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U.S. China News 2011.06.26

Sun, June 26, 2011

Commentary: Seeking ChinaUS cooperation in Asian-Pacific via new channel
Chinese President Hu Jintao once said the Asia-Pacific region is where China and the United States have the most overlapping interests. Cooperation between the two countries is crucial to the region as well as the growth of ChinaUS relations.
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U.S., China Should Break Yuan, QE Policy ‘Gridlock,’ BIS Says
By Paul Dobson – Sun Jun 26 14:00:00 GMT 2011 The US and China should work to break policy “gridlock” on imbalances that threaten the global financial system, such as the dollar-yuan exchange rate and US monetary easing, the Bank for International
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China fund chief: U.S. must reduce deficit
By MarketWatch BEIJING -(MarketWatch)- The US should reduce the fiscal deficit percentage of its gross domestic product to maintain US dollar’s dominant status in international monetary system, the head of China’s state pension fund said Sunday.
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US asks China to press N.Korea
Vancouver Sun
The United States on Saturday asked China to use its influence on North Korea to prevent a new “provocation,” saying that Pyongyang must mend ties with the South if it wants to move ahead. HONOLULU, Hawaii — The United States on Saturday asked China
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<B>Evan A Feigenbaum:</B> Are multilateral groups missing the point?
Business Standard
In Washington, there remains lingering talk of a USChina-Japan trilateral. And sentiment remains among some for a quadrilateral bringing together the US, India, Japan and Australia. Perhaps it’s time to ask a few elemental questions.
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Should the developing world follow US or China?
Independent Online
Or might China, for all its shortcomings and pressing development challenges, offer a less dystopian vision of the future? Returning to BP’s statistical review, the data show that while China surpassed the US in total energy consumption, it is also the
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Aquino gov’t urged not to rely too much on US for Spratlys defense
The government said modern military equipment would be purchased in the US. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin even asked for US navy ships’ deployment in the South China Sea to check Chinese aggression. The US Embassy in Manila, however, stopped short
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China builds bridges with America
Sydney Morning Herald
But California officials say the state saved hundreds of millions of dollars by choosing to have the bridge decks made in China. ”They’ve produced a pretty impressive bridge for us,” a program manager at the California Department of Transportation,
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Chinese parents turn to US summer camps
China Daily
By Emily Cheng (China Daily) Summer camps in the US are the latest strategy for Chinese parents plotting a better future for their children. This year, more than 60000 children will fly off for an immersion program that may, or may not,
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Home Depot accused of violating Buy American Act
The lawsuit alleges that up to half of those products are made in China and other non-designated countries. The lawsuit was filed by two employees of another government contractor in 2008 that claimed their employer, the Actus Lend Lease Co.,
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Webb says Middle East focus distracts from problems in Asia
Richmond Times Dispatch
Sen. Jim Webb says it’s time to pay more attention to China and less to Iraq and Afghanistan. By Wes Hester In an appearance on “Meet the Press” today, US Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., said it was time for the US to shift its focus from the Middle East to the
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Baidu Invested US$ 306M In Qunar, Becomes Biggest Shareholder
Business Insider
Baidu and Qunar, the vertical travel search engine in China announced today that Baidu has invested US$ 306 million in Qunar to become the latter’s biggest institutional shareholder. According to the two parties, Qunar will still operate independently
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Book review: Henry Kissinger’s On China
Daily News & Analysis
The centrepiece of the book, naturally enough, is Kissinger’s audacious secret journey to Beijing in 1971 to reconnect the USA with China. For both nations, this was a masterstroke against the Soviet Union, once China’s fraternal ally but now its enemy
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China Plays Nationalism Card?
The Diplomat
By Matt Anderson Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai’s recent remarks about other countries meddling in the South China Sea disputes were a clear warning to the United States. Though on the surface the comments were restrained, using the analogy
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US must reestablish dominance in Women’s World Cup
Brandi Chastain of the US celebrates after kicking the winning penalty shot to win the 1999 Women’s World Cup final against China 10 July 1999 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The US won 5-4 on penalty kicks. By Michelle Kaufman It doesn’t seem that long
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Taiwan seeks remains of pilots killed in China
During the 1950s-70s, Taiwan’s airforce set up two special units under the assistance of the US Central Intelligence Agency to spy on rival China — the 34th and 35th squadrons, both based at the northern Hsinchu airbase.
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Obama to Europe: Do You Think I’m Sexy? China to EU – We Will Save the Euro
Forbes (blog)
China’s push towards ultra low cost cars (sub-$2000) will wreak havoc on western auto markets but this present danger to large US and Europe auto makers is unlikely to figure in the public agenda of Wen’s visit to Birmingham. Reports from the trip also
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China’s naval rise is not as threatening as US would like
The National
(Talks between the US and China planned for yesterday were called in part to defuse tensions over these hot spots). Indeed, the appearance of a Chinese carrier isn’t all bad from a US admiral’s standpoint. Many see this as an opportunity to shore up
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Original pingpong diplomat to attend national tournament
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Pingpong was credited with easing tensions between the US and China in 1971. By Meg Jones of the Journal Sentinel The words in Connie Sweeris’ US passport were emphatic: Absolutely no travel to mainland China. So the young athlete was a bit nervous
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Obama’s Afghan beachhead & Asia
Pakistan Observer
Under the policy, America is relocating and restructuring is military installations in Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Wake and Guam Islands (With an eye on China, US seeks to define Asia role, Signon San Diego news, June 16). After Shangri-La Dialogue,
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Chinese free rights activist Hu Jia
The Australian
The move came as advanced US missile destroyers were being prepared to join ageing Philippines warships for naval exercises tomorrow in a show of unity as tensions with China escalate over another maritime dispute. The 11 days of exercises start
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Easy does it on China: Alexander Downer
The Australian
Speaking on Sky News’s Australian Agenda yesterday, Mr Downer said posturing by the federal government over concerns about China’s splurge on defence equipment needed to be more measured. Plans for the US to use Australian military bases in the west
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Two locals to take part in ‘Rodeo China
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Stormy Havens, 19, of Basalt and Taylor Vagneur, 18, of Carbondale, were picked out of a field of 120 Colorado 4-H members to introduce Western US rodeo culture to China. Through the “Rodeo China” project, Havens and Vagneur will travel to Beijing for
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No comment on spy report on China’s ex-finance minister
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, June 26 (CNA) Two government agencies declined to comment Sunday on an American Broadcasting Company (ABC) report that former Chinese Finance Minister Jin Renqing’s sudden resignation in 2007 might have been linked to a woman spy from Taiwan.
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On a slow bid for China
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Unlike Japan and South Korea, China does not qualify for visa waivers, and obtaining visas to the US is cumbersome. At most of the 222 overseas posts that the US State Department operates, the wait time for in-person interviews is less than a week.
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Ping-pong diplomacy at Beijing tournament
China Daily
In mid-April 1971, an American table tennis team was invited to compete in China. This, along with meetings between then US secretary of state Kissinger, helped orchestrate the opening of relations between the US and China. “Table tennis diplomacy is
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US seeks ETS exclusion for its airlines
Aircargo – Asia Pacific
The US administration has expressed “strong concerns” about the measure and says it is working to have America’s airlines excluded from it. Until now, pressure has come from airlines – mainly in China and the US – and US carriers have launched a law
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An End to QE (Even if Temporary) Seems Perfectly Timed for China
Seeking Alpha
Still, recent unemployment, housing, consumer confidence and other data in the US has confirmed low expectations for demand. The greatest exporter to within our busy borders is China. No QE3 most certainly means bad news for the wide manufacturing base
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[Viewpoint] Planning for China’s hegemony
JoongAng Daily
The next two decades will bring about staggering changes and conflict within China as well as with the world. A China with a $20000 per capita income will outshine the US economy in many ways. It would become the largest stakeholder in international
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Chinese children flock to US camps for learning English
MSN India
Beijing, June 26 (PTI) Driven by obsession to impart English language to their children, thousands of Chinese parents are sending them to US summer camps to enable their wards to compete with their American counterparts, state run China Daily reported
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Another look at China’s trade investment in Nigeria
Nigeria Daily Independent
According to the statistics obtained from the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, the total volume of bilateral trade between China and Nigeria was US$ 570 million in 1999, and the figure went up to US$ 860 million in the
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25 Influential Chinese In Global Fashion (Full List)
Forbes (blog)
Young and on the move: Daughter of Hong Kong apparel tycoon is making her own mark as president of Iconix China, a joint venture between Iconix Brands of the US and her family. Company has launched five Iconix brands into China working with local
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State and local governments should be listed as a primary risk to the US outlook
Business Insider
I don’t see why the aggregate state funding gap is not numero uno on the ‘risks’ to the US outlook (I usually hear oil, Europe, China, etc., in my line of work). According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the State budget gap is not
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Documentaries: In Defense of Diversity — Documenting Our Changing World
Huffington Post
I wish the United States would undertake a project such as the one I heard about at the Sunnyside documentary market in France last week, being financed by the Chinese non-profit foundation, CNEX (or China Next) in which 10 documentary subjects are
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Bruce Goodwin and Thomas Zacharia: America’s supercomputer challenge
Capital Times (blog)
It is clear that China and Japan have aggressive road maps to capture leadership of the high-performance computing industry from the United States. The first stop on those road maps occurred in November, when China surged from the pack to claim two of
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China loans and oil prices boost Ecuador economy two years after default
Ecuador’s bonds are rewarding investors with the best performance in Latin America as Chinese loans and higher oil prices boost confidence in the economy two years after the country defaulted on 3.2 billion US dollars in debt.
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New York legalizes gay marriage
China Daily
“While same sex couples are tiny minority, only 2 percent of the couples in the US population, the majority should not take rights away from the minority,” Rosenfeld told China Daily. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is the champion who
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Grains Week Ahead-USDA reports unlikely to stem losses
Reuters Africa
Funds have headed for the door, seeking safe-haven bets due to a myriad of macro-economic factors ranging from Europe’s debt crisis, fears of a hard landing for China’s slowing economy, anemic US growth and a resurgent dollar.
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At 33, US defender Mitts finally gets to World Cup
USA Today
When the US was forced into a two-legged playoff against Italy to earn a trip to Germany, Mitts started each game. And when the Americans returned to China in January for the Four Nations tournament, Mitts was on the field for all 90 minutes of the
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If Libya threatens to become a no-win for NATO, for China and Russia it’s a
(File photo) By JAMES M. DORSEY US Admiral Samuel Locklear, NATO’s joint operations chief in Naples, is not a man who minces his words when defining his mission in Libya. It is a definition that confirms China and Russia’s worst fears and has
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School daze, school daze; good old Golden Rule days
CNN (blog)
Clean/green energy investments also come to mind, most of which require government funding and a government thrust in order to create millions of jobs. China knows this and is off and running. The US needs to learn from their state-oriented model.
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Dealing with addiction to the ‘war on drugs’
The Japan Times
“More than one in every 100 adults is now confined in an American jail or prison,” the Pew Center reported in 2008. With that number, the US is far ahead of the second-ranking country, China: 2.3 million in jail in the US versus 1.6 million in China.
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Barack Obama Simply Needs to Drill for Oil (blog)
China is drilling for oil off the coast of Cuba, and US companies are banned from drilling for that same oil. Obama shut down drilling for oil in our Gulf of Mexico, other offshore areas, and locations in Alaska. The Obama Administration scrambles to
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26 June UN Anti-Drugs Day: 1 million dead from US-backed Afghan opium industry
Collective Bellaciao
The US invaded over 30 countries after WW2 and the drug trade was an important adjunct to US Cold War strategy from Latin America to South East Asia (see “Rogue State” by William Blum). The US-backed opiate trade in Indo-China was exported back to the
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Storylines for the 2011 U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship
Cybergolf National
Rachel Morris, 19, of Carlsbad, Calif., traveled to China in 2008 as a member of the United States team for the China vs. USA Youth Team Golf Championship. Ellen Mueller, 22, of Bartlesville, Okla., is bypassing a professional golf career in favor of
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Chinese finance comes of age
Few financiers in London or New York could have named any bank other than Bank of China, which was often wrongly thought to be the central bank. And to suggest that the United States Federal Reserve, or the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority
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