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U.S. China News 2011.07.03

Sun, July 3, 2011

Lamb leads US over China 82-66 in FIBA Under 19s
USA Today
LIEPAJA, Latvia (AP) — Jeremy Lamb of national champion Connecticut scored 17 points and Doug McDermott of Creighton had 15 points and eight rebounds to lead the United States to an 82-66 win over China on Saturday in the FIBA Under 19 World
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On Independence Day 2011, we’re more dependent than ever
And China’s undervalued currency gives it a trade advantage over us. It makes China’s exports to us cheaper and our exports to them more expensive. Our two-way trade imbalance skews widely in China’s favor. US exports to China in April,
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EU leading US, China in race for trade pacts
BusinessWorld Online
BRUSSELS — The European Union (EU) is outflanking rivals, including the United States and China, to seal bilateral trade deals with lucrative markets while talks for a global trade pact remain deadlocked. A free trade deal between the European Union
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Michigan’s Tim Hardaway scores 13 in USA victory over China
The Detroit News
Michigan’s Tim Hardaway Jr. had another strong game, scoring 13 points in Team USA’s 82-66 win over China on Saturday in the U19 World Championship in Liepaja, Latvia. Hardaway was 3-for-5 from 3-point range while Michigan State’s Keith Appling scored
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US Afghan supply China-route bid rebuffed
The News International
WASHINGTON: The Obama administration quietly tried to persuade China to open a major supply route to US forces in Afghanistan, according to diplomatic cables, but Beijing rebuffed the idea as military relations with Washington soured.
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China rejects the US Senate’s criticism over its sea dispute with Vietnam
Northwest Asian Weekly
BEIJING (AP) — A US Senate resolution critical of Beijing’s actions in the South China Sea “doesn’t hold water” and its sponsors should promote peace in other ways, China said Tuesday. Disputes over the South China Sea should be resolved peacefully
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US to upgrade F-16s, KMT lawmaker says
Taipei Times
Taiwan has repeatedly pressed the US to sell it F-16C/Ds, as China embarks on a rapid drive to build up its offensive military capability. However, it is feared that such a sale would “anger” Beijing, which reacted furiously in January last year when
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Both US and China need a friendly India
Times of India
In the delicate emerging balance of economic and military power between the US, China and India, New Delhi must prioritize its national interests. Both Washington and Beijing plan decades ahead but act swiftly to protect their immediate interests.
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Reel China: It’s rough out West for Chinese films
Los Angeles Times
Hollywood producer Janet Yang (“Disney High School Musical: China,” “The Joy Luck Club”), who is planning several ChinaUS co-productions, says that the issues go to fundamental differences in narrative. “In China, you have lots of long rambling
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4th of July Fireworks and the Connection to the US Economy
Go Banking Rates
But within the past few decades, the US realized that manufacturing the massive amount of fireworks needed to supply the country could no longer be effectively managed within American borders. When China opened itself up to free trade,
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US seeking alternative routes to Afghanistan
Sydney Morning Herald
Barack Obama … administration quietly tried to persuade China to open a supply route to US forces in Afghanistan. Photo: AP WASHINGTON: The US military is rapidly expanding its aerial and Central Asian supply routes to the war in Afghanistan,
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Foreign-made goods are cheap, but they cost
Indianapolis Star
Cooperstown, baseball jerseys and a US flag. Everything about this painting screamed Americana. “Made in China,” read a tag on the back. I have no idea why that surprised me, but it did. Even this item, I thought, even a painting representing America’s
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China in Africa? No thanks
by Martyn Drakard In Africa we complain quite a bit about the United States as global policeman, trying to spread its brand of democracy, but if we had to choose between the United States and China as the world cop we’d go for Uncle Sam any day.
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McDermott’s 15 points help USA topple China
Omaha World-Herald
The US struggled to put China away, but Lamb scored eight of the Americans’ last 14 points. The US limited China to 38.5 percent shooting, including 1 of 15 on 3-pointers. China had averaged 10 makes and 33 attempts from the 3-point line coming into
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Purdue University has strong reputation, presence in China
Journal and Courier
China and the US are two strategic countries,” said Mike Brzezinski, Purdue’s dean of international programs and principal architect of Purdue’s China initiative. “The more we can do to better understand one another, move together to learn about
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Obama Losing Canada’s Oil to China
By Jim Meyers The Obama administration is foot-dragging on approving a pipeline to deliver abundant Canadian oil to the United States at the same time the Chinese are investing in a pipeline that could send that oil to China.
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City native writes book on environmental law in China
Charleston Gazette
Teaching in China and the US are very different experiences, McElwee said. “I taught my law school class in English in China. I was talking away and the students were staring at me. I was worried. So finally, I cracked a joke and the students started
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“Ping Pong Diplomacy” anniversary celebrated in Milwaukee, US
People’s Daily Online
Chu Maoming, China’s deputy consul general in Chicago, attended the reception and welcomed the delegation, which includes members of the original 1971 delegation. “This exchange of visits means a lot in the history of ChinaUS relations,” Chu said.
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India lags in shale gas pursuit
India’s per capita energy consumption is pegged at 15.9 mmBtu, while it is 56 mmBtu for China; 51.2 mmBtu for Brazil; 214 mmBtu for Russia and 334 mmBtu for the US. At the time, when India is yet to finalise a policy for exploiting shale gas,
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India among top 10 countries ‘worst affected’ if an asteroid strikes
Times of India
Looking at population loss, the US, China, Indonesia, India and Japan are most in danger. Those countries which face massive devastation to their infrastructure are Canada, the US, China, Japan and Sweden. “The threat of Earth being hit by an asteroid
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We need to restore manufacturing jobs in U.S.
The reasons typically given for doing this was that hourly wages in countries such as China or Mexico were lower than in the US This did not always make sense, since, cost of labor constitutes only about 10 percent to 18 percent of the sales price of a
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Stronger US-PH ties seen
Manila Bulletin
The Philippines celebrates Friendship Day on July 4, the same day that the US observes its Independence Day. The US has also remained a good reliable friend over the years, especially amid the country’s political tension with China, according to Deputy
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Uchimura dominant, Leyva wins bronze at Japan Cup
Universal Sports (blog)
Uchimura posted an impressive 93.150 to top China’s Liao Qiuhua (89.500) and Danell Leyva of the United States (89.200). The Japanese star posted the highest scores on floor exercise, pommel horse, vault, and high bar and tied the top scores on still
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Firms shift work back to U.S.
Toledo Blade
“I can manufacture combination locks in Milwaukee for less of a cost than I can in China,” said Bob Rice, a senior vice president at the largest US padlock manufacturer. The machine in Milwaukee is about 30 times faster then the Chinese factories the
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US clinches Women’s World Cup quarterfinal berth with an impressive victory
Los Angeles Times
(Alex Domanski / Reuters / July 2, 2011) By Grahame L. Jones With four more victories, the US will win the 2011 Women’s World Cup, adding a third world soccer championship to those won in China in 1991 and in the US in 1999.
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Tim Myers: America is exceptional
Ironically, China’s growth rates to eventually eclipse the US rely in no small measure on the power of the United States Navy to keep open the sea lanes that feed the Chinese economic machine with raw materials from the Middle East and Australia and
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Nursing career opens pathways to opportunities
Trapp’s curio cabinet in the living room is filled with memorabilia from her trips to China and the Marshall Islands. In the US, Trapp has spoken from coast to coast about diabetes and vegan/vegetarianism nutrition, most recently in April at the Maine
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Business Insider
Nothing else mattered, not inaction on US debt, not universally bad manufacturing data (except for the US) across globe in the UK, China, Japan, EZ, Italy and India. Standard and Poors warned Thursday that Italy faces risk despite passing additional
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How long can China retain its type of governance?
Times of Oman
Meanwhile there was some anger in the US that the film was being sponsored by General Motors, which was bailed out with government cash two years ago. The irony of Cadillacs being involved in a film about the Communist Party says a lot about China
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Gold Resource, Juniper, St. Joe, Tata: US Equity Preview
Tata Motors Ltd. (TTM US): The Indian carmaker’s US– traded shares may rise to as high as $35 in the next year as its high-end car offerings capture growing demand in China and other emerging markets, Barron’s reported. Tutor Perini Corp.
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Sacramento Bee
Dreams of Joy,” by Lisa See (Random House: $26) A young Chinese American woman’s search for her father in Mao Tse-tung’s China. 3.”Against All Enemies,” by Tom Clancy with Peter Telep (Putnam: $28.95) A former Navy SEAL uncovers conspiracies and plots
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Education expert: Pay teachers more, expect more from them
Sacramento Bee
including Canada, China, Finland, Japan and Singapore. The report, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An American Agenda for Education Reform,” provides some scathing criticism of the US for allowing other nations to catch up and then surpass
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Save Medicare, Social Security
The American Press (blog)
If you saw an editorial cartoon in Saturday’s American Press about China buying up assets all around the world, you know there is plenty to worry about. We have mortgaged our souls to a Communist government, and one of these days China is going to call
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Stoudemire reportedly considering touring China with Kobe
The Knicks reportedly would prefer Amare Stoudemire not play in a tour of China this summer. (AP Photo) After signing the contract, Stoudemire granted the Knicks’ request not to play for the US national team last summer. While teams are not allowed to
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Fourth Facts: Independence Day by the Numbers
$190.7 million – The value of fireworks imported from China in 2010, representing the bulk of all US fireworks imported ($197.3 million). The US exported just $37 million worth of fireworks in 2010, with Japan purchasing more than any other country
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Sue Hulett: Obama a realist or idealist puzzle in foreign policy?
Galesburg Register-Mail
The Taliban, terrorists groups throughout the Middle East, and Iran could be emboldened by “evidence” that the US is a “paper-tiger,” as the People’s Republic of China used to say during the Cold War. American abandonment of difficult tasks like
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Going places: Exports of Alabama-built vehicles up 28%
The Birmingham News – (blog)
Felyicia Jerald, spokeswoman for Mercedes’ Alabama operations, said the top markets for the automaker’s state-made models, besides the United States, are Germany, China, the United Kingdom and Canada. “Others that fall somewhere in the top 10 depending
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Revving Up in Asia’s Emerging Markets
Wall Street Journal
It only much more recently moved into China and India, opening dealerships in the two emerging Asian giants in 2005 and 2010, respectively. Mr. Foley opened a new regional headquarters in Singapore in May. He spoke to The Wall Street Journal’s Jason
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City, Chinese duo seal Marina deal
Toledo Blade
Gerry Daves, who works for Jones-Hamilton Co., showed up at the ceremony with miniature Chinese and American flags tucked into the band of his straw hat. “We do a lot of business in China. I do the sales to China,” Mr. Daves of Rossford said.
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America could do great things
Delmarva Now
In fact, the United States spends seven times more than China, 13.3 times more than Russia and 73 times more than Iran (our potential enemies). In Maryland, we have made many sacrifices for military spending. In 2011, we’re paying more than $2 billion
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Pirates put Cedeno on concussion DL
Boston Globe
Lamb leads US Under-19s over China Connecticut’s Jeremy Lamb scored 17 points and Doug McDermott of Creighton had 15 points and eight rebounds to lead the United States to an 82-66 win over China in the FIBA Under-19 World Championship in Liepaja,
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Atlantis opens next chapter, says NASA
China Daily
By Li Xing (China Daily) WASHINGTON – The Atlantis mission to be launched by NASA on July 8 will not be an end to the space age, as some media suggest. Although it is the final mission of the space shuttle, it will open up “the next chapter” in the
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Asheville-area residents can expect to pay more for fireworks this year
Asheville Citizen-Times
That’s because China in 2009 raised import prices 30 percent, and fireworks sellers have slowly passed that along to consumers. China makes all the fireworks sold in the US Revenue from fireworks has increased from $425 million in 1998 to $952 million
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Howell: Cotton market trims limit setback after planted acres report
Expectations for some large foreign crops amid uncertainties about global cotton demand when the fourth quarter rolls around, especially from China, clashed with major acreage losses looming in several key areas, including top-producing Texas.
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