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U.S. China News 2011.07.15

Fri, July 15, 2011

South China Sea Tension Concerns US
Voice of America
July 15, 2011 South China Sea Tension Concerns US VOA News The top US military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, says the United States remains worried that a miscalculation could “greatly heighten the stakes” in the dispute over the South China Sea.
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US military leader sees stark rifts with China
The Associated Press
TOKYO (AP) — China and the United States remain starkly different on military issues and have a long way to go toward building a trusting relationship, the top US military officer said Friday after a bumpy visit to Beijing.
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China urges U.S. to act on debt
Bend Bulletin
HONG KONG — China, one of the United States‘ biggest creditors, urged US policymakers on Thursday to act to protect investors’ interests, highlighting rising concerns around the globe about the protracted budget talks taking place in Washington.
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Rare Earth Prices Will Soar as China Easing Disappoints US, EU
International Business Times
By Jijo Jacob | July 15, 2011 10:35 AM GMT The United States and the European Union slammed China’s partial easing of export control of the rare earth minerals on Thursday. While the EU said the limited easing of export curbs will not ensure stable
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China FDI Growth Slows in First-Half, Inflows From US Fall
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in China grew at a slower pace in the first half of 2011, weighed down by falling inflows from the United States that reflected its fragile recovery, the commerce ministry said on Friday. China attracted $60.9 billion in
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China Sunergy Opens US HQ In San Francisco
Solar Industry
“As leading Chinese businesses, such as China Sunergy, grow in the international cleantech market, San Francisco enthusiastically welcomes them,” Lee said in a statement. China Sunergy’s US operations will be managed by a newly appointed US CEO,
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US governor expects job opportunities from USChina Governors Forum
People’s Daily Online
A US governor said Thursday he hoped to create more jobs and investment for his state by attending the upcoming first USChina Governors Forum. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley said in an interview with Xinhua that job creation was the reason behind
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US woes may spur inflation, hurt China’s forex reserves
China Daily
According to the Treasury International Capital report, or the TIC, China’s purchases of US debt rose $7.6 billion to $1.15 trillion in April – the first month-on-month increase since its holdings reached $1.18 trillion in October.
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Students from China take a dip in American culture at Lee
Bangor Daily News
Lee also has formed satellite American high schools in China and South Korea. Among the Chinese students, one could sense a burgeoning curiosity about the United States and its culture. And it’s much different from China’s third-largest city,
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Clinton to pay brief visit to China: US
President Barack Obama’s administration has sought a stable relationship with China but relations have often faced obstacles on issues from trade to human rights to Beijing’s friction with its neighbors in the South China Sea.
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Taiwan says defense sales in US security interests
eTaiwan News
By MATTHEW PENNINGTON AP Taiwan said Friday it is in the security and economic interests of the United States for the US to support the self-governing island in acquiring new weaponry in the face of China’s military buildup.
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China Is Already Scared Of QE3, And Is Blaming The US For Its Inflation mess
Business Insider
Chinese State Council researchers are afraid that more quantitative easing from the US could push up commodities prices in China’s already inflating economy. “We are following closely whether the United States will introduce QE3, because we believe it
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China Urges US to Act Responsibly on Debt Ceiling
International Business Times
China, the US’s largest creditor, with US investments totaling more than $1 trillion, did not overtly call for the US Congress to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, but the Beijing comminque provides another data point indicating that time is running out
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Yuan Trims Weekly Gain on Worsening Europe, U.S. Debt Concerns
San Francisco Chronicle
July 15 (Bloomberg) — The yuan fell, trimming a weekly gain, as the risk of a credit-rating downgrade in the US and Europe’s worsening debt crisis raised concern the global economic recovery will slow. China’s central bank set the yuan’s reference
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CHINAUNITED STATES Beijing warns Washington, a default would be a “disaster
Spero News
In fact, 2 August and the spectre of a US default are approaching and the consequences for the world economy are unimaginable. At present, China hold US$ 1.153 trillion worth of US treasury bonds and is by far the largest investor in US debt.
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China, Moody’s weigh in on US debt talks impasse
China, the US‘ largest foreign creditor with more than US$1 trillion (S$1.22 trillion) in Treasury debt as of March, yesterday called on Washington to adopt responsible policies to protect investor interests. China’s comments followed a warning by
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China grain officials visit U.S. as tensions ease
Tensions were ramped up late last year, when the US Trade Representative complained about Chinese wind-power subsidies, apparently sparking a Chinese antidumping probe into DDG–corn-based animal feed–in December. Late last month, the China National
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US farmers basking in growth of Chinese ties
China Daily
Minnesota is only one example of the close ties of the ChinaUS agro trade. Recent data from the USDA showed that with $15 billion in farm exports, China accounted for nearly 20 percent of all US agricultural exports worth a total of $75 billion for
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Kevin Rudd the only grown-up in the China policy space
The Australian
This is part of multilateralising the region’s response to China. Beijing prefers bilateral negotiations, because in a bilateral negotiation with everyone but the US, China has the advantage of weight. Rudd is not foolish enough to think that this sort
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China, Japan Lead International Pack Holding US Debt
NPR (blog)
by Wright Bryan Where does the debt issued by the United States‘ government go when it leaves our shores? The Guardian’s Datablog takes a look at holdings outside of the US with a data set detailing ownership of the $4.5 trillion spread around the
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Sub-national forum a hit with provinces
China Daily
By Xie Songxin and Zhang Jianming (China Daily) Government officials and businessmen in East China’s Zhejiang province have pledged to make the most of the ChinaUS Governors Forum in Salt Lake City running from Thursday to Saturday.
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DJ US HOGS: Futures Rise On Hopes Of China Imports, Demand Strength
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
By Marshall Eckblad and Curt Thacker US lean hog futures rose Friday on positive signs of pork demand as traders took positions ahead of next week, expecting China to import more pork to stabilize food prices there. Hogs futures for August rose 1.42
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China delegation spends time understanding US DDGS sector
Ethanol Producer Magazine
By US Grains Council | July 15, 2011 To gain a more thorough understanding of the production and use of US distiller’s dried grains with solubles, the US Grains Council organized a mission from China to visit the United States.
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The Coca-Cola Foundation Awards $1 Million in Grants for China Study-Abroad
MarketWatch (press release)
“We are very appreciative of Coca-Cola’s support of our efforts to enhance relations between the US and China,” said Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, for the US State Department.
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US mustn’t give up on space or China will move in, says marathon cosmonaut
The Independent
If America or Russia does not take a lead, it could be done by China which has become a serious player in space since launching its own manned rockets. Some scientists have argued that manned space flight is an expensive luxury and that intelligent
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UN only recourse vs Chinese incursions – Noy
Philippine Star
“I think that (UN body) is the only recourse left open to us. You don’t actually go to China to ask them to define what the Philippine rights are as far as the West Philippine Sea is concerned,” Aquino said, referring to the International Tribunal on
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Pakistan needs both US & China, says Inam-ul-Haq
The News International
Can we risk isolation by confronting the US and its allies?” he asked. “No one will stand with us in such a scenario,” he said. He added: “We need both the US and China and cannot play one against the other.” He said: “We have deficit of trust with the
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OIL FUTURES: Crude Choppy In Asia; Focus On US Economic Cues
Wall Street Journal
Oil-market fundamentals have been because of weak US and China demand amid higher supplies from Saudi Arabia and International Energy Agency members, while economic news from the US has been inconsistent, changing the direction of trade from day to day
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China and Russia Angry at USA
Nolan Chart LLC
Therefore, its policies, QE2 for example, is well within its rights and duties to first and foremost protect the American economy, NOT Russia or China. Second, exports account for only 1/3 of the American economy, unlike China and Russia (who rely
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Official confirms China building aircraft carrier
China Daily
“Our American friends all know that China bought an old aircraft carrier, the Varyag, from Ukraine. It’s very valuable for us to research these things this way.” China is the last permanent member of the United Nations Security Council to get an
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Utah meetings help cement USChina relations
Salt Lake Tribune
my two most important duties are creating jobs for Utahns and preparing the state’s economy for success in a global future, and it’s easy to see the future of business is in the international arena,” Herbert said, kicking off the US & China Trade,
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Fisher Investments Perspective: The Yin and Yang of Chinese Trade
The common argument is: China maintains an artificially low currency value versus the dollar. That makes their goods relatively cheaper than, say, goods produced in the US. (For simplicity’s sake, we’ll look at the US and China, though it applies
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Hugo Boss raises outlook on China, US demand
Reuters Africa
DE: Quote) raised its outlook for the year, boosted by growing sales in China and the United States. Luxury goods companies are currently enjoying a surge of demand from China, where European labels are highly coveted. British fashion house Burberry
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Yum Brands bracing for another US profit decline
In reporting second-quarter earnings Wednesday, the owner of the Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell brands said its US operating profit fell 28 percent. The company expects its surging business in China and other foreign markets to more than offset the
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Asian Commodity Stocks Decline on Concern U.S. Will Stall Global Recovery
Moody’s Investors Service put the US credit rating on review July 13 for a downgrade. The US has held the top rating since 1917. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index dropped 0.3 percent, led by developers after China said it’s seeking to limit residential
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Critical Alerts For Netflix, Archer Daniels Midland, Alpha Natural Resources
PR Newswire (press release)
Today’s PriceWatch Alerts cover the following stocks: Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX), Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (NYSE: ANR), American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT), and E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (NYSE: DANG)
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What Nixon wrought
Deseret News
The benefits of free trade with China have certainly outweighed the costs, but there is concern that movement over the bridge is going one way more than the other. The USChina trade deficit is the largest in the world, with Americans importing far
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HK, China shares down, fresh curbs pressure property names
but if the US were to default, the market in Hong Kong is likely to react negatively…at least in the short term…because the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the US dollar,” said Alan Lam, Julius Baer’s Greater China equity analyst.
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Japan’s Biggest Social Player Turns Its Eyes On the US
Also we think that global expansion is the next focus of GREE overall, so we started to build the global operation from the US Then we almost set up the office in China, Beijing. Then maybe next in Europe and Southeast Asia this year.
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US deficit talks creep toward cutoff point as debtors get nervous
Monsters and
Washington – Only one day remained for US President Barack Obama and congressional leaders to break a stalemate over how to cut the government’s budget deficit, as analysts in China, the largest US creditor, expressed worries. The White House said that
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From Pariah to the Pinnacle: US Women’s Soccer Goalie Hope Solo
Then there are horrifically long flights, like the trans-Pacific haul from China to Seattle that Hope Solo took in September of 2007. Solo is now the star goalkeeper for the US women’s soccer team, which will be facing Japan in this year’s World Cup
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S. Korea, China discuss regional security
The Korea Herald
When other states tell the US to do something, they turn a deaf ear to that … The US is a symbol of hegemonism.” Kim responded, saying “the top defense officials of South Korea, China and the US have met like this and this shows that security in
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Pizza Predictor: Asia’s Appetite Is Back; A Sign Of Better Times?
NPR (blog)
by Mark Memmott A year ago, US dairy farmers were worried about a souring in demand for their products overseas. Mexicans weren’t buying as much dehydrated milk. In China, demand was down for American pizza cheese. Kirk Siegler of member station KUNC
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Alex Morgan achieves lifetime goal for US soccer
San Francisco Chronicle
Frank Augstein / AP Alex Morgan leaps into the arms of teammate Lauren Cheney after her first World Cup goal Wednesday capped a 3-1 win for the US women against France. — At age 10, Alex Morgan watched on television as the US women beat China to win
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Otter tackles questions about Idaho-China business dealings
Coeur d’Alene Press
Again, these efforts are being driven by the tightening of domestic credit markets in the United States. China just happens to be the most active market for immigrant investment attraction, due in part to the amount of wealth being created in that
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