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U.S. China News 2011.06.04

Sat, June 4, 2011

Gates Says US, China Military Relationship on ‘Positive Trajectory’
Voice of America
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his Chinese counterpart General Liang Guanglie say they believe the military-to-military relationship between the United States and China is heading in the right direction. The two officials met Friday on the
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China unloads 97 per cent of short-term U.S. Treasury bill debt but still owns
Daily Mail
China’s ownership of US national debt has dropped each of the last months for which records are complete, starting in November. Before the bailouts, CNSNews reports that China had held only $19.8billion in short-term Treasury bills.
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U.S Raised Concern About Google Hacking With China, Toner Says
San Francisco Chronicle
June 3 (Bloomberg) — The US has raised with China the hacking attempts against Google, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. “We did raise our concerns with the Chinese about the allegations,” Toner said. The decision to raise the issue with
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US, Taiwan push China on rights on Tiananmen anniversary
The 1989 protests that clogged Beijing’s Tiananmen Square and spread to other cities remain a taboo topic for the ruling Communist Party, all the more so this year following online calls for an Arab-style “jasmine revolution” in China. The US State
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U.S. Suspects China of Hacking Lockheed Martin
Financial Feed
Both Lockheed and Google believe the recent attacks on each company respectively came from China. Cyber security experts in the US said tracing the origin of attacks such as the one done to Lockheed Martin is difficult. Hackers have found sophisticated
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EDITORIAL: Coca-Cola’s Plan: Is China Now More Capitalist than the US?
That is a huge investment, one that has financial observers like Steve Forbes making the larger point that some American businesses are finding China, even with its corrupt Chinese communist government, a more business-friendly place to invest.
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When will China’s economy overtake America’s?
Global economic leadership will soon pass from the US to China, leaving nation little time to prepare for a new role. Is China poised to surpass the United States to become the world’s largest economy? The International Monetary Fund recently predicted
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Montana gov. to travel to China on promotion tour
“The state of Montana is not paying a dime for us to go,” the governor said. Despite a 14-hour time difference, Schweitzer said he will be able to run state affairs by staying in touch with staff over phone and the Internet. He’s scheduled to return
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Time to make like China, learn from US successes
China turned that into a national obsession, taking lessons from the US economic miracle and adopting them at home. Realising that most people tolerate political deficiencies if they are given the freedom to participate in and build wealth through an
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A sudden rise in the yuan would solve nothing
Did US manufacturers benefit? It seems not. The trade imbalance between China and the US grew by nearly a third and Chinese imports continued to increase across all major categories. Of course there are several reasons why it is in China’s interests to
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So, why are senior US officials using Gmail?
In fact, Google said the hackers, who the company alleges were based in China, were aiming for “senior” US government officials. And that raises the question of what government leaders are doing using Gmail in the first place. US government officials
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Writer Takes Trans-Pacific Journey in New Novel
Voice of America
The book is a sequel to See’s 2009 novel Shanghai Girls, which tells the story of two sisters, Pearl and May, who live through the turbulence of 1930s China and escape the Japanese invasion and occupation of Shanghai. They reach Los Angeles Chinatown,
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Huntsman Says Will Not Compete In Iowa
MyFox Houston
(NewsCore) – NORTH CONWAY, NH — Former US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman said Saturday that he will not compete in Iowa should he run for president in 2012, the Los Angeles Times reported. “I’m not competing in Iowa for a reason,” Huntsman said at a
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Vancouver attracting buyers from China
The Seattle Times
“They’ve done a much better job than the US has over the last 15 to 20 years.” Canada’s natural resources-based economy has gained from the economic growth in China and other countries. The Canadian dollar climbed 70 percent against the US dollar since
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US, China should stick to policies conducive to military relations, says
SINGAPORE, June 3 (Xinhua) — The United States and China should establish and stick to conducive policies to keep the relations between their militaries healthy and stable, Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said on Friday.
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Al-Qaida militant killed in US strike in Pakistan
These pass through the narrow Malacca Strait, which is guardedby the US Navy. In addition, the 3500-mile-long journey — to be undertaken by 60% of China’s petroleum imports — is expensive. By having a significant part of its imported oil shipped to
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Li bids for Asian breakthrough in Paris final
Francesca Schiavone of Italy (L) and Li Na of China pose with the trophy for photographs the day before their French Open tennis tournament women’s finals at Roland Garros in Paris June 3, 2011. By Julien Pretot PARIS (Reuters) – China’s Li Na,
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Outsourcing isn’t free trade with China. It’s a free ride for China.
Christian Science Monitor
Outsourcing by multinationals to China allows Americans to buy cheap goods. But outsourcing is not creating a boom in US exports or jobs. President Obama listens as Chinese President Hu Jintao speaks during a joint news conference at the White House in
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Weird times in the Far East, Part 2
Hot Air
For the last 40 years, Russia, China, and Japan have each relied on the presence and policy of the US to act as a stabilizing counterweight to the other two. US policy in the region has not changed in its fundamentals since Nixon signed Okinawa back
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China cracks ring smuggling drugs from N.Korea
Reuters Africa
BEIJING, June 4 (Reuters) – Police in northeast China detained 10 people and seized a haul of methamphetamines smuggled in to the country from North Korea, Chinese state media said on Saturday. South Korea and the United States accuse North Korea of
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Pay Raises Risk Future Chinese Imports
Independent Retailer
The question really is, what doesn’t China produce and export to the US? US interest in Chinese manufacturers and exporters extends from China’s ability to produce in bulk quantities, at high quality, and low prices. Yet, a recent and growing wage
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Two Australians miss US Open qualifying
BY Bruce Young | US PGA Tour | 2011 US Open | General | 04 Jun 2011 Australians Terry Pilkadaris and Anthony Summers, both of who are in contention at the OneAsia Tour event in China this week, have withdrawn from the US Open Sectional Qualifying to be
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US dollar cracking at the seams
Malaysia Star
Already, private investment inflows into EMEs are expected at US$1.04 trillion this year (mainly to China) against US$990bil in 2010 and US$640bil in 2009. Inherent in this shift is rising competition among them, which is real.
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Agenzia Giornalistica Italia
(AGI) Beijing – Marking Tiananmen Square’s 22nd anniversary, the US and Taiwan issue calls for Beijing to uphold human rights. The killing of hundreds of students calling for reforms and democracy is being commemorated in Hong Kong today,
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Why sanctions against Iran won’t work
Internally, both UN-endorsed and US-led “coalition of the willing” sanctions do limit Iran’s access to Western markets and technologies, and in turn decelerate economic development. Nevertheless, Iran continues its shift toward emerging powers China,
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Report: US Gives Billions in Aid Only to Then Borrow it Back
Christian Post
Shockingly four countries receiving tens of millions of dollars from the US are also listed in the top 10 richest countries in the world. These were Brazil (receiving $25m), China (receiving $27.2m), India (receiving $126.6m) and Russia (receiving
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Trump jabs at China, Obama, Weiner and the press at voters’ forum
The Hill (blog)
By Sean J. Miller – 06/03/11 08:38 PM ET Businessman Donald Trump once again called for the revenue from Iraq’s oil reserves to be diverted to the US Treasury and lambasted China, President Obama, Rep. Anthony Weiner (DN.Y.) and the press in a rambling
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Congress Votes to Restrict Libya War While China Chats With Rebels
Wired News (blog)
By Adam Rawnsley The US House just voted to put limits on American action in Libya. Meanwhile, rebels fighting dictator Moammar Gadhafi are getting a diplomatic bump from an unlikely source: China. Congress voted today on two separate resolutions to
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China Policy Shift Sends Patriot Up, Yangzhou Down
Investor’s Business Daily
Although China does import US metallurgical coal for use in steel production, chances are slim that it will turn to North America for more thermal coal, according to analyst Meredith Bandy with BMO Capital Markets. China likelier will buy coal from
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B.C. wineries look beyond provincial borders for new customers
Vancouver Sun
“We’re looking at a small niche in China. The good thing about Hong Kong and China is many [clients] have ties here and they visit us and know what we’re doing.” The 2010 Olympics was a godsend for his wineries, Salehi added.
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Foods and Softs Outlook – June 3, 2011
Inside Futures
Bullish factors include (1) drought concerns in China and the US that may curb cotton output, (2) USDA’s May 11 cut in its 2010/11 US cotton production estimate to 18 mln bales from a Feb forecast of 19.5 mln bales, and (3) strong Chinese demand that
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Cyber attacks run risk of wider instability
The Daily Star
But according to the Internet giant, somewhere in the city — the capital of China’s eastern Shandong province — are the computer servers used to try to steal the passwords of hundreds of Google e-mail account holders. They included senior US
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Dimming Outlook Sinks Stocks
Still, he doesn’t see us sinking into a new recession. “We remain concerned about the problems in the European periphery and a slowing China, yet believe it’s important not to lose sight of the silver linings, which are manifold,” he says.
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Teen sells own kidney to get hands on iPad 2
CBS News
In the US, an iPad 2 can be had for as little as $499, according to the Apple website. Zheng left his home in China’s Anhui province on April 28 to have his kidney removed at a hospital in Chenzhou City, in neighboring Hunan province, according to the
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DEA agent infiltrated cartel in Colombia
Boston Globe
He deposited the money into DEA-controlled bank accounts in the United States, then wired the cash to broker accounts in the United States, Panama, the Caribbean, Portugal, and China, the affidavit said. The agent documented that brokers working for
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Three Gorges lessons for Vietnam
Thanh Nien Daily
Its cost has been estimated at between US$27 billion and $88 billion. The Three Gorges Dam generates two percent of China’s electricity and substitutes at least 30 million tons of coal per year. Yet it was neither the cheapest source of energy nor the
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Further Analysis on Improved Genome Assembly Indicates the Outbreak E. coli
PR Newswire (press release)
SHENZHEN, China, June 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — To aid the fight of the deadly outbreak of E. coli O104 strain in Europe, BGI-Shenzhen and their collaborators at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf have released an updated draft genome
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The comfortable, litte town of China Grove
San Antonio Express
The town also has a longstanding local convenience store and gas station called Hero’s Ice & Feed located at the intersection of Real Road and US 87, across the road from a Chevron station. Served by the East Central School District, China Grove has
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