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U.S. China News 2011.06.20

Mon, June 20, 2011

South China Sea Serves As Location For US Navy And ASEAN Training
On the South China Sea, the US Navy has begun with its annual Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training SEACAT exercise. The 2011 operation, which began Wednesday and runs through next Friday, is the 10th in the series of annual multilateral maritime
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China, US launch rival mercy aid ships
Herald Sun
CHINA and the United States are competing to win the hearts and minds of Third World nations by treating the sick on visiting hospital ships. A new study by the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Centre says China embarked on its foray into naval medical
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China, U.S. May Be Fastest-Growing Markets for Suntech, CEO Says
By Sangim Han and Rose Kim – Mon Jun 20 04:40:14 GMT 2011 Suntech Power Holdings Co., the world’s largest solar panel maker, expects China and the US to be its fastest-growing markets this year, Chief Executive Officer Shi Zhengrong said.
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U.S. and China Come Together for 2011 Silicon Valley Technology Forum
Business Wire (press release)
Our goal is to build a platform between China and US to exchange information and create more business opportunities” “It’s exciting to see the community benefit from organizations around the world coming together to create mutually beneficial
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Fight Over Africa Mounts Between US and China
Black Voice News
The daggers are starting to come out between the US and China as the Asian giant displaces the US as Africa’s number one trading partner. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at a recent forum on trade in Zambia, made slighting references to China’s
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China is finally buying fewer US Treasuries, StanChart says
FT Alphaville (blog)
Today we present evidence which suggests that China is buying fewer US dollar (USD) assets with its new FX reserves. We do not make this claim lightly. Official Treasury International Capital (TIC) system data on China’s US Treasury and T-bill
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Philip Morris USA Sues Miami Retailers to Combat Counterfeit Cigarette Sales
MarketWatch (press release)
Counterfeit cigarettes are often manufactured in China in unregulated facilities and then smuggled into the US and other countries around the world. Those who profit from the illegal distribution and sale of counterfeit cigarettes are often involved in
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Jon Huntsman Predicts ‘Major Problems’ Ahead For China
Huffington Post
WASHINGTON — Former US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman usually speaks about that country in general terms: China is rising; America must reform to stay ahead. But in a private conference call with a handful of university students around the country
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China and Pakistan: A New Balance of Power in South Asia
With India ascendant in the global hierarchy and strengthening ties with the US, China is finding that Pakistan is increasingly important in its bid to fend off the joint Indo-US challenge in the region. By Harsh V Pant for ISN Insights Pakistan’s
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China Yuan Down Late On Large Import Settlements
Wall Street Journal
SHANGHAI (Dow Jones)–China’s yuan fell slightly against the US dollar late Monday as demand for US dollars for import settlements erased yuan’s gains after the Chinese central bank guided its currency higher. On the over-the-counter market,
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Global Economy Comes Back To Haunt Developed Nations
Brazil now produces a variety of high-value manufactured goods for domestic consumption, asnd exports more to China than to the US “We’ve turned into a world where everyone wants to export,” says Brusca. “It’s beggar thy neighbor.
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Cheap Labor in China Coming to an End
Years ago, several US manufacturers moved production plants to China in an effort to cut labor costs. However, the age of cheap labor in China is ending as annual wages for manufacturing workers continue to grow, and now, some of the larger plants in
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Chinese village bites into snake business
“As the number one snake village in China, it’s impossible for us to raise only one kind of snake,” said Yang Hongchang, the 60-year-old farmer who introduced snake breeding to the village decades ago. “We are researching many kinds of snakes and the
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Russia joins China in dumping US debt as end of QE2 nears for Fed
Russia announced on June 18th they intend to continue deleveraging their US debt holdings, and have joined in with China and Japan in dumping treasuries and other US reserves. In the first six months of this year, Russia has divested itself of 30% of
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Shorts Flock to Hollysys Amid China Scrutiny: Chart of the Day
The shares fell 35 percent in the US this year through June 17. At least eight China-based companies have had registrations revoked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission since December and more than 24 have disclosed auditor resignations or
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Huawei moves into the US tablet market
TG Daily
The company, whose name is pronounced “wah-way,” is the largest mobile manufacturer in China. Its presence in other countries, however, remains muted at best. It is working to change that. Huawei does have a few smartphones available in the US,
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Great news: China hoarding rare-earth metals needed for “green” energy
Hot Air
American policymakers should keep China’s treatment of Japan in mind. By making our economy entirely dependent on rare-earth imports from China, the US will be handing Beijing a big, fat veto on American policy, especially in — but not necessarily
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Nepal-China relations: US $3 Billion for Lumbini Dev, Magnanimity this
financial support coming from China. Sounds interesting! Lumbini is located 172 KM South-West of capital Kathmandu. The Chinese government backed Beijing based Asia Pacific Exchange and Co-operation Foundation has said that it will provide US$3
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Russia Joins China In Rejecting US Debt, Buys Gold Instead
Gold and Silver Blog (blog)
Premier Jinbao’s was right to worry about the safety of China’s US debt holdings. Since March 2009, the US debt has increased by more than $3 trillion and Congress is now being pressured by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to increase the national
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Sino-Forest says Globe report is “incorrect”
significant China exposure, a country with a rapidly evolving business environment, have structures and operations that are complex and significantly different from the North American environment and that can be complex to explain,” Sino-Forest,
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Blacks more likely to suffer from inferior Chinese goods
The South Florida Times
It may well be that the governments of the USA and China, big business and influential investors believe burgeoning trade to be the principal lubricant in tenuous US-Sino relations and the best means of weaning domestic warmongers away from the
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Microsoft Backs TV Advertising in Cannes
By Amy Thomson and Matthew Campbell – Mon Jun 20 13:05:10 GMT 2011 The survey among 1500 consumers in the US, China, Russia, the UK and Saudi Arabia shows that “TV is a rich, powerful medium and advertisers should continue to be making great ads for it
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Japan Smacks Down China for Title of World’s Fastest Supercomputer
PC Magazine
While Japans enjoys a big lead in supercomputing power that it may hold for a while, the US is still doing well. No fewer than five of the positions among the top ten supercomputers are held by American machines. Both China and Japan have two each.
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Restarting The U.S. Economy
Forbes (blog)
The first session is about ways to fix jobs and growth in the US economy, and focused on issues of taxes, the deficit, regulation, and the rise and woes of China. Big takeaways – The US, leader of the world economy, has demographic and employment
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US and China GDP Estimates are Getting Slashed
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
But if you’re one to take comfort in the misfortune of others, it might help to know that even China (NYSE:FXI) is facing similar economic difficulties. Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) downgraded China’s GDP outlook from 8.9% to 8.5% for next year,
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China’s Growing Military Muscle: A Looming Threat?
China performed the first test flight of the J-20 during a visit by US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in January. AP A J-20 stealth fighter is inspected by Chinese air force ground crew members in Chengdu on April 17. China performed the first test
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[Viewpoint] Don’t overestimate China’s rise
JoongAng Daily
His argument, based on his ample experience in dealing with China, also makes us rethink our own response to China’s assertiveness. To pose as a formidable challenge to the US, China must be equally competent in capabilities, motives and political will
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Analysis: Australia’s best 2011 stock rides mineral sands boom
Demand for titanium dioxide feedstocks, driven by the United States and Europe as well as China, has picked up following the global financial crisis. Iluka also announced 70-75 percent increases in rutile prices for the second half of 2011 over the
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Hard or Soft Landing for China? How About No Landing
Yet even with those, the US economy nearly doubled between 1950 and 1960. Then the 1970s hit, and the economy reeled until a return of growth in the 1980s and, save for 1992, most of the 1990s as well. That possibility when applied to China is given
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How many Barnett Shales are there in China?
Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
How many geological shale-gas provinces are there in China that might be on the scale of North Texas’ Barnett Shale, one of the top natural gas-producing gas areas in the US? Royal Dutch Shell Plc and China National Petroleum Corp. are going to make an
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US, Vietnam Vow To Jointly Fight Security Challenges In Asia Pacific
RTT News
The two sides reaffirmed the importance of the 2002 ASEAN-China Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea and encouraged the parties to reach agreement on a full code of conduct. The US side reiterated that troubling incidents in
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U.S. Commodities Day Ahead: Raw Materials Drop on Debt Concerns
climbed on increased demand from China and as buyers replenished stockpiles ahead of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Rubber slipped to a four-week low as crude oil slumped amid concerns that a slowing US economy and Greece’s debt crisis will
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Commentary: Let returning troops rebuild this nation
Kansas City Star
I recall one early morning on TV talk when someone called in to ask me when China would get a Christian Coalition? Well even the most zealous advocates for US military power will blanch at the prospect of taking on China. Aside from the prospect of
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Obama aide: Huntsman was ‘effusive’ about president
USA Today
By David Jackson, USA TODAY Huntsman served Obama as ambassador to China and was very much a part of the team, according to the president’s backers. “When we were in Shanghai we got a chance to talk,” Axelrod said on CNN’s State of the Union.
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Mission Afghanistan: Strike a deal with the Taliban and get out
RIA Novosti
But four years previously Kissinger was in China. The war in Vietnam was fought between the US and China to the same extent as between the US and the USSR. The strained relations between the two Communist powers had no effect on the situation in
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BofA Said to Weigh Sale of Part of $21 Billion CCB Stake to Boost Capital
Photographer: Kevin Lee/Bloomberg June 20 (Bloomberg) — Bank of America Corp. may sell part of its $21 billion stake in China Construction Bank Corp. to bolster capital before new international standards take effect, said three people briefed on the
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Pre-Opening Soy Complex Market Report
Weakness in outside markets is adding to the negative tone and slow demand for US soybeans from China is also seen as a negative force. Traders believe China may have been a buyer of some cargoes of South American soybeans last week but with port
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IATA Encourages Russia to Resist European Union Carbon Curbs on Aviation
“Europe needs to understand that imposing EU ETS on sovereign states like Russia, China and the US could lead to consequences, not just for its airlines, but for the weak European economy.” The EU is not considering a change in the regulation to
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China Southern Becomes IAE’S Largest Customer
MarketWatch (press release)
This mindset has enabled us to build close relationships with the many airlines and operators who have selected V2500,” said IAE President and Chief Executive Officer Ian Aitken. “Our relationship with China Southern reflects our approach to
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Alcoa’s Kunshan, China, Plant Recognized for Environment, Health & Safety
MarketWatch (press release)
This award inspires us to further strengthen our EHS efforts,” said Mark Vrablec, President of Alcoa China Rolled Products. “This recognition is another demonstration of the importance of safety as an Alcoa Value and the company’s commitment to China
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Economic forum will discuss how China’s a success
China Daily
Other speakers include Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to US President Barack Obama, Manuel Camacho Solis, former mayor of Mexico City, and participants from the Middle East and Africa. “The New York Forum is held at the place where the financial
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UN urges governments to work harder to avoid global catastrophe
Energy and Environmental Management (EAEM) Magazine
Canada, Japan and Russia have all said they will not sign up to a second commitment period, and the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters – China and the US – are not bound by the Protocol. This leaves the European nations as the keystone nations
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Minmetals Promotes David Grimaldi as Head of U.S. Real Estate Investment Group
PR Newswire (press release)
Minmetals Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary and US headquarter office of China Minmetals, one of the world’s leading mining and commodity trading firms. China Minmetals is a state owned enterprise under the laws of the People’s Republic of China and is
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OPINION: Boeing, A Government Company
Talk Radio News Service
Now get this. He’s not complaining about jobs leaving the United States of America to China or India or Bangladesh. He’s complaining that American jobs in the South are competing in labor cost with those American jobs in the North.
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US hits Iranian shipping with sanctions
The measures targeted IRISL’s operations in Britain, China, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. “As the private sector around the world increasingly turns its back on Iran’s national shipping line, IRISL’s efforts to evade international sanctions
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The Hard Core Truth
American Chronicle
China has been very busy as of late buying up more US Treasuries through broker dealers in Great Britain. What is scary is that private investors are slowing down their purchase of US treasuries out of fear that the United States debt ceiling won’t be
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American Companies Losing The Most Business To Foreign Rivals
24/7 Wall St. (blog)
The US has not been an important player in the TV manufacturing business for as long as most people can remember. Many of the goods sold by huge superstores such as Wal-Mart are made in China. The Big Three had more than 90% of the domestic car
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American tennis in a nosedive
The US has a player pool bigger than that of any country except Russia and China. The USTA also was encouraged by a spike in recreational tennis. The Physical Activity Council reports that tennis participation increased by 46 percent from 2000-10,
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