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U.S. China News 2011.06.05

Sun, June 5, 2011

China shops for Latin American oil, food, minerals
The Associated Press
China is breaking new ground by aggressively locking down commodities around Latin America through large loans, investments and other financial arrangements, said Orville Schell, director of the Center on USChina Relations at the Asia Society in New
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S. Korea, US and China Arrange Meetings in Reponse to N. Korean Threat
Arirang News
As North Korea’s threat towards the South continues, South Korea, the United States and China are quickly responding by arranging meetings among the three countries. US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Kurt Campbell is
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China denies involvement in cyber attacks on US
Monsters and
Singapore – China on Sunday denied any involvement in cyber attacks on companies and email accounts in the United States, saying it was also afflicted with continued computer hacking. ‘The Chinese government stands firmly against all kinds of cyber
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European airlines fear trade war with US over carbon emissions levy
The Guardian
Photograph Noah Berger/AP European airlines have warned of a damaging trade war with the US, Russia and China if Brussels pushes ahead with plans to include carriers in the emissions trading scheme next year in a move that will put fares up by €40 and
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China cracks down, also tells off U.S.
Richmond Times Dispatch
The Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, lashed out at the US government over calls for a full accounting of the 1989 military assault on civilians, saying the issue was closed. “A clear conclusion has already been made concerning the political turmoil that
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Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Start a Trade War With China
Seeking Alpha
Myopically trying to get back every lost job as quickly as possible runs the risk of damaging global economic relations over the medium- and long-run, which could easily have adverse effects on growth and prosperity. Letting China sell us goods at
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US proposal would bar visas over China abuses
“The human rights situation in China is abysmal,” said Smith, a New Jersey Republican who was the driving force behind key US human rights legislation, including a law aimed at fighting human trafficking. “Today we see a level of flagrant violations of
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China’s ‘Worried’ Neighbors Query South China Sea Peace Pledge
Philippines Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said China’s actions in the waters made neighboring countries “worried and concerned.” China’s development of modern naval vessels and anti-ship missiles has heightened concerns among the US and regional
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How China owns $1.2TRILLION of American deficit
Daily Mail
They are sold by the US Treasury Department to fund the nation’s debt. After October, their overall US debt holdings began a decline, as they also started to decrease holdings of longer-term securities. China’s ownership of US national debt has dropped
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Chasing China? They need us as much as we need them
Calgary Herald
By Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald June 5, 2011 8:02 AM Outside of Beijing’s famous Silk Market last weekend, Calgary’s mayor was heading back to his hotel to prepare for a formal event, part of the city’s largest-ever foreign trade mission to China’s
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Wheat Fields Wilt in Drought as Parched Earth Spreads From China to Kansas
Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg The worst droughts in decades are wilting wheat fields from China to the US to the UK, overwhelming Russia’s return to grain markets and driving prices to the highest levels since 2008. Parts of China, the biggest
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Huntsman says he would likely skip Iowa caucuses
The former Utah governor and ambassador to China tells New Hampshire activists that he doesn’t support subsidies for corn-based ethanol. Huntsman says he won’t waste time trying to win over Iowa voters who see support for ethanol subsidies is a way of
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‘Dreams of Joy’: Lisa See’s novel of two women adrift in Mao’s China
The Seattle Times
Pearl’s role as alternate narrator of the story is essential, because she has both the memories and the maturity to tell us what is really happening. The timing of their arrival is deliberate. As 1958 dawns, China mobilizes for the Great Leap Forward,
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David Oliver edges Liu Xiang in 110m hurdles
Herald Sun
Oliver won the 110m hurdles in a blazing 12.94 seconds to edge Liu, China’s former world recordholder, who had stopped the American’s 20-win streak on May 15 at the Shanghai Diamond League meeting. Oliver’s time was the fastest in the world this year,
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Manufacturers building a bigger presence in the US
Chicago Tribune
While US manufacturing output is nearly 2.5 times greater than it was in 1972, jobs have declined by more than 30 percent in that span, according to the Boston Consulting study. But with wage rates in China growing at 15 to 20 percent a year and
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US‘ axis with India to get closer as Pak veers towards China, Saudi Arabia: Report
If this happened, it would only be natural for Islamabad to try to grow even closer to China and Saudi Arabia, its long-time allies and trading partners, he added. Once the war in Afghanistan winds down, the US-Pakistan relationship could change,
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Rising forest density offsets climate change – study
Greater density in some countries, including China, was probably linked to past forest plantings, lead author Aapo Rautiainen of the University of Helsinki told Reuters. “Forests that were established in China a few decades ago are now starting to
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Experts warn wooden furniture producers of high risks in US market
VietNamNet Bridge
An article published in the Washington Post on May 23, wrote that the anti-dumping duties levied by the US on China sourced wooden furniture used for bedrooms, has led to the sharp fall of the exports of these products to the US.
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WTA chief lauds Li win after growth push
By Mark Meadows PARIS (Reuters) – Li Na’s triumph in the French Open final is great for women’s tennis and follows a push to develop the sport in China which officials now want to replicate in India, WTA tour chief executive Stacey Allaster said.
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Herman Cain Vows: ‘We Will Put A Conservative In The White House’ In 2012
ABC News (blog)
On the international front, he singled out China as a key competitor. “My China strategy is very simple: outgrow China,” Cain said. “We outgrow China, we won’t have to look back at China trying to catch us.” He also made his stance on Israel crystal
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UN chief virtually certain to get second term
The Associated Press
Once Ban makes an announcement, the UN Security Council must give a positive recommendation which it would do in a resolution that needs at least nine “yes” votes and no veto by a permanent member — the US, Britain, France, Russia and China.
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China Dumps 97% of US T-Bills Holdings
Dallas Blog (blog)
by Tom McGregor BEIJING : In March 2011, China has dropped 97 percent of its holdings in US Treasury bills to $5.69 billion from a peak of $210.4 billion in May 2009, as disclosed by the most recent month reported by the US Treasury.
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Fareed Zakaria Talks to America’s Top Innovators About the Best Way Forward in
CNN (blog)
In 2011, for the first time in history, China is on track to outpace the United States in patent filings. From the political right to the political left, nearly everyone agrees that innovation is key to American job growth.
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Michael Long loses playoff in China Masters
New Zealand’s Michael Long lost a sudden-death play-off to Korean Kim Bi-o in the US$1 million ($NZ1.23 million) China Masters today. The 20-year-old Kim clinically holed an eight foot birdie putt to close out Long on the third extra hole at Nanshan
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Investors stay wary before Prada’s IPO show
Baltimore Sun
And Prada’s fast-growing exposure to China, which is set to become the world’s biggest luxury market within five years, could draw a stronger response from Asian investors than in the United States, two managers said. “Prada is a very famous brand name
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Mayor defends China trip
Toledo Blade
and future populations that will want us to be internationally diverse in our economic initiatives.” The mayor, along with a team of businessmen and two Toledo Symphony representatives, each said the primary objective in China last month was to
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Spear Phishing–latest attacks on Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail
One example “spear phishing” email had the title “Fw: Draft USChina Joint Statement” and contained the text: “This is the latest version of State’s joint statement. My understanding is that State put in placeholder econ language and am happy to have
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Selling Toronto the right way to tourists
Toronto Sun
By Sue-Ann Levy ,Toronto Sun Tourists from the UK, China, India and the United States have been lured in droves to Toronto to visit Sugar Beach, that one-year-old $14.3-million urban beach on the East Bayfront. And if the $22.4-million Fort York
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Lenovo: the biggest computer-maker most people have never heard of
Lenovo tablets will launch in the US, Japan and Germany this summer. Though Van Duijl’s “mature markets” division accounts for 36pc of Lenovo’s sales, its 10.2pc market share is mainly driven by China and Lenovo is aiming to increase market share in
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Positioning Your Portfolio for a U.S. Export Boom
Seeking Alpha
Namely, I think the US needs to and will once again become a net exporter. Because of the massive GDP growth in China from their currency manipulation, inflation is finally forcing real labor costs up in China. China has a national policy to raise the
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Gates’s final act Slow Afghan drawdown
YOU WILL NEVER SEE A “PAX CHINA” You are seeing the USA…like China was before the Boxer Rebellion. Each Part of the USA is dominated and controlled by Foreign nations…..using Trade Deals..which can and do trump Laws passed by a weaker and weaker
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West urges vigilance against China, pirates
“Some of these new members have fallen into the conventional wisdom that being pro-defense means throwing money at the Pentagon,” said Winslow Wheeler, a former security budget analyst at the US General Accounting Office and now director of a
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Our key focus will remain China: Power
ABC Online
So while he’ll certainly be missed in the organisation, the rest of us in the team will certainly step up to the plate. ALAN KOHLER: So let’s just talk about what you’re going to do. Fortescue Metals is one product, from one place, to one customer.
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China and America: Where East is West
Stay Thirsty Media
I’m thinking of ways in which we influence China, what they get from us. The most obvious thing (aside from high-minded ideals of Freedom) is pop culture. Sitting in front of my TV here in Nanjing, I watch what surely seems like American-inspired
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Fine-tuning unknowns
Malaysia Star
The concept is not new, having been practised by others like Nepal between China and India, and Russia between the US and China. The point, however, is that equiproximity is seen as more positive than equidistance for all concerned.
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Chinese telco hires local guns
The Australian
The company, which has struggled to make inroads in markets such as Australia, the US and India, has repeatedly denied links with the PLA, saying it is 100 per cent owned by its employees. “People are a bit unsure about China but I remember when none
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Shangri-La Dialogue Very Successful, Says Singapore Acting Prime Minister
Among other prominent figures who attended the Shangri-La Dialogues were United States Secretary of Defence Robert Gates and General Liang Guanglie, who made his first appearance as China’s Defence Minister at the summit. For Gates, who has served
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US hands out foreign aid to countries rich enough to buy our debt
San Francisco Examiner
WHO: Creditor nations getting foreign aid included China, Brazil, India and Egypt. Russia held $128 billion in US debt and received $71.5 million in aid. WHY IT’S OUTRAGEOUS: As Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., put it, “If countries can afford to buy our debt
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We’re In Era Of “Peak Renewables,” To Be Followed By An Age Of Fossil Fuels
Daily Markets
The US, Canada and Mexico, it turns out, are sitting on oceans of recoverable natural gas. Shale gas is combined with recoverable oil in the Bakken “play” along the US-Canadian border and the Eagle Ford play in Texas. The shale gas reserves of China
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ScreenSingapore Rolls Out The Red Carpet With ‘The Devil Inside Me’
Hollywood Reporter
This is a start of a decade; a lot of us are looking outwards. With ScreenSingapore, we’re insiders looking out, rather than outsiders looking in.” The company will announce two new projects at the event, including a China co-produced remake of
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UPI NewsTrack TopNews
Those attending the candlelight gathering in Victoria Park mourned the victims of the Chinese military’s brutal crushing of China’s pro-democracy movement in 1989 that left at least hundreds dead, the Japanese news service said.
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Semenya second in the Prefontaine 800; Jeter wins 100
USA Today
American David Oliver, the bronze medalist in the 110 hurdles at the 2008 Olympics, won the event in 12.94, besting Liu Xiang of China by 0.06. Angelo Taylor, two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 400 hurdles, won the 400 meters in 45.16.
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American Muslims and their Inadequate Institutions
These countries should try to build up the American Muslim community, just as Israel did or as China and India are doing now. A recent report indicated that the Chinese government and companies donate money to ordinary Chinese in US to start
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Forum: Slowing economy, oil prices, inflation cause concern over U. S.
Midland Daily News
The April Conference Board Global Leading Economic Indicators Report shows US and China as positive at .4 percent and .3 percent respectively, while Europe was down .5 percent. The US savings rate continued at a notable 5.5 percent in April.
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Basu: Falling behind – what’s driving the crisis for American men?
Poor and working class men, especially African-Americans, are “completely stuck,” says Pollack, “because the kinds of jobs they could do, with just a high school degree, have gone to China or India.” And struggling men get blamed and even poked fun at,
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Trade Gap in U.S. Probably Widened in April as Imported Oil Prices Climbed
are actually fundamentally growing globally from the US,” Andrew Liveris, president and chief executive officer at Dow Chemical, said during a June 2 conference call. “We see strong growth drivers in emerging regions. China is the locus of growth.
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The 5 Most Unusual Nominees For President. Ever.
One such secret agent, soon to be in the US, was Kitty Harris, whom Schecter describes as Browder’s “common-law wife” when he was living in China. When Browder ran for president in 1936, Schecter says, Harris “was in Germany and the Soviet Union
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