than 2009 (where Australian won three gold, four silver and nine bronze), even though it was three gold medals in 2009, because one of those was in a 50m
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Will US spark another global shock?
Philippine Star
However, unlike China, Japan or Brazil which have substantial ownership of US Treasury bonds, we should be able to slow down while taking shelter from another global financial storm without much fear. What we could do at best would be to learn from
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Phelps seeks to hike worlds medal haul; China’s Sun eyes 1500m freestyle mark
AHN | All Headline News
Phelps, 26, who is back in China, scene of his record-breaking haul of eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, surged at the turn to capture the men’s 100 fly in 50.71 seconds. It gave the American swimming star his second individual gold,
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China’s Huawei the biggest company you’ve never heard of before—with a branch
The Star-Ledger –
The company, China’s largest phone equipment maker, has remained a relative unknown in the United States despite its reputation as a rising star in the global market, with $28 billion in annual sales last year. “We’re the biggest company you’ve never
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Mobile operators revenue to cross $1.1 trillion
Pakistan Observer
Islamabad—Mobile operators in the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – are accounting for a rapidly growing share of global mobile revenue, and are on track to overtake the US in market size revenue by 2012. According to a new Wireless
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Twin Sisters From China Reunite In Cincinnati
WLWT Cincinnati
CINCINNATI — Identical twin sisters Rachel and Natalie, who were separately adopted from China by American families, have been reunited in Cincinnati. William Hoffman said he and his wife, Darcie, adopted Rachel without knowing that she has a twin
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ETF Research Report Now Available: China ETFs In Focus
ETF Database
by Michael Johnston on July 31, 2011 Over the past few years it has become increasingly clear that China is now the most important economy in the world. Though second to the US in total size, China accounts directly for a significant portion of global
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Complacency is the danger in Asia’s power games
The Australian
The Obama administration has belatedly caught on to this game-plan after flirting with nascent doctrines such as the new order of a Group-of-Two comprising the US and China, or ambiguous doctrines of strategic reassurance. There is still an ongoing
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Genetic Evidence Clears Ben Franklin
Genetic tests on more than 1000 Chinese tallow trees from the United States and China show the famed US statesman did not import the tallow trees that are overrunning thousands of acres of US coastal prairie from Florida to East Texas.
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Mainland politicians told of APEC’s arena
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Both the United States, the longtime global economic power, and China, the emerging economy, practice capitalism, but vastly different forms of it, said Christopher McNalley, a nonresident fellow at the East-West Center and director of ChinaUS
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An Easy Diet Trick That May Stave Off Breast Cancer
Christian Post
Jia-Yi Dong, Ka He, Peiyu Wang, and Li-Qiang Qin were the lead researchers in the study conducted in China. Their new findings are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. “We identified 10 prospective group studies of dietary fiber
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Lack of a Debt Deal Angers Chinese Leaders
Seeking Alpha
According to Bloomberg, Roach stated, “coming so shortly on the heels of the subprime crisis, the debate over the debt ceiling and the budget deficit is the last straw [for China].” Why are the Chinese so disturbed by the possible default of the US
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Congress members should do what’s best for Americans
Altoona Mirror
In fact, most Americans won’t demand answers. No one seems to care that goods from the US to China have a 25 percent tariff on them. Goods from China to the US have a 2 percent tariff on them. Why? Because that’s where the American companies are.
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Group Calls on Congress to Suspend NIH Grants After China Receives $90 Million
Fox News
“As our country heads to fiscal ruin, why are we giving millions in taxpayer dollars to Chinese science – which benefits China and its institutions – when they hold more than $1 trillion in American debt?” asked Andrea Lafferty, president of the TVC.
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Uncle’s broke
BusinessWorld Online
And countries have kept to the 60-65% US dollar reserve of choice for the immediate past two decades, followed far by the euro (formerly held by the German deutschemark) by a weakling 25%. But new world superpower China is openly angsty about the 1.2
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Democracy is moving into the gray area, and the U.S. is included
Bend Bulletin
As Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute has pointed out, China, most frequently cited as America’s 21st-century rival, will be the first country to be simultaneously aging and developing, in part because its rigidly enforced
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Green Fields: Iowa farmers outproduce China, Canada in grain
The immediate implication of the incident on US markets would appear to be positive. Japan is the No. 1 customer for the United States, averaging about 33000 metric tons of purchases per week, double its purchase rate of a year ago.
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Iran Warns about Dire Consequences of US-Afghan Deal for Global Security
Fars News Agency
Pak-Ayeen further pointed out that Washington is seeking to contain and threaten Russia and China through the deal with Kabul, and added, “The impacts and aftermaths of security race and rivalry among the big powers will cause disorder in global
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SNAPSHOT-US lawmakers close to deal on debt
The Federal Budget of the USA has been living on CREDIT CARDS and borrowing money from China and other non-US places for YEARS. We let this happen by voting for the WRONG politicians (Reps AND Dems BOTH — we picked BAD ones). We voted without thinking
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FINA World Championships, Swimming: Jessica Hardy Dominates 50 Breast, Trojan
SHANGHAI, China, July 31. JESSICA Hardy kicked off the final session of the FINA World Long Course Championships in impressive fashion with a dominant win in the women’s 50 breast. Hardy clocked a time of 30.19 to reclaim the world title in the event.
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Black swan crash draws China growth questions
And the US’s dilapidated Amtrak brand is emblematic of infrastructural neglect and a reluctance to invest that undermines growth. Until a deadly July 23 crash, China’s rail ambitions were zooming along in tandem with its economic boom.
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McConnell: Debt-ceiling deal ‘very close’
Earnings from Toyota and Honda and a key gauge of China’s manufacturing activity will be in focus next week, as well as policy decisions from central banks in Japan and Australia. See full story. Cambodia, one of Asia’s fastest-developing frontier
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Brazil Outlasts USA in World Junior Champs Semifinal
Team-wise, USA hit .345, compared with .335 for Brazil. A complete press release and match stats from USA Volleyball is available by clicking here. Looking ahead, the US squad will play China for the bronze medal Sunday afternoon.
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iPhone 5: China Silicone Cases Reveal Bigger and Badder Phone
International Business Times
If you thought US Apple fans are impatient, check out the latest news coming from China. According to MIC Gadget, manufacturers of iPhone 5 silicone cases are now sweeping across the country in preparation of Apple’s latest smartphone release.
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Debt Ceiling Crisis: Congress Forcing U.S. to Pay China First, Social Security
Associated Content
If there happens to be money left over after that, he can decided whether congress gets their paychecks, social security checks go out, Medicare payments are made, Raytheon gets paid for the latest delivery of ground to air missiles, or any of the US
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Setting the record straight
JoongAng Daily
Dr. Tsui’s findings also raised serious questions on China’s official position that the Chinese interfered in the Korean War to counter US forces. China has persistently argued that it got involved in the war to support North Koreans because US troops
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McCallum invited to U.S. National Junior Team camp
McCallum, a 2010 Detroit Country Day graduate, will be one of 21 players contending for 12 spots on the final roster that will represent the United States at the 2011 World University Games men’s basketball tournament Aug. 13-22 in Shenzhen, China.
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Saturday Reads Around The Internets – Credit Ratings, Crazies and Crisis
Economic Populist
That said, the real one which assuredly should be weighted more than it is….the jobs crisis, the US middle class. More people are waking up to the fact China has our economy now and points to the trade deficit as one reason we are where we are.
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Chinese Visitors Inspire
I give these kids a lot of credit for having the curiosity and bravery to take an educational trip to the United States. I’m impressed with their openness, friendliness and command of English. I could not function for two seconds alone in China without
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The Colonel: KFC collecting stories about its founder
The Times and Democrat
The initiative comes at a time when KFC is struggling in the US even as it prospers overseas, especially in China. “As other brands strive to be faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper, consumers are looking for a brand that reminds them of a simpler
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Ford Looks Ready to Roll
Ford so far has been a laggard in China, where it holds a market share of about 3%, while General Motors has 15%. Ford has been boosting revenue and steadily cutting down a mountain of debt it took on in 2006. Ford is also spending on cars for the US
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