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U.S. China News 2011.06.12

Sun, June 12, 2011

Kissinger: China poses ‘big challenge’ for U.S.
Since those talks, relations between China and the United States have remained stable, Zakaria noted. In recent years, China has tried to get America’s help in modernizing its economy, tacitly supporting a lot of US foreign policy, Zakaria said.
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US lawmaker warns China on Taiwan
Taipei Times
US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairman of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, has warned China not to interfere in Taiwan’s presidential election and promised to support Taiwan’s democracy in every way she can.
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Huntsman off to fast start in GOP race
During the next few weeks, Ambassador Huntsman will meet with key Chinese government officials, as well as business and community leaders to introduce himself and hear their views about issues and events shaping the USChina bilateral relationship.
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Author Lisa See tells the stories of forgotten women
Fascinated by history as well as China and the Chinese American experience, Lisa See, author of such New York Times best-selling novels like “Peony in Love” and “Flower Net,” is particularly interested in women’s stories and voices that have been lost,
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Newmont Mining CEO: US Dollar Slide, China To Underpin Gold’s Move Toward $2000
Next year, gold will trade in a narrow range of $1500 to $1600 per ounce, with the market focused on concerns about China’s ability to sustain its expansion, and the potential for a double-dip recession in the US economy, he added.
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Roubini Says ‘Perfect Storm’ May Threaten Global Economy in 2013
By Shamim Adam June 13 (Bloomberg) — A “perfect storm” of fiscal woe in the US, a slowdown in China, European debt restructuring and stagnation in Japan may converge on the global economy, New York University professor Nouriel Roubini said.
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ANALYSIS: Demystifying China’s ‘red line’ on the F-16s
Taipei Times
“The only country that has talked about the red line is China,” said US-Taiwan Business Council president Rupert Hammond-Chambers, whose organization is closely involved in the arms sale process. “However, it has failed to identify what the
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Short Sales Climb to 8-Month High in Hong Kong on China Concern
San Francisco Chronicle
The increase comes as Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong, Canada and the US face pressure from short sellers amid allegations of lax corporate governance and fraud. “The Hong Kong equities market has become progressively more short,” wrote Will Duff
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Barak flies to China as Beijing is accused of helping Iran
Jerusalem Post
Israel significantly downgraded its defense ties with China in recent years due to American pressure, and Israeli companies are forbidden from selling weaponry to the Chinese military. In 2000, Barak – then prime minister – caved in to US pressure and
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Economic Outlook: US offers growth clues
Financial Times
“Of the world’s two hubs of autonomously generated demand, the US and China, the US’s growth is, at best, pausing,” said Stephen Lewis of Monument Securities. “It is harder to judge whether China is also slowing. Some indicators suggest [this] while
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China Latest Superpower To Mine African Treasures
In the long history of foreign influence in Africa, China is the newest and most visible presence. Host Scott Simon talks to NPR East Africa correspondent Frank Langfitt about China’s growing investments in Africa. A big reason the US delegation is on
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VIPs, conspiracy theorists descend on Swiss resort
Sacramento Bee
security and democracy in Europe, the Middle East and China. The 130 attendees from Europe, North America and other countries – among the invitees were EU President Herman Van Rompuy, members of European royalty, former US Secretary of State Henry
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Eurasian geopolitics face Astana earthquake
Asian regional power seeks to counter US-NATO military strategy and gain control of energy flows into Europe and beyond. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Washington is at a loss, facing regional integration led by Russia and China. On Wednesday, June 15,
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Huntsman questions Obama’s Afghanistan policy
Obama plans to bring home next month the first batch of about 100000 American servicemen currently in Afghanistan, with all combat troops leaving by 2014. Huntsman, a former Utah governor who was Obama’s ambassador to China, thinks that may not be fast
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For United States, legacy of ’99 lives on
Charleston Post Courier
A dozen years later, they remain the most famous women’s team in US sports, not likely to be surpassed any time soon. The United States beat China 5-4 in a penalty shootout to capture the Women’s World Cup in 1999 in Pasadena, Calif.
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Vietnam allows second anti-China protest in Hanoi
Fox 59
We urge China to stop slandering us,” said Hanoian Pham Viet Cuong. Public protests are rare in Vietnam but the authorities have clearly tolerated the two Sunday demonstrations. Police stopped traffic several times to let the protesters cross streets.
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Right Wing “Facts” v. Reality
Huffington Post (blog)
The truth is that in the period it examines — May 2009 to March 2011, China’s overall US Treasury portfolio wasn’t gutted: It’s true that China sold off much of its short-term US Treasury bills — but it bought long-term Treasury bonds.
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Security issues shouldn’t deter China investors
China Daily
“My advice to China: We could adjust our approval procedures; we could negotiate when the foreign investment is coming, we could find the solutions together,” Barshefsky said. She added that China and US should talk before announcing their intention to
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Dubai Shares Drop to Lowest This Month
By Zahra Hankir – Sun Jun 12 15:03:18 GMT 2011 Middle East shares fell, with Dubai’s stocks retreating to the lowest this month, after data from the US, India and China fueled concern global economic growth is slowing, damping investor appetite for
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Experts: ‘Made in the USA‘ label to return
Knoxville News Sentinel
A recent study by a global business strategy consultant offers an upbeat prediction for beleaguered US manufacturers. “We expect net labor costs for manufacturing in China and the US to converge by around 2015,” said Harold L. Sirkin, senior partner at
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Sen. Sanders Lauds US-Made Producs at Museum
The independent from Vermont had visited the shop before Christmas in search of presents for his grandchildren and was disturbed to find that small busts of US presidents were made in China, The Washington Post reports.
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Taiwan may prove undefendable
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
By Oliver Lee In some alarming remarks, US Sen. Dan Inouye was reported as saying in a recent speech that “the US should get ready for continued struggle with China.” As relayed by Star-Advertiser columnist Richard Borreca, the context makes clear Sen.
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Music Review: Violin competition deserves greater exposure
New Zealand Herald
By William Dart Richard Lin (Taiwan/USA), Xiang Yu (China) and Sergey Malov (Russia), with Michael Hill at Auckland Town Hall. Photo / Supplied A week ago, 18 hopeful young violinists were in Queenstown, contesting the elimination rounds of the Michael
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Funds Boost Bullish Agriculture Bets for Third Week as Crops May Decline
The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Agriculture Index has surged 79 percent in the past year as dry weather in Europe and China and floods in the US eroded prospects for corn, wheat and soybean crops. Climate change will cause more droughts and have “major
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Rupert Murdoch, Jim Gianopulos Offer Praise, Criticism to China Film Boss at
Hollywood Reporter
Murdoch, whose wife Wendi Deng, a China-born US citizen, just completed her first film, the English-language film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, directed by Wayne Wang and starring Li Bingbing, Gianna Jeon and Vivian Wu, called Shanghai “one of the
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Weiqi: The game that holds China’s key to world domination
Globe and Mail
The next debate, to be held June 17, asks whether the 21st century will belong to China. It features former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger alongside economist David Daokui Li, CNN host Fareed Zakaria and historian Niall Ferguson.
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Clinton Chastises China on Internet, African ‘New Colonialism’
By Flavia Krause-Jackson – Sat Jun 11 19:02:54 GMT 2011 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sharpening her criticism of China, said the world’s second-biggest economy was doing everything to “stifle the Internet” and displaying traits of “new
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China-Pakistan strategic ties deepen
Pakistan Observer
Such piped oil would not only cut freight costs and supply time but also lower China’s reliance on US-policed shipping lanes through the Malacca and Taiwan Straits. Significantly, as China’s involvement in strategic projects in Pakistan has grown,
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China’s new surprise
Khaleej Times
The US deploys eleven carrier battle groups – each costing about $24 billion with escorts, but excluding aircraft. They have ruled the waves since World War II, including the waters off China’s long coasts. US carriers face a challenge not from China’s
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Fed the largest Treasuries holder, but does it really matter?
International Business Times
That’s more than China ($1.14 trillion) and US households ($959.4 billion). It’s also 9.4 percent of the total size of the $14.27 trillion Treasuries in Q1 2011. So just how large is $1.34 trillion / 9.4 percent of the total market?
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The Overnight Report (Friday): Global Economic Fear
China was blamed as the main catalyst for the sudden return to weakness on Friday. Wall Street had been mostly concerned about the weakening US economic recovery, but soothing words from the Fed had traders contemplating whether the correction might
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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Among the biggest expected customers for American gas exports: energy-thirsty China, other Asian nations and Europe. Legendary Texas oilman, corporate raider and natural gas advocate T. Boone Pickens told the Tribune-Review that exporting large amounts
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Wind Direction Unchanged by US Trade Victory Over China
China Digital Times
Subsidies undoubtedly contributed to the speed at which Chinese firms like Sinovel, Goldwind and Longyuan rushed into the ranks of the world’s biggest wind manufacturers. But more importantly, they also helped the embryonic wind industry to challenge
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Senior Chinese official visits North Korea
Sacramento Bee
China is North Korea’s most important diplomatic and economic supporter. Sunday’s meeting follows recent comments by a senior US diplomat that China is worried by a disruption in talks between the two Koreas. Reader comments on are the
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SKT short of savvy in overseas markets
The Korea Herald
After unsuccessfully knocking on the doors of numerous overseas markets including the US and China for six years, the company was forced to call it a day. The failure was such that former SKT chief executive Chung Man-won called it “the lost six years.
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China offers vast market opportunities for Asian countries
Associated Press of Pakistan
Trade between China and South Asian countries, including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, has also grown robustly in recent years. Trade volume between both sides jumped to more than 80 billion US dollars in 2010, up from 5.6 billion US dollars in 2000.
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Madam Clinton arrives in Dar
Currently, China is the biggest player in Africa in terms of trade and investments, its trading with the continent surging ten times to $129 billion in 2010 up from only $11billion about a decade ago. Though the United States introduced a trade
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David Kamm: Demand for more energy growing around the world
It was interesting to see the headline on June 8: “China Overtakes USA as Top Energy Consumer as World Demand Grows Strongly, Says BP in 60th Year of Global Energy Report”. A lot of growth is happening elsewhere. Many economic pundits have equated the
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Foreign trade cheats kill jobs, senators say
Springfield News Sun
Portman initiated the first legal case to be litigated and won against China before the World Trade Organization because of China’s unfair treatment of US-made auto parts. Countries such as China manipulate their currency and provide manufacturing
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International building blocks generate Principal Financial revenue
The economies of Brazil, China and India have been growing two or three times as fast as the US for the past decade. By 2030, the International Monetary Fund predicted India, Brazil and Indonesia will be the third, fourth and fifth-largest economies in
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How the Milwaukee Art Museum snagged the big China show
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)
The World Monuments Fund and China’s Palace Museum had entered into an unprecedented $25-million, 18-year conservation project a decade ago. Bringing together US conservation experts and Chinese artisans who possessed the necessary,
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Unilever Plans Fivefold Boost to China Business, Asia Chief Manwani Says
The economy of the world’s most-populous nation may grow 9.5 percent this year, more than triple the US pace, according to economist estimates compiled by Bloomberg. More than 55 percent of Unilever’s business now comes from emerging markets,
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Republican Candidate Pawlenty Says 5% Growth Is ‘Aspiration’
former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson also declared their candidacies. Other potential candidates include Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former US ambassador to China and Utah governor Jon Huntsman.
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US Rep. Mo Brooks warns government has dire financial problems (blog)
Brooks showed figures and charts on the growth in government spending in the past three years, the continued high unemployment rates and the size of foreign ownership of US debt, including about 29 percent by China and 19 percent by Japan.
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