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U.S. China News 2011.05.29

Sun, May 29, 2011

‘If China acted like US, N. Korea would be further isolated’
The Korea Herald
Pointing out that China will commit itself to the early resumption of the multilateral aid-for-denuclearization dialogue, Zhao emphasized China’s role to maintain the “balance” in the stalled talks involving two Koreas, China, the US, Japan and Russia.
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China at a tipping point: What is the US to do?
Philadelphia Inquirer
As he told us in moving words, “Square by square, town by town, country by country, the people have risen up to demand their basic human rights.” What happens when they do so in China? Washington, like other capitals, is unprepared for the failure of
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Is there room for US to benefit from change in China?
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
“We expect net labor costs for manufacturing in China and the US to converge by around 2015. As a result of the changing economics, you’re going to see a lot more products ‘Made in the USA‘ in the next five years,” said Boston Consulting senior partner
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Can “Made in USA” survive in a global economy? Should it?
USA Today
“I think it is utterly absurd and frankly insulting that the patriotic American mementos [visitors] are taking home today are stamped with the words ‘Made in China,'” said US Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia, top Democrat on the House Transportation
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U.S. vs. China: A Short Economic Comparison
Seeking Alpha
China is one of the largest trading partners of the US China’s global influence is growing and is projected to become a super-power in the future while America’s economic power is said to be in decline. As the countries follow different political and
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Report says China is not manipulating the yuan
Global Times
“And with the ChinaUS trade gap narrowing gradually, the need to let the yuan rise is not that immediate. Other issues like requiring China to increase demand for American products and gaining more market access to China have taken the lead,” he said.
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Sanjaya Baru:West, Rest and China
Business Standard
The destruction of the Russian economy was a strategic manoeuvre that benefited both the US and China. As China pushed its export-oriented growth model, learning not to repeat the mistakes made by Latin American economies, it ensured that it would
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Taiwan welcomes US Senate push for F-16 sale
TAIPEI — Taiwan said on Sunday it welcomed a push by nearly half the US Senate for the sale of dozens of F-16 fighters to the island in an arms deal Taipei said would help its dealings with China. In a letter to President Barack Obama last week,
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Expect bullying from China over Spratlys – Miriam
Philippine Star
But it is likely that China will win because they are bigger than us. China, in effect, is really going to try and bully us and the rest of the other SEA countries,” said Santiago, former chair of the Senate committee on foreign relations.
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US museums walk tightrope after China arrest
Straits Times
WASHINGTON – US MUSEUMS are facing delicate choices as they strive to meet a growing interest in China, cooperating with counterparts across the Pacific despite alarm over the detention of top artist Ai Weiwei. Directors of museums across the United
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Further protests planned in China’s Inner Mongolia after death
Monsters and
Beijing – Ethnic Mongolians plan to hold further protests in northern China’s Inner Mongolia region, a US-based rights group said Sunday, as anger simmers in the region following the death of a Mongolian herdsman. Protesters have staged street
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Vancouver Sun
Japan last week found itself in the spotlight of the contest between China and the United States for influence in the Pacific region. For reasons that appear to have more to do with short-term expedience than long-term strategy, Japan picked China.
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Skewed ‘Peace Index’ Study Rates US Below Egypt, Cuba, Vietnam, China.
Weasel Zippers
And the good ol USA? We rank #82. That puts us below Egypt (major killings and internal conflict anyone?). We barely beat out….Bangladesh which weighs in at #83. Cuba does better than we do…as does Laos, Vietnam, China, and Sierra Leone.
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WWII Chinese translator denied US veterans status but says record speaks for
Denver Post
Yee’s situation makes it unclear whether such documents exist, either here or in China. Even US Sen. Mark Udall’s office — which contacted the Air Force on Yee’s behalf — has been unable to find them. The denial means that while he helped the AVG
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Letter From America / Nathaniel Sheppard Jr: The United States and Pakistan
The US would not be able to effectively prosecute its war against the Taliban without an ally in the region. With Afghanistan bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and a sliver of China, Pakistan is the only game in town for
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BFF: Pakistan and China
Hindustan Times
“Pakistan has not called the US raid an attack,” pointed out Yan. More cautious schools argue Pakistan’s stability is important but prefer the US to shoulder the burden. “The US and China won’t collide over Pakistan, it’s a common concern,” said Zhu
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How China, US See Each Other at Sea
The Diplomat
Maritime security, especially in the East and South China Sea, remains high on the agenda of China, the United States, Japan and other regional actors. Incidents over the past two years have strained relations and then prompted official and unofficial
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