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U.S. China News 2011.06.18

Sat, June 18, 2011

U.S. Says S. China Sea Events ‘Troubling’ After Vietnam Meeting
By Bloomberg News – Sat Jun 18 13:22:09 GMT 2011 Stability in South China Sea is in the “common interests” of the international community, the US and Vietnam said in a joint statement in which the American side referred to “troubling incidents”
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As trade pact with US sits, Colombia looks to China, others
Christian Science Monitor
Just this week, he adds, Colombia signed an investment agreement with China. “We believe and trust that President Obama and his team will have a US-Colombia FTA approved before the summer recess,” Silva told a group of journalists in Washington Friday.
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Silver sales hit a record in US, China and India .
Wall Street Journal
This brings the total sale of American Eagle silver coins to 18.9 million ounces so far this year. The unprecedented high demand for silver will continue . China’s net imports of silver hit a record high of 400% in 2010 to 3500 tonnes .
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Kissinger: China won’t be world’s next superpower
Kissinger, who believes China is far from becoming the world’s next superpower, appeared in Toronto for Friday’s sold-out annual Munk Debates in Toronto. The former US Secretary of State echoed the themes of his new book, “On China,” predicting that
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US playing different Africa game
China Daily
By Li Liang (China Daily) US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was back to her “China-bashing” game during her visit to Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia early this month. She alleged that China’s cooperation with Africa does not measure up to
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Russia to Lower US Debt Holdings
Wall Street Journal
Russia’s financial reserves—which stood at $528 billion as of June 10—are the world’s third largest, after China and Japan’s. As of May, according to Russia’s central bank, 47% of reserves were in dollars and 41% in euros, compared with 45.2% in
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Soccer: Ferns on World Cup stage
New Zealand Herald
The Women’s World Cup was first held in China in 1991 when the US prevailed but the tournament really came to prominence in 1999 when it was hosted and won by the US. Nearly 1.2 million spectators attended games, including 90185 for the final at the
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Resolving the dispute
Manila Standard Today
So, for us to play the game of brinkmanship is to play Russian roulette for it could trigger a backlash with China possibly evicting us out to the area, and that could be most humiliating. At the moment while tenuous peace continues to breeze the area,
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China’s fortress on water
Hindustan Times
But China’s rising naval assertiveness in disputed waters since the last two years is already making its rivals like Japan, Vietnam and Philippines warily edge closer to the US. PLA official Qi Jianguo recently said that China needs an aircraft carrier
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Slovene daily says Russia, China connected by joint desire to overtake USA
American Chronicle
Ljubljana, 18 June (STA) – The daily Delo examines efforts by China and Russia to obtain greater global say in the post-crisis world, assessing that the two countries are connected by the joint desire of overtaking the US. The recent financial and
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Help us find oil, Pakistan tells China
Islamabad, June 18 (IANS) President Asif Ali Zardari has urged China to help Pakistan drill for oil and gas and reactivate depleted and abandoned oil fields across the country. Zardari made the appeal to a delegation of Chinese experts here Friday,
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The King of Really Big Diamonds Heads to China
New York Times
“If you had told me five years ago that the biggest buyers would come from the People’s Republic of China, we would have laughed,” says Mr. Barguirdjian, Mr. Graff’s longtime lieutenant. “It took us by surprise. America used to be the No. 1 market.
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Deadline nears for many US-listed Chinese stocks
The BNY Mellon index of leading American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) .BKADR rose 0.7 percent, while the Asian index .BKAS fell 0.2 percent and the China index .BKCN dropped 0.3 percent. “Many traders are looking for a compounding effect given the
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Taiwan appreciates US congressional support for its cause
Focus Taiwan News Channel
the House Foreign Affairs Committee who presided over the hearing, dismissed as a “terrible mistake” a suggestion by some in Washington policy circles that the time has come to recognize the reality of a rising China and to cut US ties with Taiwan.
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Revaluing Yuan Would Create 2.24 Million US Jobs, Says Research Group
It would creating up to 2.25 million US jobs. “It’s in the interest of both the United States and China to let the yuan appreciate,” said EPI’s Robert Scott, author of the report. “From the US point of view, it would mean increased GDP, more jobs,
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Xinjiang Party Boss in Rare US Visit
Radio Free Asia
The statement quoted Zhang as saying that he was “willing to work with the US senators from both parties to enhance mutual understanding and trust between China and the US, to deepen cooperation with each other, and to promote the long-term healthy and
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U.S. Raises Issue of Cyber Attack with China
Social Barrel
An official letter sent from the State Department to US Rep. Rosa DeLauro stated that US deputy assistant secretary Daniel Baer raised the issue with China’s foreign ministry in April. The copy of letter reached that has now released the
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China’s challenge will be to slow down
But this spectacular convergence went into reverse: by 2010, Japan’s GDP per head had fallen to 76 per cent of US levels. China’s GDP per head jumped from 3 per cent of US levels in 1978, when Deng Xiaoping’s “reform and opening up” began,
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Despite environmental record, China embraces electric autos
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The first Chinese-made car to hit the US market might be an all-electric minivan that skips over gasoline technology and gets a head start on the auto industry’s next era. (AP Photo) CHINA OUT Photo: Feed Loader, Associated Press – Ap SAN FRANCISCO
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Chinese stymie US hunt for parts [The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
It is a favorite location for several foreign technological companies — including US-based Apple Inc. — that choose to manufacture or assemble their electronic products in China. The Shenzhen city government says 166 of the world’s 500 largest
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Greenspan Says China Currency Mistakenly Used to Boost Jobs
By Mark Drajem – Fri Jun 17 20:10:01 GMT 2011 Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said China and the US are both making the same mistake when it comes to their government’s trade policies: trying to create more jobs.
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Rizal, Spratlys, China, Philippines, Vietnam
Manila Bulletin
Certainly, there must be positive actions that China, the Philippines, Vietnam, other claimants, and the US can undertake to avoid further irritants and facilitate solutions. This senior citizen who has long wrestled with similar problems (on Tracks I
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Brazil to be biggest US debt buyer
Brazil bought $13.4 billion (Dh49.2 billion) of US debt in April, more than any other country and almost double the purchases by China, according to data compiled by the US Treasury. Its holdings of Treasury debt rose 6.9 per cent, the most since
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Volkswagen’s aggressive strategy pays off in US
The Detroit News
Volkswagen, the first global automaker to invest heavily in China in the 1980s when the economy opened up, sold nearly twice as many vehicles there as in its next-biggest market. VW’s China sales rose 18.4 percent to 921100 vehicles in the January-May
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US-India ties in primary colours
Rediff (blog)
In sum, what the US wants is to tap into the vast Indian market for lucrative business and to cajole India to be a collaborator in its containment strategy toward China, which is, after all, what the strategic partnership is all about.
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Fighter Jet Engines Stolen from Israeli Base
But US security and aviation experts say the engines still hold secrets that foreign rivals such as Iran or China would love to get their hands on. “They’re still more modern than anything in the Iranian air force inventory, and they would even be
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Report: Chinese officials, executives stole $120B, fled mostly to USA
USA Today
By Michael Winter, USA TODAY Corrupt Chinese officials and executives absconded overseas with roughly $120 billion from the mid-1990s to 2008, and the United States was the most popular destination, according to a report from China’s central bank.
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Faltering Russia to seek refuge in complexes about China “threat” – expert
American Chronicle
China really is booming. In the majority of indicators it has either already bypassed Russia or will do so in the very near future. But the reason we are falling behind lies in us ourselves and definitely not in the Chinese, who – unlike the Russians
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Economics, politics cloud future of world emission talks
Globe and Mail
Also, the US Senate is almost certainly not going to ratify a climate change treaty for the foreseeable future. China and other rapidly industrializing countries are particularly resisting any idea that their national climate plans be reviewed by
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US studio strikes Chinese pay-per-view deal
The Independent
US film giant Warner Bros announced Thursday it struck a groundbreaking deal to offer its films on pay-per-view television in China via cable and online. The distribution agreement will make Warner the first US studio to offer films on demand via
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China Shows Signs of Catching the US in Social-Media Scandal Production
New York Magazine
Wang Gongquan is a passionate man. There are four things the Chinese billionaire loves, perhaps not wisely, but too well: 1) His mistress, for whom the 49-year-old venture capitalist left his wife in May. 2) Sina Weibo, the “Twitter-like” service on
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Bashir to visit China as Sudan border clashes erupt anew
The Daily Star
ADDIS ABABA/JUBA/KHARTOUM /WASHINGTON: The US is asking China to use its influence with Sudan’s president to press for an end to rising violence that threatens a landmark peace deal and South Sudan’s plans to declare independence next month,
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US stock futures point to gains after 6 down weeks
In China, shares fell to their lowest level this year after China’s central bank signaled a possible interest rate hike. If the futures market’s gains hold through the regular trading session, that will signal that traders here are not yet worried
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Harbin Electric Co plunges 51 percent
China Daily
By David Gaffen and Daniel Bases (China Daily) NEW YORK – Shares in Harbin Electric Co Ltd collapsed on Thursday, as a report from a short-seller led investors to bail out of the US-listed Chinese maker of electric motors rather than wait and see if a
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Top five moments in US women’s soccer history: A fan’s take
Yahoo! Sports
The United States hosted the 1999 World Cup, and fans filled the stands. The final game was played in front of more than 90000 fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. The United States and China were scoreless after regulation and overtime,
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SCADA Systems: Achilles Heel of Critical Infrastructure
In a Wall Street Journal article Richard Clarke, former White House advisor on cyber security, warns that there is evidence that China has been actively probing and hacking the United States power grid. Clarke points out, “The only point to penetrating
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Gilbert School moving forward with plan to bring Chinese students to Winsted
Torrington Register Citizen
Plans to bring in as many as 20 students from China for the 2012-13 school year were approved by the committee on April 20, but the Gilbert School Corporation voted unanimously at their June 15 meeting to cut ties with American International Student
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US Interest Rates and Stock Indexes- Outlook for June 17, 2011
Inside Futures
(2) comments from Richmond Fed President Lacker who said recent weak data are “causing us to rethink our outlook for growth,” and that “we could be stuck below trend for some time,” and (3) the action by China to increase its reserve-requirement
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Most Expensive Teas in the World Worth US$44500 per 4 Ounces Each are
MarketWatch (press release)
announced the company’s readiness to Distribute Internationally the 3 Different Varieties of the Highest Quality Teas in the world which as of now are the Most Expensive Teas in the World worth approximately US$44500 each per 4 Ounces FOB China.
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Dance group going to China
Northwest Herald
ALGONQUIN – A troop of dancers from an Algonquin dance studio will represent the United States this fall at a series of world dance events in China. About 30 dancers and instructors from Pro Dance Elite have been invited to perform at the 22nd annual
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Syria, pawn in power play by world’s major powers? Yes. By James M. Dorsey
(File photo) By JAMES M. DORSEY Syria is fast becoming a high stakes pawn in the jockeying for positions by the world’s major powers, the United States, Europe, Russia and China. As casualties mount in Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s brutal
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Citizen’s Voice: Saving the world is up to each of us
Knoxville News Sentinel
The borrowing will have to continue, and I guarantee when China agrees to bail us out the cost will be dear. What scares me the most, though, is that so few people in a position to do something take this seriously. The number of leaders who pretend the
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Is 2011 the Present Era’s 1979?
Both China and the US may be quite different countries by 2021. It’s worth recalling that nobody saw the 1989 implosion of the Soviet Union a mere ten years before in 1979, so it is not surprising no one sees the implosion of the Status Quo in China
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China’s riot town: ‘No one else is listening’
Updated News
We visited a job center and, for the first time since I started reporting in China years ago, workers approached us unfazed by our cameras. They were unafraid to vent their grievances to foreign TV journalists even as the police looked on.
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Why Burma Matters
The Diplomat
With this in mind, US policymakers should re-evaluate relations with Burma. Without improved US-Burma ties, the country could evolve into an unstable, WMD-proliferating client state of China, serving as a buffer to India while also giving China
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China invites Sudan leader accused of war crimes
Sudan is China’s third-largest trading partner in Africa, Hong said. US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said China makes its own decisions about who to invite for visits. She said Beijing should reaffirm to Bashir the importance of
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GOP Hopeful Jon Huntsman Releases New Inexplicable Motorcycle Ad
by Frances Martel | 10:04 am, June 18th, 2011 Former US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman is four days away from launching his official Republican presidential bid, and he has been teasing his announcement (set to occur, for some reason, in New Jersey)
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