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U.S. China News 2011.07.02

Sat, July 2, 2011

Tim Hardaway Jr., Keith Appling help Team USA down China
Detroit Free Press
BY MARK SNYDER Another game, another win for the USA Under-19 team at the basketball World Championships in Latvia. This time, the Americans rolled over China, 82-66, and the Michigan boys played a significant role again in the the team’s third
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China ‘helpful’ on south Sudan: US
WASHINGTON — China has played a helpful role in encouraging Sudan to move forward with reconciliation with the south, a senior US official said Friday, despite concerns over Beijing’s role in Darfur. Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir enjoyed a
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Motives behind US talk of ‘freedom of navigation’
China Daily
By Chen Hu ( The words “freedom of navigation” have frequently appeared in the media of the United States amid the recent territorial disputes in the South China Sea. According to a report by Reuters on June 23, US Secretary of State
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Ecuador negotiates China bank loan, signs oil deal
Taipei Times
“This financing represents 85 percent of the approximately US$670 million total cost of the hydroelectric plant,” it said. The credit takes the total announcements of Quito’s financial agreements from China to around US$7.3 billion since 2009,
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10 US States That Would Get Slammed In A Chinese Hard Landing
Business Insider
And though Americans usually think of what they purchase from China, China is purchasing ever more from the US. In 2010, American exports to China, including Hong Kong, reached $118 billion. So, we took data from The USChina Business Council to see
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Japanese wins men’s title at Japan Cup — U.S., Britain trail behind
It must be an anomaly — the US men, carrying the day on pommel horse vs. Japan and China? And yet in one of the more surprising turns of the Japan Cup, the Americans, who have long suffered on the event they call “the pig” in gymnastics, did just that
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China, US not strategic rivals
People’s Daily Online
To prevent some countries from doing as they please, the United States will play a role as a balancer and arbitrator. Strategically, people generally assume that China and the United States are adversaries fighting each other in East Asia and a cold
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China ‘Must Not Be Permitted’ to Push Around its Neighbors
The first consultations between the US and China on Asia-Pacific affairs, which were conducted on June 25 between Kurt Campbell, US assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific affairs, and Cui Tiankai, China’s vice foreign minister, ended without
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Defense chief welcomes US Senate resolution on Spratlys
China dismissed the US Senate resolution, saying it “does not hold water” as it maintained that the disputes “should be resolved through direct negotiations between the directly concerned parties.” Recent incidents have put the security spotlight on
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Crude prices react to manufacturing data from China, UK, US
OIL Marketer
Prices were lower earlier in the session after the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said its purchasing managers’ index was at 50.9 in June from 52 in May, for its slowest rate of growth in nearly two and a half years, as manufacturing
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China’s Navy goal seen as displacing US influence in Pacific
Mainichi Daily News
It spotlights the reality that Japan, home to a number of US military bases, could be greatly affected by developments in USChina relations as China stiffens its hard-line posture in connection with its maritime interests. The report says the goals of
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Sun Yat-sen’s US birth certificate to be displayed
Focus Taiwan News Channel
12, 1866 in Cuiheng Village, Xiangshan County, in China’s Guangdong Province. Many believe Sun’s friends helped him secured the fake birth certificate to facilitate his pursuit of US citizenship, which they felt was a necessary asset in Sun’s promotion
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METALS-Copper rises for fourth day on bright US data
The surprisingly upbeat US data ran counter to slower manufacturing activity in Europe, India and China, where weaker consumer demand and months of policy-tightening measures sapped production rates. The moderation in China’s factory sector lowered
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Is China Really a Friend to Africans? By Amanuel Biedemariam
However, while the current world is considered to be multi-polar, the main powers are the US and China. These are veto wielding powers capable to impose their will on any nation around the world. Ironically, while the US is clear on whom their friends
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How important is China on the 90th anniversary of its communist party?
Financial Express Bangladesh
In recent times, when Pakistan was in a soup on the Osama Bin Laden issue, and came under criticism by its ally, US, China appeared to give strength to that country as leaders of both nations called each other “all-weather friend”.
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Christianity: China’s best bet?
According to China Aid, a US-based human rights group, the number of Christians in China has increased 100-fold since the PRC was founded. Current estimates range from 80 million to 130 million active Christians, including members of so-called house
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US crude dips on China data, but ends week higher
Reuters Africa
NEW YORK, July 1 (Reuters) – US crude futures fell Friday, ending three days of gains, as soft Chinese factory data sparked demand worries, but the day’s losses were curbed by a positive report on US manufacturing activity.
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US sends special envoy ahead of Sudan split
CNN International
His trip also follows a controversial four-day visit to China by Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged atrocities committed during the civil war in Sudan. China, however, did not see the ICC’s
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EMERGING MARKETS-Latam stocks up on US data, cap week of gains
An easing of fears over Greece’s sovereign debt crisis and positive US data helped the week’s gains, as faster growth in manufacturing ameliorated concerns about slower factory sector growth in China. For details, see [ID:nN1E7600H5] [ID:nL3E7I104E]
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U.S. Stock Futures Fluctuate; Eastman Kodak Slides, Dendreon, Nortel Surge
The ISM report was a positive surprise at a time when manufacturing growth is slowing from China to Europe, creating a dilemma for central bankers considering higher interest rates to combat inflation. China’s factory index fell to the lowest level
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China and Pakistan: An alliance is built
The Nation, Pakistan
They point to dams on sensitive river systems, a port built by China Harbour Engineering Company at Gwadar on the Arabian Sea, the sale of military hardware, including jet fighters, frigates and helicopters, and civilian nuclear assistance. The US
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Stiff job competition from India, China: Obama
Hindustan Times
PTI The US is facing tough competition for “good jobs” from emerging economies like India and China, President Barack Obama has said, as he assured Americans that he will not mortgage their future by cutting down spendings on education and other social
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The uncertainties of cyberspace
China Daily
As two of the largest countries both in the real and virtual worlds, China and the US have a special responsibility to cooperate in building a proper global regime to govern cyberspace. Changing the perception of cyber security, developing a code of
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Asian Stocks Gain a Second Week on Greek Rescue, U.S. Economic Recovery
straight quarterly decline amid concern earnings in the Asia-Pacific region would suffer should Greece default on its sovereign debt, and on signs US growth may be weakening at the same time as China’s anti-inflation measures slow its economy.
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Weekly Rise of 6% in US stocks, Oil Up 4.5%
Eastman Kodak dropped 14% after an adverse patent ruling. Euro-area unemployment was flat near 10% and China manufacturing growth slowed. US indexes traded higher for the fifth day in a row. Three widely tracked indexes, the Dow, the Nasadq and the S&P
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New Delta Air Lines flights offer soaring prospects
China Daily
All of the new routes are nonstop flights connecting China with the United States. This reflects the huge potential and demand for trans-Pacific travel and communications, the airline says. The carrier also launched its biweekly Shanghai-Atlanta direct
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10 Ways to Save the Economy: Obama Assails Business Community’s ‘Complaining
FOX 9 News
“It’s not that the US gets terrible grades on this, relative to other countries; it’s that we need to do better….Remember, if you’re thinking of investing, you may look at China and you say, ‘Well, there’s some regulatory problems, there’s some
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U.S. demands campaign to combat cyber attacks
The Sudbury Star
Recent cyber attacks have targeted the IMF, the CIA and the US Senate, and companies such as Citigroup and Sony. China denied last week there was any cyber warfare between China and the US after weeks of friction over accusations that China may have
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Money markets smell Greek blood
Sydney Morning Herald
Speaking of guesses, one of the few economists to predict the GFC, Professor Nouriel Roubini, says there’s a one-in-three chance the European debt crisis, US budget deficit, a slowdown in China and stagnation in Japan will create a “perfect storm” in
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China jails young Tibetan writer: rights group
Tashi Rabten, the editor of a banned magazine called Eastern Snow Mountain, was sentenced last month in Aba, in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan, the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) said. According to the US-based group,
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Clinton dismisses Qadhafi threats
The Top Ten reasons why China will be the world’s dominant superpower in ten years. 2. America owes China mountains of cash – not the other way around. . 4. Chinese leadership actually cares about the people and not about lining their own pockets. 5.
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Homecoming of US troops
Pakistan Observer
United States would not completely vacate Afghanistan militarily for the following objectives. It wants to outbid China in exploiting the trillion dollars precious mineral deposits discovered by American geologists in 2010. Afghanistan has oil and gas
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What the Rebbe’s Arrival to America Means to Me
When we were kids, grown folks used to tell us that if we dug a hole deep enough, we’d come out the other end in China. You see, because China is supposed to be on the other side of the earth. If you’re on the West Coast of the United States, however,
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Robert Muilenburg’s Story – “I Ran the Great Wall of China
KRIS Corpus Christi News
CORPUS CHRISTI – How many people do you know who have actually been to the Great Wall of China? The answer for most of us would be zero, and if I asked, do you know anyone who has run a half marathon across the Great Wall of China, that would more than
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ADR Report: Shares Higher After Strong US Manufacturing Data
Wall Street Journal
Gambling revenue in Macau rose 52% in June from a year earlier, government statistics issued Friday show, as visitors from mainland China continued to fuel strong growth in the only place in China where casino gambling is legal.
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74 immigrants become US citizens in Charleston
The Herald |
Patrick Chang, 44, said escaping potentates was the main reason he came to the US from China in 2002. “You can choose your own leader and you can express your thinking,” said Chang, who lives in Fort Mill with his family.
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Miami’s Angelica Delgado wins bronze at USA Judo World Cup
and Marti Malloy of San Jose, Calif, defended her 57 kg. title in overtime over Miryam Roper of Germany and as the only American who won on the opening day in a field that includes athletes from as far away as China, Russia, and Israel.
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US Stocks Surge Most Since July 2009
The ISM report was a positive surprise, according to investors, at a time when manufacturing growth is slowing from China to Europe, creating a dilemma for central bankers considering higher interest rates to combat inflation. China’s factory index
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