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U.S. China News 2011.07.16

Sat, July 16, 2011

US lawmaker wields budget ax over China space ties
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Last year NASA’s administrator visited China, and during a high-profile state visit to Washington by China’s President Hu Jintao in January, the US and China resolved to “deepen dialogue and exchanges in the field of space.” Wolf, R-Va., argues that
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China opposes Obama-Dalai meeting, asks US to call it off
PTI | 04:07 PM,Jul 16,2011 From KJM Varma Beijing, Jul 16 (PTI) Reacting strongly to Barack Obama’s invitation to the Dalai Lama, China today said it was firmly opposed to any such move and asked the US President to call off the meeting.
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US resolution calls for freedom to navigate Strait
Taipei Times
Clinton and the White House are believed to be reluctant to approve the sale because of the damage it will almost certainly cause to USChina relations. US Senator John Cornyn has put a hold on the nomination of Bill Burns as US deputy secretary of
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China sees investment from US, Europe drop
Foreign direct investment in China grew at its slowest pace in nearly a year last month with fewer funds coming from the United States and Europe, according to Ministry of Commerce data. However, a ministry spokesman said yesterday that China remained
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US Companies Invested Less in China in June
Forbes (blog)
By KENNETH RAPOZA China’s foreign direct investment, or FDI, for declined 2.8%, the lowest rate since last September, according to the Ministry of Commerce on Friday. FDI declines somewhat in China as global growth outlook remains tepid.
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Pew survey indicates rising positive sentiment of China
China Daily
That sentiment is also largely shared in Western Europe countries, such as France, Spain, Britain and Germany, all of which report percentages of more than 60 percent seeing China overtaking the US with the highest in France at 72 percent.
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Local governments sign deals with US
China Daily
Alana Metcalf, a businesswoman from a local small enterprise developing fuel technology, is learning about the Chinese market and seeking a business partner at the trade exhibition on the sidelines of the ChinaUS Governors Forum.
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China makes Shuja’s US visit successful
The News International
Ahmad Shuja Pasha to the US capital of this week. The suspension of the assistance came through an administrative action, and it would be reverted through the same. General Pasha, who dashed to China immediate after the May 2 episode of Abbottabad,
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China double’s export of rare earths while Europe and US grumble
Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) – For the second half of 2011, China has doubled the amount of rare earth offered for sale, after the World Trade Organization WTO) ruled as Beijing’s self-imposed limitation on exports illegitimate on July 5th.
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You go, girls
Chicago Tribune
First, a flashback to 1999, when more than 90000 people, the largest attendance ever for a women’s sporting event, crowded into the Rose Bowl to watch the US women defeat China in the final. With no score in regular or extra time, the game was decided
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Hu gives US students welcome
China Daily
Hu took the end of the meeting as an occasion to say he is convinced that cooperation between the peoples of China and the United States, including the young, will ensure the countries’ relations with one another will “become deep-rooted in the
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Race between China and US for Top Nation trophy not over yet
Irish Times
EVERYTHING IS about China these days. As I understand it, this mighty nation now holds the deeds to every apartment building, gin mill and houseboat in the western world. The cautious, thrifty ant to our drunken, spendthrift grasshopper, the People’s
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Challenges before the US defense secretary
Hindustan Times
One concerns the US military’s loss of its near-monopoly in precision-guided munitions, or ‘smart bombs.’ China is fielding precision-guided ballistic and cruise missiles in increasing numbers. Their principal purpose appears to be threatening the
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Teen is US rep for event in China
Dayton Daily News
With that win, the Washington Twp. resident earned an all-expense-paid trip and the right to represent the US in the International Chinese Bridge competition to be held in Chongqing, China, in October. For that event, Paranjpe will have to recite a
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Can Pakistan understand China?
The Express Tribune
India is too big, so we think China should do the job of cutting India down to size. India believes this strange figment of our imagination and criticises China for partly giving Pakistan its military muscle, the sort of thing the US used to do in the
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Brazil’s commodities-heavy trade with China gives some pause
Los Angeles Times
Over the last decade, Brazil has moved away from its traditional major trading partner, the United States, and established increasingly close commercial ties with China, whose demand for commodities produced in this massive South American country has
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A Few Reasons Why China Has Even Less Energy Security Than America
Business Insider
Both the US and China import about half of their crude oil. For America the lion’s share comes from Canada and Mexico, as well as steadfast ally Saudi Arabia. China is more dependent on Middle Eastern oil than the US. The protest movements in the
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Not for Us: GM Launches New Kuncheng Small Pickup Truck in China
TruckTrend Magazine
By Benson Kong General Motors has launched a new small pickup truck, and it’s not a total surprise that it’s not coming to the United States. Developing power nation China is now home to GM’s Jiefang Kuncheng, a product of the company’s joint venture
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Petraeus’ ‘Battle of Khorasan’
Times of Bombay
The ocnsistent Chinese message to its neighbors has been that the US cannot be trusted. They will continue to say “I told you so”. Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, while on a tour to China was given unprecedented access to
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St. Louis set to be major air trade hub
China Daily
During President Hu Jintao’s visit to the US in January, US President Barack Obama said the US wants to have a stronger business relationship with China. Overall, the US and China inked $45 billion of export deals on the margins of Hu’s visit.
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Hilton, Starwood hotels give Chinese travelers the comforts of home
Los Angeles Times
They are part of new efforts unveiled this week by hotel giants Hilton and Starwood to appeal to Chinese visitors to the US The number of visitors from mainland China has more than tripled since 2000 and is expected to triple again by 2015.
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How Is Obama Preparing for China’s Dominance?
If the giant armies of China take over the United States, China may convince the Americans that their living standards will be rising (as Stalin convinced the Russian population up to his death in 1953). In other words, China’s takeover of the United
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China calls on US to retract Dalai Lama invite
AP , 07.15.11, 11:03 PM EDT BEIJING — China has called on the US to withdraw an invitation for the Dalai Lama to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House, saying it could hurt relations between the two countries.
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Threat to National Security – China’s Military is Building Weapons, Sound the
In a recent Washington Post Opinions article, Andrew Krepinevich, president of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, warns of the strategic threats posed to US military dominance by the ever-increasing military advancement of both China
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‘Mountaineer’: Sobering News out of West Virginia
The Atlantic
This is the kind of project that I described several months ago, in a cover story, as the best and urgently necessary hope to allow the US, China, and other countries to keep using coal (as for various reasons they’re bound to do*) while reducing
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Astronaut welcomes China to space brotherhood
By Irene Klotz HOUSTON, July 15 (Reuters) – A US astronaut on the final shuttle mission said on Friday China’s first space station will be a welcome addition to the orbital brotherhood. “China being in space I think is a great thing.
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China has no objection to India’s UNSC bid’
But at the same time the Chinese diplomat stated that China has problem to come out in support as India has become part of the G-4 group, (India, Japan, Germany [ Images ] and Brazil [ Images ]) to campaign for its UNSC bid. “For us there is historical
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Cheese price rise with higher demand from Asia
San Francisco Chronicle
imports while China’s more than doubled. The cheese boom pushed milk futures to a four-year high this week and is increasing costs for Kraft, the world’s second-largest food company, and Costco Wholesale Corp., the largest US warehouse-club chain.
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China travel trade barometer guides US travel pros to Chinese market
Breaking Travel News
Results from the first ever China Travel Trade Barometer show that China’s tour operators publish itineraries at a remarkable rate, something that should catch the attention of US travel suppliers eager to tap the expanding Chinese market.
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On eve of Baird’s visit, poll shows most Chinese know little of Canada
Montreal Gazette
“Canadians increasingly think China has a very significant impact on our lives,” he said. “China’s an important strategic partner for us in the future. We have a very important Chinese diaspora in Canada, as well. And we have significant growing trade
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Squaring Off on Emerging Markets
His eight growth markets will generate four to five times as much growth in the next decade as the US, he assumes. The mass urbanization under way in the biggest markets—China and India—is a historic driver of immense economic expansion.
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Minh beats tough rival for US Open semi spot
Viet Nam News
HA NOI — Nguyen Tien Minh overthrew his misfortune yesterday, beating Bao Chunlai of China 21-18, 21-15 in the US Open Grand Prix Gold’s quarter-final round in California. The Vietnamese top player has met Bao five previous times, and lost four.
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China wins 1st gold medal of world championships
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Photo: Ng Han Guan / AP Australia’s Anabelle Smith and Sharleen Stratton dive during the women’s 3m Synchro Springboard event at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Shanghai, China, Saturday, July 16, 2011. Photo: Wong Maye-E / AP US Chris Colwill
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U.S. 2011/12 corn export prospects boosted, 2010/11 trimmed
World corn trade is boosted 1.2 million tons to 93.7 million as lower corn prices encourage additional imports, especially by China. Competing corn export prospects are reduced 0.8 million tons this month mostly due to tight supplies in a few minor
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Gold Price Set to Zoom to Higher Records on Possible Dollar Sell-Off, EU
International Business Times
There are all sorts of classic factors supporting gold all the way, like the demand from China and India bursting at seams, continued worries for the US dollar and the worrisome prospect of sovereign default in some European countries.
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Recognizing America’s Less-Than-Perfect Credit
Palisades Hudson Financial Group
Dagong International Credit Rating Co. made headlines this month when it gave the United States a lower credit rating than it assigned to up-and-coming China. That, however, is beside the point. Dagong, which says it wants to break the monopoly that
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America in Trouble in the Middle East: Obama Understands, But GOP Gloats
Huffington Post
In fact when presented with several countries (eg Turkey, Iran, France, China, the US etc.) and asked to evaluate whether or not each of them play a constructive role “in promoting peace and stability in the Arab World” eight in ten Arabs give a
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Senators Condemn China’s Persecution of Falun Gong
The Epoch Times
(Courtesy of Robert Menendez) WASHINGTON—Introduced just in time for the 12th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s egregious campaign of human rights violations against Falun Gong practitioners in China, a resolution offered by US senators is
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Coca-Cola Gives $1 Million for China Study Trips
Mr. Kent also chairs the USChina Business Council, which advocates for American multinationals working in the country. Trailing the UK, Italy, Spain and France, China was the fifth most popular destination for American students in 2008-09,
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Obama urges compromise, ‘shared sacrifice’ on debt
Ratings agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have warned they may downgrade Washington’s sterling Triple-A debt rating, and leading US creditor China, Wall Street titan JPMorgan Chase and the Federal Reserve have also sounded the alarm.
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US AAA credit rating in jeopardy as risks get reality check
Los Angeles Times
That would put the US in with a group of countries that includes Japan, China, Spain and Slovenia. And America would be considered less creditworthy than remaining AAA-rated countries including Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Finland,
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NBA players could flock to China, not Europe, if lockout goes on
Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today has the story: Lee and Young agree on a burgeoning basketball market that will be attractive in a long lockout: China. “The biggest money is China, hands down,” Young said. “You can make almost double in China what you can in
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Suntech’s High Performance Panels Help Beam Shares to $10.65
However, with government support for renewable energy projects in Europe expected to weaken in the future, solar companies are turning to the US and China to drive demand for solar panels. (See Suntech CEO: US and China Driving Solar Industry’s Growth
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