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U.S. China News 2011.06.21

Tue, June 21, 2011

US Urges Negotiation in South China Sea Disputes
Department of Defense
By Donna Miles WASHINGTON, June 21, 2011 – The United States, like the rest of the world, has a deep interest in ensuring freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and in helping defuse tensions over territorial disputes there, a senior defense
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Growing USChina Trade Highlights Cumbersome Export Controls
This is due to a heightened focus on export controls for goods that are imported from the US into China. Brake pads and SIM cards, for example, are considered “duel use” goods as they could potentially be converted for military activities: brake pads
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US expats to enjoy social security benefit in China
China Daily
There are 71493 US citizens working and living in China, which makes up about 12 percent of China’s total foreign population, according to the sixth national census released by the National Bureau of Statistics in April. Up until now, employers of
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Patriot, U.S. Coal Companies Rise as China Boosts Imports
Arch Coal Inc. (ACI), the second-biggest US coal company, added 78 cents, or 3.1 percent, to $25.59. China’s coal imports gained 22 percent in May from April to 13.6 million metric tons, a four-month high, according to data from the Beijing-based
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China Favors European Debt Over US
By Paul Quintaro Apparently, China is more confident in Europe than the United States, with regards to respective debt situations. For the first four months of 2011, China appears to have purchased more European debt than US dollar assets, according to
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Why U.S. Investors should Steer clear of China
Dice News
Though this may be in the favor of US companies but the story takes a complete U-turn when US investors are spoken of. A post-apocalyptic wasteland is the best description of the stock scene in US-traded China. It is refused with the burnt vestiges of
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Chinese Stocks in the U.S.: China Mobile, Harbin
San Francisco Chronicle
Suntech Power Holdings (STP US), the world’s largest maker of solar panels, fell 4.7 percent, the most since April 1, to $7.73. China and the US will become the company’s fastest- growing markets this year, Chief Executive Officer Shi Zhenrong said in
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German Machine Production Driving Global Growth
Sacramento Bee
This boom is driven largely by exports to places like China and the USA. Demand for machinery in the US is up 70% year over year, and China’s growth remains high but is leveling out, especially for carmakers. Germany Trade & Invest has this information
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China joins US airlines in pressuring EU on aviation permits
Environmental Expert (press release)
But now there is evidence of lobbying for an exemption for China’s airlines, with suggestions that China might retaliate in some form if the ETS charging of aviation goes ahead. The ETS legislation allows for charges to be partially waived on flights
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Industry Seeks To Avoid Halts In US-Listed China Stocks -Reuters
Automated Trader
Wall Street’s main trade group says it has joined regulators and exchange operators in exploring ways to avoid lengthy halts in trading of US-listed Chinese securities under scrutiny for possible accounting problems, Reuters reported Tuesday.
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Yahoo’s Alibaba Spinoff Losses Show Dangers of China’s Legal Gray Areas
China Unicom spent at least 1.19 billion yuan ($144 million) compensating foreign partners including Sprint Corp. and Deutsche Telekom AG, according to its 2001 interim results. US-listed Chinese companies like Baidu Inc. and Sina Corp. today use the
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Chinese banks falter as slowdown, tightening bite
“The Japanese earthquake, a slow US economy, the Eurozone problems and a slowing Chinese economy are all building up on the banking sector.” CCB is China’s largest mortgage lender at a time when the government is taking increasingly heavy-handed
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Caught between two bullies
BusinessWorld Online
They advise “diplomacy” in dealing with China — whatever that means. Certain quarters that look too much like the same groups that routinely demonstrate outside the US embassy are warning against “provoking” China and causing it to retaliate on both
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China’s new bond buying hints at shift to euro
By Chris Oliver, MarketWatch HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — China likely bought more European sovereign debt in the first four months of the year than it did US dollar assets, in what Standard Chartered said appears to be a concerted effort to diversify
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Why We Need a Manufacturing Renaissance – Economically and Ethically
Huffington Post (blog)
And among these nineteen countries, Germany, Japan and China most stand out for comparison with the US because they are the countries that every day are excelling in global trade while we are losing out. Germany, with 22% of its employees working in
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US consumer brand exports like McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks are big hits in China
New York Daily News
As countries like China, Korea, India and others build their middle classes, US brands are often on the first list of things the new middle class wants to buy. Our consumer-products companies are better at building brands than those from other
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Frosty relations between U.S. and China on cybersecurity
By John Moe Marketplace Tech Report, Tuesday, June 21, 2011 China says it’s worried that it’s internet security isn’t strong enough to withstand hacks from the United States. Meanwhile, American organizations point to cyber attacks coming from China.
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Taiwan’s Ma looks for F-16 boost
Asia Times Online
And, it can safely be assumed that the polls have also been annoying Washington as memories of troubles the previous DPP administration under Chen Shui-bian brought to USChina relations have yet to fully fade away. What at least makes Beijing bite its
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Australia seen as hostile to Chinese investors
Business Insider
China is our largest trading partner and an increasingly important source of global capital. Right now, we need China and China needs us. However, if China was to become less dependent on Australian resources and the perception of discrimination
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Foreign graduate flock to China for internship
China Daily
Before coming to China, he had taken Chinese lessons for several years in the US, as well as multiple courses on Chinese literature, culture, politics and business. “My interest in China has always been strong and I would like to know more about China
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AMSC Receives NASDAQ Notification Letter
MarketWatch (press release)
our international operations are subject to risks that we do not face in the US, which could have an adverse effect on our operating results; we depend on sales to China, and global conditions could negatively affect our operating results or limit
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Let’s end muddled thinking on China
The Australian
It should not be beyond any Australian government to leverage these assets to advance our growing China interests while resisting any attempt by Beijing to decouple us from our alliance with the US. Forcing Australia to choose between China and the US
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China Unicom (CHU) Gains 3G Momentum
Cabot Wealth Advisory
China Unicom (CHU) may be China’s #2 mobile phone company, but its US shares have surged recently, while #1 China Mobile’s (CHL) stock has weakened, according to Investor’s Business Daily. CHU is up 48% in 2011, while CHL has dipped 10% this year,
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RENN’s Chen: Can We Be A Long-Lasting Company?
Barron’s (blog)
Chen somewhat dodged the question, saying that things are a lot more competitive in China than in the US, and that it’s always like this in “the beginning of any big market.” Greenberg also asked Chen about the wave of bad press for Chinese companies
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Experts glean lessons from China
China Daily
Glenn Hubbard, dean of Columbia Business School, said China offers very important lessons for the US. “The Chinese stimulus package after the crisis was far more effective than that of the United States. China is doing a very good job as a growth
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Daimler’s Zetsche: China, Trucks, Fuel Cells Will Lead Growth
Forbes (blog)
He declined to comment on where such vehicles might be sold, though he said they’ll go wherever the infrastructure is strongest–likely Europe and China, possibly the US or even Japan, despite its post-tsunami difficulties.
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The patent truth
The Hill (blog)
Microsoft is now building a new invention/technology complex in China. And China is demanding this intellectual property information from US corporations as a condition of trade. Do we seriously think the Chinese have American jobs in mind as they
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Gross: US must focus on job creation not deficit reduction
Investment Week
Gross also said competition from emerging markets including China has damaged the American labour market. “Manufacturing and goods exports have ceded enormous ground to China and other developing labour markets, as America’s reliance on services and
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Scandals or not, VC firms still love China Net startups
Economic Times
Digu, China’s answer to American location-based social-networking service Foursquare, allows users to check into cafes and bar and redeem coupons. “I have raised money on the strength of a business plan before and since Digu has been ranked the number
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Made in America: U.S. Swimwear — Make a Splash This Summer
ABC News
Economists say custom-made is the key, because US companies cannot compete with China. “We can run out on the floor and say, ‘OK, women are liking this. Everybody is trying it on. It’s not fitting correctly. It’s gapping here, bulging there.
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Region’s property boom takes hammering
New Zealand Herald
Asia’s developing economies will grow 8.4 per cent this year, compared with 1.6 per cent in the euro region and 2.8 per cent in the US, according to International Monetary Fund projections. The IMF expects China’s economy to expand 9.6 per cent this
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Nevada, the debt ceiling, and Obama’s name in Chinese
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
For the last two years or so, the US State Department has waged an unsuccessful war to persuade the People’s Republic of China to use another character that would render Obama’s name more accurately, as “Oh-ba-ma.” As in, “Oh, my goodness.
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Obama Bows to China With ‘Green Economy’ Dream
Fox News (blog)
Elements required for critical components such as lithium batteries for electric cars cannot be found in massive quantities within the US, and a number of the rare-earth elements needed for these components are mainly found in China — which can be
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Is the ‘China Model’ Failing?
The Atlantic
Watching China’s economy buoy as our own sank, some US columnists have even expressed envy for the Chinese model, though such opinions represent only a minority. The mainstream US view seems to be this: China’s model might not be very moral or ethical,
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Avoiding foreign-based fraud | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-06-21
Philadelphia Inquirer
The Securities and Exchange Commission issued a recent bulletin warning investors about foreign companies, especially those domiciled in China, entering US capital markets by way of reverse merger. The Chinese companies that came over to list in the
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Research and Markets: The Outlook for Medical Devices in North East Asia 2011
Business Wire (press release)
Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan are ranked among the biggest medical device markets in the world. In 2008, these four countries collectively spent an estimated US$30.9 billion, representing a total 14.7% of the world market.
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Tyler Doesn’t See `Huge Wave’ of U.S. Bank Mergers Yet
Washington Post
at Ariel Investments LLC, talks about the outlook for mergers and acquisitions in the US banking industry and the possibility that Bank of America Corp. may sell some of its $21 billion stake in China Construction Bank Corp. to bolster capital.
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Insurance companies target world markets
USA Today
The US is projected to be second, with a gross domestic product of $38.2 trillion. China will be by far the largest, with a projected GDP of $73.5 trillion. Populations in China and Brazil are getting older quickly. Brazil’s equivalent of Social
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Dollar to drop in long-term vs. emerging markets
Against its major global trading partners, the US dollar is down 5.1 percent year-to-date. In Latin America, for example, Brazil’s currency has benefited from its strong trade ties with China, high interest rates and portfolio investment flows from
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Corn Gains After Slump as Flooding Threatens China Crop Amid Rising Demand
central China, the world’s second-largest consumer of the grain. Corn inspected for export at ports in the US, the world’s largest shipper, climbed 21 percent to 43 million bushels in the week ended June 16, the US Department of Agriculture said.
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FTC investigating oil prices, again
Futures Magazine
In fact in today’s Financial Times, “China began diversifying away from the US dollar in earnest in the first four months of this year, most likely by buying far more European government debt than US dollar assets, according to estimates from Standard
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