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U.S. China News 2011.07.23

Sat, July 23, 2011

US warns on South China Sea, welcomes Korea talks
NUSA DUA, Indonesia — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a warning over tensions in the South China Sea while welcoming progress in Korean talks, as she addressed an Asian security forum. “The United States is concerned that recent incidents
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US report says China developing EMP
Taipei Times
By William Lowther / Staff Reporter in Washington A newly declassified US intelligence report claims that China is developing electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons for use in a future conflict with Taiwan. EMP weapons can be used to emit a huge pulse of
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China, with much to lose, largely silent on debt talks
Washington Post
By Keith B. Richburg, SHANGHAI — As the largest foreign holder of US dollar debt, China has much to lose in the event of an American default. But with the default deadline just over a week away and negotiations in Washington seemingly at an impasse,
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China: Former Chinese executive gets death penalty for bribes worth US$ 1.15
Spero News
By Asia News Beijing – A former executive at China Mobile Ltd, the world’s biggest mobile carrier by subscriber accounts, was found guilty of taking about US$ 1.15 million in bribes. A court in northern China’s Hebei province gave Zhang Chunjiang, 53,
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China and ASEAN ‘can solve disputes’
China Daily
She added that Washington supports measures conducive to the settlement of the disputes, and has no intention of getting involved or making it a problem in ChinaUS relations. But Clinton was set to make a speech on Saturday to her Asian counterparts
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China inspects electronics stores after fake Apple shops report
SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Chinese industrial and commercial authorities in Kunming have started to inspect all of the southwestern city’s electronics shops after an American blogger wrote about fake Apple stores, the official Xinhua news agency said on
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Heat plays havoc with 25K races
AP JINSHAN CITY, China — Unsafe water temperatures created chaos in the 25-kilometer races at the open water world championships Saturday, forcing most of the American team to withdraw and one swimmer to accuse organizers of acting irresponsibly for
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China appeals to WTO against US duties on Chinese diamond saw blades
People’s Daily Online
The Ministry of Commerce on Friday announced that the country has made an appeal to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to conduct a review of the zeroing measure used by the United States in slapping anti-dumping duties on diamond saw blades from China
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U.S. Retailers Take a Licking in China
Motley Fool
By Dan Radovsky | More Articles Last year, retail sales in China grew by a staggering monthly average of 18.4%. That sounds like easy pickings for your savvy Yankee retailer, doesn’t it? Not so fast, gringo. There’s a whole lot that American business
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iPhone 5 release rumors: US and China launch to be simultaneous
And reports now indicate that iPhone 5’s US and China launch is going to be simultaneous iPhone 5 rumors are becoming loud and clear. And now there are indications to believe that the king of the smart phone is arriving later this year.
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Bringing the US to Chinese students
Escanaba Daily Press
By Brittney Moraski , Daily Press SHANGHAI, China – As my time in China comes to a close – I leave for the US on Aug. 1 – I am spending my remaining days in my current job in Shanghai at a summer college admissions camp for Chinese high school students
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Book Review: On China
This means that by sheer reason of becoming dominant through economic success, China will be the cause of the collapse of the current equilibrium presided over by the US. He pleads: “Relations between China and the United States need not – and should
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The Top Internet Sites Outside the US
Forbes (blog)
By KENNETH RAPOZA It is probably no surprise that China dominates the list of the most accessed internet sites outside of the US, according to the web information tracking firm Alexa. But besides China’s online presence, Google is the king pin of the
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Free workshop to be held on Sun Yat-sen and the US
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, July 23 (CNA) A free workshop on the strong bond between the founding father of the Republic of China (ROC) and the United States will be held on July 25, according to the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). The one-day workshop,
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US Army allows Taiwan students to mark uniforms
China Post
Three of Republic of China’s military exchange students who took on paratrooper training in the US were allowed to mark their uniforms with the word “Taiwan” by US military schools, Ministry of National Defense (MND) Spokesman David Lo said yesterday.
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US Seeks Asia Inroads amid Efforts on North Korea
FOX 9 News
That process, which also involves China, Japan, Russia and the US, fell apart three years ago. However, the diplomats did not describe how they planned to resolve the many differences that left the process in limbo since 2009. US officials, meanwhile
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VOA China scores small victory in battle for survival
Taipei Times
By J. Michael Cole / Staff Reporter The battle to keep Voice of America’s (VOA) Mandarin and Cantonese radio and TV broadcasts to China alive continued in the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday with a unanimous vote for a proposal that
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Made in China takes on whole new meaning
According to Asia-focused investment and advisory firm Intercedent, rising wages and an expected increase in the value of China’s currency means that mid-tier manufacturing wages in China will reach parity with minimum wage levels in the United States
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China poised for historic diving sweep
SHANGHAI — China moved to within just one victory of a historic diving clean sweep on Saturday, as US great Michael Phelps said he was determined to go out with a bang in his final year of swimming. With basketball icon Yao Ming watching from the
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US-swim star Michael Phelps plans for life after London
Herald Sun
US-swim star Michael Phelps during a press conference at the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images Source: Getty Images NEXT year will be Michael Phelps last Olympics and the 26 year old anticipates it is
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China is World’s Largest Energy Consumer – What It Means for the US
Sustainable Business Forum
In addition, China’s auto sales increased by 48 percent last year, surpassing US auto sales for the first time. Not only did China surpass the US in terms of energy, it did so at a steep rate of growth. What does it mean? Energy costs are going up,
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US calls for more clarity on S.China Sea claims
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday called on rivals in the disputed South China Sea to back up territorial claims with legal evidence, a challenge to China’s declaration of sovereignty over vast stretches of the region.
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The Philippine ex-left and the South China Sea
World Socialist Web Site
By Joseph Santolan As geopolitical tensions mount between China and the United States over the disputed South China Sea, the various parties of the Philippine ‘left’—Maoists, ex-Maoists and Stalinists—have been exposed as lackeys of different
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As UK sells old aircraft carriers, China buyers circle
“The casino/entertainment center ploy is something offered by the Chinese since … the 1980s,” said Bud Cole, a former US naval officer now lecturing at the National War College in Washington DC, pointing to the purchase of former Australian aircraft
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Slower China Economy Beats Boom and Bust: Caterpillar CEO
China’s slowing economy is better than a continued boom followed by a bust, Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman told CNBC Friday. “I think all of us knew [China] was growing too quickly. It was a boiling hot economy the last couple of years,” he said.
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Muddy Waters indeed! China stock analyst claims blackmail, libel
Thomson Reuters News & Insight
The whirlwind of controversy surrounding supposed securities fraud by China-based, US-listed companies spins ever faster. Today’s development: an utterly fascinating libel and defamation complaint that a tiny Hong Kong research outfit called Muddy
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Nathan Adrian’s talent no longer a secret
Kitsap Sun
By Annette Griffus Bremerton’s Nathan Adrian is hoping for his first individual medal in an international long-course event this week at the FINA World Swimming championships in Shanghai, China. Adrian is the top US sprint freestyler and recently
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China angry over Obama meeting with Dalai Lama
South Asian Link
BEIJING – China accused the United States of interfering in its internal affairs and damaging relations as it objected strongly to US President Barack Obama meeting the Dalai Lama. The meeting has “grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs,
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WRAPUP 1-Swimming-Russia and China dominate at halfway stage
Concerns about the water temperature had been raised throughout the week and were brought to a head on Saturday when US officials advised their swimmers not to participate in the 25km race after they measured it at 30.4 Celsius just 30 minutes before
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Pacific Rim trade a priority for premiers
Vancouver Sun
“That Canadian flag remains a very powerful brand for us and I don’t think we’re doing enough together to leverage the strengths that it would bring to us.” Canada’s annual merchandise exports to China total more than $11 billion, according to federal
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Road work row — PS welcomes OCG’s JDIP probe
Jamaica Observer
THE Ministry of Transport and Works yesterday welcomed Contractor General Greg Christie’s announcement that he intended to launch a special investigation into the circumstances surrounding the US$400-million contract to China Harbour Engineering
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As China looms, Hillary Clinton tells India “it’s time to lead”
VietNamNet Bridge
VietNamNet Bridge – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told India on July 21 “it’s time to lead”, urging New Delhi to take a stronger role across Asia where China is flexing its muscles, and to bolster support for struggling neighbours Afghanistan
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BC Lumber Exports to China Surpass US
South Asian Link
VICTORIA: Trade figures released by the Government of British Columbia showed the value of softwood lumber exported to China has surpassed that exported to the US for the first time. BC lumber shipments to China in May 2011 were valued at C$122 million
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Arsenic in Your Apple Juice? Probably..
Eat. Drink. Better.
“This new data on apple juice comes on the heels of a report by Food & Water Watch that detailed China’s terrible safety record for food shipped to the United States.” Apparently, arsenic has been found in US juice before, as well, and Food & Water
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<B>Zorawar Daulet Singh:</B> Sheen is coming off China’s growth story
Business Standard
Similar to the 2007 housing market crash in the US, China’s real estate bubble will confront a decline in prices, and, it appears this could coincide with a global economy too tepid to absorb the mainland’s production infrastructure.
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Al Neuharth: Giving up lead in space exploration puts shame on us
Baxter Bulletin
3 behind China, which has announced that it will put a man on the moon after 2020, in hopes of later exploring Mars or Venus. Some critics of our space program say it costs too much. They fail to recognize that it costs much less than our
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Mathematical Underpinning for Significant Gold/Platinum Price Increases
Seeking Alpha
As the price of gold and platinum have come closer together, we have seen an 80% increase in platinum jewelry demand in China, and a 40% increase in the USA and UK Let us assume that 5% of gold jewelry demand shifts from gold to platinum.
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A Moment of Danger
American Thinker
The Obama administration has no plans to re-grow the US military — radically downsized beginning in Bill Clinton’s presidency — to meet China’s rise. While Asia is booming economically, Europe and the United States remained locked in a deep recession
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Who is man in custody in Norway carnage?
CBS News
That’s why they closed American factories and opened them in China, where they don’t have to follow environmental laws, workers rights, labor laws or pay minimum wages. Rich rightwing CEOs don’t create jobs in the US, they create them in China.
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Asia’s growth drives US corporate gains
US multinationals are benefiting from branching out into emerging economies such as China and India. “Despite some disappointing results at a few banks, the earnings season is shaping up as another one full of positive surprises,” Ed Yardeni,
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Ardina reaches US Girls final
MANILA, Philippines – Dottie Ardina came out of a two-hour rain delay in sizzling form, thumping Summar Roachell of Arkansas, 5&4, in the quarterfinals then survived Yu Liu of China, 2&1, in the semis to gain a shot at the US Girls Juniors Championship
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Looking beyond debt, growth is stalling
Action Forex
In China, the MNI July flash manufacturing PMI survey dropped from 50.1 to 48.9, also pointing to anticipated contraction ahead in the manufacturing base of the world’s second largest national economy. In the US, June existing home sales declined again
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Opposed to raising U.S. debt ceiling
I say we should cut out the middleman and let Pakistan borrow the money directly from China. Assemblyman Peter M. Barnes (Op-ed, “Time for Christie, lawmakers to work together is now,” July 12) appears to be offended by the cuts Gov.
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American Way: Republicans and the return of the Wimp Factor (blog)
Meanwhile, Jon Huntsman, the form Utah governor and ambassador to China, is struggling to prevent his campaign imploding amid concerns among his donors about his take-the-high-road style in which he prefers not to attack even Obama, never mind fellow
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