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U.S. China News 2011.07.10

Sun, July 10, 2011

With US military aid cut, Pakistan eyes China
CBS News
ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s increasingly “close and effective defense ties” established with China during the past decade will allow Islamabad to “fill the gap” arising from the prospect of reduced military aid from the United States, a senior Pakistani
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Top US Officer Urges ChinaUS Security Cooperation
Voice of America
July 10, 2011 Top US Officer Urges ChinaUS Security Cooperation VOA News The top US military officer says Washington is deepening its commitment to the East Asia Pacific region, and says the United States and China must work together to ensure
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USChina Relations and the Execution of Humberto Leal
Business Insider
Violations included, among other things, provisions of the USChina Consular Agreement. Which brings us back to . . . Texas. Yes, that’s right. The actions of governor Rick Perry and the state of Texas is forcing me to write this, another one of those
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China June import growth weakest in 20 months
A slowdown in China’s export growth had been anticipated in response to the slowing US economy and as factory growth in Asia and Europe slid to multi-month lows in June. “For the second half of the year, we expect exports to continue to fall due to the
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<B>Nitin Pai:</B> How India can help boost US-Iran ties
Business Standard
As the war in Afghanistan enters what might be an endgame, it remains clear that there is broad convergence of geopolitical interests between two sets of players: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and China on the one hand and India, Iran and the United States on
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Vietnam detains anti-China protesters and journalists from US, Japan news agencies
AP | 20 minutes ago in World Security forces in Vietnam quashed an anti-China rally in the capital by detaining protesters along with journalists covering the event for foreign news agencies, including The Associated Press.
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China Growth May Slow as Wen Faces Limited Scope for Response
China’s slowdown was underscored by the weakest import gain since 2009 in June, limiting the chance for the US and Europe to export their way out of their own domestic challenges. A 58 percent jump in bank credit in 2009-2010 and concern that local
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US, Japan, Australia plan South China Sea drill
Pakistan Times
TOKYO (Japan): The US, Japanese and Australian navies have decided to hold a joint drill in the South China Sea from Saturday, Japan’s defence ministry said. Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force will send destroyer Shimakaze to join a US Navy destroyer
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July 10 – US Women Win FIFA Women’s World Cup
Soccer365 (press release)
The North Carolina product, who never liked taking spot kicks and had asked Gregg if Shannon MacMillan might be a better choice for the fourth kick, did her part in scoring to keep the US advantage. Ouying Zhang and Sun Wen kept China in striking
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* China is Sri Lanka’s top lender this year
Colombo Page
China has committed nearly 55% of the total aid to the Sri Lankan government while Japan came second with nearly 30%. Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank (WB) committed US$ 413.2 million multilateral aid. All of China’s aid is for the
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US jobs to put downer on local trading
The Australian
DISAPPOINTING job figures from the US, lower oil prices and continued European economic woes are expected to result in a slightly lower opening for the Australian Securities Exchange today. New figures from China at the weekend revealed a jump in its
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China should forgive US debt; we deserve it
The News Journal
On the forgive bit, China would not be free to develop their society and economy as they have been if the United States of America had not kept the worldwide canoe from capsizing over the last 100 years – like World War I and World War II,
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China and the European Union are outstripping the US in the green economy
Unlike the United States, China set a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2020. In order to achieve that goal, China expects for 15 percent of its energy to come from renewable sources like wind and solar.
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Looking at China as a Creator, Not Manufacturer
New York Times
Wads of counterfeit US dollars and Chinese yuan? (Note to forger: real US dollars are printed in green and black, not red.) A round housing complex designed by the architects Urbanus in Guangzhou, China. The design is inspired by ancient toulou,
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Dalai Lama to give mass teaching on world peace at US Capitol
Times of India
But China protests his frequent visits and meetings overseas, accusing him of being a separatist. The Dalai Lama, a pacifist, says he is only seeking greater rights for Tibetans and accepts China’s rule. US lawmakers led by House Speaker John Boehner
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U.S. Gas Prices: How High Will They Go?
International Business Times
Moderate GDP Growth Scenario: This scenario assumes that the US economic recovery will continue at a moderate pace, that Europe’s economy (in euro-zone nations) will grow at a sluggish pace, and that China’s white-hot emerging market economy (which
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Member China Relief Expedition – Pvt. Erwin Jay Boydston, US Marine Corps
Hawaii Reporter
The United States sent a contingent of Marines to protect our Legion. On June 19,1900, the 1st Regiment (Marines) under Major Littleton Waller arrived in China. It wasn’t until June 23 that the Major and his troops were able to enter Tientsin.
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China’s grip on rare earth mineral stocks won’t last forever
Others are questioning whether the announcement has a political significance intended to pressure China into opening its trade paths once again. There’s no denying that the US and Japan, big technology manufacturers, are worried.
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Yum! Brands looks to hot pots for next expansion wave
Louisville Courier-Journal
But he added, “I don’t think they really bought this for the US potential of it. China is a huge market with huge potential and it fits for them in that market.” Dining with half a dozen family members at the San Diego restaurant in early June,
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US leads Brazil, 1-0, at halftime in Women’s World Cup; Sweden ousts Australia
Los Angeles Times
Brazil, the losing finalist to Germany in the 2007 tournament in China, put itself into a hole right at the start when defender Daiane, trying to clear a cross into the area by American midfielder Shannon Boxx, instead sliced the ball into her own net
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Brazil looks to US to kickstart biofuels
Financial Times
During a meeting of G20 agriculture ministers last month, Brazil’s biofuel policies faced criticism from China and Russia for driving up sugar prices to a 30-year high. But Brazil has argued it can increase production of both sugar and ethanol without
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Syrian protesters, backed by US, hunker down for long battle to oust Assad
The United States and Europe, unable to convince China and Russia to join them in taking a firm stand against Mr. Assad’s brutality, have so far confined themselves to imposing economic sanctions, condemning regime brutality, calling on the president
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Nations Move to Recognize South Sudan
Voice of America
A Sudanese newspaper, The Sudan Tribune, reports that at least 15 countries have recognized South Sudan so far, including major world powers such as the United States, Britain, Russia and China. US President Barack Obama was among the first to extend
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China aims high with space program ambitions
As the US winds down its space shuttle program, and with the International Space Station set to shut down in 2020, eyes are turning to China and its ambitious yet mysterious plans for the final frontier. There is perhaps nowhere the country wants to
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US plans Jewish state in IHK
The Nation, Pakistan
Lahore – The CIA designed a plot to create a rift in Pakistan as well as other Islamic states and China for the supremacy of the US and India in 1994, it has been revealed. The CIA planned to create rift among the Army, other sensitive departments and
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Woman at helm of new energy jobs in town
Charlotte Observer
By Ron Stodghill Jennifer Roberts, left, Alina Xu, CEO of Jetion US, and Mayor Anthony Foxx at the China-based solar-panel maker’s ribbon cutting on South Commerce Boulevard. Diedra Laird – Last week, Charlotte’s business
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US, Brazil renew rivalry in WWC quarters
Los Angeles Times
Brazil defeated the US, 4-0, four in China in the semifinals of the 2007 Cup and then lost to Germany in the final. Brazil and the US met again in China in 2008 in the Olympic final, and the US won, but the Cup matters more. The US will be trying to
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MIA expedition enters shaky ground
Myrtle Beach Sun News
Zaetz believes their troubles are triggered by an unusually powerful enemy: China. Gary Zaetz’ saga of bureaucratic triumph and frustration began in 2006, when an Arizona adventurer found remains of a US bomber in the Himalayas.
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Why the price of water must not be discounted
But the truth is, water shortages are indirectly causing increased use of diesel generators for electricity in China, and that, in turn, is helping raise diesel prices in the US. Smarter pricing could help China — and the rest of the world — avoid
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Cummins’ efforts lead growth in Indiana’s links to Africa
Indianapolis Star
In 1979, Cummins Inc. opened its first office in China, where few American businesses dared tread. Now the Columbus-based diesel engine maker is ramping up activity in another part of the world that many companies have long avoided: Africa.
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Strait Ahead? China’s Fifth Generation Leaders And Taiwan Policy – Analysis
Eurasia Review
Nonetheless, given the political context of cross-Strait and USChina relations at the time, the special formality and solemnity of National People’s Congress legislation, the rhetoric from PRC sources that accompanied the law, and the commotion that
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IPOs losing appeal across the board as withdrawals hit 10-year high
Sydney Morning Herald
The earlier boom was concentrated in the US but the latest included many more companies from booming developing markets, particularly in China. In the fourth quarter of 1999, the total amount raised by IPOs hit $US66.1 billion, which was a record then.
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6 Booming U.S. Multinationals Poised to Pop
Seeking Alpha
Tim Seymour, Emerging Markets Subject Matter Expert on CNBC’s Fast Money recently stated, US job numbers stealing the thunder from emerging markets this morning but the real fireworks could come from China over the weekend. You can get more detailed
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On aid, investments and freedoms
BusinessWorld Online
BW: In an extreme case of armed confrontation between the Philippines and China or any other claimant in the South China Sea, up to what extent will the US response be, considering under the MDT [Mutual Defense Treaty] there are a number of
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Trade deals are no deal for US
Boston Globe
Yet even after losing 682000 jobs to NAFTA since it took effect in 1994, and 2.4 million to China since it joined the World Trade Organization, Washington continues in its blind faith that somehow these trade deals are good for us.
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China Steel posts 12.6% quarterly revenue increase
Taipei Times
China Steel Corp (中鋼), the nation’s largest and only integrated steelmaker, to post a 12.6 percent increase in revenues quarter-on-quarter during the April-to-June period. Revenues in the second quarter totaled NT$63.63 billion (US$2.21 billion),
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How to Restore America’s Manufacturing Innovation
American Thinker
But in order to locate factories in China, American companies are required to share their technology with Chinese competitors, and that’s just one of the ways China steals their technologies. UC-Irvine economist Peter Navarro, author of the new book
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Awaiting China’s GDP and Japan’s rate decision
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
China will also release its trade balance for the month of June expected to show a surplus of 14.20 billion dollars from the previous reading of 13.05 billion US dollars. China is pursuing tightening policies in an attempt to combat inflation which
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Commentary by Elliott Parker: US has a lot riding on showdown over debt
Nevada Appeal
Half of the US federal debt held by the public is owed to foreign bondholders. China holds a large portion of US Treasuries, and has been quietly selling some off this past year in favor of other currencies. Ty correctly argues that we should be
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China June Soy Imports Fall as Crushers Postpone Shipments
Inventory at China’s major ports is still about 6.5 million tons, near the record 7 million tons, Chen said. The country is forecast to import 54 million tons of the oilseed in the year through Sept. 30, according to the US Department of Agriculture.
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China Copper Imports Rebound as Demand Gains Amid Low Stockpiles
Hedge-fund managers and other large speculators increased their net-long position in New York copper futures in the week ended July 5, according to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission data. Copper for delivery in three months on the London Metal
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Higher mileage a vital goal
Charleston Post Courier
The US still ranks far behind Europe, China and Japan in fuel efficiency standards. Raising them would raise our auto industry’s competitiveness in the global marketplace — and lower America’s energy vulnerability.
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World’s Top Five Patent Producers
Daily Markets
Following a ten-year period from 1998 to 2007 when the US produced the most patents in the world, Japan took the number one place in 2008 and 2009, and produced 15.5% more patents than the US in 2009. 2. In 1995, China registered only 3393 patents,
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Lagarde warns US on debt default
Meanwhile, China politically sensitive trade surplus grew to 1.56 billion euros in June up sharply from the previous month as the value of exports hit a record high. The trade surplus is a major point of tension for China’s key trade partners,
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Investors Trim Bullish Agriculture Bets as Supply Concerns Ease
Since then, prices have rebounded as hot, dry weather threatened Midwest crops and on signs of rising grain demand in China. “People decreased their bets as they now perceive that the supply situation is not as bad as was earlier thought,” said James
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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Catch a Bull Market
Wall Street Pit
This likely is the end of China’s tightening measures and its economy should react positively. There’s also positive momentum building for the US economy. Manufacturing strength is the foundation of a growing economy, and currently both the services
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