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U.S. China News 2011.06.19

Sun, June 19, 2011

How the US can win friends and influence people in Pakistan
The Guardian
His goods may be made in China, but his customers are likely to talk to each other via Facebook. Photograph: Muhammed Muheisen/AP In the post-Bin Laden milieu, many musings have been posted and printed about continuing US aid to, or more broadly,
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Huntsman Family’s China Growth is 2012 Test
(Source: Bloomberg) June 15 (Bloomberg) — Jon Huntsman Jr., a former Utah governor who President Barack Obama appointed as his first US ambassador to China, is planning to formally announce his Republican presidential bid next week.
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China not an immediate threat to US tech leadership
Hartford Business
Contrary to common misperceptions, China’s innovation policies do not pose a threat to US leadership in science and technology, East-West Center economist Dieter Ernst said June 15 in testimony before the congressionally mandated USChina Economic and
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Is China the next destination for Facebook?
International Business Times
on its principles, which could see the site losing its momentum in other countries. “China could give access to hundreds of millions of users and compromise its reputation in the US and many other countries around the world,” Inside Facebook said.
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Chinese stocks lose their luster in US markets
Less than two months ago, US investors were eagerly buying shares in Renren, a social-networking company dubbed the “Facebook of China,” and other firms that seemed poised to benefit from China’s rapid economic growth. Renren’s shares jumped 29 percent
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Because it can
Philippine Star
But when it comes to dealing with China, it’s useful to bear in mind that even the United States has its own interests to look after and balance against those of its allies such as the Philippines. The US and China are major economic partners,
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Weekly commodity markets analysis by Sharekhan
Economic Times
Copper fell, capping the longest slump in almost two months on slowing demand from major consumers like US & China. China’s May copper output rose 10% from a year earlier to 439000 metric tons but output was down 3.3% from April, the National Bureau of
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GOP presidential candidate compares US drug laws to China dictatorship
Gary Johnson today clarified his stand in support of marijuana, comparing drug laws China dictatorship. Johnson, a 2012 presidential GOP candidate, has previously said he doesn’t smoke marijuana but believes it should be legal.
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Chinese embrace the joys of consumer culture
New Zealand Herald
That would put China just behind the US. Wider access to information, travel and the internet is raising awareness about different lifestyles and driving demand for a greater range of choices than in the past. “As wealth continues to grow,
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Edward Lotterman: Why can’t US grow at 5 percent or more? Good question
Pioneer Press
For 2009, the last year for which comparative numbers are available, per capita GDP in China was $3750, that of Brazil was about $8200 and the US some $46000. For US output to grow 5 percent, each person would have to produce an additional $2300 in
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China Plans to Duplicate Entire Austrian Town
The Atlantic
By Max Fisher Chinese piracy of foreign goods is a big problem and a major focus of nearly every trade negotiation, of which there are many, between China and the US, China and Japan, and China and the European Union. China’s domestic market reproduces
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Analysis: UN’s Ban seen as US ally and shoo-in for new term
The South Korean UN secretary-general has gained a reputation at the world body as a staunch friend of the United States and its Western allies, and has managed to keep China happy and placate Russia, UN officials and diplomats say.
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Five Myths About Business in China
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Groupon and other companies are now pushing this business model in the US China has grown dramatically by becoming the world’s factory, taking orders from Western firms and making products to Western specifications. Of course, some Chinese firms have
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US duo seeking 4th beach volleyball title
USA Today
The Americans beat China’s Xue Chen and Zhang Xi 21-17, 15-21, 15-10 in the semifinals Saturday and will face top-seeded Brazilians Larissa Franca and Juliana Felisberta Da Silva in the final Sunday. Franca and Felisberta Da Silva dispatched the Czech
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Seoul dispatches nuke envoy to U.S.
The United States and the two Koreas were joined at the table by China, Russia and Japan. The negotiations have been derailed by North Korea’s refusal to deal with Seoul and by a pair of military clashes between the two neighbors last year.
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China’s Aerospace Manufacturer Opens Europe Office in Paris
Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. (Comac) on Sunday set up its European office in Paris, the second overseas branch after its US office, marking a new step for China’s aviation industry in opening-up and international exchanges.
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America in a Chinese Mirror
Right Side News
The Chinese regime figured out a way to market the corpses of its own victims to American families. Lenin predicted that we would sell them the rope with which they would hang us. We sold them the rope, and they hung themselves. China instead sells us
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Vietnamese protest China amid rising tensions
Sacramento Bee
“I’m here today to protect my country from an invading China,” said Nguyen Long, 82, who fought in a short, bloody land border war with China in 1979. “I’m sure those in the embassy are listening to us shouting ‘Down with China!
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Milwaukee celebrates ‘Summer of China
Fond du Lac Reporter
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett declared this the “Summer of China” because of the numerous China-centered events that will take place this year. China’s national pastime — and the world’s top participatory racket sport — will be on display in the US
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Groupon in China: Ebay all over again?
The company has already pushed well into Europe, and by the first quarter of 2011, non-US business accounted for 53.8 percent of Groupon’s sales. Competing in Asia and the Middle East in next on the agenda, and China represents a huge opportunity.
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SCO steps out of Central Asia
Tehran Times
In short, SCO has not only borrowed the US’s brilliant idea of a “Great Central Asia” strategy — aimed at fostering links between Central and South Asian regions and thereby weakening Russia and China’s SCO bonds — but is doing a one up by bringing
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Import growth will ‘probably’ slow down: official
China Post
From January to May, China’s foreign trade grew by 27.4 percent from the same period a year earlier to US$1.4 trillion, with imports surging by 29.4 percent to US$689.41 billion. China’s import growth picked up in May after decelerating from January to
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Steffens sisters star in Team USA water polo victory over Australia
Palo Alto Online
Betsy Armstrong had six saves for the US Stanford junior Annika Dries drew a penalty that was converted by Courtney Mathewson, giving the Americans their first lead at 7-6. Australia and China meet for third place, Greece and Russia compete for fifth
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MORALE: Berets Cast Out And The Troops Rejoice
Strategy Page
June 19, 2011: After a decade of complaints and poor morale, the US Army is getting rid of the beret. Back in 2000, the army ordered 3.7 million berets, some of them from China, because American manufacturers could not produce them fast enough.
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Chinese Firms Need to Open Up
Wall Street Journal
If China hopes to limit the damage, it needs to open up. The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating accounting and disclosure issues at a number of US-listed Chinese companies that acquired backdoor listings through so-called reverse
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The world’s fastest production train: 486 km/h (302 mph)
China Car Times
China’s freight transport by rail is still very inefficient if compared to the one in America. Estimates on car ownership in China vary, but they range from 20 to 120 cars per 1000 people. The US number is around 750. With a population 4x bigger,
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Wind power faces multiple hurdles
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
“For us, the margins might be too small to get involved in the supply chain. A lot of these things are made in China and overseas. A made-in-America policy would help.” There is legislation in Congress on the jobs issue. The bill would provide grants
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Home News National Minimum loadshedding for industrial cities to enhance
Associated Press of Pakistan
BEIJING, June 19 (APP): The 22th China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (HTF) concluded Sunday in the capital city of northeast Heilongjiang Province with the signing of 17.82 billion US dollars worth of overseas-related contracts.
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Boeing expects growing competition from China
FR) will face increasing competition from China in the long term, the US aircraft maker’s Chief Executive James McNerney told German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in an interview published Sunday. “I don’t know if it will take ten years
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Canadians fall to US FINA World League super final
Vancouver Sun
By Postmedia News June 17, 2011 TIANJIN, China – Canada wrapped up the FINA World League super final women’s water polo tournament on a losing note on Friday, dropping an 8-6 quarter-final decision to the United States. The Canadians, who were 0-3 in
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US$ 3b Buddhist Centre for Lumbini
Sunday Observer
China is providing funds to Nepal to build a US$3 billion Buddhist Centre to attract millions of pilgrims and spiritual tourists to the birthplace of the Buddha. Lumbini is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts half-a- million pilgrims every year
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Zegna Warns of Luxury Slowdown in 2012
“I see shadows in Europe, I see a question mark in the United States, a relative slowdown in China.” Europe’s Stoxx 600 has fallen about 8 percent from this year’s high on Feb. 17 as a slowdown in US job creation suggests the economic recovery is
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Record Corn Harvests Can’t Meet World Demand
China, the world’s second-biggest consumer after the US, will use 47 percent more than a decade ago, adding an amount greater than the entire crop of Brazil, the third-largest producer. “There is a storm developing in agriculture,” said Jean Bourlot,
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Theme park designers draw steady work in Asia
Los Angeles Times
While China is still something of a Frontierland for US transplants, veterans have come to accept the industry’s roller coaster nature, said Kelly Ryner, senior vice president of global business development at Thinkwell Group, which is designing the
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Vitter Meets with Gary Locke Ambassador to China Nominee (press release)
(Washington, DC) – US Sen. David Vitter this week met with US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, who has been nominated to be the next US ambassador to China. In their meeting, Vitter asked Locke what he would do, if confirmed, to help the victims of
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Armed robberies at two restaurants linked
Maryville Daily Times
Authorities say a gunman entered Sunrise China, 2602 US Highway 411 South, at about 7:30 pm Saturday, demanded money and fled out the back door. Police scoured a neighborhood near Wal-Mart, 2410 US Highway 411 South, where the suspect was last seen
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‘Somewhere Between’ (documentary)
Moving Pictures Network
But Goldstein Knowlton leads us down another pathway entirely, logically following China’s one-child policy through to the hundreds of thousands of baby girls discarded into the adoption system and the effect of that system on a few very real people
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BYD sets China IPO price
China’s auto sales growth moderated since the start of 2011 as the government started to remove stimulus measures that supported car purchases, after the nation overtook the US to become the world’s biggest auto market. “With growing competition from
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UPI NewsTrack TopNews
After a long period of strained relations dating back to the 1950s, the two countries signed the China-Russia Treaty of Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation in July 2001. Hu has made five state visits to Moscow since 2003 and also traveled
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Guest essay: China: Our Achilles heel
His reasoning was this: At some point in the future, he said, China will require vast resources in the way of food, fuel, timber, metals and most other precious and finite resources required to sustain its expanding population. Most of us were pretty
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US system for refugee, asylum seekers explained
During 2010, the largest number of asylum seekers, 6683, came from China, followed by Ethiopia, 1093; and Haiti, 832. How does US policy fit into international law? The laws governing the status of refugees in the US are in compliance with the UN’s
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Home Sales Probably Dropped to Year’s Low: U.S. Economy Preview
Gains in business investment in new equipment and demand from emerging economies like China, Brazil and Mexico are helping bolster factories. American exports in April rose to the highest level on record. Industrial companies have outperformed
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America, Desperately Trying To Incite A Third World War In Asia
South Asian Link
However, Vietnam in particular seems to have chosen the path of confrontation and is promoting the American goal of containing China. Vietnam is playing with fire and not only taking physical risks, but also is risking its great historical status.
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Balance budget, yes, but not likely by 2013
JOHNSON: US drug laws are like a Chinese dictatorship. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson clarified his stand in support of marijuana, comparing drug laws to China’s dictatorship. Johnson has previously said he doesn’t smoke marijuana but believes it
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Axelrod Huntsman’s views on economy changed
Politico (blog)
Axelrod recalled talking with Huntsman, then the US ambassador to China, during a trip to Shanghai in late 2009. “If he had suggestions on the economy, he had an excellent opportunity to suggest them then, where we were all together in China,” Axelrod
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Ford breaks ground on China factory
Its engines will equip Ford vehicles produced and sold in China. Ford intends to launch 15 new models in China by 2015, in a bid to gain a better presence in the biggest auto market in the world. The US automaker sold over 580000 vehicles in China last
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