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U.S. China News 2011.05.31

Tue, May 31, 2011

China’s women’s team improves on US tour
USA Today
By Doug Feinberg, AP Basketball Writer GREENBURGH, New York — China national women’s basketball coach Sun Fengwu was proud of his young team’s effort during its two-week trip to the United States but acknowledges it has some way to go to be a medal
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Gates to Display US Military Staying Power on Final Trip to Asia
That gives Gates another opening, since the two met in January in Beijing, to reinforce the need for stable, reliable and continuous military relations between the U.Sl and China, the US defense officials said. Gates is the latest of a stream of US
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Funtalk China, Intel, Mosaic, Radian Group: U.S. Equity Movers
San Francisco Chronicle
May 31 (Bloomberg) — Shares of the following companies are having unusual moves in US trading. Stock symbols are in parentheses and prices are as of 9:40 am in New York. Funtalk China Holdings Ltd. (FTLK US) jumped 14 percent to $6.70.
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As US-Pakistan ties cool, China waits with open arms
World Tribune
And just weeks earlier, the Premier told Afghan President Hamid Karzai to downgrade his ties with the USA and to ally with Pakistan and China. Hillary received a frosty reception from one of America’s most important if not amiable allies in the global
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US seeks to work with China in SE Asia
Sacramento Bee
AP WASHINGTON — The United States says it wants to work more closely with China in Southeast Asia despite the two powers’ competition for influence in the region. The US last year irked China by saying Washington had a national security interest in
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U.S. vs China – Retaliatory Escalation in Cyberspace
Their primary purpose is to defend China from cyber attacks. Although it’s not the only nation to have such units, this official launch was perceived as ironic by some in the US who are under the impression that China is to blame for certain cyber
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President Obama Faces Two Ultimatums; One By China, One By The American People
So, China gave the US a strong warning; should our government take that seriously? What can China do if the US decides to attack Pakistan with force? Well, let’s remember that China is the world’s most populous nation; it has the world’s largest
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China Yuan Rises Against US Dlr For 4th Month; +5.32% Y/Y
The yuan ended at a record high close of 6.4791 against the US dollar on the over-the-counter market Tuesday, compared with Monday’s close of 6.4829. China’s inflationary pressure is not expected to ease soon and the Consumer Price Index may even hit a
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Gwyn: Pakistan looks to China in aftermath of bin Laden raid
Toronto Star
Gilani’s mission was to China. Over four days in Beijing, he met with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and a succession of top officials and military leaders. He was well received. An official publication, the Global Times, declared that while the US had
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US: China doesn’t fix currency
Nashua Telegraph
US manufacturers, and their allies in Congress, have long argued that China has kept its currency artificially low in order to give Chinese exports an unfair advantage in global markets. Measures to slap punitive tariffs on Chinese products have long
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Tesco pinpoints US, India and China as growth markets
by John Reynolds, 31 May 2011, 12:41pm Tesco has earmarked China, India and the US as its three target growth markets and is expected to launch ranges of new brands this year. Tesco’s annual report, published today (31 May), reveals that it is focused
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U.S.-listed solar stocks rally after German nuke decision
NEW YORK May 31 (Reuters) – Shares of US-listed solar companies jumped in early Tuesday trade after news that Germany, the world’s leading solar market, would shut down its nuclear reactors by 2022. American Depositary Receipts of China-based JA Solar
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China can draw lessons from US mistakes in int’l finance
Over the longer term, the more the dollar is no longer the only universally acceptable means of international payment the less will be the pressure on China of irresponsible US monetary policy such as QE2. But internationalization of the RMB must be
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China most attractive for renewable energy projects, besting US once again
A fairly stable political atmosphere paired with generous state-led financing had a major influence on China’s continued dominance in the global wind and solar industries as revealed in Ernst & Young’s quarterly index. China overtook the United States
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China Has Done Study On Converting US Debt To Equities: Press
Debt holdings in this case means all kinds of bonds, including US Treasury bonds,” said Jing. The latest US Treasury data showed China’s holding of US Treasury securities stood at $1.1449 trillion at the end of March. Talk has intensified within
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PRECIOUS METALS: Gold Tad Lower In Asia; Euro Zone, US Data Eyed
Wall Street Journal
Rising wealth in China and India and increasing interest from central banks in gold will likely also offer support, although some traders sounded a word of caution on rising commodity prices. “The buying is mostly in emerging economies such as China
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Rapid growth to spur China’s US$5433.4 mln automotive plastics market
With a market volume of 13.79 million cars including passenger and commercial vehicles, China became the largest automotive producer in 2009. The automotive market in the country is expected to continue growing rapidly in the next three to four years,
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EU draft UN resolution on Syria could hurt stability: China
Britain, France, Germany and Portugal circulated the draft resolution, which is supported by the United States, to the 15-nation council last week. Veto powers Russia and China and four other non-permanent members have voiced concern about the draft,
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How Manufacturing Jobs Could Be Returning Home To The US
Business Insider
In 2010, China had been overtaking the US as the number one biggest manufacturer in the world. However, a recent study from the Boston Consulting Group entitled, The Return of US Manufacturing, suggests that a “manufacturing renaissance” may be afoot
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Commodities Head for Biggest Monthly Decline in a Year on China, Europe
“The May sell-off is a broad-based risk-averse move coming from a combination of concerns about Europe’s debt crisis, China’s inflation and US data,” Andy Kaleel, chief executive officer of Sydney-based H3 Global Advisors Pty Ltd., which manages about
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Economic Issues With China
Voice of America
Photo: AP From left, Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo, China’s Vice Premier Wang Qishan, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner take part in a joint meeting of the USChina Strategic and Economic Dialogue
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Coaching and Much More for Chinese Students Looking to US
China Digital Times
With China sending more students to American colleges than any other country, the competition for spots at the top schools has soared. During the 2009-10 academic year, 39947 Chinese undergraduates were studying in the United States,
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Zimbabwe: President Hails China’s Military
President Mugabe said China had stood behind Harare, despite the imposition of illegal sanction by the United States and its Western allies. “China is a great friend of us in many ways. To us all, citizens of China are our great friends,” he said.
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US Navy Keen On Explaining Presence In South China Sea – Ahmad Zahid
KUALA LUMPUR, May 31 (Bernama) — The United States Navy plans to engage in unofficial dialogue with countries seeking territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea to explain the reason behind its presence there. Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad
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Obama taps energy executive Bryson as Commerce chief
Bryson can also be expected to play a big role in USChina commercial relations. The department oversees cases brought against China and other trading partners accused of engaging in unfair trading practices. He also would join US Trade Representative
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UC Irvine, Fudan University Create New Business and Law Institute
Business Wire (press release)
SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Officials from the University of California, Irvine today signed an agreement with School of Management, Fudan University to establish the first-ever bilateral USChina institute that integrates the fields of business and law
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China’s Worldview Imperative: Don’t Rock Our Boat
Huffington Post (blog)
Anything that militates against China’s “success” – the US Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policy, interference in the PRC’s Africa engagement, meddling in the South China Sea – is resisted. Anything that does neither – advocacy of democracy in
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Chinese Nationals Set to Plea in Virginia in US Microchip Smuggling Case
The latter company is controlled by the government of China, according to the statement. The two were arrested in Hungary in September and transferred to the custody of US marshals on April 1, according to the statement. The conspiracy charge carries a
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Antidumping Reform Crucial to US Competitiveness
Forbes (blog)
Indeed, the US Trade Representative launched a formal complaint against China in the WTO for that country’s restrictions on exports of certain crucial raw materials, providing the following rationale: China maintains a number of measures that restrain
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The Waiting Game For The End Of QEII: Should We Still “Expect The Unexpected?”
Business Insider
Another issue shared by the US and China is income disparity. In the US, this is taking a back seat to debt. China has been trying to work through that by creating non-rural payrolls, with great success so far. But now, urban workers are demanding
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China has failed to progress, McCain says
The Nation
By Pravit Rojanaphruk US Republican Senator John McCain said in Bangkok yesterday he was “disappointed” with China’s “lack of progress” as an emerging superpower in failing to push neighbours such as Burma and North Korea to be more democratic.
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Every boom busts, and China is no exception
Such rapid loan growth would not have been possible without China’s large trade surplus with the US. So even though China’s US$268 billion trade surplus with the US directly accounted for an already astounding 6 per cent of China’s GDP in 2008,
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USMEF: Trade ambassador addresses China beef access at meeting
Ambassador Siddiqui addressed the issue of market access in mainland China, noting his disappointment that this potentially lucrative market remains closed to US beef. He said China’s desire to exclude certain offal products was one stumbling block
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Q&A on the global economy with Nobel Prize-winning economist Michael Spence
CNN (blog)
In some ways, the emerging economies have an advantage over us because they don’t have to tear old systems down before building next generation systems. Do you think that China can successfully transition from middle income to developed country status?
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Blair, CIC’s Lou to Debate China Global Role
China’s foreign policy in the past has really been: we want to focus internally and we’re not going to bother anyone else, so you shouldn’t bother us,” said Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group, a Shanghai-based adviser on
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Cartus Research Shows U.S. Tops List of 25 Global Relocation Destinations
Marketwire (press release)
The US has held onto the top spot since 2006, while the UK experienced a small gain in volume, which helped it claim the No. 2 spot. The remaining locations at the top of the list include China and Switzerland — a key financial hub — at fourth and
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US Commodities Day Ahead: Raw Materials Snap Winning Streak
By Stuart Wallace – Tue May 31 11:41:40 GMT 2011 Commodities headed for the worst month in a year, snapping the longest winning streak since 1980, as accelerating inflation in China and a sovereign-debt crisis in Europe fanned concern the economic
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Does Iran Now Nuclear Capable Warheads?
Fox News
The US has previously sanctioned several companies from China and the Ukraine for providing material aid to the weapons of mass destruction program in Iran. Also, reports from last October revealed that the Obama administration concluded that Chinese
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Consumers dealing with consequences of inaction on energy
The Hill (blog)
Despite the completion of environmental impact analysis by the US State Department, the EPA has interfered and is holding up the project. Canadian producers have been left to guess what the fate of the pipeline might be, while eyeing China as a
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Global Trade Specialists: US Sourcing Agent Eliminates the Risk of Importing
PR Newswire (press release)
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Global Trade Specialists, a sourcing agent based in Colorado Springs, offers a safe way to buy direct from China. The company is partnered with three trading groups in Ningbo, Qingdao and Shenzhen.
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Bracing Tour of China Leaves EU Science Chief Impressed
Science AAAS
China’s Atomic Energy Authority and the JRC [the European Union’s Joint Research Centre] will collaborate on nuclear safety, partly in response to Fukushima. China’s nuclear labs are largely off limits to foreigners—far more opaque than the US
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VanceInfo Issues Corporate Deposit Account List and Cash Flow Statements
SYS-CON Media (press release)
VanceInfo Technologies Inc. Cash and Cash Equivalents, Restricted Cash, Term Deposit and Held-to-maturity Securities List (in US dollars in thousands) March 31, Dec 31, 2011(1) 2010(2) (Unaudited) Agricultural Bank of China, Dalian, PRC 7 4 Bank of
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You Are Funding Forced Abortions in China
Christian News Wire (press release)
Could this extraordinary suicide rate be related to the trauma of enduring a forced abortion or forced sterilization? How does this affect us? We are helping finance the infrastructure used in coercive family planning in China.
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US, UK see cyberwar as facet of regular war
China has a major interest in keeping everything profitable for them otherwise they will end up with a lot of useless US government paper and watch their own country collapse. The problem with cyber warfware is its difficult to really know who is
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Professor explains some US economy trends
BYU Daily Universe
Fry illustrated how the US is perhaps a superpower in relative decline as other competitor nations or groups of nations like China or the European Union have risen. Purchasing power indexes show China will surpass the United States as the world’s
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