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U.S. China News 2011.07.17

Sun, July 17, 2011

China summons US diplomat to protest Obama-Dalai meeting
Times of India
The Chinese government and people are firmly determined to safeguard the country’s key interests and national dignity, it said. China also pointed out that fostering a sound and developing ChinaUS relations needs the concerted efforts from both sides.
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China leads men’s 10-meter synchro qualifying at world championships; US in 2nd
Washington Post
Ng Han Guan / Associated Press ) – A diving competitor practices at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Shanghai, China, Friday, July 15, 2011. The Championships are scheduled to start Saturday, July 16, 2011. By Associated Press, SHANGHAI
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Philippines hails US support on South China Sea
Straits Times
PHOTO: REUTERS MANILA – THE Philippines on Sunday welcomed what it saw as a gesture of support from the United States amid an escalating row with Beijing over disputed territory in the South China Sea. Manila has in recent months accused China of
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US asked to drop barriers against Chinese firms
China Daily
On Thursday, at least 20 deals were inked between local governments of China and the US. During the forum, which ended Saturday and is the most expansive diplomatic effort between US governors and Chinese officials, leaders discussed trade, investment,
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Arrol Gellner: China’s green tech wows, so why is U.S. so far behind?
San Antonio Express
This ignorance of China’s environmental policies explains much about why the United States is falling behind as other nations strive to develop their green technologies. We arrogantly assume that we lead the world in this regard, when in fact we’re
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Foreign investors snapping up choice Silicon Valley property
San Jose Mercury News
“Your real-estate slump makes this a great time for us to buy,” said Cathy Li, a stay-at-home mother from Guangzhou, China. Along with her husband, who “works for the government,” she bought a $500000 single-family home in Fremont last year as an
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Growing US Population Set to Affect Real Estate Market … But How?
Sun Gazette
According to the Census Bureau, the current top 10 nations by population are China (1.337 billion), India (1.189 billion), United States (311 million), Indonesia (246 million), Brazil (203 million), Pakistan (187 million), Nigeria (166 million),
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Canada’s oil to miss US, flow to China
Tribune Review
For Obama’s people not to see that it’s better for Canada’s oil to ship to US refineries and consumers than to China’s is just baffling. So baffling that he thinks it’s time environmental groups should publicly disclose “who gives them money to throw
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Pakistan and USA
Pakistan Observer
Pakistan cannot be turned into US buffer state against China to avoid US attacks under the pretext of SWAT. Islamabad should downgrade its relations with Washington and use regional support to end attacks on Pakistan. Washington is already isolated
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US Admiral Mullen views CSS-7 short-range ballistic missile in china
Progress in joint USChina military initiatives targets challenges and security threats faced by both nations and the region, Navy Adm. Mike Mullen (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) said yesterday during a visit with military officials in Beijing
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LOOKING BACK When the US women won in 1999
Big Apple Soccer
China also had bested the US twice in three encounters this year, including a thrilling 2-1 win that was secured in injury time in Giants Stadium in April. In contrast, chances in tht title game were few and far between. Both sides, respectful of each
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Knocking on nobody’s door
The Australian
THE debate in Australia about the rise of China’s military power continues to rage. It is as if China is already knocking on our door and about to pose a direct threat to us. But the reality is quite different. While it is true that China is beginning
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Guam role critical in part due to China
Pacific Daily News
China’s military does not completely understand that the US is a Pacific power and will continue to undertake power projection in the region — from Guam. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated recently: “I would never say
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China’s defence industry offers lessons to India
Business Standard
Tai noted both China and India were “catch-up countries”, attempting a technological leapfrog by taking just decades to reach a technology level that Western countries had taken more than a century to achieve. China still trails the US and western
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Local standouts all backing U.S. women
Livingston Daily
By Brian Beaupied Not yet in grade school when the United States captured its last Women’s World Cup title in 1999, Brighton senior Mika Bussey only remembers seeing highlights of the US’s dramatic win over China in penalty kicks.
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China: The Bogeyman In The U.S. Debt Ceiling Debate? (Guest Post) (press release)
A proposal from a Republican that in the event the debt ceiling negotiations drag on, US government revenues be prioritized to pay back creditors first before other obligations. Does this have anything to do with China? Absolutely not, but Pelosi is
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Governors urge debt deal, discuss jobs
The governors’ meeting, which attracted about half of all US state executives, is also coinciding with the weekend-long meeting between governors and provincial leaders from China. “It’s huge,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican,
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Officials to evaluate visa waivers
Pacific Daily News
During a USChina Governors Forum hosted by the National Governors Association, held Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah, Calvo worked to forge an economic alliance to open Guam to Chinese tourists with the leader of a Chinese tourist hub, according to an
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Clinton Set to Cheer on U.S. Women’s Team in World Cup Final
The US last played for the title when it won its second World Cup in 1999 on a penalty shootout against China. Japan joins China as the only Asian nations to reach the final of the quadrennial tournament. Clinton’s stop in Greece is her second on a
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Copper ends flat for the week, outlook still bullish
Commodity Online
MUMBAI (CommodityOnline) : MCX Copper ended the week adding just 90paise/kg at 434.90, tracking conflicting reports from US and China. That made it difficult for investors to settle on to a trend. The metal made a low of 427.50 on Tuesday and a high of
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U.S. women’s soccer team scores new fans in run to final
Detroit Free Press
Like many young women of her generation, Jill Flietstra remembers exactly where she was on July 10, 1999 — the day the US women’s soccer team won the widely popular World Cup after defeating China on penalty kicks. “I was playing in a 3-v-3 tournament
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Engaging China in the South China Sea conflict
Malaysia Star
Quoting the hegemonic stability theory, this argument sees that China’s rise might indicate that the country is progressing toward replacing the US‘ role as a regional – or even global – hegemon. In the case of the South China Sea dispute,
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LOOKING BACK When the US women won in 1991
Big Apple Soccer
GUANGZHOU, People’s Republic of China — It was an incredible sight, something US soccer officials had dreamed about for years. Amid a huge fireworks display, the medals and trophies were handed out to the winners and finally, they took a well-deserved
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U.S. businesses look overseas for big profits
Las Vegas Sun
Does one think that China, Taiwan, et al. are being flooded with products made in the USA? No. Comments are moderated by Las Vegas Sun editors. Our goal is not to limit the discussion, but rather to elevate it. Comments should be relevant and contain
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How an airline alliance just might do what politicians can’t…
Kipp Report
Just as the PingPong diplomacy worked for China and US in the 70s, retired navy man Abdulateef Al-Mulhim hopes Saudia’s entry into Sky alliance will aid in Middle East-global diplomacy. On April 6, 1971, the 31st World Table Tennis Championship was in
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Indian Americans hail Rao’s appointment as envoy
A topper in IFS, Harvard connections, foreign secretary, US ambassador to China, DCM in Moscow, Minister of Press in US Embassy in DC, etc.! Wow!” “She was a foreign secretary working at a frenzied pace during difficult Indo-Pak negotiations under the
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Kissinger floored by Chinese charm
What Kissinger does is to give us glimpses of reactions between Chinese and Russian officials and also officials of China and the United States which are highly revealing. One wouldn’t believe it that in a talk between Khrushchev and Mao,
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BC Lumber Export Value to China Hits New Milestone
Opinion250 News (blog)
By 250 News In May, lumber shipments to China were valued at $122 million, compared to the US at $119 million. “We have a new major market” says Minister of Jobs Innovation and Trade, Pat Bell, “The US is no longer number one.
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China’s challenge: Slow growth without stopping it
Minneapolis Star Tribune
BEIJING – While the Obama administration struggles to jump-start the stalled US recovery, policymakers in Beijing have an opposite but equally formidable task: putting the brakes on China’s speeding economy without triggering a slump.
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China takes lead in women’s springboard qualifying
Sacramento Bee
You also may notify us via email at Note the headline on which the comment is made and tell us the profile name of the user who made the comment. Remember, comment moderation is subjective. You may find some material objectionable
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Chinese leaders mark 60th anniversary of Tibet’s ‘liberation’
Times of India
The function to mark the anniversary comes amid a high-profile visit of the Dalai Lama to Washington, where he met US President Barack Obama, triggering a strong protest by Beijing. Hours after Obama had an audience with the Buddhist leader, China
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Weekly News Roundup: Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX)
The coffee chain Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) is planning to restructure its operations in order to expand its global presence, especially in China. The company currently has Starbucks US and Starbucks Coffee International divisions,
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On TV, social media, Americans’ spirited World Cup run is grabbing the
Boston Herald
By Jo-Ann Barnas / Detroit Free Press (MCT) DETROIT — Like many young women of her generation, Jill Flietstra remembers exactly where she was on July 10, 1999 — the day the US women’s soccer team won the widely popular World Cup after defeating China
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Fareed Zakaria on the debt ceiling
CNN (blog)
John King: Let’s take a look at how the world is viewing this and specifically – I don’t know if this is ironic or delicious or a little bit of both, but the Chinese of all people – China of course holds about $1 trillion in US debt.
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Phony Army unit tarnished reputations of reserve associations
Sacramento Bee
Last year, the association itself landed in the spotlight when one member went to China and claimed to be a Chinese-American general. As he received red carpet treatment and glowing profiles in the official press, Chinese officials investigated and
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Thoughts On The Era of Cyberwar
All Things Digital (blog)
US officials have complained both in private and in public about alleged attacks against government networks and those belonging to defense contractors. Privately and in diplomatic cables, they most frequently blame China, which has always denied any
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LOCAL SOCCER: 20 years later, Gmitter-Pittaro has fond memories of US World
The Trentonian
An injury kept her from being part of the US team that won the first FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1991 in China, a victory that didn’t generate media attention in this country but laid the foundation for what has become America’s most successful
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James, Dunnichay start World Championships competition
My West Texas
Plus, she will be doing it in another country in front of a partisan crowd that will cheer for the United States‘ main rivals — China. Advice from Dunnichay has been clear, though, in that this meet is no different than any other one she’s competed at
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COMING WEEK PART 2: EU Vs. US – Who Can Scare Their Creditors The Most?
Business Insider
For example Two of the top rating agencies in the world have already warned that they will strip the US of its prized AAA rating if the debt ceiling is not increased over the next 2 weeks. China, the US‘ largest creditor called on the US last week to
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WOMEN’S WORLD CUP – U.S. team sees championship as ‘our destiny’
San Francisco Chronicle
And the White House is sending an official delegation led by Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, and Chelsea Clinton, who just happened to be part of that massive Rose Bowl crowd 12 years ago when the US beat China on penalty kicks in the final,
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So-called ‘free’ trade agreements harm American workers
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
No. Does the Wall Street-Korea deal give Korean companies special access to our markets even when the major portion of a Korean product is “Made in China“? Yes. Does it ignore the fact that US taxpayers have defended South Korea for a half-century?
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The Sunday Morning Post
China had already called on the United States to rescind the invitation, warning that the meeting could damage USChina relations. >> On the debt plan: “Grand” is being tossed around again; Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) suggests that Congress is
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US team riding a ‘perfect storm’ to TV ratings success at Women’s World Cup
Los Angeles Times
The 1999 soccer game from the Rose Bowl, televised by ABC and won on penalty kicks by the US against China, drew about 17 million viewers. ESPN, which regularly carries the largest amount of women’s team sports, such as the WNBA and college basketball,
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Miss US International pageant coming here
Fenton Tri County Times
This pageant is the official USA preliminary to the Miss International Beauty Pageant, held annually in Asia and the winner will be flown to Chendgu, China for the Miss International pageant. Brit Harrison, franchise owner and director of the upcoming
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