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U.S. China News 2011.06.09

Fri, June 10, 2011

Exclusive: Dell spurns US in launch of Android tablet in China
Dell’s Streak 10 Pro (see specifications below) will launch in China this summer and in the US market probably sometime next year, John Thode, a Dell vice president and manager of Dell’s mobility business, told CNET. The US market simply doesn’t offer
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China Rebuts CIA Director’s Remarks, Accuses US of Trouble-Making
Voice of America
China’s state media are accusing the United States of trying to provoke trouble between China and its Asian neighbors. The Communist Party-controlled Global Times newspaper quoted a policy expert Thursday commenting on written remarks provided by US
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China calls for US action on debt crisis
Speaking during a regular news briefing, Hong said China hoped the United States would act on the debt crisis to help “maintain international financial market stability and promote stable and sound development of the global economy.
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Wind direction unchanged by US trade victory over China
The Guardian (blog)
Photograph: Alexander F. Yuan/AP The Chinese government has been providing incentives – allegedly ranging from $6.7 million and $22.5 million – to domestic manufacturers that agree to purchase China-made components rather than imports. US unions have
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China tops US as world’s largest energy consumer
Hindustan Times
China has become the world’s largest energy consumer, overtaking the US. Chinese energy consumption grew by 11.2% between 2009 and 2010, the highest for any country. India was not far behind, recording a high 9.2% increase in energy consumption,
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China’s Taomee sees control gaps as US IPO pricing
Taomee, which is domiciled in the Cayman Islands and conducts the majority of its business in China, also said in its prospectus that the majority of its officers and directors reside outside the United States and have their assets outside of the
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China stocks tumble on tightening, US debt
People’s Daily Online
China’s stock market tumbled on Thursday as investors were spooked by a possible interest rate hike at the weekend, and the increasingly unstable debt woes in the United States. The landmark Shanghai composite stock index dived 46.94 points,
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China and the US: Sizing up for cyber war?
One US defence official told The Wall Street Journal newspaper: “If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks,” in rhetoric likely aimed at China. For its part, the Chinese government categorically denied
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South Korea Moves to Stop Illegal China Goods Entering U.S.
By Eric Martin – Wed Jun 08 21:28:44 GMT 2011 South Korea is taking steps to prevent goods from nations including North Korea and China from entering the European Union and US at lower rates under pending free-trade agreements.
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Tight US corn outlook, China use surges-USDA-UPDATE 1
USDA also forecast a hefty increase in corn use by China — up 8 million tonnes, or 5 percent, this year and up 13 million tonnes, or 8 percent, in 2011/12. China will draw down its stocks rather than import corn, USDA said. China and the United States
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US trade deficit likely widened in April
That has made Chinese goods cheaper in the United States and American goods more expensive in China. The US deficit with China hit a record $273 billion last year and many private economists expect a larger deficit this year.
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Kissinger: USChina Ties Hold Promise And Peril
He tells NPR’s Neal Conan and NPR commentator Ted Koppel that the Nixon administration quickly concluded that tensions between Mao and the USSR provided a potential opening for USChina cooperation. “The two previous administrations … argued that
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China Bulls: Know The Risks And Find Rewards
Daily Markets
In fact, despite its massive holdings of US treasuries, China still depends on US handouts to monitor ecological damage created by their energy production. In 2010 alone, the EPA offered six grants, valued at $1.28 million, to China to promote
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US Experts Lodge Ungrounded Accusations of China
American cyber-security experts failed to provide sufficient evidence when accusing Chinese cyber spies of trying to break into computers belonging to China specialists and defense contractors in the United States, a Chinese cyber expert told Xinhua on
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Summers Are Going To Get Hotter, Stanford Scientists Say
Huffington Post
The recent Stanford study, which will be published this month in the journal Climatic Change Letters, found that middle latitude regions of Europe, China and North America (including the US) will likely see extreme shifts in summers temperatures within
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Is China Trying to Bankrupt US?
The Diplomat
By Brad Glosserman Does a cash-strapped US face a Cold War redux as China encourages it to ramp up defence spending? Boosting alliances is the way to respond, says Brad Glosserman. One popular narrative credits the end of the Cold War to a US strategy
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Exclusvie – US broker says China concerns drove borrowing ban
Reuters UK
O), which has prohibited clients from borrowing money to take leveraged positions in 160 Chinese securities, said the decision was sparked by accounting scandals in China and could ultimately lead the Chinese to bring “their accounting standards up to
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China a wild card for commodities: MF Global
By Herbert Lash and Barani Krishnan NEW YORK (Reuters) – China is a wild card for global commodity prices, but with a slowing economy it’s a more likely trigger to a downdraft than the US dollar, a senior analyst at brokerage MF Global said on
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Fear China’s failure, not rise – expert
China Daily
“The lack of mutual trust is a major obstacle in USChina relations,” Li Cheng, director of research and senior fellow at John L. Thornton China Center in Brookings Institution told China Daily, suggesting the two sides increase official, multi-channel
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Hulls, Oladipo Talk About Trip To China With Reach USA
Indiana Athletics
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Jordan Hulls and Victor Oladipo talked about their recent nine-day trip to China with Reach USA, where they played nine games and got a chance to sightsee a couple of well-known landmarks. Watch the video below to hear Jordan Hulls
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China mulls Taiwan ‘contingencies’
Taipei Times
By William Lowther / Staff Reporter in Washington Outgoing CIA director Leon Panetta, US President Barack Obama’s pick for US secretary of defense, said China was preparing for “potential contingencies” involving Taiwan, which could include potential
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SEC to issue warning on reverse mergers
The bulletin, which will be released as soon as Thursday, comes amid a rash of accounting scandals involving China-based companies that are listed on US exchanges. The SEC is conducting a broad investigation into the accounting irregularities and
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Clearing the air over emissions
The Australian
The Productivity Commission found Germany and Britain are doing the most to cut CO2 emissions while Australia’s response is on par with the US and China. Picture: Vanessa Hunter Source: Supplied JULIA Gillard’s favoured climate change adviser Ross
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Sen. Sanders gives seal of approval to Smithsonian’s US-made gifts
Washington Post
Right before Christmas, Sanders was shopping for his grandchildren and picked up the small busts of US presidents, only to discover they were made in China. “I was disturbed,” he recalled Wednesday. Sanders’s concern led to meetings with administrative
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US also alarmed by China’s intrusions: AFP chief
MANILA, Philippines – The United States is also alarmed by China’s intrusions into Philippine territory, Armed Forces chief of staff Gen. Eduardo Oban said on Thursday. He said President Benigno Aquino III’s visit to the nuclear-powered aircraft
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Chinese adopting Cash for Clunkers to spur car sales
USA Today
By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY It was two summers ago that the US finished its own, involving cash credits on a new car if you turn in an old, fuel-inefficient model. Now China is going to try essentially the same thing by paying up to nearly $2800 for
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US Student Wondered at China’s NCEE
Shenzhen Post
One of the US students, Brent said it’s so surprising that so many parents waited here and I could not imagine how much pressure their children had. Brent explained the differences of the examination system between China and the United States.
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Oceanic strategy not aimed at US interests
Global Times
All effective strategies are specific ones and China’s recent strategic priority in East Asia centers on reunification with Taiwan and the breakthrough of the “first island chain” established by the US around China. But the “second island chain,”
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Uruguay, China sign deals worth over US$500m
Channel News Asia
MONTEVIDEO: China and Uruguay signed deals in finance, tourism, science and technology as well as contracts for local goods worth more than half a billion dollars, authorities said on Wednesday. The deals were inked during a visit by Chinese Vice
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Dr. Peter Morici: US trade deficit slows recovery, jobs creation
FinFacts Ireland
By Professor Peter Morici Dr. Peter Morici: On Thursday, the US Commerce Department is expected to report the deficit on international trade in goods and services was $49.0bn in April, up from $48.2bn in March. Oil and trade with China account for
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SC Johnson Named a 2011 Top 10 U.S. Green Brand by ImagePower
Sacramento Bee
The survey polled 9000 respondents in eight countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, the United States and United Kingdom and 50 US companies were assessed. “Environmental responsibility is core to everything that we do at
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How Can Americans Get China to do What They Want? For Starters, Shut Up
The argument that Chinese currency manipulation has caused American job loss is being undermined by the rise in the currency with no substantial US job gains. Blaming China for American domestic ills has become almost automatic (as my colleague Michael
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Idaho Governor Selling His State to the Chinese?
The New American
As reported by China has dropped 97 percent of its holdings in US Treasury bills, decreasing its ownership of the short-term US government securities from a peak of $210.4 billion in May 2009 to $5.69 billion in March 2011, the most recent
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Fed Easing Has Helped China and Brazil: El-Erian
But El-Erian said the debt-buying program has had a bigger impact outside the US shores and is now actually forcing some emerging economies—particularly Brazil and China—to start slowing their rapid growth. “They’re tapping the brakes now because of
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Legendary Pictures to produce movies in China through joint venture
Los Angeles Times
Huayi Brothers will co-produce the movies with Legendary East and distribute them in China, while Legendary’s US studio partner, Warner Bros., will release them in the rest of the world. The venture marks a significant step for Legendary as it attempts
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Chinese stocks in U.S. hit as brokers wary of lending
By Ryan Vlastelica NEW YORK (Reuters) – Chinese stocks listed in the United States took a beating on Wednesday as brokers raised red flags about trading risks following a series of accounting scandals that have afflicted the sector.
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China Launches Propaganda War Against Small Maine Town, Loses
The Atlantic
I have a Chinese daughter as an exchange student and she has learned a great deal and she has enjoyed her US public school experience. Her friend from another part of China is staying in the same town with another family and she has also expressed the
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Commentary: Afghans show limits of U.S. power
Kansas City Star
Hard to believe there are dozens of countries around the globe able to resolve their own problems for better or for worse without US tutelage. As our economy falters, China rivals our wealth, and our government is increasingly gridlocked, the one thing
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IMF acting director: China’s currency remains undervalued
Washington Post (blog)
The IMF is paying closer attention this year to the ways in which problems in one country can cascade through the global economy — an exercise triggered after the 2008 financial crisis in which problems with roots in the US housing market led to
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YALE BASKETBALL: Greg Mangano invited to tryout for World University Games
7 at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., will be used to select the 12-member team that will represent the USA at the World University Games Aug. 13-23 in Shenzhen, China. “The opportunity to try out for the USA team is a
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Asian stock markets falter as US growth slows
The Associated Press
Australia’s Qantas Airways Ltd. fell 2 percent, and China’s three major state-owned airlines tumbled: China Eastern Airlines, by 4.1 percent; China Southern Airlines, by 5.3 percent; and Air China, by 3.6 percent. On Wall Street, more lackluster
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Google : China Questions Hacking Claims
International Business Times
The latest friction with Google could bring Internet policy back to the foreground of USChina relations, reprising tensions last year when the Obama administration took up Google’s complaints about hacking and censorship from China.
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US said to be falling behind in green tech
Boston Globe
“The United States was a nearly untouched market with 120 million homes, most of them very energy-inefficient — it was a massive opportunity,” said Bill Rumble, the company’s commercial director, who had recently returned from its US base.
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MSU men’s basketball: Green invited to US Junior Men’s Team camp
Lansing State Journal
players who have been invited to the USA Basketball Junior Men’s Team training camp, July 29-Aug. 7 in Colorado Springs, Colo. Of those 22, 12 will be picked to represent the team at the 2011 World University Games in Shenzhen, China (Aug. 13-23).
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Will the Golden Age of Natural Gas Help the U.S. Become a Net Exporter of LNG?
Seeking Alpha
If the US exported just a small percentage of its natural gas, it would become one of the largest exporters of LNG in the world. The US can compete with any country regarding natural gas costs and reserves. China and Great Britain have become net
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